New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 3: Perspective


Rias leaned forward on her desk and looked down at her notes while the teacher continued on with the lesson. She was pretty smart. She could afford to have her mind wander for a moment.

She was far more concerned about the fact that last night, her new [Pawn] had stumbled upon a psychopathic and extremely vulgar exorcist that appeared to be working for the Fallen Angels that had been appearing around town.

Issei had nearly been killed by the insane priest and would have died if it wasn't for her and everyone else arriving in the nick of time to save him.

And it appeared that Issei had become enamored by a strange young nun that was at the center of this conflict. In the midst of their faction battle, the blonde-haired girl was desperately reaching out to Issei and trying to heal him before he succumbed to his wounds. And that priest, Freed Sellzen, didn't seem to appreciate her act of mercy. If his rough treatment and threat of raping her was anything to go off of.

But before she was taken away, that Asia girl had done some basic treatment to Issei's wounds. A Sacred Gear that could heal Fallen Angels and Devils? That meant she was an invaluable asset for anyone that could get their hands on her.

But Issei seemed interested in her for a different reason. Something that made him plead to Rias to let him chase after them. But that was just a death wish she could not grant for the new [Pawn]. Trying to recklessly instigate a raid against an experienced exorcist and who knows how many Fallen Angels was not something she approved.

Speaking of reckless [Pawns], she still hadn't persuaded Naruto to join their club yet. They had been so busy integrating Issei into the group that they hadn't tried to coax the whiskered man in a few days. He hadn't shown up at school and Rias didn't know where he lived because it wasn't recorded anywhere. And she couldn't teleport to his location either because the [Evil Piece] she used for him didn't seem to respond to her seal.

She just knew something was up with that [Pawn] piece her brother gave to her. She just didn't think it was defective. Could [Evil Pieces] be defective? And if they could, it shouldn't have worked on Naruto in the first place if it didn't function properly, right?

Tch. Stupid Onii-sama.

("Achoo!" "Gesundheit, Sirzechs-sama.")

Well, whatever the circumstances, she had one dejected [Pawn] and one runaway [Pawn]. Rias just sighed and shook her head. At the moment, she kinda felt like her position as [King] of a peerage was teetering on the edge.

"Gremory-San seems kind of out of it, don't you think?"

"I wonder what's on her mind?"

"But you know, even when she looks worried, she's still so sexy."

"It's totally turning me on."

Rias had a dry expression on when she heard her classmates 'whisper' between themselves. And everyone wondered why she never showed interest in getting married. This was why she wasn't interested in having a romantic relationship with a man or woman. It was just too bothersome.


Issei leaned against the park bench, his head hung back sullenly as he thought about his failure. He closed his eyes and the scene just kept playing back over and over in his head...


Hearing Asia scream his name as she was taken away by that bastard priest while this useless [Pawn] just fell to the floor. The fear in her face while tears spilled out of her eyes was burnt into head.

He rubbed his face with his hands and groaned. He felt so worthless. Buchou told him that in the group of [Evil Pieces], he was a [Pawn], the lowest of the low. And he believed that now more than ever.

Issei couldn't properly explain why he was so sad about Asia. She was a sister. A former member of the clergy from the church. And she was now a part of the Fallen Angel faction; the group that had actually ended his life.

And yet...Issei just couldn't bring himself to hate her.

But if he met her again, now that she knew he was a Devil, would she hate him? Of course she would. Their factions had been at war for ages. She had probably been raised since she was just a child to hate their very existence. There was no point in him trying to save her from a group she trusted more than Devils.

Issei sighed and stood out of his seat. If he saw her again, it was probably going to be as enemies. That was their fate now. They couldn't change that.

He was walking down the rocky path set in the park as he just needed to distract his mind from everything. A set of feet ruffled the pebbles behind him...


The perverted teen's eyes widened in shock before he spun around to see who had called him. Standing there in the middle of the path, a surprised look on her face, was the golden-haired sister he was thinking about until just a moment ago. Issei prepared himself for whatever she had to say about his new life and the monstrosity he had become...

Only to see a big smile and a small tear form in her eye at the sight of him. She cried happily, "Oh thank goodness you are all right! I was so worried about you!" Issei's eyes widened in shock again as she wiped the tears out of her eyes. She looked up at him, "I was so worried about your injury and I thought you may have suffered worse from them. So I came out here to-"

Asia was interrupted when Issei almost tackled her and wrapped his arms around her small body. She was caught off guard and looked to the side of his face, "I-issei-San?"

"Thank god." He ignored the spike of pain that ran through his head at saying God's name and just tightened his hold on Asia's body. Small tears came out of his eyes as he tried to contain his joy at seeing her again. He sobbed, "I-I didn't think I would ever get to see again, Asia."

Asia smiled and returned his hug. The two of them stood there silently in the park as they ignored the rules and expectations of their respective factions.

The Nun and the Devil. And they couldn't be happier.


"What are you doing here, Asia? Isn't it dangerous for you to be out with me?" Issei questioned as he walked alongside the kind-hearted nun down the shopping district. He didn't mind spending time with her again, but if it meant she might get hurt in some way then he wanted to prevent that at all costs.

Asia shook her head, "N-no, it's quite all right Issei-San. If I have to leave soon then I-" She had a sad look on her face for a moment as she didn't want Issei to see her, "I want to spend it with someone I know."

Issei stopped in the middle of his walk, letting Asia take a few steps forward until she noticed he was lagging. She turned around, "Issei-San?"

"Come on, Asia." Issei took her hand and started to lead her through the street. He looked back to her, "We are going to have fun today. I know a bunch of fun places we can go to."

Asia smiled up at him, "Really?!"

"Yeah! We can go to the arcade. Or the movies. There are a bunch of places we can go shopping or-"


Issei stopped and placed his hand on his stomach as it started to rumble out of hunger. He chuckled and felt embarrassed in front of the girl, "S-sorry about that. I haven't eaten today."

"Actually..." Asia smiled and poked her fingers together, "I haven't eaten either."

Issei decided that the first thing on today's agenda was food. He looked around and tried to spot a suitable place to eat. Asia deserved the best kind of food. A high-class restaurant? Nope, couldn't afford it. Maybe...

Issei stopped when he saw an open but small shop in comparison to the ones surrounding it. The first thing that caught his eye was the little mascot on top of it. A little bowl of ramen with limbs and black eyes.

Issei...felt like he had seen that somewhere before.

"Oh, that place looks good. Let's go Issei-San!" Asia started running towards the little ramen shop.

"W-wait Asia! Wouldn't you rather go somewhere nicer?"

"But that little mascot is so cute!" She squealed back before resuming her run towards the shop. He didn't know why but he felt hesitant going into the restaurant. They walked through the front door...

It was basically an empty shop. There were a set of tables spaced out around the whole store but there weren't any customers to be seen. There was a counter at the back of the restaurant that anyone could come up to sit and watch as their meal was made.

And then, a greeter popped out of the back room.

"Welcome to our little shop of dreams!" A certain whiskered blond greeted them with a smile on his face. He gestured for them to come in, "How many are we seating to-"

Naruto instantly shut up when his eyes met with a stunned Issei's. The two men clammed up and were frozen in place as Asia looked around the empty store with starry eyes.

"AH! AH! NARUTO-SENPAI! STOP SQUEEZING!" Issei yelled in agony as Naruto's hand started to crush the teen's skull within his palm. Naruto had a cold expression as he completely ignored the blonde girl that walked around the little ramen shop.

An old man walked out of the back and saw their empty shop with a few more people than he was used to. He asked, "Naruto? What's happening?"

Naruto let go of Issei's face and looked back at the old man, "Nothing. We've got two customers."

"Ah, that's good. Here, show them up to the counter."

"Got it." Naruto saluted before he dropped to his knees and looked at the brown-haired teen as he stopped screaming in pain. Naruto glared, "You didn't come here to take me to your club, right?"

"I didn't even know you were here, you psychopath!" Issei snarled as he rubbed his face.

"Oh...then why are you here?"

"I'm here with Asia!"

"Asia?" Naruto looked over his shoulder to see a young blonde girl sitting on the swivel chair and laughing as she spun around. Naruto looked at Issei in surprise, "You're on a date? Really?"

"What's wrong with that you bastard?!"

"Nothing. Nothing." Naruto said as he motioned with his hands for the younger man to calm down. Naruto stood back up and started walking to the counter, "C'mon, don't leave your girlfriend behind."

Issei wanted to argue that she wasn't his girlfriend but the whiskered man was already gone. Issei sat besides Asia and looked over the menu. Issei ordered a Miso Ramen and Asia had the same because she couldn't read the menu. A minute later, their orders were placed in front of them by the blond waiter.

"You two enjoy that. I need to head to the back. Tell him when you're done." The old owner said as he headed into the back room again and left Naruto to wash the dishes.

Asia looked at the bowl of noodles and soup. It smelled wonderful and she couldn't wait to dig in. But first, her prayer. She clasped her hands, "Bless us Our Lord, and these thy gift..."

Naruto and Issei instantly cringed and grasped their heads in pain as what felt like a spike had been lodged in their heads. They were writhing in pain as Asia continued her innocent prayer. She finished up and broke apart the chopsticks.

Naruto pulled himself back up to his feet with a look of horror on his face. He looked to the other Devil, "What-what the hell was that?"

Issei struggled to get the migraine out of his head as he looked over to a confused Asia, "That would be the effect that happens when we are close to someone praying or if we use God's name."


Asia realized her mistake and looked between them in shock. She bowed her head, "I-I'm so sorry! That's a force of habit! I-I should have thought about your well being instead! B-but I was always taught to pray before and after a meal to show my thanks to The Lord for blessing us with our meal. But it would be wrong to do it when I know it may hurt you. S-still, I can't eat a meal without saying my thanks."

Asia started to have a little existential crisis while Naruto just looked at her dryly in confusion. He looked over to the pervert who had already started to eat his ramen.

Issei looked at him, "She's a nun."

"A nun?" Naruto looked between the mismatched couple and chuckled a little, "A nun and a devil walk into a shop. Feels like a start up to a dirty joke."

Issei furrowed his eyes at the older student as he laughed at their situation. Issei turned to the side, "Asia..."

Asia looked up from where she was awkwardly holding a chopstick in both hands to try and pick up some noodles and looked at Issei, "Yes?"

"This is Naruto Uzumaki-senpai, a Third-Year at my school and a recent addition to the Devil peerage I'm a part of. Despite how much he protests." Issei then looked to Naruto, "Naruto-senpai, Asia Argento."

Asia and Naruto looked at each other before the younger blonde bowed her head. She looked at him hesitantly, "A-are you really a Devil as well?"

"Apparently." Naruto deadpanned as he looked the meek girl over. She seemed worried as he looked at her but she didn't reach for a hidden weapon and she didn't act like she was being kept as a hostage. Naruto scrunched his face in confusion, "Shouldn't you be attacking us or something?"

Asia looked at him in shock and shook her head vigorously, "N-no! Of course I wouldn't! W-why would you think that?"

"Well because aren't all these factions at war?" Naruto droned out as he just focused on cleaning the bowls and other appliances. He looked over at Asia as Issei sent a little glare at him for making her uncomfortable, "From what I've experienced, everyone on one side hates everyone else on the other sides and they won't even spare a moment before attacking. So shouldn't that mean you are supposed to keep away from us?"

"Don't bother Asia like that, jerk!" Issei responded heatedly as Naruto just gave him a flat stare. Until Issei blinked in realization and looked at Asia as well, "Actually Asia, I was kind of wondering the same thing. Shouldn't you hate people like us?"

Asia looked uncomfortable as she held the sides of the bowl. She tried to avoid their eyes, "Well, it's true I was raised by the church to never forgive the members of the other factions. It's also the reason why I was excommunicated from my church as well."

Asia's face told much about the pain and sadness she had experienced over the years. Her eyes became heavy and she looked like she was trying her hardest not to cry, "I found a wounded Devil near our church that was close to death. I couldn't leave him to perish so I used my Twilight Healing to fix his wounds. But when the heads of our church had heard that my powers not only heal humans and Angels, but Devils and Fallen Angels as well, they branded me as a witch and cast me out. I should be angry..."

Issei was shocked and horrified when he heard Asia's tale. An uncontrollable anger grew in his chest as all he wanted to do at the moment was find those bastards in charge of the church and show them what a real demon was like.

Naruto just shook his head. Hearing the anger and hatred people had for each other here made him sick. If this girl had learned to hate Devils to their very core, he really wouldn't be surprised.


Asia had a small smile on her face, "I can't bring myself to hate them. Or anyone. I-I know that may seem silly and naive, but I don't think we can ever solve anything like this war by just trying to kill each other. I think all life is precious. That's the lesson I felt was most important from everything I've learnt from The Lord. And even though I was told the other factions were full of monsters that went against everything The Lord had to teach us..." She looked at Issei with a warm smile as tears formed in her eyes, "The way you treat me with such kindness gives me hope that we can resolve all this hatred without any more suffering."

Issei could only look at Asia in surprise. Even after all the pain, suffering and injustices that had happened to her, she was still so pure-hearted. She was like an angel.

A rough palm landed on her head and patted her hair. She looked up and saw Naruto giving her a small but wise smile. He laughed a little, "That really might be a pretty naive way of thinking during a war. But if the world had more people like you in it, I'd bet there would be a lot less suffering in it."

Asia had an embarrassed blush on her face from Naruto's kind words and Issei's smile. She just held her chopsticks like she did before and struggled to pick up some more noodles.

Naruto took the chopsticks out of her hands and placed them in her left hand properly. He walked back to do his chores, "Make sure you blow on them. They're really hot."

Issei couldn't help but smile at what he saw. The senior that always walked away from him just couldn't leave an awkward girl like Asia by herself like that. He wasn't so bad after all.


Issei and Asia were walking through the park again as the sun started to set. They had spent the entire afternoon together. They had watched movies, played at the arcade, Issei even won her a stuffed animal to keep.

Asia hugged the little rat plushie a little closer to her chest as she looked around the park. She smiled at Issei, "Thank you Issei-San, for everything you've done today."

Issei just chuckled, "Don't mention it."

"No really. This is the most fun I've had in my life." Asia hugged the little toy in her arms tighter as she committed the wonderful memories today in her head, "I've never had any friends before. And I always wondered what it was like to play with someone like this. I'm glad I was able to at least once."

"It doesn't have to be just once." Asia looked over to Issei as he smiled at her. He walked over to her, "I'm your friend, Asia. And I always will be. We can do this again for as long as you like. Because I want us to be friends forever."

Asia looked up at him as he smiled down at her. And tears started coming down her face as her nose started to sniffle. Issei worried and panicked, "W-what's wrong? Did I say something I wasn't supposed to?"

"N-no, it isn't that Issei-San. I-I would love to be your friend and do this again. B-but-"

"But she can't. Not after today."

Issei and Asia looked up in shock as a figure stood on the top of the fountain. A woman with large black wings coming out of her back and covering them in a setting shadow.

Yuuma Amano.

She was even wearing the same clothes as before.

Issei's eyes shrunk in horror, "Y-Yuuma-chan."

"Raynare-sama!" Asia squeaked out as she hid behind Issei.

Raynare sighed when she saw Issei's horror stricken face. She looked down at him as she floated to the ground, "Wasn't it enough that I killed you once before? Now you have to stand in my way again?" She sighed and shook her head before looking him over, "Oh wait, looks like you grew a set of horns since I last saw you, huh? Hehe, naughty boy." Raynare looked past him and towards Asia, "Come along Asia. I won't be mad at you if you be a good girl from here on out."


"Asia isn't going anywhere with you!" Issei proclaimed as his face was full of anger and fury for the black-haired Fallen Angel.

She just gave him an unamused look, "Shouldn't you know where this is heading? We've done this song and dance before. And that blond boy won't be here this time to save you, Issei-kun."

"I don't need him!" Issei waved his left hand out, "Sacred Gear!"

A brilliant light shined from his left arm before a large red gauntlet formed around it. He held it up and the gem at the center of the hand glowed.


Raynare's whistled, "Wow! You really did have a Sacred Gear! I was right!"

"Yeah! I've got one! And now..." Issei gripped his fists and prepared for battle, "I'm gonna use it to-"


Blood spewed out of Issei's mouth and coated his chin as he fell to his knees. He weakly lowered his head to see the Spear of Light that had pierced through his stomach. Just a few inches south of where he had been killed before.

He really hated this fucking park.

He fell to his side as the burning sensation faded with the light spear. Another pool of blood started to form around his fallen body. Asia's heart sank as she cried for him, "ISSEI-SAN!"

Raynare walked forward and summoned another spear into her hand. She smiled, "This time, I'll make sure you stay dead."

But before Raynare could bring her weapon down upon the defeated Devil, Asia stood in front of him with a desperate look in her eyes. Raynare glared at her, "Move."

"Please! You don't have to do this!"

"He thinks he can take my toy and get away with it? I don't think so."

"Please just leave him alone!"

Raynare dispersed her weapon and harshly grabbed Asia's cheeks. She brought the girl's terrified face up to hers, "You know, I don't actually need you in perfect condition. If I took off one of your arms or legs, it wouldn't matter. As long as you're still breathing, that's enough for me."

Asia had tears in her eyes and struggled to stay brave. She looked up at the Fallen Angel, "I-I won't run away."


"I won't try to run and fight anymore. You can take my Sacred Gear if you want. Just-" Asia was couldn't contain her tears anymore as sadness filled her voice, "Just please, don't hurt Issei-San anymore!"

Raynare considered it for a moment before letting go of Asia and nodding her head, "All right, fine. I'll keep you to that."

Asia nodded her head and turned to the boy before falling to her knees. She used her Twilight Healing to fix most of his wound before it became too severe. His skin started to reform and the blood loss started to weaken. Some color returned to Issei's face as he was barely even able to lift his head, "A-Asia?"

"I'm sorry Issei-San. You got hurt because of me again. And I'm so sorry. But it's all right now. Now I won't get you hurt anymore." Asia placed the stuffed rat he had won for her in front of him and started to walk over to Raynare's side. She looked back at him with a grateful smile, "Thank you for everything."

Issei desperately tried to reach out for her but couldn't find the strength. Raynare grasped the girl's shoulder and they disappeared in a shower of black feathers. Issei was left there in a pool of blood as tears rolled down his face and merged with the red beneath.

He had failed to save her.


Naruto yawned as he walked back home with his apron over his shoulder as the moon hung in the sky. His boss was happy that Issei and Asia were so pleased with their noodles that he had given Naruto the day off tomorrow. Naruto wasn't surprised. Their shop was small and unpopular but it definitely made some of the best ramen he had ever had.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw what stood in front of him.

Stand under a tree was that pretty blond-haired boy from the club the other day. Sitting on the edge of the fountain and playing with the water was Koneko as she waited patiently for their target. And standing in the middle of the area with his arms folded was Issei with a stern look on his face. He looked at Naruto, "I need your help."


"Wait-wait-wait!" Issei tried to catch Naruto before he ran out of his reach. All semblance of seriousness and control he had a moment ago was gone as Issei gripped his arm tightly. He looked at the blond senior, "Don't just run like that immediately!"

"Of course I'm gonna run! Whenever I see your face it's like bells ringing in my head! I hear them saying 'Get the fuck away! Get the fuck away! Shits about to hit the fan!' I mean god damn man!"

All four Devils took a moment to grab their heads when a wave of pain ran through it.

Issei recovered, "Asia was taken by the Fallen Angels. The same one that killed us."

Naruto just sighed. Why wasn't he surprised that bitch with the wings wasn't done screwing with them.

"I don't know what they're going to do but they said something about using Asia's Sacred Gear. And I can guess that it isn't going to be for anything good."

Naruto stood back up and rubbed his head. He looked between the three of them, "And you plan to do what, exactly?"

"Buchou said that she can't get involved with an affair like this without causing a big uproar. But she didn't say we couldn't do anything." Issei gripped his fist and gave a firm glare, "We're gonna attack the Fallen Angels' base in the church."

"All right then." Naruto finally got to his question, "So why are you coming to me?"

"We can use all the help we could get."

Naruto looked at him suspiciously, "What exactly do you think I can do in this fight?"

"You are a [Pawn]. The same as Hyoudou-kun." Kiba added into the conversation as he walked over to them, "That means you can use the same base abilities that all [Pawns] can use, Promotion."

"That can help everyone in a fight." Koneko added in softly as she walked over to them as well. She looked up at the blond, "It should keep you safe."

"I still haven't changed my mind you know. I don't have any reason to be a part of this war. Sorry but no." Naruto walked past the group of three and headed home-

"Asia gave herself up for me!" Issei yelled as he tried everything he could to convince the older blond for help. He looked down in shame, "I-I know I have no right to ask you to risk your life for something like this. You only just met her today, and I haven't done anything remotely good enough to earn a favor from you in the short time we've talked. But..."

"But she's gonna suffer if I can't do something!" He looked at the blond's back, "Despite how you act, I know you're a good guy! If you saved the life of a worthless pervert like me, then please, help me save Asia! Because she damn well deserves it more than I do! You can do whatever you want afterwards! You can leave town! I can try to get Buchou to leave you alone! You can even take your revenge against me if that's what you want! Just help me now! What that girl deserves, a freedom she's never had, that's something worth fighting for!"

Issei was huffing slightly after yelling out at Naruto. He looked at the blond's back and desperately pleaded, "Please."

The [Pawn], [Rook] and [Knight] looked at the back of the older [Pawn] as he just stood there silently. He spoke up, "You're really gonna charge the enemy base, fighting an unknown amount of enemies with strength like the bitch who killed us and try to take that girl back before she gets hurt?" He shook his head, "You're an idiot."

"And you aren't going to stop until you do it. Even if everyone tells you it's impossible you're still gonna charge in without thinking and just hope for the best. Just for the sake a girl. Hehe..." But just as Issei had started to lose hope, Naruto turned around with a smirk on his face, "You know, that sounds like something to fight for."


Issei smiled as Kiba and Koneko looked between each other in triumph. Naruto walked over to one of the trees and hung his apron over a branch. Like hell he was going to bring another one into a fight like this. "I guess I'd feel pretty bad if I let an innocent girl like that get hurt without even doing anything if I could. So I'll help out. Just for her. And after this, you'll owe me forever. Got it Fuck-face?"

Issei just nodded his head eagerly. Not even making a comment on the unnecessary nickname he had been given.

He walked back over to the little group and cracked his neck, "All right then. Let's raise some hell."




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