New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 40: Event


"So what does the Student Council do while a third of the student body is away on a field trip?"

"Much of the same actually." Sona casually answered, standing with Naruto and Akeno around his desk as they waited for classes to start for the day, "The only difference this time will be manpower on hand. More than half of us are second-year students so they'll be out on the field trip. It'll just be Tsubaki, Ruruko, and I to handle our duties."

"Well you've never complained about issues like this before, Sona." Akeno said with a coy smile, "Have you gotten too comfortable with all the help now?"

"Nonsense." The bespectacled Devil heiress scoffed, "I can handle a minor challenge like that. And what will the Occult Reasearch Club be getting up to while you juniors are gone? Sitting around musing to yourselves how boring life is without them?"

"Most likely yes."

"It's gonna be quiet." Naruto leaned back in his chair, his foot catching the side of his desk to stop himself from falling back, "We're seriously gonna be struggling to find ways to entertain ourselves while the others are gone. Like, more than 50% of my entertainment value comes from calling Issei stupid and shutting him up."

"Awww, are you gonna miss Issei~." Akeno cooed.

"That's sweet~." Sona joined in, "I didn't know you cared for Hyoudou-kun like that."

"Well you two clearly ignored me calling him stupid so this conversation is hopeless."

"Nar- U-Uzumaki-kun?"

Their attention turned to the side of the room to see Rossweisse standing by the door. The silver-haired beauty was carefully looking around, unfamiliar with the upperclassmen room and trying to find her companion. But her visit drew the attention of the other students there.

"Isn't she that new foreigner teacher everyone is talking about?"

"I hear she's young so everyone calls her Rossweisse-chan."

"My god she's beautiful! She might even be a match for the Onee-samas of our school!"

"You think she's single?"

"You think she's one of those naughty teachers who'll discipline her misbehaving students?"

Rossweisse finally spotted Naruto as he stood out of his chair, "There you are." She stood away from the door she'd been peeking from behind and faced the blond a little more confidently, "Can you come with me?"

"What for?"

"Azazel-sensei wants to talk with you."

"About what?"

"He didn't tell me."

"What did you do now?"

"I didn't do anything!" He quickly defended himself as Akeno and Sona looked at him skeptically. He blubbered out some arguement before waving them off, "Never mind you're not even listening."

"Probably not."

As Akeno and Sona chuckled at his expense, Rossweisse walked down the hall with Naruto following close behind her. As they did, students in the hall started talking about the beautiful young teacher and the problem student following after her. They started wondering what they could possibly be doing together.

Someone theorized that the plucky new teacher was going to set down the law on the troublemaker student once and for all. Others suggested that Naruto was going to follow and pester the new arrival so she knew who was in charge. And a handful of students even thought that Rossweisse was going to train and discipline Naruto by teaching him...the naughty way~.

Rossweisse face heated up when she heard those whispers, "W-Why are they making up crazy stories like that?!"

"Yeah the rumor mill around here is ridiculous." Naruto offhandedly stated, ignoring the confused looks and whispers around them, "You'll be saving yourself trouble by just ignoring them until they find something else to focus on."

"B-But they're suggesting that I discipline students by giving them sexual favors!"

"Yep, and it'll only get worse if you pay it any mind." The poor Valkyrie couldn't comprehend that line of logic and tried to voice her problems with it only to go ignored as they reached the faculty room. Naruto pulled open the door and spotted Azazel, "What's up?"

"Ah, there you are." The Fallen Angel almost looked respectable when he acted like a teacher, "Glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about something. You know about the field trip to Kyoto coming up, right?"

"Yeah, hard not to when most of the club is going and Rias is jealous. What about it?"

"Well we have a lot of students and a lot of things to focus on and we could use some help. So we thought we'd request the help from an upperclassman." He stopped talking and the three stood in silence before he shrugged, "Should be obvious where I'm going with this."

"Where you're going is the StuCo, where you can ask Kaichou or Tsubaki to help you." Naruto answered, "Why in the world would you think bringing me was a good choice?"

"Because I was looking through an old folder from last year about the Kyoto trip," Azazel held it up to show schedules, grouping lists, and even had a picture from the paper where Rias and Akeno were prominently shown having fun, "And you're the only senior who didn't go last year."

Naruto palmed his face, "Ugh, why are you doing this to me? What possible reason could you have to torture me now?"

"Hey this is coming from a place of love and affection!"

Some teachers looked their way in startled confusion as Rossweisse gasped and Naruto's face twisted in disgust.

"Rias' love and affection. Rias asked me to do this - sorry, I should have clarified that."

A breath of relief rushed over the room as Naruto inhaled, "Oh man, I'm so glad."

"Yeah I should have prefaced this by telling you Rias asked me to do this as a favor."

"For what?"

"For blurting out that you two had advanced to a sexual relationship in front of the three factions just so I could win a race." Azazel crossed his arms, "You'd think the sheer humiliation I got as punishment for losing would have sufficed but nope."

"Oh that reminds me have you seen all the videos popping up of you three?" Naruto fished out his phone, "The others showed me that your humiliations have gone infectious or something."


"Yeah that." He stood by Rossweisse and showed her the videos he saved, "I got them all. Michael's-"

("-don't touch me there, this is my no-no square~")


("-ore tachi no, JUDGEMENT!~")

"And, of course-"

("-and this one I made when I was in Heaven called...ugh...the Shining Miracle White Pulsar.")


("Michael shut up!")

Rossweisse couldn't hide her giggles and Naruto looked down at Azazel mockingly as the older man sighed, "Gonna be hard building a reputation back up from that. The only consolation is that all three of us made asses of ourselves so no one side should be adversely affected." He sat up, "Anyway, you're coming to Kyoto and that's that."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "What do I have to do exactly?"

"If we need help with anything, we'll call for you. Otherwise, just walk around Kyoto with the groups and enjoy the sights." Azazel looked down at the folder, "Maybe help take photos?"

"Aren't there photography club members coming?"

"I'm just trying to give you some ideas." Azazel placed the folder down, "Honestly I think Rias just wants you to enjoy your time and make up for the lost experience."

He shook his head, "I told her we could just go to Kyoto some other time."

"You can go as a romantic trip some time in the future. But right now you should enjoy your time in school and try to make memories." Azazel shrugged, "Can't hurt, can it?"

The blond stood there quietly before looking between Rossweisse and Azazel. He nodded, "Fine. As long as I won't get in trouble not being in class."

"We'll take care of it." Azazel assured with a laugh. He then leaned back and popped his back, "Uh, it's gonna be a long week. I have to head down to the Underworld later."

"What for?"

"Celebrating the mass printing of my book."

"Your porn."

"Aww, don't be like that." Azazel nudged the blond's arm, "If you'd like I can see if we can print your name in the acknowledgments for inspiration."

"Leave me out of your sleaze and any problems it might cause."

"Whatever. I'm also going to see a stage play prepared for the Oppai Dragon series which should be a lot of fun. Gonna see if the audience's reaction sparks any new ideas for me."

"I hope you mean for the kid's show and not your porn books."

"Azazel-sensei," Rossweisse stepped up and nervously addressed her fellow educator, "Can I ask you about the Oppai Dragon show? Is it possible that you could use some new characters? Like a female warrior? Or a magician? Who you made need reference or likeness for?" The [Rook] not-so-subtly pointed to herself, "B-Because I'm willing to help."

"Oh Rossweisse."

As the Valkyrie ignored the shame she felt saying these things in front of Naruto, Azazel stroked his chin, "Hmm, I don't know. Sorry Rossweisse but we aren't introducing any new characters any time soon."

The silver-haired girl looked devastated, "B-But if there are any new character ideas, don't hesitate to think of me! Please! I need the money! I'm barely making by with the money I make as a teacher. Between living expenses, clothes, and food I don't have anything left to live off of!"

Azazel and Naruto shared a look of confusion at her plight. The Fallen Angel nodded, "Okay. Then don't pay for living expenses, clothes, and food."

"Oh that's easy!" Rossweisse threw her hands up, "Then I'll just be a starving, naked, homeless bum! If I did that then I'd probably fall into drug haze or have to sell my body or-"

"Rossweisse," Naruto spoke up through her panic, "You know you can stay at the hotel for free, right?"


"What?" She blinked, "But when I was there the payment for the rooms was unbelievably high."

"Yeah I jacked up the prices to bleed the Old Man a little. But the upper levels of the hotel are just for us and close companions. We live there for free. Me. Rias. Naruto. Hell I think Koneko and Xenovia moved in too, right?"

"Yep, and we have something to eat every day. There's food in the kitchen or down on the first floor. And we still have our own clothes but there are a bunch of clothes and outfits for us in all sizes in the closet."

"You can stay there if you want."


Rossweisse opened and closed her mouth several times as she tried to speak. And as she did she fell to her knees and started to blubber incoherently. The entire faculty room started to notice as Rossweisse had some kind of miracle breakthrough and struggled to catch her breath.

Azazel quickly slipped away, pulling Naruto along before everyone left the room for the young teacher to collect herself in.


"I'm going to go promote my book!" Azazel chuckled like a school boy, "Wish me luck!"

"Screw up!"

"Make an idiot of yourself!"

"I hope it fails!"

"Aww, you guys~. Don't worry I'll save a copy for all of you."

"We don't want a copy of your stupid book!"

"The stains in your underwear tell different!"

Some of the students grumbled and fumed as Azazel sprouted his wings and flew away. As their teacher's form disappeared into the sky, Yuuto stepped away, "Well I'm off. I'm going to see if I can get some training in with Okita-sensei while I'm here."

"I'm going to go pop by Matatabi's." Koneko said with Gasper and his box placed on her shoulder, "It's been a while since we had a physical meeting."

"I wanna show Mata-chan a bunch of new shows from our world and see if she likes any of them!"

"Ravel offered to show us around the cities for fun." Issei said with a grin, "I thought we could take her up on her offer."

"I'm in!" Irina said, "The last time I visited an Underworld city it was attacked, so I'm looking forward for the chance to see one not on fire."

"I'd like to go through the city again." Akeno turned to her [King], "What about you Rias?"

"I'll probably meet up with you all later." She smiled, "My parents wish to speak with me about some business involving the family, plus I want to visit Millicas while I'm here."

Akeno turned to Naruto, "And what about you?"

"I'll stick around here a bit." The blond shrugged, "I'll catch up later."

The club embarked on their separate outings, leaving Naruto and Rias at the Gremory manor. Rias looked up at him questioningly, "Why are you sticking around? I'll probably be awhile with my parents."

"That's fine. There's something I wanted to do here anyway."

"What?" Naruto motioned her close and Rias stepped in so he could lean into her ear.

"I really wanna fuck you in your bedroom."

Rias slapped his arm but smiled, "Control yourself." Before whispering, "And wait for me in my room. I'll be quick."

Naruto nodded and headed around the manor while Rias headed inside. The whiskered blond enjoyed the sights of the lavish manor as he prepared for the even better sights and experiences he was going to partake of soon.

[Should I just leave now? I feel like I'll be avoiding a lot of trouble if I just dipped out now before you two meet. I could hang out with Matatabi, or nap with Isobu. Much better uses of my time.]

"Oh shut up," Naruto complained to his arm, "It's not that bad."

[It's entirely that bad! I have to jump down to the lower levels in a hurry because you two don't even give me a warning! You just succumb to your needs! Have some self-control!]

"Don't feel like it!"

"Well I see you've gotten no less interesting!"

Naruto looked up from his arm and was met with the sight of a familiar young man packed together like a wall of meat, "Sairaorg." The blond greeted the larger Devil as he made his way over to speak, "I haven't seen you in ages. And I see I still have to crane my head back just to have a conversation with you."

"Hahaha! Nothing I can do about that!" The proud, lively Bael Devil chortled with delight, "And since we last met I heard you, Rias, and your peerage have been doing quite a lot to fight off the foes plaguing our alliance."

"Man you don't know the half of it." Naruto shook his head, "It's been exhausting. I thought after the factions made peace we'd be granted a little reprieve from all the nonsense and danger."

"Nature hates a vacuum." Sairaorg said before looking down at his arm, "Did I hear your arm talk a second ago?"

"Oh right, I haven't actually introduced you yet." Naruto pulled his right sleeve up and pointed his forearm out and at an angle towards the Bael heir, "Sairaorg, this is Kurama. He's my partner and his spirit was sealed into my body since the day I was born. Kurama, this is Sairaorg Bael. He's a big name rookie among all the young Devils like Rias and Kaichou, and he's actually Rias' cousin."

[Really? I don't see the resemblance.]

"And I'm sure he's thankful for that." Sairaorg joked, clapping Naruto on the back and nearly dislocating one of his vertebrae in the process, "So this spirit in your body; might it have anything to do with those new creatures brimming with strength and power I've been hearing about?"

"You heard about them?"

"Well one attacked you during a Rating Game while the other attacked a city that Lucifer-sama had a hand in stopping. It's hard not to hear that through the grapevine." Sairaorg scratched his cheek, "To be honest I was asked by some of my sponsors and elders of the Bael clan to gather information about these guests to our world."

Naruto's shoulders tensed, "And?"

"And I told them I was unable to gain an audience with them during my trips over." Sairaorg winked, "Don't worry, I'm not much for sneaking and gaining reconnaissance outside of a confrontation. If they're so desperate for information then they can try it themselves. But I know they won't risk it."

"Why are they suddenly so interested?"

"Nothing sudden about it. They've been voicing their protests and intrigue to study and experiment on the new life forms since the moment they showed up in the Underworld. If our enemies in the Khaos Brigade can use them as weapons so effectively than it might be possible to replicate that level of power for themselves." He noted the pinched expression on Naruto's face, "Don't worry. As long as they're protected in the Gremory territory then they won't risk intruding and starting a political mishap."

"Okay," Naruto drawled with a nervous tick, "But can that still work if I add another 7 of them into the territory?" Sairaorg's expression showed just how surprised he was to hear that, "Should I take that as a no?"

"Uh...hiding 8 creatures that big into a territory like this?" The Bael heir scratched his chin, "Well there's plenty of space, but with so much between them then it'll be hard to keep an eye on all of them at once. The interested parties aren't going to willingly start any political strife but if they see a chance they could take a risk." Sairaorg crossed his arms and thought deeply, "I think at that point your best move would be to trust your allies to look over them."

"Like ask others to look out for them?" Naruto said before nodding, "That's what the Hentaigami offered when he took Isobu up North. I guess that could work."

"But you shouldn't just trust your friends. You need to also make sure you can trust their household." Naruto tilted his head as Sairaorg explained, "You could trust me to watch over one of your companions, but you shouldn't trust the Bael house."

"Aren't you in charge of the Bael house?"

"I should be next in line but there are some who have a problem with the next head being a failure who can't even use the family's gift of Destruction. That's why there are figures who are backing up my younger brother instead of me." Sairaorg sighed, "But even if either of us were to be the head I don't think it would matter. Because even the current leader, my father, can't wrestle away the influence and power the old leader Zakram-sama still holds."

Naruto's face twisted in confusion before he rubbed his head, "Y-You're gonna have to go back a bit. I don't mean to make it sound like I wasn't listening but I think you swerved into political stuff and I have a hard time keeping up with it."

"Haha, most people do! And you're right, it mostly boils down to politics and influence. What I mean to suggest is if you want to trust anyone with your friends' safety, make sure you put that trust in not only people but the families they belong to. I think you can trust Sona Sitri," Sairaorg smiled, "You're on good terms with her and their family is very trustworthy. I can attest to that."

Find people he could trust to watch over the Bijū? That was obvious but after losing them the first time he would have preferred keeping them together and watch out for them. Then again Rias had already exercised her rights as the heiress of the Gremory to give Matatabi a home. And the only reason he trusted Odin with Isobu was because the old man seemed to enjoy the novelty of a giant beast from another world instead of the military applications it had.

[Stop freaking out. We'll figure out what we have to do as we cross the bridge.]

Naruto looked down at his Scared Gear and scoffed, "I thought I was the one whose supposed to do things dangerously half-cocked."

[Hey we Bijū have dealt with a lot worse for a lot longer. Spacious places to live with only the threat of being turned into weapons followed up with political strife? Feels like home already.]

"Hahaha, I like his spirit." The Bael heir chuckled as Naruto shook his head. The taller Devil looked around, "Well, I wish you luck in your future endeavors. What will you be doing today?"

"Well, I was waiting for Rias to..." Naruto paused and then coughed, "Uh, doesn't matter. Just waiting."

"Well if she's meeting with her parents then you could be waiting for quite a bit. Their meetings could last for over an hour."

"An hour?" Naruto groaned, "Dammit. What the hell am I supposed to do for an hour?" The blond pondered before crossing his arms and tilting his head in thought, "I guess I can just wait in her room and mess with her trinkets from Kyoto. She'll probably hate it but I can get back at her with petty revenge."

[Upstanding boyfriend material you are, Naruto.]

"Well if you have an hour to kill," The taller young Devil smirked and looked towards Naruto, "Can I make a suggestion?"


Naruto was seated on the ground, legs crossed and eyes closed as he emptied himself and became the container for natural energy to fill. He couldn't remember the last time he had been able to do this himself for a battle without the help of a clone gathering the energy beforehand. He opened one of his eyes and looked across the stadium floor, "And you're sure you aren't gonna attack me while I gather energy?"

"Of course not!" Sairaorg stated as he started taking off his coat to reveal a tighter, more sport-oriented shirt underneath. The Bael heir rotated his shoulders, "I want to be able to spar with you at your best. I wouldn't interrupt you while you're gathering the power to give me a good fight like I asked."

"You might regret it. It could be too much for you." Naruto offered before closing his eyes and focusing back on the task.

"Heh, I welcome the challenge." Sairaorg proceeded to cross each arm over his chest and stretched them out to get limber. He repeated this process and slowly walked around before asking, "Does this not become a hassle in battle? I doubt your other foes were so accommodating as to allow you the time to gather this power."

"I've had methods made to counter that problem. If I create a clone and they gather the energy then when they disappear the energy returns to me."

"So you face the enemy first, gain a feel for their aptitude and abilities, and then acquire the power your clone built up in the meantime. Hmm, that's incredibly useful. And innovative."

"Thanks." Naruto chuckled at the praise he got from the young Devil who was making such a big name for himself, "Hey, is it alright to use the Gremory's stadium like this?"

"Well I'm their nephew and you're the future son-in-law," Naruto couldn't help but blush at how casually and frank people said that about him now, "I'm sure it'll be okay. This might be one of those situations where it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission."

"We didn't ask anyone if we can do this, did we?"

"No." The taller man smiled and put one foot back as he got into a stance, "But I'm so excited for a match that I don't mind the consequences."

"Well," Naruto opened his eyes and revealed the bar pupils he was now sporting, "I'll try not to disappoint."

"I doubt you could."

Now that Naruto was in Sage Mode, his senses and perception were much stronger. And with it he could see Sairaorg on a completely different level than before. The energy and spirit he let out...

It was no wonder he was making such a name for himself.

[The sheer vigor and spirit coming off this kid. I don't even think he's doing it consciously.]

With how wild and undisciplined the energy coming off him was despite how well-trained and skilled he appeared then that much was clear. Naruto couldn't sense the slight change in his natural energy that he realized came from a Devil's Demonic Power, but was instead more akin to chakra with how much it was formed from honing his body and mind to their peak forms.

Naruto took a deep breath and lowered his stance, raising his fists up as he prepared for their spar. Sairaorg's smile settled confidently as he kept a close eye on Naruto's every movement. In return Naruto focused on Sairaorg's energy and felt every intent and subtle move he made.

He slid one foot forward.

He responded by doing the same.

One of them swallowed in an anticipation.

The other felt a drop of sweat run down their chin.

They both waited for the other to make the first move...

Until they both dove forward and rushed each other.

They covered the distance between them in an instant, reeling their fists back before throwing them forward. Their punches landed against each other and caused a shockwave and quake through the colosseum's floor.

The two young Devils forced themselves forward, struggling for an advantage against the other as their fists pressed harder against one other. They struggled more and more-

Until Sairaorg gained supremacy and knocked Naruto and his fist back.

The whiskered Sage flew backwards and spun through the air before landing. He slid to a stop and looked back up-

Sairaorg had dashed in again, already in front of the whiskered [Pawn] as his huge fist came in with a hook. Despite his large frame he was unbelievably quick, his speed and reflexes honed through years of intense training and battle. For anyone stuck with the misfortune of fighting him this would have looked like a blur followed by the sweet relief of black.

But for Naruto, he was already ducking under the fist as he sensed its path just over his head. And as he ducked, he threw a jab that buried itself into Sairaorg's stomach. Even with his enhanced strength it was like punching a rock but Naruto pushed deeper and knocked the larger man away.

Sairaorg slid a few feet back before digging his heels in and stopping his retreat. The tall brunette tried to stand back up but paused, coughing and tasting some blood in his mouth when he did. He touched his stomach and felt how it reacted before he noticed the bruise on his fist from where their punches connect. He smiled, "So that's the secret, huh? Your strength and power have increased greatly with the help of this technique, but it's real strength comes in the form of you being able to dodge my attacks and attack internally, isn't it?"

Naruto grinned and raised his fist. His Sacred Gear formed over his arm as he whispered, "Set."

Sairaorg smirked and raised his fist, bouncing on his feet as he prepared for the next round. The large Devil dashed forward, turning into a blur as he rushed at Naruto with a straight jab. The whiskered ninja weaved aside and dodged the staggering punch entirely. The Bael heir twisted around, changing his direction in an instant while also throwing a kick at Naruto that would destroy anything in its path. The blond leapt over his kick, vaulting over the attack and throwing a back fist that missed Sairaorg's cheek by a few inches.

But still caused a ripple to form through the [King's] cheek and knocked his head back violently. Naruto landed and dashed into his guard, landing three punches into his ribs and chest before uppercutting the taller man's chin.



Sairaorg stumbled as the attacks he suffered repeated and pelted his body enough without him being able to even defend himself. Naruto watched the attacks he landed with his Frog Kata batter and strike the large man's body. After a few repeated strikes had landed the attacks had ended with Sairaorg standing perfectly still. He spat some blood but was still standing tall.

If he landed that kind of combination against a normal opponent they would have been grounded immediately.

"You're tough." Naruto spoke up, smirking as Sairaorg grinned and squared up again. He tensed his arm again, "Set."

Sairaorg dashed at him again, throwing a blindingly fast straight jab that Naruto dodged by a hair's breadth. As it sailed just by his head, Naruto threw a punch towards his ribs-

He felt the change. His eyes widened as Sairaorg's punch switched directions, changing from a straight jab to a wide clothesline with Naruto's head in its path. Sairaorg had realized Naruto would attack him after dodging and was now countering him in the middle of his own attack. He was figuring out ways to combat Sage Mode's so quickly!

Naruto pulled back his fist, still sending a weaker strike through Sairaorg's chest with natural energy as he tried to avoid the elbow coming his way. Even with ducking and turning his head he felt the [King's] strike scrape against his temple and cut through it.

The large Bael man reeled from the blow he felt through his chest as Naruto flipped back and out of his range. The blond stood back up and felt blood dripping down the side of his face from where the elbow strike cut through it. The two young men looked at each other, their gazes lingering long and hard on the other before they both smirked.



"I already set it anyway. Have to close it. Do it Kurama."


Sairaorg felt the strike through his chest again as the cut along the side of Naruto's face grew deeper and bloodier. The two young men weathered their injuries and felt their excitement build up with the tension. Naruto made the next move, swirling his hands together at incredible speeds to form a Rasengan. The moment it formed he pumped it full of Demonic Power and converted it to wind. As he sensed Sairaorg move he immediately threw out his hand, "Wind Demon's Rasengan!"

His attack sailed through the air and exploded against Sairaorg, enveloping him in a violent vortex that swallowed him whole.

[Good. Glad to see you're smart enough to change up the tactics.]

"I don't think he can attack from a distance so I have the advantage there." Naruto started creating another Rasengan while focusing his Demonic Power in another, "I wanna get back up close with him but I might need to test the waters first."

[Good move. As long as he can't attack at long-range then you-]

The spirit and power at the center of the vortex suddenly swelled and dispelled it entirely. Naruto's eyes widened as he saw Sairaorg's deep horse stance and chambered fist. The brunette Devil smirked and moved to throw a fist-

Naruto immediately abandoned his attack and tried to jump away.

Sairaorg punched forward and the space in front of his fist warped. The energy that swelled around him rushed ahead along with the sheer air pressure he forced forward. It created a path of power Naruto jumped aside to avoid as it flew by him.

Even as he dodged, the punch still nearly knocked him off his feet as his senses tried to comprehend the attack of natural energy, spirit power, and whatever else Sairaorg added to. It was in that moment of trying to collect himself that Sairaorg made his move. He dashed up to Naruto when the blond couldn't dodge and struck him across the face. Naruto went flying across the colosseum's stage, blood pooling in his mouth before he crashed against the other side.

Sairaorg smiled as he lowered his fist, "That's the first solid hit I've landed on you this whole time."

[Let's make it the only one! Naruto, I know your head is reeling but we need you-]

"Kurama," Naruto whispered, "We're gonna try using it."


Naruto spat some blood aside, "Yep."

[Are you sure now is the best time to try it? I know you've been practicing with it a lot but doesn't all your training usually end with violent eruptions?]

"Well we're taking it out for a run." Naruto rolled up his sleeve and lowered his hand to the side. Sairaorg watched him quizzically as the blond Devil closed his eyes and focused. He summoned his Demonic Power to his hand and gave form to the raw energy, making it solid and hard like rock. And after that he focused on the natural energy around his body and what traveled through the space around him.

All of it...connected to the earth and rock he created...and what reached out to the stone around him too.

Sairaorg felt a strange anticipation as he watched Naruto focus and gather something together. It looked like a stone or just gravel formed in his hand as he stood there. And nothing else seemed to happen at first until he noticed...

The entire colosseum was straining. was pulling towards a single point.

Naruto rushed forward. Sairaorg wrestled with his instinct to evade and his battle spirit to see just what the whiskered ninja had to offer. In that moment Naruto slipped in towards his side and reeled his fist back. Sairaorg tensed his body and guarded his side.

Naruto's fist dug into his arm and impacted. The ground splintered, rose, fell, and quaked behind his swing. And the force of his punch blasted Sairaorg off his feet and caused the Bael heir to violently spit up blood. His back slammed against a higher section of the colosseum and he dropped down to the ground before coughing up blood.

His arm was twitching from the damage and his ribs felt sore. That punch was magnitudes stronger than the ones he had taken before.


Naruto slammed his fist into the ground and caused a massive ripple through the rock that headed towards Sairaorg. As he saw the wave of stone come his way Sairaorg reeled back and punched towards the ground, blowing up the floor of the colosseum and wrecking the wave as rocks flew through the air.

Only to suddenly stop. Sairaorg looked up in shock before he saw Naruto's hand raised in the air, dropping down and making the debris rain down with it.

Sairaorg jumped aside, avoiding the rocks that pelted to ground as they started to follow him. Naruto aimed towards his foe, willing the rock to follow his command and try to overwhelm the young [King]. The longer he tried to control a nature with natural energy, the harder it was to maintain. And even now he was feeling the same sense of control slip away. He had to focus-

Sairaorg punched towards Naruto, creating another burst of energy that Naruto was forced to dodge or take straight to the face. As Naruto landed he looked up to see Sairaorg following after his punch and charging at Naruto with the intent to beat him down. The blond narrowed his eyes and decided to try again.

He raised his left hand and conjured lighting-

The ground erupted around him as a violent storm of lightning bolts shot in every direction and covered the colosseum.

The smoke and dust settled to reveal both men after the effect of the explosion. The ground was splintered and cratered all around them. Naruto had lost control of his attack with the earth element in one hand broken away while the lighting he tired in the other charred his hand. And just a few feet away Sairaorg guarded himself, burn marks on his forearms and legs after the lightning suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Yep," Naruto hissed in pain and tried to close his left hand, "Still can't do two at once."

"If that's what it's like without control, I can't wait to see what it looks like when you do." Sairaorg said as he lowered his arms and smiled through his injuries, "That technique could turn the tables in the fight."

"It's supposed to." Naruto smiled as he raised his Sacred Gear, "It's supposed to cover the slack after I've used my Balance Breaker."

"You have another ace? Interesting." Sairaorg smirked, a glow appearing on his wrists and ankles, "Does that mean we don't need to hold back anymore?"

"If you still want to then I'm more than willing to-"


Naruto and Sairaorg flinched as they looked aside and saw Rias looking at them expectantly while some servants of the Gremory family followed behind her.


"I left the trench and the cracks against the wall." Sairaorg said, "The rest was him."

"You rat bastard."


"What is wrong with you two?" Rias chastised her boyfriend and cousin as the two men were being healed and all the damages to the colosseum was being fixed, "I mean I'm gone for - what - five seconds? And you two start beating the hell out of each other!"

Naruto coughed, "Actually I didn't run into Sairaorg until about five minutes after you left, and even then-"

"Young man," Rias cut him off, a small glower on her face and with a tone a parent might have as they discipline their child, "If you're trying to save face using semantics, then I'd stop now while you're still ahead."

He closed his mouth and nodded.

"You can blame me for all of this Rias." Sairaorg tried to disarm his cousin's ire but the look on her face told him it wouldn't be easy, "I was the one that suggested a spar and Naruto Uzumaki was simply accommodating me."

"Firstly, Sairaorg you need to look up the difference between a spar and a natural disaster." Her point was proven as a lump of debris slipped out and crashed by a servant causing them to yell in fear, "And second, why did you even come here?"

"Well I was on my way by so I thought I'd come and pay your parents my respects. While also reminding them that the Bael apple harvest is going strong and that they should get their orders in while supplies last." He chuckled and Rias rolled her eyes at her cousin's nonchalantness, "And after that I was going to the Sitri territory to visit mother."

Even though Sairaorg said it with a smile, his voice didn't carry the same exuberance or power it usually had. And Rias' expression grew a little less firm when she heard that. She still shook her head, "That should be all the more reason not to muck up your wardrobe and visit her in your best condition."

"Well I can't say you're wrong there."

"Can you give Misla-sama my best wishes?"

"Yes. I think she'll like that." Their healing session ended and Sairaorg patted his arms before making his way out, "I'm off then. Rias, it was good to see you and I apologize for the mess. Naruto Uzumaki, thank you again for the spar! Maybe next time we can have a proper match!"

Naruto stood up and watched the larger man walk away before he looked at Rias, "What was that about his mother?"

"I'll tell you later." She turned and motioned him to follow, "Come on, Azazel and Onii-sama sent us an urgent message that he needs everyone together for something."

"R-Right now?"

"Yes right now."

"But," Naruto looked expectantly back, "I thought we were going back to your room for"

"Looks like you had enough of a workout having fun with Sairaorg." She callously answered, "Come on."


[Aww, I just know it's deflating.]

Naruto summoned his Sacred Gear and started tapping his fingers rapidly against the glass.



("Greeting everyone! Are you ready for a day of adventure and awesomeness!")


("Well we're about to start the show! Get ready!")

"Wow, Irina-San is really good at getting the crowd excited." Rossweisse noted as the crowd of children they sat with celebrated as the Angel stood on stage and riled them up, "You'd think she has experience hosting shows like this."

"She has experience but more with being involved in the crowd than hosting. When I told her there was going to be an Oppai Dragon show today she was already imagining what seeing it would be like." Azazel answered, sitting with the group not involved in the show as they watched everyone get excited for what came next, "When I offered her the chance to host she nearly jumped out of her skin. Glad to see she was ready for it."

"Not without some effort." Xenovia said with a chuckle, "The original host outfit was too tight on her and ripped. She screamed out in shock when the chest burst open and her breasts were bouncing around for everyone to see. She nearly deafened Koneko in surprise."

"And caused Issei to spurt more blood than I've ever seen." Akeno remarked, smirking at the thought, "Rather jealous of that fact."

"A-Akeno-San, don't say that!" Asia complained to the older girl who just laughed and waved her worry off. The nun sat back down and fretted silently, "I didn't get to heal Issei-San enough before we had to leave the dressing room, so I hope he's okay."

"Don't worry Asia-kun, Issei-kun is fine." The young group and Azazel looked over as Sirzechs joined them by sitting next to his fellow leader, "As showtime grew closer he realized he couldn't disappoint the children and livened up again. You don't need to worry about him."

"It's kinda surprising how much Issei-senpai like this." Gasper said through his bag as he looked around the crowd, "It's quite wholesome how much he enjoys entertaining the kids and being a hero for the Underworld."

"Yeah...and all the breasts and adoring older ladies probably isn't a downside either."

"No, Issei has the love and adoration of children everywhere." Xenovia corrected, "It's Kiba that gets the attention of all the busty, interested older ladies."

("Everyone, are you ready!") Irina announced to a wave of uproarious cheers, ("If you want him to show up then you gotta call his name! Ready? And!")


"HEEEEEYYYYYYY!" A figure in red armor popped out of the center of the stage, spun through the air, and landed in a crouch in front of everyone. He snapped back up to his feet and threw out his arms, "OPPAI!"


"Man, I was just on my way through the skies when I thought I saw a big theater filled with all the special boys and girls of the Underworld! And what do you know you're here! Guess I got lucky spotting you all from the clouds, huh?"


"Hey, can I ask you kids for some help?" The armored hero asked while panning around the entire theater to the excitable children, "I got a call from the Princess saying the kingdom had spotted some of our enemies lurking around. Now I might be tough, but if it's who I expect sneaking around then I might need some assistance. Say," He rubbed his chin and looked out over the crowd, "Can I trust you all to call out if you see anyone?"


("You got it Oppai Dragon!") Irina excitedly piped up while bouncing on her feet, ("We'll definitely help you fight the bad guys!")

Issei paused and nodded, "T-Thank you, Ms. Narrator. But I think we can trust the kids to help here, right?"

Irina blinked before realizing what they were doing and blushing, ("R-Right! Sorry! The kids will definitely help!")

"Oppai Dragon! Up there! Up there!"

"Huh?" Issei looked up and spotted a figure hanging upside-down from the ceiling. The robed blond man with bar eyes looked down at him from above as the armored man made an exaggerated pose, "Ah! You're here already, Lazy Sage?!"

His feet slipped from the ceiling and the blond dropped through the air without worry, twisting in the fall and landing upright on his feet. The whiskered Sage sighed, "Hey Oppai, I guess we're fighting...again...yay."

("Oh my gosh! The Lazy Sage just suddenly showed up! What will one of Oppai Dragon's fiercest foes be planning today?!")

As the crowd started to fret and decry the lethargic Sage's arrival, Asia looked around, "I-I guess the villains aren't appreciated as much as the heroes, are they?"

"Kiba and Naruto aren't well liked with this crowd." Xenovia noted, "On the bright side I think he's really nailing the performance."

"Deadpan. Bored. Dreading having to be here. Yep, we nailed him good!" Azazel smirked and pumped his fist in celebration.

"Evil fiend!" Issei exclaimed, making some wild poses and overselling the whole thing as he pointed at the whiskered blond, "What terrible plot have you concocted now, huh?!"

"Pretty much most of the same." On the other end of the scale, Naruto delivered his lines only loud enough for the people to hear but with no passion or energy. It was clear from his expression that he lamented coming at Azazel's request and getting strung along into the play, "Besides, it ain't even my plan."

"It's not?"

"Of course not, Oppai Dragon! You think LS would be the one behind this attack? Please!" A spotlight landed on a man standing on a pillar and everyone spotted the caped figure. Yuuto stood with a malicious grin, black armor adorned and a twisted sword in his grip as he cackled, "Who else do you think would plan your destruction but me!"

("Oh no, it's Darkness Knight Fang! Oppai Dragon's archenemy and Lazy Sage's partner-in-crime! What could he possibly be doing here?!")

"I'll tell you why I'm here! I'm still after the power and resources of the kingdom, and now I have he best chance of getting what I want! Behold Oppai Dragon!" Yuuto waved his sword over and another spotlight pointed to the side of the stage where a line of rope was being pulled up from the ceiling, "Look who I happen to run into along the way!"

"O-Oh no!" Rias cried out, dressed as a princess and her voice somewhere between convincing and mortified about having to play the part, "Help me Oppai Dragon! I have been ensnared in their trap!"

("Oh no! They've captured the Breast Princess!")

"Princess!" The Oppai Dragon cried in anguish, "You monsters! How could you catch her?!"

"She walks around without a guard detail." The Lazy Sage said, "Seriously she should be covered 24/7 with how many enemies you lot have."

"And fortunately for us we caught her during one of those slip ups! Now she is our hostage!" The Darkness Knight Fang cackled, hamming it up before pointing his sword up to their bound princess, "What do you think of that, hero?!"

"Curse you two! How dare you tie her up and suspend her like that! I'll never forgive you!" Oppai Dragon shuddered and seethed with anger, "Especially because you tied her up in a way that pushes up her breasts and gives her a ridiculous amount of cleavage even in that gown! Gah! It's so hot that I'm mad I didn't think of it before!"

("I-I guess even in high-risk scenarios like this, Oppai Dragon only has one thing on his mind!")

Rias blushed and pouted as the kids started to laugh, "Okay there's no way that was in the script."

"Enough of your relentless libido, Oppai Dragon!" Darkness turned his blade on the warrior, "Surrender and accept your fate!"

He jumped off the tallest pillar and fell towards Oppai Dragon with his sword raised up. The hero raised his arms and blocked as the prop hit against his fake armor and the lights flickered in response. The crowd gasped and cheered as Oppai Dragon swung his arms and knocked Darkness through the air, wires pulling on his back to sell it even better.

While Oppai Dragon's arms were raised, Lazy Sage rushed in and attacked from his side. The armored hero blocked his attack and forced him back, throwing punches and kicks at his blond nemesis as he dodged them all.

Darkness dropped back down, bringing his sword between the two fighters and forcing them apart. When Oppai Dragon had put some distance between them, the swordsman cackled and thrusted his sword forward. Pyrotechnics and explosions went off across the stage towards the hero and enveloped him completely. He let out a long, agonizing scream before falling to a knee.

("Oh no! Oppai Dragon's been hit hard! What can he hope to do now?!")

"I have to say the stunts and effects are surprisingly good." Akeno said as her friends nodded, watching Issei and the others perform their fight choreography so well to the worried and adoring crowd.

"Agh!" Oppai cried out in pain, suffering a relentless barrage from his foes before dropping to his knee again. When he did, he clutched his chest, "Its too much! These guys are just too strong to defeat by myself! I need help!" Oppai turned to the crowd, "Kids! I need your assistance! Help me gather power!"


"Hey, no fair calling on the audience!"

"Yes! Yes! I can feel the power surge back into me!" Oppai Dragon stood back up, his fatigue and pain subsiding as the cheers of the children empowered him. He chambered his hands to his side, "Take this evildoers! Oppai Fire!"

And with a throw of his hands, fire lit up across the stage and rose everywhere. Darkness Knight Fang and Lazy Sage acted as if they were blown off their feet and even Breast Princess curled up in the air as a stream of fire rose up close to her body, "Yes!" He cheered as his enemies picked themselves up, "Now with the added power of the children calling out for boobs I'm unstoppable!"

"Pretty good, Oppai Dragon! But not good enough!" Darkness announced and leveled his sword as Lazy Sage stood by his side, "Even with your booby power-up it's not nearly enough to stop us in battle!"

"Then how about some assistance?"

("Oh, is that who I think it is? The wandering ally! The nebulous hero! The little lady who can always help the Oppai Dragon out of a bind! Everyone give it up for...")

The spotlights turned to one side of the stage to reveal Koneko in a black fighter outfit and a domino mask, her ears and tail freely out on her body. She nodded and gave a peace sign, "Nyan."


Asia giggled and cooed, "Aww, Koneko-chan looks so cute in her Hellcat-chan outfit. And she has so many fans who love her."

"Y-Yeah," Rossweisse sweated, "However isn't there a rather big discrepancy between the show's regular fans and hers? Because they're-"

"HELLCAT-CHAN! WE LOVE YOU! SO SEXY!" A wave of older men and women in Hellcat-chan merchandise cheered for their little mascot while waving glow-sticks around as well, "SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO!"

"Can't fault them for loving what they love."

As the play started to ramp up with all the players doing their part, Rias watch from above with a tired sigh. She hated being tied up and forced to play the captured damsel while the others got to fight and play with fireworks for the crowd. She was going to have a serious word with Azazel and Sirzechs for forcing her into this position without even giving her anything to do.

And while this all happened, Rias failed to noticed that the last pyrotechnic that flared up at her side had burnt and flayed the edges of the rope suspending her from the stage. The burn went deeper and the rope became weaker until-

It snapped. And Rias plummeted through the air still bound by the rope around her body.

Everyone gasped, "Oh no!"


The Gremory heiress let out a small gasp of shock as she fell before her descent was suddenly stopped. Cradled in a princess carry, they landed on the stage and Rias was carefully put back on her feet.

Naruto whispered, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a little scare." Rias sighed in relief, "This damn rope got burnt."

Yuuto, Issei, and Koneko came running over as well to check on their [King]. As their worries were eased with the fact she was okay, they all calmed down and took a breath.

And realized they were still in front of a stunned audience silently watching what they were doing in confusion.

"Umm..." Naruto gulped as he realized they'd accidentally derailed the show. In a panic he kicked Issei in the stomach, sending the armored Devil sliding across the stage before he grabbed Rias and carried her under his arm, "You let your guard down."

"Y-Yes!" Yuuto quickly recovered and started to ad-lib, "And now we're off! Just try to catch us, Oppai Dragon!"

As the villains ran off with Breast Princess and Hellcat-chan helped Oppai Dragon up, Irina stammered, ("U-Um, how will Oppai Dragon save the princess from evil's grasp? We'll be taking a short intermission before the show resumes!")

As the stage was vacated and the members of the peerage ran to check up on their friends, Sirzechs and Azazel groaned, "So that was a big mistake."

"We should really be double-checking the effects and props."

"And we can't keep tricking the kids to do it without proper practice time." Azazel whined at that but Sirzechs frowned, "They're not your playthings to have fun with whenever you're bored!"

"Mommy, why did Lazy Sage save the princess like that? Isn't he a bad guy?"

"Well I don't think that was part of the show sweetie."

"Oh. But he looked so much different when he saved her from the fall."

"I think he didn't want her to get hurt."

"That's weird. Is the Lazy Sage not actually a bad guy?"

Sirzechs noticed the confusion some of the kids were having at the hiccup in the show. He scratched his cheek, "Well I think we'll need to rewrite the play a little to fix things up. We don't want the characters to be confusing to - Azazel?"

The Fallen Angel's eyes were wide as he stared ahead blankly. His brain was running a mile a minute as he realized something and the world opened up around him. The Governor-General smirked and turned to the Maou...



"Ugh, today was too long." Rias mumbled as she plopped into the bed and moaned into her pillow, "I'm so glad it's over."

"I mean I don't see what you have to complain about. You weren't the one playing the dumb villain getting his ass kicked by Issei."

"No, I was just playing the dumb character getting caught and tied up for everyone to see. So much better."

Naruto shrugged and dropped down on the bed beside her. He stretched out and fell into the pillow with a yawn, "Well at least it's over now."

"Yeah." Rias lay prone for a moment before twisting around and looking at her boyfriend, "But I did appreciate you coming in to help me when I fell." She leaned over to hold onto his chest before giving him a loving kiss, "Thank you."

"My pleasure." He whispered back before leaning in and kissing her again.

They kissed again. And again. And then kissed deeper and with more heat and love. Rias pulled herself over the bed, lying on his chest and slipping her hands into his hair as their tongues started to fight against each other. Her breasts squished against his chest as Naruto's hands found their way to her back and waist.

They pulled back, their lips glistening from their saliva with a hint of red on their faces.

"I know you hate that character," Naruto's hand reached down and squeezed her ass, "But you looked so fucking hot in that gown."

"My heart may have fluttered when you caught me from the fall." Rias whispered in a heated voice as she ran a finger down his cheek.

"You know, we still didn't get that experience in your bedroom. Maybe we could make up for lost time?"

"But we're not in the designated room. If we did it here-"

"I don't think I can move right now." Naruto alluded, cupping one of Rias' cheeks and squeezing tightly as the heiress shuddered through her whole body, "What about you?"

Rias panted, her eyes heated and breath heavy before she sat up and started pulling off her nightgown, "Real quick."


"It's going to be boring with you and everyone gone on the trip soon."

"I'm sure you and the others can cope while we're away."

Xenovia and Koneko walked down the hall in their PJs, the [Knight] in a tank top and shorts while the [Rook] opted for a baggy T-shirt. As the duo walked down the hall, Koneko frowned, "All Buchou and Akeno-senapi did when they came back was talk on about it. It sucks to think we're about to suffer through the second round of it all so soon."

"Well I'll try not to be too much of a bother but I am quite excited." The blue-haired swordswoman smiled with anticipation, "My first trip to Japan's ancient capital. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of new things with everyone."

"And I'm looking forward for when it's my turn next year." Koneko replied, "I'm going to get so much retribution when it's my time to be the insufferable asshole coming back from vacation."

"Hmm, fair enough. But you know I'm fortunate because my trip will have something neither yours nor Rias-Buchou had." Koneko looked up at Xenovia as the [Knight] smiled, "I'll have Naruto all to myself for a few days."

"Hmph." Koneko harrumphed and turned her nose up, "If you're trying to make me worry then you should keep trying. Thing is Xenovia-senpai is that you're so awkward and clumsy with your sex appeal that you probably won't even be able to tempt Senpai properly."

"You think?" Xenovia asked, genuine interest in her voice as she scratched her head, "You might be right. Oh, but I could try sleeping with him at night. I'm sure cuddling up together would bring us closer."

"But you don't cuddle." Koneko corrected, 'You buck and knock all of us off when you sleep."

"Well I guess I can get some practice in while we're away."

"You do that." Koneko said, "I'm gonna get in as much snuggling and hugs as I can while we sleep." They reached the door and she opened it, "That'll show-"


Koneko and Xenovia froze in shock and nearly slammed the door shut when they heard the scream. They stopped just short of closing the door and looked through the slit it left to see-

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes!" Rias cried out, the redhead seated in Naruto's lap and bouncing up and down on his cock as they embraced in the middle of the bed. Their bodies were sweaty and red but neither seemed ready to stop at all. Rias was straddling his waist, dropping her waist and pussy on his dick over and over as she panted, "Feels so good!"

"You really like this, don't you?" Naruto asked as he watched his beloved girlfriend bounce on top of him, "Every chance you get you like to ride on top."

"B-Because I like to lead the pace." Rias panted, moaning and gasping as she continued to pierce herself on his ride. They were so enamored by their pleasure that they didn't notice Xenovia and Koneko's gazes through the door, "Are you complaining?"

"Not at all." Naruto replied, leaning down and taking one of the bouncing breasts in front of his face into his mouth and sucking. The act caused Rias to stop and cry out as her back arched.

Koneko stood in shock as she watched them have sex. Seeing them do it should have been embarrassing, and it was enough that she wanted to shut the door and run away to forget what she saw. But despite herself she continued to watch even though she felt a mix of sadness and intrigue as she did.

"But you know," Naruto murmured around her nipple as Rias panted and looked down, "Sometimes it's fun to switch things up."

"What-" Rias let out a little squeal as Naruto lifted her waist and threw himself forward while pinning Rias to the bed at the same time. As she gasped and tried to recollect herself after that sudden movement, Naruto sat back up in between her legs and pulled back before thrusting forward, "AAAH!"

"Again," Xenovia muttered in shock as they watched Naruto's hips buck back and forth wildly as Rias cried out in blissful euphoria. The bed beneath them squeaked and rocked and they got a better view of his cock slipping into her folds before dragging its way out. The former Church warrior blushed, "It's so-"

"N-Naruto! Too fast! I-I can't-"

Naruto leaned down and took Rias' lips in a kiss, the Gremory heiress moaning into his mouth as he sped up his humping. The speed of their hips clapping echoed through the room alongside their moaning. It sped up faster and faster as they approached their release.

Rias' arms wrapped around his back as her legs locked around his waist, urging him to finish inside. And with a few more forceful thrusts he slammed down once more and came inside. Her walls tightened and squeezed his cock as it shot his load deep into her cunt.

Naruto and Rias' lips separated, both teens hungrily gasping for air and laying in a sweet, sweaty embrace as they reveled in the euphoria of their release. Naruto laid down atop Rias and she gladly hugged him close.

Xenovia and Koneko watched the scene of their post-love making in silence. Their faces red, breathing heavy, and a wetness down below from watching the intense scene unfold without their knowledge. Naruto finally sat up, drawing his cock out of Rias' pussy and leaving a small drop of cum to run off the edge as he fell aside. Rias panted and rolled over, reaching off the side of the bed for her pajamas as she tried to get dressed again.

"Hey." Koneko was drawn out of her haze and looked up at Xenovia as the usually unflappable [Knight] nervously asked, "Should we still go inside?"

After that? After seeing what they just did? Koneko tried to answer but no words-

"Iyah!" They flinched and looked back inside to see Naruto had crawled in by Rias' back and wrapped his arms around her chest. He was gently kissing her neck as the redhead panicked, "W-What are you doing?"

"Just loving you is all." He said while leaning in and gently biting her ear.

"Hey!" Rias shuddered, "Stop that. We need to show a little restraint."

"Why? Is it so bad if we went again?"

"Yes." Rias defied, "Because we need to sleep properly. I love when we do it together but we shouldn't do it so much-"

"But I'm leaving for Kyoto soon." He whispered, breathing heavily along her neck before kissing and nibbling it to excite her, "And I'll be gone for days." His hand opened and took one of her breasts, gently squeezing and rubbing it as he pinched the nipple, "Which means we won't be able to do it until I get back." His other hand slowly ran along her stomach before reaching between her legs, a finger slipping into her wet folds and even playing with the load he had release minutes ago as she moaned, "But we could make up for the time we'll lose then if we started now."

"I-I," Rias groaned as her body writhed, "You-" She hissed before looking back into his eyes and nodding, "Okay." He smiled and pulled his fingers out, grabbing her leg and lifting it up to expose her pussy to the air. And in that position he aligned his cock with her cunt from behind and slipped in, "S-Slower. I'm still reeling from the last one."

"I'll make sure we take our time." As he held her leg up from the knee he started slowly grinding his cock into her, his girlfriend gasping as he started to ramp it up.

Koneko couldn't take anymore. She turned and ran back down the hall before things could get any worse. But Xenovia was too absorbed. She fell to her knees and watched through the slit of the door as the two lovers started their second round of fucking. The act of peeping like this was disgusting and reprehensible, yet Xenovia didn't care. Not even as she slipped her fingers into her shorts and started to pleasure herself at the sight.

Koneko ran back to her room and slammed the door, leaning back against it as she panted and sobbed. Her face was red and her eyes were watering. S-She knew they were having sex and she had been glad to know their relationship had taken its natural next step. But she hadn't been ready to see it. She wasn't prepared to face the fact that she still couldn't entice or allure the man she loved like that.

Like that. Rough. Fast. Hard. Soft. Loving. Gentle. All the things they were and she wanted it to.

She slid to the ground and gasped as her face started to heat up. When she closed her eyes she could still remember the sounds she heard when they fucked. Her imagination started running wild and she dreamily wished that she had been in Rias' position instead.

Reaching under her shirt and slipping a finger in, Koneko started to work herself over, "S-Senpai."


"Mother, you don't have to keep seeing me off to sleep like this. I know how busy you are."

"Oh but I'm not too busy to say goodnight to my little girl."

"I-I'm not little anymore!" The obstinate young lady of the house replied as she sat up, "I can go to bed by myself!"

"Oh, but I like to see you off."


"Fine, fine, I won't impose." The beautiful blonde woman stood up, her kimono falling into place over her body as she made her way over to the sliding door. She walked through and grinned back cheekily at her daughter, "You sure you don't want me to read you a bedtime story?"


"Night!" She giggled at her daughter's indignant response and closed the slider behind her. With a hearty chuckle she gently walked along the wooden halls of her Japanese castle. Her socks causing the floor to gently creak with each step. It was remarkable how such subtle, tiny sounds rung so pleasantly in the ears atop her head.

She stopped and looked up at the moon, admiring how it illuminated the sky and made the inky darkness into a tinge of dark blue. Despite how frequently she had seen this sight she stopped and took it in silence once again. Memories of ages passed returned to her and she thought back to the first person that taught her to appreciate the little things in life. The things that stayed the same and the things that had to naturally change.

Her daughter was growing and didn't need to be babied anymore. A fact that inherently left her with a longing for the days when her baby girl would excitedly run up and cling to her leg wanting her attention. Just a few more years of clinging and loving won't be so bad...

But as she had to remember; some things changed while some always stayed the same.

She sighed and started walking back down the hallway. The creaking of her feet the only sound to accompany the empty night air.

Followed by the sudden creak of another set of feet behind her.

She immediately turned, summoned fire to her hand, and prepared to deal with their intruder. If they thought they could invade her home without a fight then they-

They stopped. She froze. She looked at the figure standing across from her in the tears filled her eyes.

And in that instant-

"Yasaka-sama!" Two attendants came running around the corner, "We believe the castle has been infiltrated! We need to get you to - Yasaka-sama?"

The two guards looked around desperately, searching the empty hallway for any sight of their master.

But she was already gone.



Laying the groundwork for things to come. I'm excited for this next arc. Been thinking about it for a long time and it's one of those turning points you look forward to finally reaching in your story.


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