New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 45: Shupatsu


"Sage Art: Elemental Nirvana!"

They all looked at him in surprise. Neither the heroes nor his comrades were expecting to see the whiskered Devil suddenly control the elements so wildly and staggeringly like this.

And as it would be painfully obvious soon, neither did Naruto.

"Okay, good so far." The Naruto wielding wind around his body and channeling it over his wings grunted through gritted teeth. He struggled to keep a hold of the wind that was added alongside his natural energy and desperate for an outlet. Like balancing a dozen spinning plates on each arm that were falling off in different ways at the same time. He looked over at his clones, "How about you guys?"

"Can't hold this water for very long."

"The fire is starting to burn!"

"How the fuck do you think it feels to have lightning coursing through your whole body?!"

"Hard. To. Move. Feel. Like. Statue."

"Well suck it up fellas," The original called out as he and his clones faced down the Hero faction, "We got work to do."

Even though he could clearly see them all struggle to use this new ability, the sheer fact he was using it left Cao Cao gaping in surprise. He had based his plans around the fact that Naruto Uzumaki's trump card was that exceptionally powerful form he used when his body glowed golden and orange. And that he would only be able to use it for a short period of time. After that the biggest obstacle would be the Sekiryuutei and dealing with his immense strength.

But now here he was, standing in their way, wielding a new power, and ready to face him and his comrades. Cao Cao let out a chuckle of amusement, "You never cease to surprise me."

Issei carefully picked Rossweisse, Yuuto, and Xenovia up along with Irina already in his arms. They weren't being carried in the most effective way possible for injured people but he needed to get them out in one quick trip. He looked at the back of his older friend, "Senpai?"


The Naruto controlling earth raised his fists and tensed his muscles.


He slammed them down on the ground of the crater-

And the earth seemed to explode in response.


Cao Cao rushed back and skipped along the side of the deep crater as he tried to make some distance. Once he did he looked up and saw the giant cloud of dust and smoke that had been kicked up after Naruto had brought his fists down like a bomb of pure destruction.

If he had landed a punch with power like that Cao Cao was sure he'd feel every bone in his body pulverize into dust.

He sensed several figures move through the cloud at high-speeds in every direction. Certainly one of them must have been the Red Dragon Emperor carrying his injured comrades away to safety. Cao Cao had a burning instinct to track them down and stop them before their numbers could be bolstered again with their full team.

But the rush of wind flying out of the smoke cloud and his instincts ringing like klaxons to dodge took his full attention.

The descendant of the legendary Three Kingdom's general dodged aside as a missile of wind blew past him and tore the ground asunder in its path. The spinning vortex bullet started to slow down and revealed Naruto in the center of the typhoon he made. He landed, a powerful rushing wind encircling his body before he charged in and attacked Cao Cao again. The young hero raised his spear and prepared to block the Devil's punch and cause his fist to burn upon touch.

But his punch didn't land. There was about an inch of space between Naruto's fist and the pole of the True Longinus. A rapidly spinning vortex formed over his knuckles and created a cushion between him and the spear. The grating sound of wind scratching and grinding against the unbreakable spear was so persistent that it was almost deafening.

But neither Cao Cao nor Naruto paid it any mind as they merely focused on each other in their test of wills.

Cao Cao spun his spear around and forced Naruto back, disengaging the standoff with him and gaining some distance. As Naruto caught himself on the ground, Cao Cao lunged forward and extended his spear out to skewer him. But with the wind swirling around him, Naruto evaded the spear and gained some space over Cao Cao. With a mighty roar the whiskered blond raised his hands up and collected a whirlwind between his hands-


Naruto slammed his hands on the ground and created a powerful upstream that rushed under Cao Cao and blew him off his feet. The young hero stabbed his spear into the ground before he could be blown away and weathered the rush of wind from under him. Once the worst of it had passed Cao Cao pulled himself back to the ground, swinging his spear out and releasing a beam of light from its tip to shoot through the typhoon around him.

It cut a line through the crater and exploded to reveal Naruto again. They both stared each other down like animals ready to bash heads. Cao Cao caught his breath and wiped his cheek, not trying to show the excited smile that was stretching across his cheeks, "From the strained look on your face it's clear you're still having trouble controlling this new ability of yours. You sure it was such a good idea to pull it out in at a time like this?"

Naruto sighed and let out a small chuckle, "Shit, desperate times call for desperate measures. And for a technique you think I'm having trouble with you seem to be dodging pretty steadily."

"Well dodging is just basic sense. But I doubt a new form you have no practice in has little offensive ability at times like this."

"Then don't dodge. See what happens."

Cao Cao chuckled and shook his head. The hero lowered his guard and his spear as he laughed wholeheartedly and put Naruto further on edge. The handsome black-haired man smiled, "You know I came here to this city with so many plans and ideas in mind. Capturing the Kyūbi. Fighting Great Red. Cementing my comrades and I as heroes equal to the legends of old. And yet of all the things I expected when coming out here…meeting with you is somehow the most interesting."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, appreciating the moment of reprieve from battle as he tried to regain control of the wind and natural energy mixture. He asked, "How'd you figure?"

"Well you're a man that comes from another world. You've somehow gotten yourself wrangled up with the politics and wilder aspects of this world's madness. Your arrival heralded nine spectacular new monsters into existence here. You resemble my comrade's ancestor and yet somehow we meet up enemies. Even though you've lost your trump card you're resorting to using a technique you haven't perfected yet but still - hehe, you keep going." He leaned on his spear, "Honestly it's just fascinating."

As explosions and yells of effort surrounded them, Naruto glared down the leader of the Hero faction and scoffed, "Well I hope you don't mind but the interest only goes one way."

"I wouldn't expect anything else." Cao Cao shrugged, "I see this as a charming romp through Kyoto with the added benefit of a good fight and proving our worth as heroes. However you're burdened by the dangers it's causing for you, your friends, and your allies. I can't expect you to be sparing me any time in your mind."

"I didn't say that. I said the intrigue is only one way. I've tried to consider what you've done and why. And no matter what I think about…you just confuse me." Naruto admitted, "You're smart. Capable. A strong leader who can get others to follow him. You're powerful and have so much room to grow. I can understand all of that but…it's you're mindset. Your goals. Your desires. They're so…single-minded and closed-off. A-And I've met tons of people like that who would never falter or surrender their ways but…they had reasons to be like that. Sealed off and broken by what's happened to them. But you…" Naruto looked at Cao Cao and shook his head, "I don't see anything similar to that in you. Just greed and desire filled only by greed and desire."

Cao Cao scoffed, "You've never met people filled only by their own ambitions and wants?" Cao Cao shook his head and lifted his spear, "I know you were converted but that makes it sound like you were never human to begin with." Naruto clicked his teeth in response, "Oh well. As nice of a discussion as this is, we didn't come here to talk, did we?"

"No," Naruto raised his fists, "No we didn't."

Cao Cao twirled his spear and took his stance, "I'll remember you, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Likewise, Cao Cao."

In the blink of an eye they rushed at each other and attacked.


Heracles was knocked back by the strength of the eruption at their feet. Jeanne and Siegfried quickly jumped back from the smoke and rock as well to join his side. She summoned her swords to form her dragon while Siegfried created his arms and quickly took up his blades. All three heroes knew that their foe's sudden new power needed their full intent.

A bright light shined through the veil of dust and rock. And then a powerful, devastatingly hot pillar of fire penetrated through and dragged itself towards them. Siegfried jumped away and Heracles had to drop to the ground before the flames settled on Jeanne's sword dragon. The blade construct struggled and persisted against the rush of flames as it started to turn white hot from the heat.

From the cloud of dust the Naruto clones controlling fire, water, and earth emerged to engage in battle. The flame Sage rushed forward as the flames over his wings surged and intensified. Fire gathered around his hands and he released two waves of flame from his hands to force the heroes back before settling it on Jeanne's dragon in an attempt to melt it.

Siegfried landed and turned his attention to the water-wielding Sage running towards him. All six arms raised their blades and slid in to slash at the clone's legs as he ran in close. With a swing of his arms he conjured water by his feet and slid down it in time to avoid the path of the swords' arc.

What followed was a display of swordsmanship that was so fast and deadly that it appeared invisible to the naked eye. However the Naruto clone weaved and dodged through the space between each of the slashes that would have cleaved him in half. With each move he gathered water around his arms and lashed out between each dodge. The whip of water he created splashed and scattered against the blunt sides of Siegfried's Demonic Swords as they tried to attack each other during any opening they could find.

Naruto jumped back as Siegfried swung his blades down at his side and smirked, "One of us is going to get the lucky hit on the other."

Naruto swirled his arms around, causing the water gathering over them to spin and form into his hands as he responded, "Luck will have nothing to do with it." Thrusting his hands out, two jets of compressed water shot out from his palms straight at the heroic swordsman. Fast enough that they would have torn through flesh if they made contact with his bare body.

However the swordsman reacted in an instant, sticking his six blades in the way of the water jets and cutting them into separate streams. The jets of water blossomed out and sliced through everything in their path like hot butter. And neither Siegfried's defense nor Naruto's attack wavered for even a moment.

Heracles yelled as he swatted the jutting pillar of earth aimed for his head into pieces. The aspiring hero was forced to stay on the retreat and destroy every pillar of rock that jumped up to pierce him. He crushed them easily enough but they were coming up so fast he knew he would be overwhelmed soon enough. His blond opponent would not stop attacking until one spire finally hit its mark-


Heracles brought his fists down and left a crater in the earth that forced the pillars to stop coming. He smirked as he knew he had rid Naruto of his ammunition-


Naruto rushed forward through the debris and dust to bury his fist in Heracles' stomach. The muscular man nearly doubled over as the strike to his gut reverberate through his whole system. It felt like a boulder had suddenly sprouted feet and barreled straight into his chest to knock the air out of him. But Heracles gritted his teeth and weathered the-



Heracles felt the same painful blow that nearly knocked him over repeat in his stomach over and over again. Bile and blood rushed up his throat and sprayed through his gritted teeth as the blow kept landing until it finally stopped.

The earth Sage stood still at the ready as he watched the powerful young hero's legs shake underneath him. He expected to see Heracles topple over after such a devastating blow.

But instead the larger man slammed his foot down, bared his bloody teeth in a maniacal grin, and summoned a missile by his fist before punching forward, "THAT'S! WHAT! I'M! LOOKING FOR!"

And with another series of explosions the mad man launched an assault of explosives.


It was a blinding display of yellow flashes and light that circled around each other.

Every time Minato vanished and transported to another knife, it was in time to see a surge of electricity gather around the whiskered Devil's fist before he punched towards him.

And every time Naruto released a bolt of lightning he struggled to contain, it was just in time to see Minato disappear before he sensed the young hero transport somewhere else. His attacks were forcing Minato to keep dodging but at this rate he knew his lightning was going to go out of control before he ever landed a substantial hit.

Well, time to poke a nerve.

"Oh, so all you're gonna do is run?" Naruto patronized as he continued to release bolts of lightning in every direction he sensed Minato appear in, "Is that all the great young hero can do?!"

"I'm just buying time!" Minato called out, "Because I know any second now you're not going to be able to control that power anymore! I can't wait for the light show! I'm sure it will look amazing when electricity dries every pore and nerve of your body all at once!"

"A hero's biding time because he's scared?! Oh how shameful! As if the Devil marking the word boobs on you wasn't bad enough!" He heard Minato click his teeth in response and knew he made an in. This kid might look like his father and have his jutsu, but if he was also related to some version of Naruto that meant he didn't like getting egged on like that. The Devil smirked as he continued attacking, "Not only can't you beat the Red Dragon Emperor but you're being humiliated by him too! Man, maybe you shouldn't have been so cocky earlier and killed him while you had the chance!"

"Sure! Laugh it up! But you're right I should fix the mistake I made earlier! And I promise I will! Once I take care of you, I'll go after the Foolish Dragon, the rest of your gang, and then Great Red! I promise you that!"

The kid had jumped past infuriated and gone straight into madman territory. Damn, and Naruto knew his hold on the lightning mixed with his natural energy was failing. If he dragged this out any longer then he risked putting the others in danger while they were still being healed. He wouldn't let that happen.

Maybe…he didn't need to control it for long?

As Minato kept transporting between his knives, Naruto stopped attacking and simply tensed his body completely. As he did the electricity and lightning around his body started to build up and gather to its apex. The electric currents running over his wings started to arc out and desperately search for release. It built up more and more violently until-


With a mighty scream Naruto relinquished control and let the lightning run wild. Bolts of electricity shot out in every direction around him. And just as he had transported to one of his knives, Minato felt a lightning bolt strike his chest. The younger blond screamed and shook as pins and needles assaulted his entire body.

Minato dropped to his knees and gasped for air as he felt the pain start to subside. He picked himself up on wobbly legs and tried to move-

"Gotcha!" Naruto yelled as he ran in and tackled Minato to the ground. The whiskered blondes dropped to the ground and Minato looked up in shock as the light and electricity gathering around Naruto intensified. The clone grinned, "You're right. I finally lost control. But let's see if you're still up and able to fight when I do!"


A massive bolt of lightning exploding from the crater drew Issei's attention back to the intense fight below. Naruto and his clones were holding off the Hero faction but he didn't know for how much longer. And off to the side Saji's Vitra struggled against the Kyūbi, the giant slug, the powerful horse, and the vicious tanuki.

"Dammit, we're on the ropes!" Issei grunted in annoyance at his own inability to help. He turned to see his injured friends bask in the green glow of Asia's Twilight Healing, "Asia, how's it looking?"

"I-It'll still take time before they wake up, Issei-San." Asia answered, ashamed she couldn't help them recover fast enough to help in the battle, "I'm sorry but I can't help them any faster."

Kunou looked over to where her mother was fighting in a scene straight out of a kaiju movie. Saji's dragon form was slowly but assuredly being overwhelmed by the combined forces of the Kyūbi and Bijū attacking at once. Even if he was able to suck up their energy, it was too much for one Dragon King to handle by themselves. The young Yōkai fretted and looked between the fight and them, "I-Issei, what do we do?"

"Dammit!" The girls flinched as Issei punched the ground and cracked it. The Devil [Pawn] grit his teeth in frustration, "I can't do anything! I can't keep up with the ninja! I don't have the strength to fight the monsters! I'm not strong enough! What the fuck was the point of awakening my potential when my potential is just a useless shit who lets his friends get hurt?!"


[Partner, now isn't the time to lose heart.]

"I know! I need to get back in there and help Senpai and stop the fight however I can! But what else am I supposed to do?! What can I-"

A pull.

Something from deep, deep down tugged at his consciousness and requested his attention. Just like before he closed his eyes and sunk away into the depths of his mind. And when he opened his eyes he found himself in the white mindscape he shared with the previous users of Boosted Gear.

"Hey Issei-kun." He turned and found the former White Dragon Naruto joined by Elsha and another man that seemed to have kept his consciousness unlike the others. The older whiskered man smiled at him with a clear hint of sadness and disappointment behind it, "Seems like you're in trouble."

"Naruto-San," Issei addressed the blond man sadly, "You know about your descendent?"

"Yeah, we heard most of it through the Sacred Gear. I always wondered what happened to my family after I was gone." He sighed, "I guess I know now. And what's left of it…seems to hate my guts."

Issei felt bad for the man. Even if he was just an echo or imprint of the true version that died centuries ago, he still had the face and expression of his friend. So he lowered his head as he spoke, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I can't help your friend or stop your family before things get too bad."

"Why can't you help?"

"Because I'm weak. Even though I have one of the strongest weapons in the world, I'm still me underneath. I'm the worst Red Dragon Emperor in history."

The echoes looked between each other as Elsha nodded, "Perhaps. You aren't the strongest or most capable Red Dragon Emperor. But then again you aren't just a Red Dragon Emperor, are you?"

"What do you mean, Elsha-San?"

"I mean you're also the Oppai Dragon."

"It feels so weird to hear you say that name in conversation." Issei noted and shrugged, "What does me being a child superhero have to do with anything?"

"It's not just your superhero name, is it? It's you. Your soul. Your very being. Before anything else, you are the Oppai Dragon." Naruto chuckled, "Hell, your crystallized potential went around infecting others and making them grope people's breasts from your sheer love of them."

"Boing boing~." The other man said while groping the air.

"W-Who is this?"

"Belzard, the other strongest Red Dragon Emperor in history."

"He is?! That did not come across at all when all he's done is recite theme song lyrics!"

"The point is Issei that you gain strength from breasts. Your mind goes to breasts. You said you even connected to a god of breasts during the heat of battle-"

"All praise the Chichigami."

"Exactly! Naruto's descendent might think you're just another Sekiryuutei to take up the Boosted Gear, but that's not all you are." Elsha smiled, "So look deep, think about what has driven you and given you strength before, and call out for it to help again."

Issei closed his eyes, took a breath, and visualized the most perfect creation in history. And all the wonders that he had met in his day that gave him life and purpose. And then, on every plane of existence he was on, he muttered the same word in unison…



"Huh?" Asia looked up as she heard Issei mutter about breasts, "Issei-San, is now really the time to be talking about breasts? We need to-"


"Huh, what Kunou-chan?" She looked down at the young Yōkai as she pointed at her chest. The blonde nun looked down and saw her breasts were glowing with a bright light, "W-What?!" She looked over and saw Xenovia, Irina, and Rossweisse all doing the same thing, "What's going on?!"


"AH!" Jeanne yelled as the heat her sword Dragon had absorbed had become so intense she had to jump off. As parts of her construct started to melt away, she yelled, "Don't think a little heat is gonna make me stop you jerk!"

"I guess not." The Sage controlling fire smirked as he gathered up another blaze in his hands, "Then I'll turn it up a little and - uh…" Naruto stopped and looked down, "What's happening to you?"

"Huh?" Jeanne looked down and saw a glow emanating from her chest. Heracles' bloody form and Siegfried's tense body stopped and looked her way as she squeaked and started swiping at her chest, "W-What is this?! Get it off! Get it off!"

"Is this-"


"Issei's pulling that perv shit again."


The Devils vanguard was making a dent in the Ani-Monsters summoned on their territory. Whatever headway the invading force had was quickly dispatched with the strongest Devils the Underworld had to offer.

"We're thinning their numbers! At this rate their creator will have exhausted themselves and had to retreat!"

"Of course, Lucifer-sama. If we can section them off and land one great blow-"

"Grayfia, is something happening to your chest?"

His [Queen] looked down and saw her chest was glowing through her clothes. She could only stare down at it in confusion-

"Whoa! My boobies are glowing!" Serafall announced further down the line, "Is Levi-chan perhaps reaching a new level of power in her time of crisis?!"


"Darling, are you alright?"

Venelana tilted her head before she followed her husband's gaze. She looked down at her glowing chest, "My, how peculiar."


"Gabrial-sama, is your chest glowing?"

"Is it?"


"What's going on?!"


"Why are my breasts glowing?!"



"Why were you staring?!"


"Nyaaa~." Kuroka melted into the bath and created a Nekomata broth of delight, "I'll never get over how good this bath feels, nya."

Akeno snickered, "When you go without bathing as long as you do I'm sure any bath must feel like heaven."

"Okay, I'm getting sick of this homeless joke you lot keep making about us. Our team might suck at planning and have no assets and regularly miss bathing but we aren't homeless." Kuroka pouted before her displeasure and annoyance washed away in the water, "Oh I think I'm gonna like staying here."

"Don't cause too much trouble, Onee-sama." Koneko warned her sister with a glare. Her older sister pouted and stuck her tongue out at the [Queen] before soaking back in the water. When she did her breasts floated up on the water and mocked Koneko with their bounciness. The youngest girl present frowned, "And no showing off."

Kuroka opened her eyes and looked down before snickering, "Aww, don't be jealous Shirone. You still got room to grow, nya." The older sister stretched her arms up over her head, conveniently making her breasts bouncy and jiggle with her movement as she swayed them atop the water, "There's absolutely no reason for you to worry or get disheartened or-"

"What did I just say about showing off?"

"Stop it." Rias warned with narrowed eyes at the black-haired Nekomata, "You're going to leave us with buyer's remorse if all you do staying here is tease your sister and cause us headaches." Kuroka winked and kissed in the redhead's direction which only worked to tick her off more. She rubbed her forehead, "Yep, feeling that remorse immediately."

"Hey, mind if I ask Queen-chan and Heiress-chan how you handle being gifted?" The Nekoshou winked and palmed her tits in her hands before making them bounce, "As fellow members of the Big Titty Committee, how do you handle carrying your girls around everywhere?"

Akeno stared at her stoically, "That can't seriously be the new topic of conversation, right?"

"We're going to be living together from now on! We should get to know each other better, nya! I'll start." Kuroka dropped her breasts back into the water, "I use my senjutsu to lighten their weight and make them less of a bother."

"You use your specialized technique - the one that set you on the path of a Stray Devil and made you wanted within the Underworld - to make your breasts perky and not bother you?" Kuroka clicked her teeth and winked Rias' way, "Unbelievable."

"I try to rub my shoulders and straighten my back as much as possible." Akeno answered. Rias and Koneko looked at her oddly and she shrugged, "What? Wouldn't hurt to answer. If all we do is be exasperated by every question she asks then we're letting her win."

"See! She gets it, nya!"

Rias grumbled before sighing, "I used to do the same and try to wear the most comfortable bra, but lately I haven't been having as much of a problem." She rubbed her own shoulders, "Naruto's been giving me massages when I ask and they alleviate a lot of stress."

"No fucking way Frogger is your personal masseur!"

Rias took an inordinate amount of pleasure hearing Kuroka's shock and disbelief. She nodded proudly and slipped her arms under her breasts to pronounce them further, "That's right, and he's gotten much better since he first started. And might I just say his massages feel absolutely wonderful."

"Y-Yeah, they look pretty nice."

"Thank you."

"Massage must've been magical."

"We'll I wouldn't go that far-"

"It explains the shit out of what's happening to your tits, nya."

"What?" Rias looked down, "Ah! Why are they glowing?!"

"Haha! M-Maybe Frogger rubbed something off on them? I-Is there a black light in this bath - ahahaha!"

"Ara?" Akeno looked down and saw her boobs were doing the same, "What-"

"Oh! Oh it looks like he's been sampling other choices! Ahahaha-" Kuroka finally noticed her breasts were glowing too, "Oh bullshit! The only person that's felt me up since I came to this hotel is Sword-chan!"

Koneko looked down-

Her breasts were glowing, flickering like a lightbulb about to die, before glowing solidly again.

Her eye twitched, "I don't know what this is but I hate it."


He could see them.

Visualized in his head and given form in his mind. Every pair of breasts he'd ever seen or admired. Of every shape and size and form. Even ones he'd never seen before. They - they must have been breasts the people who carried his potential had seen before and left an imprint to carry over for him. So many pairs of tits in the world that he still needed to see and experience.

Tears filled his eyes, "They're beautiful."

"Now…do you think they will fail you?"


"Then let their strength carry into you."

"I-I feel it."

"Now take that power…and claim it for your own!"

Issei opened his eyes again and returned to the battlefield. He looked around, seeing the beasts fight and the heroes be kept busy and Asia healing the others while her breasts glowed. So beautiful. So perfect. So full of potential and power.

"Issei-San! W-What's happening?"

He smiled behind his helmet and stood up, "I'm off Asia. Time to end this." He stepped up to the edge of the crater, "You ready Ddraig?"

[What's happened Partner? You have confidence, women's breasts are glowing, and I have a sinking feeling that these things aren't unrelated.]

"What can I say buddy I've been enlightened. Ready to get started?" Issei held his hand to the sky, "Breasts! Around the world! Give me your strength!"

[Why?! Why are we actually getting stronger from this?! Why is this my life now?!]

The jewels on his body glowed and emanated with power. A rush of energy and aura revitalized his body and sent a shockwave. It was such a massive increase in power that even the others in the Dimension Lost had to stop and watch as power welled up and spilled out of him.


"That can't be."

Cao Cao and Naruto paused to look at the swell of red energy making a pillar at the top of the crater, "How can he have that much power?"

Naruto smirked as the wind eased around him, "After the shit that fucking marble caused me this better be worth it."

"Wow." Issei marveled at the energy coming off him, "Ddraig is this you?"

[That's right Partner. I haven't felt this much power return since the Juggernaut Drive. You're lucky. Reaching this level of power before required a sacrifice of mind and soul.]

"The Juggernaut Drive was forcing the release of power like this at the expense of sanity." Issei gripped his fists, "But you and me…even if it's just for a little bit…we can reach this power."

[Wonder what that says about our compatibility.]

"Let's go!" Issei filled his lungs and roared to the top of his lungs, "Promote! Welsh Sonic Boost Knight!"

Minato lifted himself up out of the crater Naruto's kamikaze lightning bolt had left him in. He turned to the flash of energy going off behind him and looked up to see the Red Dragon Emperor's body was wreathed in red and green energy. Suddenly it vanished and revealed a much leaner, thinner suit of armor around Issei.

Minato stared at the change in form in confusion. It was so much smaller and less bulky that there was no way it had the power it did before. Wary of what his foe might do, Minato focused on his foe as he grabbed a knife and threw it-

Issei disappeared in a blur, rushing at Minato and grabbing the knife midair in his rapid dash towards the blond.

Minato panicked and transported to the knife, stopping by Issei's side as the Red Dragon barreled through the space he had been in like it was nothing. He stared at Issei's back as he turned to looked at him and crushed the knife in his grasp, "I see why you like moving so fast! It's addictive!"

A vein pulsed in Minato's temple, "Bastard."

"Hey! All you pricks! You've been running around doing whatever you want this whole fucking time! Well guess what! That ends now!" Some bulk returned to the armor around his body as his power surged, "Welsh Blaster Bishop!" Two giant cannons formed on his shoulders and pointed them at the Hero faction, "Take this! For all the shit you've caused! DRAGON BLASTER!"

Two massive beams of energy released from his blasters and annihilated everything in their path. The heroes had to quickly jump aside and avoid the incoming blasts that carved through the landscape all the way to the edge of Dimension Lost. Once they hit the end the explosion rocked the very foundation of the dimension they were locked in and shook the ground beneath them.

Heracles felt a bead of sweat run down his face, "Goddamn."

As the blasters vanished off Issei's shoulders, Naruto used the wind to help him fly over and hover by his side, "Pretty good move. Also I'm really glad this isn't the real Kyoto because we could not hide all these craters and trenches we've been creating."

"Senpai, I'm sorry!" Issei apologized as he looked at the giant furrows he had created with his beam attack, "I think your clones were caught up in my blast and I destroyed them while going for those douchebags! I should have aimed better! We really could've used the help!"

Naruto looked in the direction of his path of destruction. He smirked deviously and chuckled, "Oh don't worry about that. I'm sure it's fine." The wind under him started to go uneasy as he frowned, "Shit, I'm running out of time. Wind's the easiest element for me to control and I don't think I've got much longer controlling it in Sage Mode."

"Me too." Issei confessed, "Those blasts might've looked like I've got tons in the tank but if I keep going I'm gonna be running on fumes." Issei's eyes narrowed behind the visor of his helmet, "And none of these fuckers are down for the count yet."

"I'm tired of this." Cao Cao announced. He gripped his fist as the control formation on it flared, "This little romp was fun but it's time we get down to business."

The Bijū squabbling with Vitra suddenly went still as Cao Cao's intent rushed through them. In an instant, rage and intent filled their every thought as they acted. Kukuō raised its hooves and stomped down on Vitra's lengthy body. The black Dragon King let out a pained howl as its tail was crushed under the five-tailed beast's attack.

Unfortunately the attack didn't stop there. Shukaku slashed down at its body with its claws while Saikon spit up acid that corrode the exposed flesh. The black dragon was sent into an agonizing spiral of pain that loosened the Absorption Lines it had dug into Yasaka's body to drain her power.

Once the Dragon King's hold had weakened, the giant fox slipped away and jumped into the crater. As it landed and shook the ground, the Hero faction quickly took up perch on her head like warriors riding their mounts into battle. The fox started to glow and let out a mighty howl as its energy swelled.

"Time to summon the beast."

"Oh fuck!" Naruto focused and conjured the wind around him more thoroughly, "Issei, get up there and help Saji! You have to get them off of him!"

"A-Are you gonna be okay down here on your own?!"

"No! But he's the only that can drain her energy and those bastards aren't gonna let me get close to them! So go! We have to hurry!"

"Right! Welsh Draconic Rook!" With that exclamation the armor around Issei's arms and legs grew several times thicker as he activated his last super form. He charged and leapt through the air to assist his fellow dragon, "I'm coming Saji!"

The heroes watched the Sekiryuutei dash past from the top of the giant nine-tailed fox. Cao Cao looked down at Naruto as he stood against them as their sole opposition and chuckled, "Are you sure this was the best idea? I've been impressed by the actions beforehand but this might just be foolish!"

"Shut the fuck up and let her go!"

"No." Cao Cao spun his spear around and pointed its tip at him. A beam of light shot out and Naruto was forced dodge aside. In the rush of the moment Naruto started flying in and glided over the body of the giant fox. Yasaka roared and started stomping around in order to crush him. Torrents of fox fire trailed after him in hopes of burning him alive but the blond Devil evaded while sailing over her body.

Minato's concentrated lightning.

Heracles' misses.

Jeanne's blades.

Siegfriend's aura.

Cao Cao's light beams.

He was beset on all sides by his foes trying to swat him like a gnat out of the sky around them. But Naruto dodged and avoided their path and he flew by Yasaka's head. As she prepared to blow fire at him, he whispered, "Sorry about this." With a turn of his hands he channeled wind, "Wind Cage!"

A barrier of wind formed around Yasaka's head, but instead of assaulting her with razor sharp blades of wind Naruto tried to deprive her of breath for a moment. The fox struggled and tried to break out as her legs weakened underneath her. Cao Cao chuckled, "Trying to choke her out, huh? A simple tactic to avoid hurting her…but I'm afraid it's too late."

A bright glow cut the sky and peeled it open. Naruto looked up at the split in the sky and felt dread fill his chest, "Oh no."

"Hehe…" Cao Cao smirked victoriously, "There he is…Great Red."

They all looked up as a silhouette appeared through the bright light of the opening and slipped into their world. Giant and powerful and…serpent-like in appearance.

Naruto quirked an eyebrow, "I-Is that the same dragon I saw?"

"What? Wait no! No! That's not Great Red! That's Yu-Long!"

Cao Cao's panic became clearer as the full body of the dragon emerged from the other side of the tear in the sky to join them. Its body was a resplendent shade of jade that nearly blinded them with its glow. And although it was hard to see there was someone riding on the back of its body as they flew in.

"Why?!" Cao Cao called out irritably, "Why are you here instead of Great Red?!" He stabbed True Longinus upward and extended it to skewer the spindly dragon-

Only for the figure atop its back to jump down and kick the spear away before it could get close. They all watched the figure drop through the sky only to gently land in the crater in front of them.

He was an elderly man that looked surprisingly like a monkey. On his face was a long beard, black fur, and a golden headband around his forehead. His eyes were covered by sunglasses, he sucked on an E-Cig to blow out a cloud of smoke, and he had a long staff perched on his shoulder. The old man looked around and chuckled at the destruction, "You kids have been causing quite the panic, huh?"

"Sun Wukong?! What are you doing here?"

Sun Wukong? Wasn't that something related to Bikou he had heard before? And was this guy a Sage too? The natural energy coming off his was ridiculously strong but so steady it seemed impossible. It was like being around the oil waterfall back in Mount Myoboku from how potent it was. Naruto spoke up, "What's going on?"

"Just lending a little hand on these whippersnappers. Yu-Long! Get in there and help!"

The jade dragon flew into the mess of monsters comprising of the Bijū, Vitra, and Issei trying to contain all the madness. The moment Yu-Long dove into the battle, he curved his body around Kokuō and Shukaku's bodies to slow their movements. Issei released a blast of energy that forced Saikon away and finally gave Vitra a moment of relief and freedom. And in that moment of freedom the Black Prison Dragon surged out of the battle and extended a dozen lines from its body into Yasaka's to drain her energy. With the air being denied entry from her mouth and the energy being pulled from her body the giant kyūbi could no longer withstand the battle she was facing.

The nine-tailed fox tumbled off her legs and dropped to her side in the crater. The Hero faction had to quickly jump off when their mount tumbled over and landed on the ground as they watched her fall. After she had finally been knocked out, Naruto let out a breath of relief and lowered himself to the ground.

The instant of relaxation caused the natural energy and Demonic Power he was melding together to surge and release from his body. He dropped to the ground, exhausted and fatigued as the marker around his eyes faded completely. Taking a deep breath he looked up at the resting kyūbi and breathed with a lighter conscience, "Finally."

"Hey, you alright down there?" Naruto looked up as Sun Wukong walked over to him while taking another puff, "I saw that crazy mess of a technique you used earlier. Powerful but anyone trying to meld energies so diametrically opposing of each other like that is bound to be exhausted."

"Well I feel like I was just dragged through the street under a car but give me a second." Naruto sat up on his knees and stayed still to pull in natural energy to empower him again. As he did he noticed once more just how powerful and full of energy the odd monkey man beside him really was. It was so much he made the toads back home look like kids and Kuroka, Bikou, and even himself look like novices, "So, they said your name was Sun Wukong? Do you know a guy named Bikou?"

"Pfft, that kid? Sure do, he's my grandson. Or more specifically he's my great, great, great, great, great, great-" He took a long huff and blew out a cloud a smoke, "A whole shit ton more greats in the middle – great, great-grandson. How do you know him?"

"I fought him once. And also fought a crazy God and a nasty wolf with him another time."

"Neat." The First-Generation Sun Wukong nodded before pointing at him, "You gonna take much longer gathering up your senjutsu? Because I think we ticked the kiddies off."

"Sun Wukong!" Cao Cao called out furiously, "What are you doing here? Why did you get involved in this?!"

"Because I was asked to." The old Monkey King replied, "You got ambition kids but bringing Great Red into our world can only end badly. Best to avoid that for the time being. So Yu-Long and I stopped by to try and stop things before they got out of hand."

Naruto frowned, "Only now you decided things are getting out of hand?"

"Careful whippersnapper, any more muttering and you'll never focus enough to collect the energy you need."

Cao Cao simply narrowed his eyes at the Great Victorious Fighting Buddha and his flippant behavior. The True Longinus-wielder's grip tightened around his spear before he felt a nudge on his shoulder. He looked back at Siegfried, "What is it?"

"The Devils woke up." He nodded to the side and saw Xenovia, Yuuto, and Rossweisse had woken up and were running towards the fight with the dragons and Bijū. The swordsman asked, "Should we stop them?"

"They can't do anything to stop the fight over there. Leave them be." Cao Cao focused his attention back on the Monkey King and the blond Devil at his side, "We need to keep our focus solely on the enemies in front of us."

"Well kiddies, I'm ready if you are." Sun Wukong motioned for them to come, "It's the job of us old folk to spank kids like you when you act up."

The young heroes bristled at Sun Wukong's mocking attitude and rushed him. Heracles, Jeanne, and Siegfried all prepared to attack the Sage from multiple angles-

But were knocked back as their attacks were countered by several figures jumping in to join the fight.

Cao Cao looked surprised at the sight of Xenovia, Irina, Yuuto, and Rossweisse joining their battle so quickly. They all looked exhausted but ready to continue their fight. The Hero faction leader stared at them in confusion…

Before he noticed Naruto's coy smirk as the orange marker returned around his eyes.


How could he have overlooked them?!


Cao Cao turned back in time to see the three Devils run up and jump into the monster fight-


They popped into smoke in midair-

And revealed three Naruto clones in their place having dropped their Transformation.


Each one reached out and touched one of the three Bijū struggling to fight off the dragons around them. And then it all went silent as the beasts stilled and calmed down.

"W-Where am I?"

"What is this Kurama?"

"Hey! What the fuck am I doing here?!"

The heroes looked over in shock to see their trump cards had their minds and senses returned to them. Minato shuddered, "H-How is that possible?"

"During the Sekiryuutei's blast." Cao Cao rationalized as his eyes twitched, "We thought your clones had been destroyed. But they slipped out during the madness and were hiding for a chance to reclaim the beasts."

"Yep." Naruto nodded, exhausted but relived that things had worked out, "They had to release their abilities or else they would have popped, and they're probably as exhausted as I am, but they didn't need to fight anymore. All they needed was an opportunity. And it looks like we got it."

The leaders of the Hero faction were bristling with barely contained rage. And as their plans fell apart and the Devils in front of them refused to yield, they asked Cao Cao for guidance, "What do we do now?"

Cao Cao closed his eyes, "Georg? Can you hear me? Pick us up. We're retreating." The others looked at him in shock, "Our plan hinged on acting quickly and defeating anyone that stood in our way with our trump cards until we forced Great Red here. We've lost our monsters. The kyūbi is out for the count. And we can't hope to salvage our plan while the outside forces push in and we have to contend with the Fighting Buddha. Stand down. We're leaving."

The Hero faction reluctantly agreed and lowered their weapons. Cao Cao spoke up, "Congratulations, Devils of the Gremory household, you've won today. We'll retreat and leave you be."

"You think we'll just let you leave?" Xenovia responded in spite as she tried to ignore the pain her body was still in.

"I think it's in your best interest not to stretch yourselves too thin while you have the advantage. You win today…" Cao Cao raised his hand up, "But you won't win everything."


"W-What is this?!"

"NO!" Naruto cried out as the Bijū started to writhe and scream while the magical formations around their bodies were activated, "LET THEM GO!"

"It's unfortunate you had to return their senses to them." Cao Cao said, "Now we have to break them until they respond to us willingly."

Naruto mashed his teeth together as his friends charged in to fight. The others heroes intercepted them and another tough battle ensued. The blond Devil concentrated and started converging the natural energy around him with the wind his Demonic Power created. This was going to put him out for the count but if it gave him another minute to fight that was fine.

He tried to control and weave the wind to his command but it was so unruly and refused to listen. The wind around him violently picked up and tore through the ground around him as he tried to reel it in-

"This again. Man it's a mess." Sun Wukong noted with a sigh, "By any chance would it be better if it was like this?" He picked up his staff and tapped Naruto on the crown of his head with it-

And suddenly it was easy.

The power he had spent weeks trying to call his own was suddenly the simplest thing to control. The energies that struggled to comply with each other immediately swirled in perfect sync. And the wind that raged rampantly around him eased into a calm breeze while the typhoons around his wings concentrated into perfect vortexes.

Whatever this was…it was the perfect and complete form that Elemental Nirvana desired to become.

With a simple twist of his hand Naruto conjured up a mass of wind, flicked it forward, and watched it sail through the battlefield between him and Cao Cao.

It slammed into his hand. It shredded the magical formation around his hand into pieces-

As well as cleave flesh and bone from the appendage all together with its pure destructive power.

"AHHHH!" Cao Cao screamed and immediately grabbed his comrades' attention. They all stopped fighting and rushed to his side as he cradled a mangled, partially dismembered hand to his chest. The Hero faction leader grit his teeth and looked up to catch Naruto's gaze.

Neither one dared falter and look away.

Cao Cao nodded, "Until we meet again."

The space under them glowed and the Hero faction vanished before the fighting could continue. And all that was left of the battle were the partcipants still shocked to realize they had come out of it alive.



"Hold still. Hold still." Sun Wukong tapped his staff against their bodies as the magical formations that had been controlling them broke apart. He nodded, "Good as new. You're welcome."

"I'm still not totally sure what's happening here." Kokuō spoke up, "Matatabi and Isobu said they've been living here for a while, but how did we get here in the first place?"

"You were apparently picked up by this super powerful dragon who looks like a half-naked loli girl." Issei answered, "And before that apparently you were the center of a big rock that exploded? Honestly I can't remember much of Senpai's story."

"World's crazy like that." The Monkey King replied as he walked over to the Devils and Angel recovering under Asia's healing, "Hey, little Angel lady, can you lean over for a second?"


"Just need to get something." Irina complied and leaned to the side as Sun Wukong touched her ribs. She giggled at the ticklish feeling before he pulled his hand away, drawing out a set of jutsu letters that faded into nothing when they hit the air, "There, now that little ninja brat won't be transporting to your side whenever he's close."

"O-Oh, I forgot about that! Thank you so much, Sun Wukong-sama!"

"If that thing was still there we could've been attacked at any point." Xenovia shuddered at the thought, "What a terrifying ability."

"I don't think it's all-powerful like you kids think. He's still pretty young so there's probably a limit to how far he can transport. Wherever they ran off to, he couldn't just reappear here right now and take his revenge on you." The Monkey King took a quick puff, "And he's still pretty inexperienced. He was so focused on the fight and defeating the Sage kid and Sekiryuutei that he didn't use the link he had to you to just appear and kill all of you while you were healing. But you shouldn't risk that chance again because unless you kill those kids they'll only get stronger."

"Good to know." Issei sighed and looked around. The Dimension Lost barrier they were in was still up but the Monkey King said he could get them out whenever so that was fine. Saji and Yu-Long were exhausted while the rest of the Occult club were being healed. And the Bijū were getting caught up by Kurama and the others in whatever mindscape they used to talk. Once they were out they had to reach out to Azazel for support, but the only thing left to take care of-

"Mother! Mother please wake up!" Kunou's cries carried out from deep within the crater and broke his heart. He stepped to the edge and walked down it to see the giant fox bathed in Asia's healing glow but still not waking up. The little Yōkai was at her side calling out to her while Naruto stood by and watched over them, "I'm sorry I couldn't wake you up properly! Please just wake up!"

Issei stopped by Naruto's side, "Any changes?"

"No." The blond answered grimly, "I don't know what to do to wake her up. Between Cao Cao suppressing her thoughts, Saji draining her energy, and me basically refusing to let her breathe…"

"Senpai." Issei said sadly when he noticed the derision in Naruto's voice as he spoke, "You were just trying to stop her."

"Yeah well…it'd suck if we came all this way and couldn't keep our promise to Kunou." They stared at the back of the little girl calling out to the giant fox.

"Hey, Issei-kun?"

He heard Naruto speak but didn't see his friend talk. The young pervert closed his eyes and contacted the spirit in his Sacred Gear, "Naruto-San? What is it?"

"I know it's a lot to ask but do you mind if I take control for a sec?"


"Please? I really need this."

"Um…yeah, of course."

The jewel of Boosted Gear glowed brightly, and Naruto watched in shock as Issei's body changed under a green light.


She woke up a few days later, her body in a broken mess that she could barely handle even in a prone state. Her attendents quickly came to her side to check up on her. They fed her and kept her thirst quenched as they told her the fighting had come to an end.

Her heart dropped as she asked what happened to her friend.

The looks of heartbreak on their faces told her all she needed to know.

Naruto hadn't survived the encounter with the Red Dragon.


In her denial and shock she kept asking about his family. The last thing he asked her to do was protect his family from danger until he returned. But he was gone now, and she had lost sight of them during the fight.

She requested people go out looking for them.

That news of their disappearance be spread out.

She even risked reopening her wounds when she went out looking for them too.

But she found nothing. And she never saw a hair of them again.

She failed. She broke her promise to her dearest friend.


There was a ceremony for him and his family, but there was no body to bury even after all this time. And she couldn't bring herself to go pay her respects.

She didn't eat.

She barely drank.

All her attendants tried to help her but there was nothing they could do.

Naruto once said years ago that if he ever left or passed away, she would still be around to keep everything they built together.

Well…looks like he was wrong to trust her again.


One day she finally stepped outside. Hungry. Tired. Emotionally drained. For the first time in weeks she finally stepped outside and walked the streets of her home.

She ended up at their burial site.

She didn't say any prayers. She didn't utter a single word. She just stood there…from dawn to dusk.

And steadily, more people joined her side. In the end she was surrounded by all the people and Yōkai they had given a home to and the future they had helped shape between them.

Once again tears fell from her cheeks, but surrounded by others that his kindness had touched…made the pain a little easier.

She swore, to the core of her heart, she would do everything she could to make the world a better place.

And to enjoy life a little more for his sake.


She made new alliances with other tribes.


She protested against the Five Great Families rigidity.


There were times when they had to fight and she refused to step back if it meant she'd lose what she had created.


Times changed. Kyoto did too. But as new humans and Yōkai came along, she built strong and everlasting connections with them. Enough that she gained the title as the leader of the East, and guaranteed a home for her Yōkai brethren along with the humans of Kyoto.

This silly stupid dream she'd been dragged along into seemed to have persisted longer than she gave it credit.


Her child rested in her arms. A beautiful, loving girl she named Kunou. She was confused when the cocky, boisterous Naruto seemed to change so much when he was around his children. So many others did too. She didn't understand why at the time.

She did now.

Even when the little girl was angry. Or happy. Or sad. Or fussy. Or upset. It didn't matter.

Yasaka's heart bloomed when she was with her daughter.


He had to be related.

Just one look brought back memories of her dear friend. And somewhere deep in her heart she knew this was because she failed to keep her promise back then.

That moment of hesitation was enough for her to be taken.


Everything was a cloud…it was hard to think or feel.

This might be the end. She knew this day would come.

She simply hoped Kunou would be safe. She hoped all of Kyoto would prosper after she was gone.

But honestly…even if she was ready…she didn't want to leave-


"Come on. Wake up already."


Yasaka slowly opened her eyes as the light felt like it was burning her pupils. But a shadow blocked its way and gave her some relief. Her vision focused and cleared the image-


"Mommy?" The little fox girl gasped and smiled before lunging into her neck, "You're awake! You're awake!"

"I-I'm awake." The mother chuckled and hugged her daughter back as she squeezed her so tightly she was shaking, "What happened? I remember I was at home, and I thought I saw Naruto's child or something, and-"

"Wow, you recognize my descendants that easily? Glad to know you still think of me."

Yasaka gasped and looked up. Her body was exhausted and she was lying on the ground being lifted up by someone. And when she saw him, highlighted with a green glow around his body she couldn't believe what she was seeing.


"Hey Yasaka." He greeted her in that goofy, unbothered manner he always did, "Been awhile huh? I heard you got into some trouble recently, didn't you? Don't worry. That's all taken care of now."

"H-How is this possible?"

"The current Red Dragon Emperor is letting me control his body for a little bit. He's one of the guys that saved you."

"The Red Dragon Emperor? How-"

"It'd take too long to explain. That even more so."

He looked back and Yasaka followed his gaze. Standing a few meters away were a group of teenagers watching them in silence. And amongst their numbers was…another Naruto? Her confusion was clear on her face.

"I-I'll explain later." Kunou said while drying her eyes, "Just know that we fought back the people that took you and you're safe now."

"One of them was my descendent. He caused a lot of trouble for you." Naruto shook his head, "We'll have to fix that later. But are you okay?"

She stared up at her old friend for the first time in centuries. Her eyes welled with tears as she whispered, "I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry." She shook her head, "I couldn't protect them all those years ago. I tried to clear the way and guard everyone and in the end I passed out. And when I woke up they were gone." She rubbed her eyes, "I looked. I-I swear I looked for them as hard as I could. I didn't want to-"

"I know." Naruto interrupted her quiet sobs with a smile, "I know you didn't abandon them. And I know you've carried it around all this time. But after all these years and seeing how much you've changed…what else can I say but I'm surprised."

Yasaka sniffled and rubbed her nose, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. You actually have the aura of a cool, exotic older woman now instead of a bratty child that needs to been taken care of."

"Screw you jackass. I've always been cool and exotic." The old friends shared a laugh before Yasaka turned to her daughter, "Kunou, this is my friend Naruto. I've always wanted to introduce him to you."

Kunou sat up a little straighter and ignored her puffy red eyes, "I-It's nice to meet you sir."

"And you too." Naruto grinned and looked down at Yasaka, "Looks like you've started to enjoy life a whole lot more since then, haven't you?"

"Yeah. Yes I have." Yasaka sat up and turned to her daughter. Kunou's eyes welled up again as Yasaka's did the same, "I've missed you so much."


She jumped into her chest and Yasaka hugged her daughter tightly. After a moment of embrace she looked back and saw Naruto's smiling face. She grinned, "Thank you for so much, Naruto. And I swear I'll keep living life for the both of us."

"I'll hold you to it."

The green glow around his body brightened even further as his form disappeared. And when Yaska looked again it was to see an unfamiliar, startled brunette boy kneeling on the ground with them. He looked around in confusion, "Um…hi."

"Hello? I don't think we've been introduced."

"I-I'm Issei Hyoudou, ma'am. I'm a [Pawn] in service of Rias Gremory-sama. O-Oh and I'm the Sekiryuutei." He grimaced, "Although you probably don't want to hear that-"

"You helped save me, didn't you?" He paused and nodded his head. She smiled softly, "Then I think I owe you a debt of gratitude, Issei-San."

"Oh mama."


"Never mind."

She looked up and saw the other Naruto standing along with his friends, on closer inspection he seemed younger but more weary than her old friend she'd finally been reunited with. She smiled, "I'm sure this is an interesting story."

"Pfft," The whiskered blond shrugged, "Where to start?"


"Let us welcome the return of our mistress and lady, Yasaka-sama!"

There was a thunderous applause as the Yōkai of Kyoto celebrated their leader's return. She smiled and waved out to them.

"And let us thank the brave heroes who helped retrieve our lady and fend off our foes, the heroes of the alliance."

The Occult club and StuCo members all waved out to the adoring crowd as Bijū and Yu-Long took up the space behind them. Saikon leaned in, "I'm not used to seeing people who don't look like other people."

"I'm not used to them screaming cheers of joy and not of horror at me." Shukaku complained, "I don't like it."

"It's just like Kurama said. This world is a lot different from the one we call home." Kokuō looked down at their allies, "This is going to take some time to get used to."

"Don't worry. I promise I'll help you guys every step of the way." Naruto promised, smiling up at the Bijū, "I'm not going to let anyone take you or hurt you again."

"It's going to take some time to find places for you all to live. Although I might have an idea that will make this all a lot easier." Azazel turned to the leader of Kyoto, "You really don't mind if they stay for a bit?"

"Not at all." Yasaka smiled, "After everything you've done to protect Kyoto, we don't mind housing your friends until you can help them properly."

"Thank you so much!"

Yuuto looked up at the tailed beasts and counted off his fingers, "These three, Matatabi-San and Isobu-San already have homes. How many more are there?"

"Four; Kurama, Gyūki, Chomei, and Son Goku."

"Son Goku? Hah! I'd like to meet him!" Sun Wukong spoke up with a laugh as he sucked another puff off his E-Cig, "Bet he's a big bastard."

"Hey! Girlie!" Shukaku spoke up while looking down at them, "Yeah you! The one with the silver hair!"

"M-Me?" Rossweisse stepped up, "Yes?"

"You're Isobu's new Jinchūriki, right? This Neo-Jinchūriki thing they were talking about?" Azazel smirked as Naruto groaned, "What's it like on your end? You don't confine him to a space in your body, do you?"

"O-Oh no! Isobu-San mostly just rests at the bottom of the ocean back in the North." She focused and allowed his energy to flow into her as her hair covered one eye, "Sometimes he'll reach out to speak with me but not very often."

"So we just give a little chakra with our new bodies, make a link, and then we're free to do whatever?" Shukaku laughed, "Hahaha! I'm down!"

"If we're all doing it together then I'm okay with it."

"Me too. It sounds interesting."

The Occult club looked between each other. Xenovia smiled and stepped forward, "I'll do it."

"Xenovia." Naruto quickly stepped up to her side, "Be careful? Koneko catches fire now and then and Rossweisse shoots her tears so hard she can break through a wall. No telling how this might affect your everyday. Are you sure you about this?"

"You, Koneko, and Rossweisse take it up without problem. And being able to a share a connection with those you want to protect is more than enough reason for me to do this." She smiled coyly, "Plus it'll be one more thing we can share. I'll be looking to you for guidance on how this will in the future, got it."

Naruto chuckled and stepped back to allow her forward. She faced the Bijū and announced bravely, "My name is Xenovia Quarta. I'm a [Knight] and a Devil, and Naruto's friend. If one of you wants to trust me, I promise I'll create a strong link with you."

"I like you. No hesitation whatsoever." Kokuō leaned down and raised his hoof, "I hope you and I get along in the future."

Xenovia touched his hoof and he channeled his chakra into her to create a connection. Her body was enveloped in steam and seemed to disappear before it faded off of her. Her eyes had become a little sharper as she faced her friends. Opening and closing her fists she smiled, "I like this."

"S-Should I do it?" Irina offered, "I'm not sure what Michael-sama wouldn't want with this but I don't want to let my friends down." She looked between the giant tanuki and slug, "Although between my choices-"

"I-I'll do it." Asia stepped forward, "My name is Asia Argento. I am a [Bishop] and a former nun of the Church. I'm not much of a fighter, but if one of you wishes to make a connection then I'll be happy to help."

"You don't fight?" Saikon asked, "I don't like to fight much either." The slug slid forward and held out a small tentacle, "If you don't mind, I'd like to try as well."

Asia nodded and touched Saikon's body. Her body was covered in a slime and disappeared before reforming again. Her hair completely covered her eyes as she giggled, "I-It kind of tickles."

Naruto smiled at the sight of the Bijū trusting his friends. And with that their trip to Kyoto came to a close.

"Uh, what about me?"

And with that their trip-

"I wanna do this shit too!" Shukaku complained and thrashed around, "Someone link or connect or fucking whatever! I wanna do it!"

"No!" Naruto denied, "You don't get to link with anyone. You're not making another Jinchūriki."

"Why not?!"

"You know why!"

"Give me one reason why I don't get to do it too!"


"How does that make sense?!"

"You almost made him crazy!"

"That was a lot of outside factors - not me! His home life sucked!"

"Shukaku-San, was it?" Yuuto called out as he stepped forward, "I'll link with you if you don't mind."

"Kiba don't-"

"Oh fuck yeah! Now we're gonna party!" Shukaku touched Yuuto and covered him in sand before it dispelled around his body. The young [Knight's] eyes had changed to match the Bijū's star formation, "Oh that kicks ass!"

"Interesting." Yuuto noted, "How do I look?"

"You poor dumb bastard."

"Well that doesn't inspire confidence."


They were boarding on to the train to take them back home. Many of the students were talking about the fun they had during the field trip to the ancient capital of Japan.

But there was also a lot of talk both here and worldwide about the breast glowing phenomenon that happened to so many people.

Yasaka smiled and nodded to the Occult club, "If you ever feel like coming around again, just tell me. We'll be happy to receive you."

"We appreciate that, Yasaka-dono." Azazel nodded back, "And you're sure you'll consider our proposal to join our alliance? If you still need more time to recover-"

"I like the idea." The kyubi smiled, "I've been working a long time towards improving relations between humans and Yōkai around me. Makes sense the next step would be to reach outwards."

"Heh, glad to see others are aiming for peace too."

Issei and Naruto lagged behind to speak to the leader of Kyoto. Issei looked around, "Is Kunou still not here?"

"I'm not sure. I know that girl wanted to say goodbye but I thought she'd at least show up." Yasaka sighed, "She stopped by earlier to drop off a letter. You didn't see her?"

"I don't think we did."

"Then maybe she's just embarrassed. Oh, that girl." Yasaka smiled, "Thank you both for looking out for her in my absence. Your guidance did so much to help her through the worst of it."

"It was our pleasure. She's a sweet kid. We were happy to help."

"I'm glad to hear it." Yasaka smiled, "Issei-San, if you stop by again some time I promise to accommodate you properly this time."

"Oh! Don't make me promises like that! My imagination will go wild!"

Yasaka finally turned to Naruto and stared at him. The whiskered blond shrugged uncomfortably, "Uh, sorry if this is too weird for you. I'm sure seeing the face of your old friend standing in front of you like this isn't something you ever expected to happen. If you'd rather not get any bad memories-"

"Aww!" Yasaka immediately grabbed his head and pulled him into a hug. Naruto was smothered by her gargantuan boobs as the Yōkai giggled, "You're all bashful and shy! You're like a younger brother I finally have the chance to tease! Oh this will be fun!"

"Senpai! You lucky fuck! I wanted to die in that valley!"

Xenovia stepped out to call for her friends and saw the odd sight. She sighed and undid her top, "Looks like the bold approach it is."

"Xenovia-San no!"


"Welcome back!" Rias exclaimed as she hugged every member of her club in a line before landing on Naruto. She squeezed him and kissed his cheek as she smiled, "I've missed you all so much!"

"We missed you too."

"Your field trip ending up being crazier than we expected." Akeno noted from the couch, "Are you all okay?"

"I'm so tired!" Irina cried out as she plopped down on the couch as well. Akeno lifted her head and rested it on her lap where she gently patted the Angel's head, "I wanna sleep the rest of the week!"

"It was a more trying experience than expected." Yuuto agreed. He looked down at Koneko and Gasper as they looked up at their senior with a smile. He returned it and gently clapped their hands, "But it was certainly worth it."

"I'll say! We secured a partnership with the Yōkai of Kyoto! We reclaimed three Bijū to add to our side! Three new Neo-Jinchūrikis have joined our ranks as well! And most funny," Azazel held up his phone, "Issei caused a global phenomenon!"

"I figured that was you." Koneko said spitefully, "It had your signature pervert touch, Senpai."

"S-Sorry about that."

"Is that going to cause a problem?" Gasper asked, "So many women were affected by it, and it wasn't just in Japan! It happened around the world too!"

"Yeah, Issei is a pervert and has probably seen a lot of breasts from all around." The young pervert agreed with a nod, "But then there were all the people that were consumed by the power of his crystallized potential and overcome with a love of boobs. All the breasts they've ever seen or spared a glance to or looked at were added in as well to the giant pool of consequence. That's why even actresses and models he's probably never seen before were affected too. At least someone in the chain has looked at those boobs before."

"You know this might cause a panic, right?"

"And, of course, with any strange phenomenon and worldwide spectacle that happens that people can't comprehend…here come the memes." Azazel started flipping through his phone and snickering, "'When them headlights got headlights tho'. Pfft, here's one that says I obviously wasn't looking and then a gif of the melting face guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark."

"You having fun?"

"Tons!" The Fallen Angel replied, "Here's one that says the government poisons females during their pap smear - oh, it's just a long-winded, misguided conspiracy theory blaming it on the deep state or whatever." He shrugged, "Meh, that's pretty funny in its own right."

"So does it have to be staring at their bare breasts or just looking at them?"

"Judging by the range of effect I think even passing in your range of view added them to the phenomenon."

"Oh dear." Xenovia shuddered, "I think that means I owe Sister Griselda an apology call."

Rias looked at her oddly, "You were touched by Issei's crystal too, Xenovia?"

"Yep. Me and Naruto. That's why we fondled each other so much."

"You did what?!"

"Oh," Akeno snickered, "Sounds like fun was had on this trip."

"Akeno!" Rias chided her best friend with a frown before taking a breath. She looked up at her boyfriend and sighed, "You really fondled each other because of the crystal?"

"Issei's raw perversion was too much for us. There was nothing we could do." Naruto admitted…and then blushed as he looked aside, "But…we did kiss before that. And that…that was just us."

Rias looked floored by that revelation and didn't say a word. Some looks were given to Xenovia as she raised her fists in victory.

"Senpai?" Koneko tugged on his sleeve and looked up at him, "Can you come here for a sec?"

He leaned down, "What's up Kone-"

She lunged in and kissed him as well. The room watched in shock as the young [Rook] finally kissed the object of her affection, standing on her toes to meet him as he bent down. After a few seconds she finally pulled away and separating them as their lips both shined slightly.

Koneko's face flushed intensely before she nodded, "I'm not holding back anymore."

"Woo! Go Shirone!" They all turned as Kuroka walked through the room with a bag of chips, "I knew you could do it! Okay, I'm gonna crash in my bed!"

Everyone just stood in the room in silence as they tried to comprehend everything that had happened.

A gentle rustling coming from their side drew their attention to the bags they had dropped off when they had come back. Issei's bag shifted and moved around before something inside expanded and grew to the point it couldn't be contained.

His duffle-bag popped open and Kunou took a desperate gasp of air with a dirty sock hanging on her head. The little kyūbi sniffled with tears and looked up at them, "It smelled really bad in there."

"Two seconds since the last crazy shit happened. Safe to say we're past the worst of it."

||||||||Omake - Meanwhile||||||||

"So what were you doing when it happened?"

"I was having dinner with my family. We were talking about maybe taking a vacation soon and then they just started glowing."

"Well it happened for me when I was out shopping. All the women in the store just freaking out as their chests glowed until it suddenly stopped." She looked up at her friend, "Take it off."

She nodded and pulled her arms out of her sleeves before slipping her chest out and sitting on the examination table half-naked. As her friend did her check-up and carefully examined her breasts she asked, "Have you figured anything out from the check-ups?"

"Not really. We have the women getting examined everywhere and it seems like it's just the same thing over and over. Their chests glowed for a few moments before it suddenly stopped." She nodded and stood up as she jotted something down, "The only noteworthy thing is that our village seems to have been the center of it."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean we've gotten reports that other women outside the village experienced the same thing at the same time but it was so much more scattered and infrequent. But compared to us it was like every other girl's breasts were lighting up." Her friend put down her clipboard and shrugged, "The other villages are reaching out to see if we have anything but we're clueless."

"It was really strange, wasn't it?"

"It was." She giggled, "But not without some funny bits. Apparently when it happened to Tsunade-sama they were like torch lights being shined in everyone's faces. Some people almost went blind. Heh, shows them for lingering."

"Hmm." She fixed her top back over her chest and remembered what it felt like when it happened, "It was warm."


"When my chest glowed…" Her hand gently fell over her left breast, "It felt warm for a moment."

"It did?" She looked over her notes, "I didn't see any burns or irritation of the skin. That's odd. Can you keep me updated if anything changes or feels off?"

"Sakura! We need to hurry the line up! Are you okay in there?"

"I'm fine Shizune-San! Just finishing up!" Her pink-haired medical examiner smiled and shrugged, "I don't think we're gonna find whatever caused this, but just rest for a bit okay?"

She nodded and stood up as she made her way out. As she did she saw the long line of women all getting set to have their examinations. Tales and stories about what happened when their chests glowed was all they could talk about. Honestly it was such a strange occurrence that no one could explain.

Not doctors. Not specialists. Some of her fellow clan looked at her with the Byakugan but couldn't find anything.

And yet…that warmth. It was so strange and sudden and…familiar. The last time she felt warmth like that was when-

"Hinata! There you are!"

The blue-haired girl turned as her teammates came running over, "Kiba-kun, Shino-kun, what are you doing here?" She reached down and gently rubbed Akamaru's head as the big dog stepped up to her side, "Did you come to check on me?"

"Well we have every right to be concerned. When a comrade is affected by some strange phenomena and no one has an answer we can't help but worry."

"Yeah so anything? What did Sakura say? Did they figure out what caused it?"

Hinata shook her head, "Nothing they told me."

"Ugh, this is so weird." Kiba rubbed his brow before shrugging, "Meh, nothing we can do about it. Hey, we're going to Kurenai-sensei place. Wanna come?"

"Sure. Did she glow yesterday too?"

"Yes, but Mirai did not so that is fortunate."

"Small miracles. C'mon, let get going."


"Good idea! Let's grab something to eat on the way over."

Hinata followed her friends to their teacher's home as her mind continued to linger. Apparently no one else felt the warmth she did in her chest when it happened. Or if they did they didn't realize or recognize it.

It felt…kind of like holding his hand back then.




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