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Life 42: Kako

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"Pretty impressive, right?"

"Not really." Yasaka petulantly deadpanned as Naruto dragged her around the small settlement. The Yōkai frowned as her whiskered companion made her follow him around the new marketplace he had convinced the settlers to create for everyone.

"How can you say that?" He turned, smiling wide the whole time before he motioned out around them, "We've got humans and Yōkai interacting with each other! That's a great step forward!"

Just as he said, in this small little settlement outside of the limits of Kyoto was a place that welcomed both humans and Yōkai. In the two years since joining up, she and Naruto had roamed the lands of Japan, helping where they could and stopping attacks or acts of violence from escalating.

The rumors of a powerful human and a kyūbi appearing from the shadows to stop any battle between the two was quickly spreading like wildfire. And while most people obviously didn't appreciate mortal enemies working together, there were a rare few that saw their cooperation and were hopeful that things could change for the better.

Which brought them here. A little makeshift town for humans and Yōkai alike. It was the middle of the day and yet both humans and the supernatural creatures of Japan roamed through the streets. For an optimist like Naruto this must have been everything he was hoping for.

For a realist like Yasaka however, this felt like putting dry leaves and kindling around burning embers.

"Hey!" Her ears flicked up and she looked back in time to see a human couple shy away from a pair of Yōkai walking by. The woman hid behind her husband as he yelled, "Get your beady eyes off my wife! I won't let you spirit her away!"

"We weren't even looking at her!" One of the Yōkai literally spit fire as they barked back, "You damn humans always jump at the slightest thing! It's ridiculous!"

"I thought this place was supposed to have Yōkai that were tamed!"

"Hey!" She and Naruto ran over and stood between them before things got out of hand, "We said no fighting! Please don't let things get out of hand."

"These humans are acting like we'll attack them! Like they don't hunt us for sport the first chance they get!"

"And you don't hunt us down to feed on us and our families?!" The humans yelled back as the man scowled, "Naruto-dono, if you expected humans to live here, you need to train these monsters to act as well as your pet."

Yasaka's anger boiled over and she turned, letting her hands catch fire as she nearly mauled the humans-

"Hey!" Naruto's arms wrapped around her and pulled her off her feet before it was too late. As she hissed and scratched at the air he growled, "If you plan to stay here then you should consider your manners and attitude a little more carefully. Otherwise I won't always be around to stop someone from clawing you up."

His threat seemed to work as the humans turned and stepped away before things got worse. The Yōkai did the same and Naruto finally lowered Yasaka back to her feet. As she settled down Naruto spoke softly, "Listen, I know some of these people can get on your nerves but you can't just maul them like that. This is only the first step towards making peace and we can't risk it. I know what they said was awful, and I promise that there will be punishment for their behavior, but please don't attack them, okay?"

Yasaka grumbled and went limp in his arms.


She looked back at him and raised an eyebrow, "Are you just going to fondle my chest all day or let go?"

He finally realized he had grabbed a handful of her boobs when he picked her up and immediately let her go, "Sorry."

"You sure you are? You were holding on for awhile."

"W-Well give me a break." Naruto countered, a small hue on his cheeks, "If I ever tried to touch your body I'm pretty sure I'd reach your breasts 4/5 times. Seriously how are they so big?"

"Is that bad?" She looked over herself, "I thought big was appealing?"

"We're not having this discussion." Naruto quickly stopped talking and walked away. Yasaka chuckled to herself as she followed after him, "I really hope this place works out."

"If it doesn't at least you can go home somewhere else, right?" He was a ninja and they all came from villages that practiced their craft, "You can make them take you back."

"No I can't. I told you I pretty much cut all ties with my village when I left."

"No I mean you can make them." She stepped up to his side as she pointed at his back, "With your power you could make anyone do anything you want." His weakened expression made her realize she had touched a sore spot, "Why did you leave your village?"

"When they found out how powerful my Sacred Gear was, they wanted me to use its power for the sake of the village. Which I was more than ready to do if I could help my home. But when I realized that getting as strong as they hoped as quickly as they wanted meant I might have to sacrifice my mind, I voiced my opposition. And they said that as a ninja I should be ready to offer myself to the village without hesitation."

" weren't ready for that?"

"I wasn't." He shook his head as he looked out over the mountains, "I was spending my life until that moment ready to give myself entirely to the sake of the village. And then when I realized that it really was a possibility that it could happen...I just realized I never actually lived my life enjoying anything before that." He smiled, "So I left. Wandered around. Enjoyed what I could. And then ran into you."

She rolled her eyes, "And forced me to enjoy the same insufferable trite you do."

"Hey, you should understand me." He grinned and messed with her hair, making her growl like a feral animal in response, "You spent most of your time just fighting and running. And now we can enjoy everything together!"

"Stop treating me like a child!"

"Stop acting like one. I feel like an elder brother when I'm around you."

She smacked his hand away and he just lightly clapped her hands away like it was a game. And when he did it really did feel like he was trying to act like a brother to her.

For some reason, two years ago, this stranger rescued her and helped her when she was injured. And since then, whether it be through his stubbornness or her sheer inability to just ignore him, they had been traveling together ever since.

And Yasaka would never admit this for fear that it would make him grin smugly at her for the rest of their days...but life did seem a lot more enjoyable since he had shown her there was so much more to it.


They stared at the painting in shock and disbelief. All the visitors besides Naruto looked between him and the old oil painting of the Yōkai's ancient guardian. As if any moment the two wouldn't look like exact copies of each other.

"This can't be real." Naruto finally broke the silence and sounded rightfully disbelieving as he scoffed, "I-I mean what is this? He can't look like me. He can't have my name. H-He can't be hundreds of years old! Is this me?" He scratched his head as he tried to rationalize why there was a drawing of him in a place he had never been before, "Do I go back in time? Is this version of me actually me in the future stuck in the past?"

"Oh! Like Back to the Future!" A wave of realization ran through the visiting students as the reference made something click in their heads.

"Yeah, whatever that is!" Naruto nodded, "So this can't be me!"

"It could still be you, but not actually you." Azazel vaguely offered as their attention turned to him. He looked up at the confused blond Devil, "Remember what we talked about back when you and I were introducing ourselves? I talked to you about alternate realities and multiverse theory? I told you there's a chance you never existed in this world. Or you did but we just didn't know it. Or even that there was a chance you would one day...or that you already did long ago." He pointed to the Naruto on the scroll, "I think that's what we're looking at."

"A-Are you serious?"

"What I'm more surprised about is the fact he was a wielder of Divine Dividing." The mixed-haired Fallen Angel rubbed his chin in deep thought, "Did Vali know about this? Did Albion recognize you the moment you met each other? Man I really need to prod that kid for answers the next time I see him."

"E-Excuse me?" Asia raised her hand and asked, "What happened to this Naruto-San? If his Sacred Gear was passed on to Vali-San then he can't still be alive, can he?"

Kunou and her advisor shook their heads, "By my mother's account, the White Dragon acted as something of a guardian to this place for years. During that time he fended off countless enemies of Yōkai and evil spirits that wished harm on humans. He kept the peace for an entire generation. There are even stories of a fierce battle he had in his youth against a majestic Red Dragon that caused all of Kyoto to quake. He slayed his foe and emerged victorious from the battle."

Issei gulped and looked down at his arm, "Is that true?"

[I've had a lot of fights with the White One. I can't remember each and every person that has worn those wings. But yeah, I do remember fighting a wielder out here in Kyoto. Once we lost and I lost a host. But the next time...]

"Years later there was a second battle between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon. But that time..." Kunou looked down at the scroll with her mother's dear friend painted over it, "He didn't survive. Mother tells me that was one of the worst days of her life."

Naruto slipped out of his seated position and dropped back in stunned silence. Xenovia slid over to his side and squeezed his shoulder, "Are you okay?"

"I...I'm having a really hard time figuring this out." He rubbed his head, "I-I - t-there was a me that lived here hundreds of years ago. And he had Vali's wings! A-And then he got killed by Issei's dragon!" The blond still looked stunned and palmed his face, "I can't believe this."

Azazel chuckled, "Looks like this Kyoto trip is pretty special, huh?"

"Don't you start!"

"Since the days he was lost, we have been wary of the Red Dragon and what it might bring." The Tenju continued and looked over at Issei, "So when you arrived along with someone who looks so similar to our ancient guardian, and at a time when Yasaka-sama was kidnapped as well..."

"Yeah," Yuuto nodded, "Most of this is coincidence, but I can see a lot of red flags being waved around with all of that piling up at once."


"W-Wait! Hold on!" Issei quickly called out as he looked around frantically, "This is Senpai! But he was the wings! But he showed up in my-" He looked over at Naruto, "But I thought you were-" He looked down at his arm, "But he was dressed and acting like-" He paused and closed his eyes, "I need to talk to someone!"

They stared at the perverted brunette in confusion as he stilled and went unresponsive. Rossweisse snapped her fingers in front of his face, "He left?"


"Are you the Naruto from the Divine Dividing?!" Issei called out as he reappeared in the mindscape of the Boosted Gear's remnants. As he arrived he saw the kimono-clad Naruto speaking amicably with Elsa before the two turned to him, "Are you not the guy I know outside?!"

"Yeah. I thought you realized that when we met." The older Naruto stood up and nodded, "You didn't seem shocked or surprised or anything when we met. I just thought you had remarkable mental fortitude." The whiskered man stared at his baffled expression, "I'm reconsidering that that."

"How did you even get here?!"

"Remember when you forced the piece of Divine Dividing's jewel into your gauntlet during the fight with Loki?" Elsa joined in and answered Issei's question, "When you did that you took a piece of the other side's consciousness in with it."

"I just happened to be the most compatible remnant to mesh with you, Issei-kun."

Issei shuddered, "Okay, that explains the weird sincerity and politeness. The Naruto-senapi I know would probably greet me with a middle finger and insult instead of keigo."

"Yeah, that should have been your first clue."

"S-So it's true? You lived here hundreds of years ago and wielded Divine Dividing?"

"I did. I killed one of your predecessors before another one finally killed me. Actually you remember that little black-haired kid with the hair like a rooster and the vacant stare?" Issei remembered the one this Naruto addressed when they had spoken earlier, "He was the one who got me. Just a brat but he had talent and gave up everything for power."

"I-I can't believe it."


"He's inside my Sacred Gear!" Issei opened his eyes and exclaimed, "This Naruto-San is inside my gauntlet with the rest of the vestiges!"

"What?!" The shock in their voices was clear as day.

"There's a Naruto-senpai in the mindscape of my Sacred Gear, and he only showed up after I fused Boosted Gear with a piece of Divine Dividing!" Issei explained as even the Kyoto residents looked at him in shock, "I-I didn't even realize he was the old one in this picture!"

"There was already a me in your head?!" Naruto exclaimed in shock, "Why didn't you say something sooner?!"

"I thought it was you!"

"Why would I show up in your headspace?! How would I even do that?!"

"I don't know! But why would I question if it was you?! You always showed up when you were around!"



As Naruto and Issei bickered with each other, the visitors from Kuoh turned their attention back to their hosts, "So do you require our assistance in locating Yasaka-dono? I'm not sure what we could offer that you haven't already done, but if there is something we can do to help then you can rely on us."

"We may take you up on that offer, but right now we can't ask you to do that." The Tenju answered as Kunou looked down with a somber expression, "We're still trying to figure out how these assailants could have infiltrated us and gotten away so easily."

"Do you have any leads?"

"Just one." He nodded towards Naruto who stopped his headlock of Issei, "The intruder made themself appear like Naruto-dono precisely because they knew it would cause Yasaka-sama pause. Which means whoever they are have knowledge of their shared history. That could make everyone here a suspect, but not everyone knew of how close of a relationship these two shared centuries ago. So as of this moment..."

"We don't know what to do." Kunou whispered as her ears fell sullenly upon her hair. Seeing the fox's dejected expression left everyone present feeling low.

What could they say to a child missing her mother at a time like this?


Rossweisse worked diligently on grading papers and exams after they came back to the hotel. It was quite an eventful first day in Kyoto with its fair share of surprise and shocks to be had. But now wasn't the time to be focusing on that. She had a duty as an educator she couldn't forgo.

Which meant filling out these papers dutifully and without exception.

The lovely silver-haired [Rook] paused however when she heard the door to her room push open. She looked up and saw a familiar whiskered blond walk in with a sigh, "Naruto-kun? What are you doing here?"

"Sorry Rossweisse, I was just thinking about what happened today." He sat back on the bed behind her desk and plopped back on it without pause. Rossweisse looked like she wanted to say something about him making himself at home in her room but decided against it when she saw the heavy expression on his face, "I mean all that crap we heard today? It's crazy, right?"

"It is." She nodded sympathetically, "I'm sure I can't even begin to understand what all of this must feel like for you. How do you feel?"

"Honestly? Horny more than anything."

"E-Eh?!" Rossweisse balked in shock at his crass answer.

"Yeah I got a boner and it won't go away." He sat back up and looked down at his crotch, "This is usually the time me and Rias have sex but with her not here I don't know what to do."

The Valkyrie blushed and tried to focus back on her job, "O-Okay. Well j-just try to get a handle of it before going to bed tonight, okay?"

"Can you help me?"

"Huh?!" She turned in her seat to face him but was shocked to see she was face level with his crotch. She noticed the tent he was pitching through his pants and whirled back around with a burning red face, "W-Why would you ask me to help you w-w-with that?!"

"Because I needed a sexy, beautiful woman who I could trust and would also be okay with having sex."

Her mind went blank, "I-I'm not-"

"I mean you're so cool and collected all the time. So I'm sure you're okay to have a casual fling, aren't you?"


"C'mon. We're teammates in the same peerage. I'm sure this would be fine."

Rossweisse's head was filled with excuses and rationalizations that fought against each other for supremacy. Despite her better judgement she meekly answered, "I-I guess I shouldn't b-be opposed to a causal thing-"


Without hesitation Naruto quickly acted, pulling Rossweisse's chair out from under her and forcing her to stand up in a panic. And in a single move he grabbed her hips, pulled them out so that she was bent over and holding the desk for support, and pulled her pants down so she was left in her underwear, "N-Naruto-kun?!"

"Hold on." Naruto grabbed her panties and yanked them down, exposing her bare ass to the air and eliciting a squeak of shock from her, "What's up?"

"W-What are you doing?!" Rossweisse cried out with tears, "D-D-Don't put it in!"

"Don't worry, I wasn't gonna put it in." He took a handful of her ass, spreading her cheeks open and sandwiching his cock between their bouncy, bountiful flesh. As the Valkyrie whimpered and gasped, Naruto started to grind his cock between her asscheeks, "But I've been looking at this big, bouncy ass for weeks now and the only thing I wanna do is run up against it and coat you in cum."

"W-What are you talking about?!" Rossweisse struggled for balance and gasped as Naruto's throbbing cock drew itself back to the head and slid its whole shaft along her ass before repeating it again, "W-When you asked for my help I thought you meant just looking at me o-or giving you a handjob not - a-ah!"

"Oh, enjoying this?" Naruto asked as Rossweisse started to shudder and mewl from the mix of sensations she was getting. Her breathing grew heavy and her face got hot with anticipation as Naruto pumped harder, "Man could you imagine if someone walked in on us right now? How much trouble would you get in if the students found out their precious new teacher was a dirty slut that let her students rub off in her ass?"

"D-Don't say that!" She wanted to sound more commanding but as Naruto's tight grip squeezed into her cheeks and molded them like dough she found herself moaning in return, "A-And don't talk so loud! I-If someone heard us-"

"What? They can't be mad at you." Naruto said as one of his hands reached in and rubbed the underside of her pussy. As Rossweisse let out a loud groan he continued, "You're a beautiful, fuckable woman in the prime of her life! They should be expecting the sounds of your big, bouncy ass clapping against a cock! Or your wet pussy squelching as it takes thrust after thrust after thrust after thrust! Or you gulping down gallons upon gallons of cum!"

"T-They don't - I-I can't - o-o-oh I'm cumming!" She screamed as drool ran down her chin, "You're rubbing my ass and playing with my pussy and I'm gonna cum!"

"You cum pretty easy, don't you Rossweisse! Shame on you!"

"I-I can't help it! It feels good! It feels so fucking good!"

"Well I'm cumming too!" Naruto roared as he sandwiched his cock between her cheeks and pumped as fast as he could, "I'm about to cover your ass in everything I've got!"

"N-Not on my tracksuit!" Rossweisse finally exclaimed through her excitement and exhaustion as Naruto's hips clapped her buttcheeks even harder as he tried to reach his climax as quickly as possible, "I-I only brought the one and if it gets messy then-"

"You don't want it on your tracksuit?" Naruto acknowledged as he rubbed his dick while using her ass to push him over the edge, "Then in that case..."

Naruto let go of her hips and with no more support Rossweisse legs gave out. She gasped for air in surprise before she felt his hand settle on her head and in her hair. He turned her to face his way and while her mouth was still open he slipped his cock inside.

The Valkyrie's eyes widened as she felt something hot and wet fill her mouth. The bitter liquid rushed over her tongue and filled her mouth faster than she expected. Her eyes watered from how much was coming out as there was little room left for it to fill. She considered swallowing to give her some relief-

"Don't swallow." Her eyes widened and she looked up at the man over her. Naruto was panting as he came in her mouth and groaned with every shot as he whispered, "Make sure not to swallow."

S-She couldn't swallow? What was she supposed to do; keep it all in her mouth?! Rossweisse struggled, closing her eyes and trying to handle the amount before it finally stopped. Naruto bucked his hips forward a few more times, his cock reaching to the back of her throat each time before it finally stopped.

His dick pulled against her lips as he slowly drew it out. Rossweisse closed her mouth as his cock finally drew away, a sheen of saliva over the appendage with a line of drool and cum connecting it to her lips. Rossweisse shuddered and looked up at Naruto as he let out a sigh of relief. He wiped his cheek and then looked down at her with a smile.

She slowly opened her mouth and showed him the inside. A pool of a white cum coating her tongue after his extensive release. She showed it for him to see before it could overflow from her mouth as Naruto whistled, "Wow, that's crazy. Sorry about that. It was way more than I expected." He apologized and then silently looked down at her.

In waiting.

Rossweisse closed her mouth and gulped it down, trying to swallow all of the cum he released in one go. It nearly made her gag but she got it all down before she coughed and tried to catch her breath.

"Oh, you swallowed it? I thought you would've spit it out."

I-In hindsight she really should've, but with him staring at her she got nervous. The Valkyrie looked up at the strapping blond standing over her; her face flush, her breathing quick, their pants both down to their ankles, and she prepared herself. Prepared for him to-

"Well thanks." He turned and started pulling up his pants, "I'll be going now."

"Huh?!" She gasped, "W-What do you mean you're going?!"

"Well I got what I wanted so I'll go back to my room. Later Rossweisse."

J-Just like that?! Rossweisse panicked, "W-Wait!"

"I won't bother you again. I'll figure out a different way to handle my needs."

"But what about mine-"

She caught herself before she could finish. However Naruto paused and looked back at her curiously, "What about your what?"

"N-Nothing." She muttered as she blushed and turned away. She had nearly forsaken her dignity as a teacher. Asking a student to-

"Rossweisse." He said her name and walked over to her. The silver-haired Valkyrie looked up and gasped to see his cock free and still hard as a rock. Even after doing what they did, it stood just over her face as he asked, "What were you going to say?"

She shuddered and shook her head, "I-I didn't say-"

"Were you talking about your needs?"

"N-No! I-"

Naruto grabbed her wrist and yanked her up off the ground. He pushed her forward and she landed on her desk, knocking over all the paperwork she had been working so diligently on before he arrived. And before she could reprimand him he reached down and yanked her pants and panties off completely.

Grabbing her ankles, Naruto spread her legs up and out as far as they could go, exposing her pussy to air for him to see. Rossweisse's face burned with mortification and her eyes brimmed with tears as he stared down at her wet lips, "Wow, look at how wet you are. Did you cum while I rubbed of between your ass? Or was it when I came in your mouth and you had to drink it?


"It's like a nixie rampaged down there."

"I didn't-"

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

She gasped and went silent at his question. He situated himself between her legs as he held them out, aligning his dick with her pussy perfectly. Rossweisse's breath hitched in her throat at the idea of that rod that had nearly driven her mad moments ago now entering her most sensitive spot. The arguments of their professional relationship and their surroundings were all silenced in favor of the idea of what the sex would feel like.

"Of course I don't have any protection so I don't know what'll happen if we do it. You might end up catching something or even getting knocked up if we did it raw. But if we did..." Naruto leaned in towards Rossweisse's face as she gasped in shock, "I would fuck like an animal. I'd fucked you over and over and over until the morning and then some."

The idea sent shivers of pleasure and desire up her body. She felt like she was preparing herself for the best of it already before it even happened. Rossweisse muttered, "I-I-"

"Or I could walk away." He said while still leaning into her, the underside of his cock rubbing against her folds and setting her into a fit of pleasure, "Just say the word and I'll turn back now."

Rossweisse remained silent and only tensed her body in anticipation.

"Is that a no?"

She opened her eyes, "N-No! I-I mean I want to - I-I was just-"

"If you want me to do something then say it."

"I-If you want to then you-"

"Rossweisse." He said with force and resolve as his cock touched her entrance, "Say it."

"Do it!"

He took her hands and placed them under her knees.

"Fuck me!"

He made her pull her own legs up and open her pussy for entrance as he grabbed her hips.

"Give it to me." She hungrily admitted as she watched his throbbing manhood inch closer and closer to her wet, awaiting lips, "I want it so bad! Cum inside and don't stop! Pound me into the morning and then for the rest of the trip! Don't leave this room! Cover me in it again and again! Make me addicted to the feeling of your cock pounding my cunt and to the taste of your semen! Make me yours and-"



"Make me yours and-"


"Eep!" The Valkyrie pulled her hand back and looked up when she heard the knock on her door. She felt her face burn and her body radiate heat but still answered, "C-Come in!"

Azazel opened the door and walked in, "Good you're still up. I wanted to talk to you."

"A-About what?" She asked as she tried to calm her beating heart and flushed face. As Azazel approached she hoped he wouldn't notice her reaction as the Fallen Angel walked around.

"This matter with Yasaka-dono." Azazel answered in a pace, "I have no basis for this but I can't help feel like this is about something more than just kidnapping the leader of a Yōkai sect."

"Kidnapping a political leader isn't a big enough problem?"

"Of course it is," Azazel said in exasperation, "But I just have a hunch that it isn't everything we're dealing with. I don't want to assume the worst but if assailants find out who we are and that we're here they may take action against us. And while I trust the kids to be able to protect themselves I'm more worried about the droves of unsuspecting students that could be put at risk."

Rossweisse gulped in fright, "You really think they'd resort to attacking innocents?"

"I wouldn't risk trusting their morals in favor of planning for the possibility." The Governor-General looked to the Valkyrie, "I know it's late but can you think up of some charms or warding spells we can enchant on the students to give them some protection?"

"Oh absolutely!" She nodded, "I can get a rough circle created in a few minutes." She looked over the desk for some paper but couldn't find anything, "There isn't a notepad here."

"You sure?" Azazel stood up and walked over, "I'm sure every room came with-" He paused and looked down at the book in front of her, "Oh you're reading my book?"

"H-Huh?" Rossweisse let out an undecipherable gasp of air as Azazel grabbed her book, "W-Wait-"

"Where are you up to? Oh! The rough scene, eh?" Azazel chuckled, "I liked writing this part. The Baroness notices the Protagonist's sexual frustration and wants to help alleviate his woes. But she's pregnant with his child and can't handle sex with him at the moment. So she gets the beautiful but timid maid to fill her spot. But she won't loosen up and get into the mood. So the Baroness ties her to the bed and lightly torments her to get the girl excited as he watches. And even though she doesn't think she'll like it as she's being played with she gets more and more-"

"I-I need to go find some paper! Be right back!"

Rossweisse rushed out the door and left Azazel behind with her book. He looked down at the chair and stared at it for a moment, "Well I guess that answers the question I asked in the strip club."


"So do I wait for it to dry or just pay for water damages?"


"Did he have a last name? Maybe that's where we diverge?"

"He said that back then the ninja village didn't let them have last names. He was only ever called by his given name."

"Did he like orange? I know he was a white dragon or whatever but he didn't only wear white, did he?"

"I'm not sure about his whole life but in my head he wears an orange kimono with white highlights."

"What about ramen? Did he eat ramen? Wait was there ramen hundreds of years ago?"

"Senpai!" Issei exclaimed in annoyance as he looked back at the anxious blond, "Can you stop with the questions?! We barely got any sleep last night because you kept hounding me!"

"Well can you blame me? After the shit we heard yesterday?" The blond said in a tired huff as he sighed and tied his shoes, "When you end up in a new world and find out a different version of you lived here hundreds of years ago then you might find out it's seriously disorienting."

"You came from a ninja world right, but this version of you lived here hundreds of years ago." Issei titled his head in thought, "Does that means hundreds of years from now, there will be a version of me in your world?"

"Oh those poor future bastards if that turns out to be true." Naruto managed to chuckle, and despite Issei's scowl he was sure that was the intent his fellow [Pawn] had. Hearing that he had a doppelgänger that lived a life, built a community, and then died in battle years ago in this unfamiliar world left him more confused than he had felt in a long time.

When he came to this world he felt alone and stuck in an unfamiliar place. But apparently there used to be a version of him that not only lived here but tried to make it a better place for humans and Yōkai alike. He had his own past. Lived his own life. Made his own friends and made an impact on their world.

And then he died.

He lived his life and then was killed. Shockingly as a part of a different cycle of rebirthing warriors destined to fight a counterpart for the rest of time. Was it just a funny little coincidence that he ended up in another world with a version of him like this? Or if he went to other worlds would it be a similar story all over again?

[You've been thinking about this for a bit.]

He looked down at his arm, "Of course I have. How am I supposed to find out about all of this and not think about it?"

[Well finding out you have a counterpart shouldn't be too upsetting for you. I mean it's your signature move, isn't it?]

"There's a different between making a clone and having a version of me that lived his own life!" Naruto argued back, "Can't you show just a little fucking empathy?"

[Hey you're the one with the problem, not me.]

Issei shrugged, "That's kinda cold, Kurama-San."

[Yeah well it's the truth.]

Naruto clicked his teeth, "Big words, but I'm surprised you can say them when there's a fact you seem to be missing."


"Remember when everyone was looking at the painting of that fox woman and losing their minds?"

[Pfft, oh they were losing their minds? I know you got excited looking at that picture just like the rest of them. Don't act like you're absolved.]

"Senpai, you did?" Issei exclaimed with glee, "You're finally starting to embrace the beauties of eroticism and breast appreciation! Let me tell you a little about our lord, Chichigami-sama-"

"Shut up!" Naruto barked and growled down at his arm before he smirked, "So I guess you really haven't noticed yet have you, Kurama?"

[Noticed what?]

"That fox lady is this world's version of you."



[That's not true.]

"Nine-tailed fox. Very powerful. Has a connection and a past with a version of me. Sounds like you."

[No! I'm not associated with you! You're associated with me! I came first and I'm way more important! Get your facts straight!]

"Sounds like someone is in denial."

[No I'm not! It's not true! Shut up!]

"Maybe you should take some time and think about it?" Naruto said condescendingly, "But try not to think about the fact that Issei's probably waiting for a chance to beat it to your counterpart when he's alone."

The brunette Devil shrugged, "Can't say I won't try."


And just like that Kurama had retreated into the recesses of his space. Which meant Naruto had some time to himself, but his thoughts were still lingering on the things he had learned yesterday. He shook his head while he and Issei made their way out.

As they walked down the hall they spotted Azazel making his way over, "Good. I found you two. I wanted to tell you the game plan."

"What's up Sensei?"

"Naruto, I want you to stick with Issei's group today. I've given Kiba the heads up to stick around Rossweisse and I today just in case." The Fallen Angel explained, "I'm not expecting an attack or anything, but I just feel like we shouldn't be separated right now."

"Why's that?"

"Whoever these assailants were used your counterpart's face to capture Yasaka-dono. If they get word that you're here I can't help but feel like they'll be interested in why someone else would be using their trick. So you all will stick with each other while the Sitri kids will do the same."

Naruto sighed, "It can never just be something simple, like a festival or field trip, can it?"

Azazel snickered but shook his head, "Doesn't look like it." They walked down the hall before the Fallen Angel smiled back at them, "But it ain't all bad. Someone offered to guide you around as an apology for yesterday."

"Really? Who?"

"Issei! Issei!"

"Come look at this!"

Matsuda and Motohama called them over as their large group met in the lobby. The two perverts were waving them over, "We got a special guide today!"

"A super cute loli showed up to give us a tour!"

As they approached they found a young, golden-haired girl in a miko outfit surrounded by their friends. Kunou noticed their approach and politely bowed her head, "I hope you don't mind but I was hoping to accompany all of you today."


"Who is this ridiculously adorable child and how were we blessed with her showing us around today?" Kiryuu asked the others in their group.

"I-I met these folks yesterday in their travels and was rude in my introduction so I wish to make up it up to them with an offer to guide them through Kyoto." The short young fox muttered uncomfortably, "Can you please let me go?"

"No can do cutie!" Kiryuu denied while squeezing the little Yōkai close to her chest, "You're just so damn adorable that I can't possibly waste a second not hugging you!"

"Kiryuu-San, Kunou-chan can't guide us around if she can't walk and focus on the area." Asia leaned in and tried to pull the bespectacled girl away from the young kyūbi before finally succeeding and prying her off, "Please control yourself."

The raunchy girl frowned before nodding, "Fine. But only if I get to take a hundred selfies with her through our trip."

Kunou looked distressed by this but realized she had to agree just to get the ball rolling. With a cheer Kiryuu threw her hands up in the air and blazed the trail ahead. And the young Yōkai guide shuddered before steeling herself for the day ahead.

"I'm really sorry about her." Kunou flinched and looked up as Issei came over to her side, "We really try to keep her in check but for the life of us we don't know how. Anything short of an electric collar wouldn't work."

"It's fine." Kunou meekly answered while avoiding direct eye contact with the older Devil, "I can hardly let behavior like that bother me. After my disgraceful showing yesterday this is the least I deserve."

"Hey hold on, there's no reason to say something like that." Issei quickly shut down her worry and shame as he got down on one knee so he was closer in height with her, "You acted that way yesterday because you're worried about your mom, right? I would have done the same thing if I was in your position."

Kunou still had her head slightly lowered but slowly raised it to look at him, "You would?"

"Of course." He said honestly with a faint smile, "Look, I'm sorry about what happened to your mom. I don't know if there's anything we can do to help look for her on this trip, but if you need anything you can just ask me. And if you do find out where she is and need help, just ask us. I promise we will coming running to help you however we can."

Kunou faintly smiled, "T-Thank you for saying that, Sekiryuutei-sama."

"Just call me Issei."

"Okay, Issei." Kunou nodded as the brunette grinned and stood back up. The young blonde fox looked over her shoulder back at the whiskered Devil who was still at the back of the group. Kunou struggled to act on her wishes and turned to start guiding everyone around.

Naruto watched the young fox rush ahead and avoid him altogether. He couldn't really blame her for her reluctance to even speak with him after finding out the truth yesterday. With everything his face had meant to the Yōkai of Kyoto before he arrived, her slap carried a lot more weight and pain behind it now.

But Naruto was knocked out of his thoughts with a nudge to the back. He looked back at the head of blue hair over his shoulder before Xenovia strolled over to his side, "You looked pretty deep in thought." She noted casually, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Just a little too in my head."

"I bet." She stepped around and faced him, "After what we learned yesterday I wouldn't be surprised if you spent the whole night thinking about it."

"I did. And I made sure Issei suffered through the restlessness as well." Naruto said with a slight chuckle before his mirth slowly evaporated. He scratched his chin before looking at Xenovia, "Hey, you should probably head up front with the others. You've been looking forward to this trip for weeks, right?"

"I have."

"Well you should hurry up. I think I'm gonna hang back a little and-"

Xenovia grabbed his arm and tugged the taller blond off his feet to follow. He nearly cursed in surprise as Xenovia basically dragged him along. But the blunt [Knight] looked back with a smile, "If Rias-buchou or Koneko were here, they'd help and console you and talk things out. But you're stuck with me," She shrugged with a chuckle, "And all I can do is make you have fun."

Naruto stumbled slightly as he was dragged behind her. He stared at her back for a few seconds before laughing, "Wow, even after all this time you still have no tact, do you?"

"I guess I wasn't born with it. Aren't you lucky?"

"Well I should have realized it as soon as you grabbed me that day at the pool."

"Yes. Yes you should've."


They watched their interested group leave in a hurry. After receiving the reports of Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels arriving in Kyoto they decided to have a few of their own keep tabs on them. And when the specifics of who was around had come to their attention they had to see if for themselves.

From atop a faraway building they watched the mismatched group leave. A boy with glasses fixed them up his nose with a quiet pause, "Well this is...interesting?"

"Yes. Yes it is."

"I was certain when the news of the missing Kyoto leader had started to spread their would be reinforcements arriving to help them." A svelte young man with straight hair said, "I just didn't think they would be sending the Red Dragon Emperor for help."

"I thinking what is even more amazing is that he is here by coincidence." They looked at him in surprise as the composed leader pointed at them, "There are multiple groups around Kyoto with that same school uniform walking around but most of them are human. This isn't a call for reinforcements; it's just a school field trip. Heh, isn't that intriguing."

"T-There's no way these people - those ones in particular - just showed up at a time like this!"

"This is nothing short of kismet acting in our favor."

"Our favor?"

"Of course. Devils. Angels. Fallen Angels. All our enemies - and the most prominent of them at that - arriving here just as we're about to act. You could consider that a cruel twist of fate stacking the deck against us," He smiled calmly to assuage his comrades' worries, "Or it could be this really is our chance to act, and we're just getting even more chances to solidify our return to glory."

"So what should we do?"

"Governor-General Azazel is with them." The centeral figure said as he rubbed his chin, "If we wait too long he'll probably find some way of finding us and interrupting our plans at a crucial moment. So how about instead we just introduce ourselves?"

"Are you serious?"

"Of course." He nodded firmly, "Brazenly charging to face the enemies of humanity and make them fret? What's more heroic than that?" His two comrades' looked between each other before the leader looked off to the side, "What do you think?"

A fourth figure perched on the edge of the roof and watching the group closely remained silent. After a moment he nodded, "I'll follow your lead."

"Are you sure? You've already done a big part of the mission. And the people down there-"

"You said it was fate, right?" His eyes narrowed on two members of the group, "Can't argue with that when everything just keeps coming up aces for me."


"Welcome to Arashiyama." Kunou welcomed them with a smile, "Where would you like to go first?"

"Oh! Oh!" Irina quickly waved her hand, "I want to visit the temples!"

"Yeah but we gotta see the grove!" Kiryuu quickly added.

"No the monkeys!" Matsuda said, "Monkeys first!"

"Let's eat first!" Motohama exclaimed, "I gotta see what Kyoto specialties look like!"

"I think we should see the deer park!" Asia added in.

"Wrong part of Kyoto!"

Xenovia, Issei, and Naruto watched their group excitedly panic as they figured out what they would do next. Xenovia watched with a pitiful shake of her head, "They are so excited. It's like watching children get pumped up for Christmas."

Issei scoffed, "You're one to talk Xenovia. Yesterday you were dancing around saying how much you wanted to see Kinkaku-ji and hugged Asia tight when we finally saw it. We have the pictures to prove it."

Naruto chuckled a little as Xenovia face grew a little pink, "Well can you blame me? It's not everyday you see a building covered in gold."

[A building covered in gold named Kinkaku? Wild guess here but was there another building in silver called Ginkaku?]

"Actually it wasn't even silver." Xenovia said with a frown, "How misleading is that? But yeah, there's a Ginkaku-ji."

[Fucking typical.]

"What's wrong?"

[Just got reminded of a bad stomachache.]


"This is so cool!"

"Everyone, please make sure not to be too loud." Kunou requested as they made their way around the gardens of Tenryū-ji Temple, "This is supposed to be a place of quiet contemplation and zen-"

"Cutie!" Kiryuu quickly rushed over, glomping the poor unsuspecting fox who flailed helplessly, "You owe me a few pictures, remember?"

"P-Please release yourself!"

"Naruto-San!" Irina came over and dragged the blond to the side of the lake, "Come on! We're taking pictures! Everyone gets together!"

"Alright, alright, I'm coming." Naruto droned as he grouped up with everyone, "We're gonna send this to Rias and the others to make them jealous, right?"


"Breasts! Breasts! I need breasts!" Someone off to the side yelled as they groped for a chest and caused everyone around them to run away screaming.


Xenovia's eyes sparkled like stars as she slipped a little apple slice through the fence and watched a little macaque nibble on it. Without even looking she reached out and repeatedly smacked Naruto's shoulder, "Take a picture! Get a video! Do something! It's so cute!"

"I-I am! Stop hitting me."

"Pass the peanuts! I'm almost out of apples!"

"Do you want me to film this or do you want me to get you snacks?"

"Can't you make clones and do both?"

"Not in public!"

"It's got my phone!" Matsuda cried out as a baby macaque scurried away with his device in hand, "Someone! Anyone! Please get it back! I haven't backed it up yet! There's porn on there I won't be able to get anywhere else!" Instead of assistance, all he got in return were sympathetic pats from Motohama and Issei. The two other perverts wept silently and wiped their tears away, "I don't need your condolences! I need my phone!"


"Wow!" Asia muttered in amazement as she looked at the giant grove of bamboo trees they walked through that stretched out in every direction. The young blonde nun looked up at the sunlight peeking through the stalks and giggled, "This is so beautiful. I've never seen anything like this back in Europe."

"I forgot how majestic and varied Japan's landscape can be compared England's."

"Weren't you born here, Irina-San?"

"I was but I moved when I was still a kid." The chestnut-haired Angel said with a smile, "So I didn't get to travel much and see what Japan had to offer. But now we're making up for lost time!" She spun around and walked backwards with a grin, "Issei-kun, we still got more to see today right?"

"Yeah we can still see more before we gotta get back with the class." He looked down at his side, "That's okay, right Kunou?"

"Of course." The young golden-haired girl smiled pleasantly, "If there's anything you want to see or anywhere you want to go, just tell me and I'll make sure we visit."


"Thank you Kunou-chan!"

Issei smiled as 2/3 of the Church Trio celebrated. A little ahead of them the three normal members of their group were taking pictures and looking around the bamboo grove. And over his shoulder he saw Naruto and Xenovia walking around and talking while admiring the scenery. He was glad to see the whiskered Devil had cheered up after the heavy revelations yesterday.

And down by his side he saw their young Yōkai guide sparing a look back at them before turning back ahead. Issei inquired, "Hey, are you alright? You keep looking back at Senpai. Is something wrong?"

"N-No!" Kunou quickly denied, "It's nothing really."

"You're still trying to wrap your head around it right?" Issei pondered, "He does look just like your mother's friend so it makes sense you're a little wary."

"I-I remember hearing so many stories about the man named Naruto from my mother and the older residents of Kyoto. A bright, joyful figure with unmatched strength that protected Kyoto supernatural and natural barriers when they were still in such a nascent state." She shook her head, "I know it's not him but...I never thought I would see his face outside of a painting or recreation."

"Well I think Senpai can be a little gruff and grumpy sometimes but otherwise he's pretty cool. Wanna go talk with-"

"No, I-I can't." Kunou quickly denied the offer, gaining his attention as he looked down at the young Yōkai curiously, "I should probably just leave him alone. He shouldn't have to deal with someone who accused him so wrongly and," Kunou shook her head, "Never mind."

Issei looked ahead and hummed to himself. With a quick nod he resolved himself, "Hey Kunou, can you help me with something?"

"Of course." The young guide nodded, "I will help you with whatever you need."

"Well it's really important." Issei explained as he casually slowed down. Kunou kept in pace with him, "And I think it's only something you can do."


"Well you see," He drew out his speech, "I need your help," He looked over his shoulder, "To - Senpai!"


"Kunou needs to talk with you." Issei quickly said as he jumped back and patted Naruto's shoulder. Kunou let out a startled gasp in response and Naruto could only look confused as Issei reached over and grabbed Xenovia's arm, "Hey Xenovia, come over here and tell us where you wanna go next."

Issei dragged Xenovia ahead and left the two bewildered blondes behind in the middle of the path. Naruto and Kunou stood together in a tense silence as neither one could muster up anything to say to break the ice. Kunou bunched in on herself and looked away shyly as Naruto rubbed his neck.

[You're the adult so you should be the one breaking the ice.]

Naruto clicked his teeth and grumbled at the condescending voice of the fox in his head. But realizing that Kurama was right, the blond agreed and chuckled to the side before looking down at Kunou, "I didn't realize Issei could be that sneaky."

"That was very underhanded." Kunou whispered as she pouted, "I told him not to mind it."

"Mind what exactly?" Naruto asked as he got down on a knee so he could face her at her level, "What is it Issei said you wanted to talk about?"

"No it's nothing!" Kunou quickly waved her arms around and shook her head, "You don't need to bother with listening-"


Kunou stopped and looked at Naruto after he had asked to hear what she had to say. The young lady lowered her arms and head as she murmured, "I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you. I attacked you with our forces without even hearing what you had to say or your story. My rash decision was only going to cause problems and nearly started a serious conflict."

"I mean you were just acting on the information you got." Naruto said to ease her guilt, "A Devil that looks suspiciously like the man that kidnapped your mother and a perverted incarnation of the dragon that attacked Kyoto years ago. Anyone would be cautious of people like that suddenly showing up in their backyard."

"Please don't do that. Don't make light of my mistake." Kunou respectfully asked with a firm shake of her head, "Even if you're understanding that doesn't mean I should have done it. And I'm sorry," She blushed and looked up shyly, "I'm sorry I slapped you."

"Oh yeah. You had one heck of a swing on you." He said with a chuckle as the little girl fumed and blushed with mortification. He immediately smiled and nodded, "Thank you for saying that. And apology accepted." Kunou's expression softened a little and she nodded gratefully, "If there's anything you need from me to help you get your mother back, just say the word."

Kunou smiled softly, "Issei said the same thing."

"He did?" Naruto grumbled, "Damn, it loses its impact if I'm just repeating what that guy says." Kunou giggled at him and he smiled, "But I mean it. I promise you'll see your mother again,"

Kunou's eyes watered but she quickly wiped them away and nodded, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Kunou smiled brightly and then said, "Y'know, my mother used to tell me stories about her friend before I went to bed. And I know you aren't him, but I'd like to hear your stories too." She smiled, "I'm sure you have a lotta interesting tales from another world, right?"

"I do." Naruto pulled his sleeve up and showed the young Yōkai his arm as she curiously titled her head. His Sacred Gear appeared, "But I think the most interesting part should probably start with this."

[Hello young one. My name is Kurama.]


"Kurama is a demonic spirit that was bonded with me at birth." Naruto smiled at Kunou's surprised expression, "He's also a kyūbi."


[To my knowledge I am the only one of my kind back in my world. So I was surprised to see that not only were there statues and effigies of them, but there were so many walking around and in positions of power.]

"You're just like us?" Kunou marveled as she looked at the Sacred Gear's flashing lights, "That's amazing. Can I see you?"

[Unfortunately I don't have a physical form at the moment. But someday we hope to change that. If we do then I'd be happy to visit, however my form is so large I might cause panic walking through the streets of Kyoto.]

"Oh, your fox form is large? My mother's is as well." Kunou said excitedly as she ran over to the railing between the pavement and the bamboo grove. She jumped over, disappearing into the trees before a small fox came running by. Naruto watched in surprise as the fox jumped the railing and disappeared only for Kunou to reappear in its place, "Mine is still small but I hope one day to grow big and strong like her."

"Oh? Your mom had a big form too?" Naruto smirked and looked at his arm, "Evidence is piling Kurama."

[Shut up and die.]

Naruto and Kunou laughed between each other. A moment captured on Xenovia's phone with the others looking over her shoulder. As they cooed, she nodded, "That's definitely one we need to send out."


Rossweisse felt a vibration in her pocket and fished out her phone. When she saw the picture of Naruto and Kunou getting along she cooed, "Aww, that's adorable."

"What is it?" She looked up and saw Yuuto standing by Azazel's side as the teacher sat at a bar and enjoyed a drink, "Did you get something?"

"Just a cute picture of Naruto-kun and Kunou-chan getting along. I guess they worked things out." She looked up and frowned at the two men, "And what's going on here?"

"Just convening." Azazel said before nodding to the blond, "Stay vigilant. And keep me posted if anything happens."

"You got it."

Yuuto walked out of the restaurant to meet up with his group again. And the silver-haired Valkyrie turned and frowned at the Fallen Angel, "How can you be drinking in the middle of the day? You know you're a teacher, right? You're supposed to be an example to your students."

"Oh, we can have a little break in between our duties. Besides I'm not drinking enough to get buzzed or plastered. Just to enjoy the scenery and relax." The mixed-haired man said as he raised his sake glass and sipped on the delightful drink. He saw Rossweisse's judgmental expression and shrugged, "You know I know you settle into the responsible role pretty easily, but you can lighten up every once in awhile."

"Not when I have to make up for your recklessness."

Azazel raised his cup and downed it in one go before putting it down and sighing. He pulled up the seat beside him, "That's the last one. You can have the rest of it if you want." She raised an eyebrow as he patted the chair, "You don't have to drink if you don't want to. But I do think you could use some time to take the edge off and relax, don't you?"

Rossweisse stayed wary for a moment before taking up his offer and joining him at the counter, "I'm not really one for drinking."

"I guessed since you didn't have a drop the whole time you were chaperoning the old man." Rossweisse nodded and slightly deflated at the reminder of her old job. But then Azazel leaned in and whispered, "Hey, so I gotta know; I know him leaving you here was awful and terrible and a real shit thing to do but be you miss working under him?"

"W-Working for Odin-sama is an honor and privilege that anyone born in the North would-" She noticed his skeptical gaze and raised eyebrow. She looked around cautiously before lowering her head and voice, "It is a bit of a relief working away from him now."

"I bet."

"I mean he was never grateful. Always critical. And he always had something mean to say about me!" Rossweisse complained, sniffling afterwards and wiping her nose, "The big jerk!"

"He did say a lot." Azazel nodded, "And I mean I'd understand if he was criticizing you for doing a bad job but from what I saw you always preformed like a perfect bodyguard."

"Thank you!" Rossweisse threw her arms up and then huffed, "At least I'm appreciated as a teacher and [Rook]. And even the sexual harassment with these jobs is more manageable than under Odin-sama."

"Yeah, the kids really like you."


The two teachers sat in silence together as the other patrons of the restaurant conversed and the sound of nature outside made a gentle white noise.

Rossweisse blushed and nervously shuffled in her seat, "So...I read your book."

"Oh good, you're bringing it up. There was no conceivable way I thought we could talk about it naturally if I was the one that started it." Azazel said with a sigh of relief, "So what'd you think?"

"I-I think it was hundreds of pages of erotica and fantasy loosely cobbled together with an underutilized story and flat characters!"

"That's pretty much exactly what the reviews say too." Azazel nodded, "All the critic have been hounding me about my inability to write romance and narrative." He coyly smiled, "But that's not what the book was about, now was it? The audience response on the other hand..."

Rossweisse face turned beet red as she whispered, "I...I did enjoy what you were setting out to do."

"There it is!" Azazel pumped his arm, "That's a ringing endorsement if I've heard of one!"

"B-But I mean some of the things you wrote," Rossweisse meekly murmured, "T-They can't be real."

"Well true, some indulgences were made but everything else has been based on stuff I've experienced."

"Y-You?!" Rossweisse panicked, "S-So is everything that happened in the book something you've done? L-Like to someone-"

"Or has been done to me." Azazel casually said, "I've been around a long time. If I didn't change things up they'd get stale real quick." He noticed her nervous expression and asked, "Why? What's the matter?"

"I-If you written down your own experiences," Rossweisse cupped her hands and looked down as her thumbs twirled around each other, "Does that mean you've been rough with people? O-Or let them be rough with you?"

"Rough like how?"

"L-Like making the choices and lifting them up and m-making them say things while you-"

"Like being assertive? Oh yeah, I've played that part and had assertive people take the lead for me." Azazel looked out fondly into the distance, "Nothing like having a woman take the reins and teach me what's what."

"B-But isn't that bad?"

"Not at all. If you like it and it works for you then that's all that matters. No one should be ashamed of something like that." He looked aside and saw Rossweisse's lowered head and burning face, "I'm taking that this might have something to do with the chapter you read last night?"

"I read that part a-and had a few thoughts. N-Nothing came of it at all-"

"The chair would disagree."


"Nothing." Azazel reached over and poured a drink, sliding the cup over to Rossweisse as he did, "Look, it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you read that part and you liked the idea of it happening then that's fine. There's no reason to be ashamed."

"But there is." Rossweisse whispered, "When I thought about it happening to me I imagined someone there. And I shouldn't have thought about them because it was would be i-inappropriate."

"Naruto?" She balked in horror, "I mean it seems pretty obvious. He's your closest relationship in the group. The first person out of everyone here you met. Plus I'm sure you've noticed but you usually go overboard revealing some of your more personal secrets to him in moments of heated exchange."

Rossweisse's head was steaming, wavering in her seat before grabbing the counter to steady herself. She grabbed her cup and downed the drink in one go as Azazel nodded, "Look, I understand from the viewpoint of student and teacher that those kinds of fantasies could seem inappropriate. But it isn't that simple. You know each other, you're friends, you're in the same peerage, close in age, and you're Devils to boot. That changes things. Your relationship isn't simple, so a fantasy isn't unexpected-"

"But are sexual fantasies all I have to look forward to now?!" Azazel flinched in surprise as she slammed her glass down and got the attention of everyone else after her exclamation. A red-faced, tipsy Rossweisse swayed in her seat before slamming her hand down on the counter, "So the fantasies are fine?! Whoopie! But what about when I really wanna do it?! Am I just cursed to flick the damn bean forever?!"

"A-Are you drunk? You only had one glass-"

She grabbed Azazel's collar and dragged him in, "That's what Odin-sama didn't get! Of course I wanted a relationship but did he offer to set me up with someone?! Put in a good word?! Nope! Just mock and criticize me! And now I have the image of the stern, dependable woman who doesn't need relationships! When's it my turn huh?!"

"Oh that's why he never let you drink. Okay it makes sense now." He tried to pull her hands away but she persisted, gaining them weird looks around the restaurant, "Sorry folks she's normally really timid."

"I wanna fuck too!"


"Feeling better?" Xenovia asked as she and Naruto sat on a bench outside a little snack place while their group ordered some treats.

"Much better." He nodded as he sat back and drank his coke, "You were right I just need to take my mind off that stuff for awhile. Thanks for the help Xenovia."

She nodded smugly, "Yes. I win. That's a point for me." He chuckled at her victorious boasting and she giggled in return, "I think this suits you a lot better. Having fun and enjoying yourself instead of worrying about stuff you can't control."

"Oh I'm gonna be thinking about this other me in Kyoto for a long time." Naruto clarified, "Hey, when you hear about some alternate version of yourself living and dying in another world, you'll see it ain't so easy."

"Hmm?" Xenovia titled her head in thought, "I've never been to another world before. I'd have to travel to one and see for myself what it's like." She looked at him, "Maybe you can take me to visit yours one day?"

He didn't think he'd ever return to his original world ever again, but the fact she seemed so sure of it did lighten his spirits. He nodded, "I'll show you around sometime."

"And after today that can be our second date."

Naruto watched the blue-haired beauty sip on her drink with a look of content joy. He spoke, "I still can't believe that you're interested in me."

"Believe it, and I'm past the point of just interest now. And I know that for certain, unlike before."

"How's that?"

"I knew the moment I met Sister Griselda again."

Naruto thoughts went back to the sport event day the alliance shared and one of the nuns that had been changed into an Angel. When he remembered the terrified and docile demeanor Xenovia finally had in her mentor's grasp he chuckled, "Oh yeah, she's the lady that raised you, right? Hehe, I don't think I've ever seen you that scared before."

"Of course I was scared! Sister Griselda is not to be trifled with!" Xenovia warned direly as Naruto tried to stifle his laugh, "She eyed me down and took me aside after the event was over. I thought she was going to bend me over her knee and discipline me for everyone to see." She shuddered at the thought before she relaxed, "But thankfully she just asked me to contact her more often and maybe set up a date we could have lunch or dinner together."

"So what did seeing her again help you realize?"

She smiled, "That I really want to properly introduce you to each other." Xenovia felt a swell of joy seeing his surprised expression and felt her cheeks turn pink in return, "That I really want you to know the woman who helped raise me. And for her to meet you. And for her to understand that even though I was raised on our faith, and understand what a sin it can be...I'm proud I found this feeling."

No matter what he tried to say, Naruto couldn't find the words to respond to Xenovia's earnest declaration. Despite his effort he couldn't help but blush and scratch his neck as he tried to figure out what to say next. Xenovia took his moment of silence as victory and grinned, "Left you speechless, didn't I?"

"Yeah, kinda knocked the words right outta me."

"Then I guess I can consider that a win on my behalf." She relaxed back in her seat and basked in the warm of the sun with a smug grin of satisfaction, "I won't ask for much. You don't have to worry about buying me any presents or taking me out anywhere fancy or doing that move where you lift your partner up and pin them under-"

"What?" Xenovia clammed up and went silent as she realized she said too much. She sweated as she felt Naruto's piercing gaze on her waiting for clarification. Her eyes panned away as he leaned towards her with a critical glare, "Xenovia...I remember you saying something yesterday on the train. You didn't get a chance then...mind giving me one now?"

"Uh..." Xenovia nervously scratched her cheek, "Don't get grossed out or anything but before we left I saw you...and Rias-Buchou..." She didn't say it and she didn't need to as his eyes widened, "We came to sleep in the same bed like usual but you two were in the middle of it and - oh it was just so hard not to listen to it."

"Wait - we?"

"Y-Yeah. We."


"Okay, not used to this kinda treatment, nya." The sultry Nekomata muttered as she shifted on the bed and pulled at the ropes binding her hands and feet, "Gotta say, I'm new to the whole bound up kink but I'm willing to try anything once. Can I request maybe a little hair pulling or spank-"

"Enough." Rias dryly interrupted, causing Kuroka to pout in response. The intruding Nekoshou was surrounded by Rias, Akeno, Koneko, and Gasper after they had finally apprehended her. They were all exhausted after chasing the mischievous black-haired Devil through the whole hotel for almost a full day. The [King] rubbed her eyes and frowned, "You better have a very good reason for coming to our base like this."

The SS-Class criminal smiled joyfully, "I came to visit Shirone of course! What other reason could I need?"

Akeno looked skeptical, "So you come all this way, risk capture in an enemy territory, and feel Rias up in the bath just to see Koneko?"

Kuroka shrugged, "Well I'm running around with a bunch of bums that can't afford a place to stay so a sweet bath like that is a luxury I can't pass up, nya! And groping Heiress-chan just seemed like a bit of fun."

"It's not fun!"

"Oh lighten up, you and your [Queen] here are about one drunken night away from some sloppy evening of experimentation pretty much 24/7. What's the harm in a few licks and some playful squeezing?"

Rias and Akeno blankly looked at each other before aiming their cold gazes down on the older Nekomata. As Gasper sensed their fury and panicked in silence, Koneko stepped up, "Onee-sama, what are you doing here really?"

"Just what I said, Shirone." Kuroka sat up properly and looked down at her adorable little sister, "I've come to watch over you and make sure you are living your best life. Like a good older sister, nya."

"Buchou," The young [Rook] quickly turned and pulled on Rias' sleeve, "We can send her to prison now."

"Shirone no! Don't toss me into the pen like that!"

"You'll be fine Onee-sama. We'll make sure you're treated well."

"That won't matter! One way or another it's gonna end with me and a harem of slutty prison bitches! No one wants that!" Kuroka paused and looked out in deep thought before shaking her head, "Nope, probably shouldn't."

"Onee-sama, why did you think it would be easy breaking into here. We caught you and now-"

Kuroka withered away into broken wood chips and dust as the Gremory Devils looked on in shock. A jaunty whistle behind them made them look back to Kuroka standing in the doorway with a coy smile, "I'm up for a round two of hide-and-seek if anyone is ready to play."

Koneko frowned, "Onee-sama!"

"Hey while I was sneaking around I think I found the rooms Frogger and Heiress-chan have been getting it on in." Rias growled and summoned her Destruction as Kuroka quickly stepped away to avoid her wrath, "Oh, Shirone, is there a reason you left a trail of excitement from their room to yours?"


"Sorry, just was curious. When it's that much you might be worried there's dehydra-"


"W-Wait, what?" Gasper asked curiously as he looked around for clarification from one of the girls, "What's she talking about? Is Koneko-chan okay? What's this about excitement-"

"Come on." Akeno grabbed Gasper's hand and pulled him out of the room, "We need to go spay a stray."

As Akeno and Gasper went to find Kuroka again, Rias and Koneko were left behind in the room. Both girls' faces were as red as Rias' hair.

One was flushed with embarrassment...the other mortified by shame.


"Hey how much time do we got left? We can still see some more sights, right?"

"Of course." Kunou politely answered, hiding behind Asia for protection as Kiryuu leered and tried to snag another picture of her, "If we're all done here in Arashiyama, we can go visit another district if you like?"

"That sounds awesome!" Motohama and Matsuda cheered as the group made their way across the Togetsu-kyo bridge, "So let's decide! Hey Senpai, any idea where we should go?"

"Eh, I'm good wherever we end up." Naruto shrugged alongside the others, "This field trip is a lot more fun than I expected."

A wave of agreement came from the rest of the group as they talked about their next stop. Naruto chuckled and slipped his hands into his pockets, relaxing as they made their way across the bridge while a couple or lone persons passed by and waved. This must have been what Rias was so excited for him to experience on this field trip. Being able to walk through the streets of this ancient city were so much fun and fulfilling.

Now he really wished he had gone when he had the chance last year. Seeing all the sights. Trying all the different delicacies. Having fun with friends. Feeling-


A chill ran up their backs, and every member of the group that had a supernatural connection suddenly stopped when they felt it. Issei looked back, "Did you-"

"Yeah, I felt it."

"I-It was like a chill." Asia said with a shudder as she rubbed her arms.

"Hey!" Xenovia called out, "Where's Kiryuu?"

"And Motohama! And Matsuda! T-They were right here!" Issei stepped out onto the bridge, looking around desperately as he realized their friends suddenly vanished, "They're just gone!"

"No, it wasn't just them." Naruto looked around in shock as he realized how quiet it had gotten, "I can't hear anything. It's like everything just went quiet."

"H-Hey," Irina gulped and pointed out over the bridge, "Where did that fog come from? It wasn't like that before, right?"


"Azazel-sensei!" The teens called out as their teacher flew over and lowered himself down to the bridge. A blur followed behind him as Yuuto slid to a stop to join them during this crisis, "You're here too?! What's going on?!"

"I think we've been cornered." Their teacher said with a dire expression, "And we're about to meet the people responsible."

They looked back and saw shadowy figures appearing in the thicket of the abnormal fog that covered everything. Several figures stepped up among all the shadows and approached them. As they came, every member of the Gremory group summoned their weapons and prepared for battle.

The ones that appeared through the fog were a group of young men and women. But among all the colorful and odd people that stepped forward, one man continued to confidently step forward to address them. A man with short black hair and a blue school uniform approached them. Resting over his shoulder was a long, ornate spear of exquisite design and craftsmanship.

"Greeting, members of the Gremory peerage." He waved to them, unconcerned by their preparation for battle, "I've heard so much about all of you and your achievements. My name is Cao Cao, and I am here to represent the Hero faction of the Khaos Brigade."

Issei lowered his gauntlet, "The Hero faction? You mean those shits that attacked us back in Kuoh?!"

Cao Cao chuckled, "Yes, you caused us quite a bit of trouble not too long ago."

"Is that why you're here?" Naruto called out, "Trying to get us back?"

"Actually this whole meeting was just a bit of serendipity." Cao Cao shook his head, "We didn't come here to fight you or get payback for the defeat at your hands. Honestly we were here on completely different business."

"Different business?" Azazel asked as he stepped forward, "I'll take a wild guess; might it have something to do with the guardian of Kyoto and her sudden disappearance?"

"As of matter of fact it does."

"That was you?!" Kunou quickly stepped out from hiding with Asia, nearly rushing forward if not for Naruto stepping in and blocking her from charging any further. Even so the little kyūbi yelled in a frenzy, "Are you the ones who kidnapped my mother?!"

Cao Cao nodded solemnly, "We are young one. I'm sorry for worrying you, but we needed your mother's help in order to see our goal through. And we were willing to do whatever it takes to do so."

"Even kidnapping a mother right from her home!" Issei yelled as his Scale Mail appeared over his body and he summoned an orb of green light to his hand, "Well I hope you enjoyed using Senpai's likeness while you could you wannabe bitch!"


With Ddraig's exclamation Issei fired his attack and launched a massive blast of Demonic Power at Cao Cao and his comrades. The beam of green energy craved a trench through the bridge as it relentlessly charged towards its target.

Cao Cao stared unflinchingly at the approaching devastation and chuckled, "Wannabe?"

Something knife dropped through the air between him and the oncoming demonic blast.

A figure appeared in front of him.

The demonic blast exploded kilometers away from their current position.

The Devils looked on in shock at the sudden disappearance of Issei's attack before it exploded off to their side. And as they reeled in shock at what happened, they stared in disbelief at the sight in front of them.

Cao Cao shrugged, "You hear that Minato? Apparently you're a wannabe of their friend."

The young blond teenager stood in front of his leader with shoulder-length hair and two bangs framing either side of his eyes. His deep blue eyes were set into a glare and on each cheek were two whisker marks along his face. The boy spun a knife in his hand before catching it in his grip, "I'm not the one playing pretend here."

The group facing off against the team of young heroes stared at the new arrival in shock. As one they all turned to look at their friend after being stunned at the arrival of his identical counterpart.

Naruto had seen his own face more times than most anyone else alive. Being able to call on an army of clones at the ready let him see his own face, body, and posture objectively in ways most people couldn't. So even though he could recognize his own face on another person, faced with the boy in front of him...the first thing he thought was-




So, another bombshell to drop right after the last one. I also hinted at this more recently when the Hero faction goons came to attack in Kuoh. Now that one I now I did a better job hinting at!

So, there was a version of Naruto that existed in this world a long time ago. And now his descendent has arrived and…is making a mess of things?! Junior, what the hell do you think you're doing?!

Man, it feels good to finally have these damn ideas out of my head and on the screen. There's no bigger relief than having this secret event or big plot point jumbling around in your head for god knows how long just to finally write it down and realize hey! You're free! You've freed up room finally!

Time for something else to occupy the vacancy!

Anyway, the Heroes are here, our heroes are surrounded, and we finally meet the new Big Bad. Can't believe I finally made it to Cao Cao. Oh man, I have ideas for what he's going to say…


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