New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 51: Outing

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"Katase, this is too freaky."

"Calm down Murayama, this is just a school haunted house. It's nothing to be worried about."

The shorter kendo girl squeaked as she heard a strange noise from the side that suddenly sent her on edge. She hugged her taller friend's trembling side as they both stayed still in case anything made a move in their peripheral.

Which was extremely difficult to do since the hallways and rooms were so dark. The walls were covered in some kind of dampness and the eerie sounds of the unknown unsettled them to a ridiculous degree. The Occult Research Club had gone all out in preparing this haunted house in the old schoolhouse. The first floor was a cafe serving food and drinks for those that came by. The second was a dress-up parlor for monsters and fortune-telling prospects. And the third floor was the haunted house hosted by the ORC.


"Kya!" The kendo girls jumped back, startled by the sudden appearance of a figure in a white sheet with two holes cut through the face. After the initial surprise faded they looked at the lackluster specter haunting them and deflated, "Oh come on, that's just sad."

"What?" The ghost looked itself over, "What's sad about it?"

"That's the lamest ghost I've ever seen!"

"Ghosts are terrifying! They're spirits that still haunt this realm!"

"Yeah but you're just wearing a bedsheet over your body. It's pretty low effort compared to the rest of the house."

"Oh." The ghost sadly slumped over before reaching for the edges of its sheet, "Well if it isn't that scary then there's no point-"

A massive blade pierced through the ghost cosplayer's chest and near the two kendo girls' faces. The ghost then suddenly burst into a puff of smoke and splattered a thick, chunky layer of blood over the students' faces. As they stood in shock and horror, they looked up at the masked man wielding a blade-




The students below froze and looked up as they heard another wave of shrill, terrified screams emanating from the top floor. It got a lot of people excited and ready to stand in line for their turn at the house of horror.

Koneko looked up at the ceiling as she walked over to Akeno's fortune-telling booth with a can of coke in hand, "I think Naruto-senpai and Issei-senpai are enjoying being able to play in the haunted house."

"Well, a transforming ninja does wonders for setting a creepy mood in the dark." Akeno graciously accepted the drink from her young friend, "I just hope we'll be able to do as good a job when our turn to go up there comes."

"I'm sure we'll manage." The short freshman looked back across the hallway, "But I'm sure Gya-kun and Yuuto-senpai are looking forward to a break."

"B-Blegh!" Gasper hissed with false teeth in his mouth, "I vant to suck ya blood!"

"Kyaaa! He's so cute!"

"Gya-kun, come in here! We have to take a picture of this!"

"N-No!" The little [Bishop] cried out as he was sandwiched between a group of older girls cooing and awing about him, "I'm supposed to be scary!"

"Good luck, Gasper-kun." Yuuto called out to his young friend as he shirked back from the attention he was receiving as well, "Ladies, please give me some space."

"Kiba-kun, you're Frankenstein, right? I've never seen such a handsome monster before!"

"Stupid! He's not Frankenstein, he's Frankenstein's Monster! Kiba-kun, ignore the dimwit."

"Know it all!"

"Kiba-kun, do you need a Bride of Frankenstein?"

"Can you tell us which parts of you have been modified and switched out? J-Just asking for reference!"

Both girls watched the interaction dryly before Koneko sighed and looked down at her feet, "Then again, I prefer either of these jobs compared to the madness downstairs."

Akeno smirked, "Oh I'm sure it's its own brand of fun down there we're missing."


"So good!"

"T-This is the best ramen I've ever had!"

"Gremory-sama, can I have one more serving over here please?"

"On it." Rias replied with a beatific smile, "Give us just one moment to cook it up, please."


The cafe on the first floor was far more popular and packed than they had originally expected. Word had quickly spread of all the beautiful staff manning the cafe. And to make it even better the food they cooked was remarkable, with special mention going to the ramen they specially made based on a recipe from a local ramen shop.

Rias had heard a lot of people say that they wanted to check out a ramen shop with a recipe like this. And when she heard that she smirked slyly hearing that her subtle marketing worked out so well.

"Xenovia-San," Asia cutely called out to her, "Another group asked for a picture with me. Can you cover the tables for a moment?"

"Of course, go right ahead."

Taking care to deliver the orders and make the customers happy were a staff of her, Asia, Irina, Xenovia, and Ravel. Rias and Irina were behind the counter making sure the food and receipts were prepared to their standard while Asia, Xenovia, and Ravel waited on the tables. Between the orders being made and delivered, if the customer offered a small tip they could get a selfie with their cute waitress to commemorate the occasion.

Needless to say, their proverbial tip jar was overflowing with generosity.

"Rias-Buchou, Irina, are you two okay back there?"

"Oh yeah, this is easy!" Irina confidently stated with a smile as she worked away at her station, "And good practice to keep up with Asia-San's skill behind the counter."

"I'm fine too, but thanks for asking." Rias said to her [Knight] with a smile, "And thank you for bussing tables for us."

"No problem. Happy to help however I can before I go back to the cosplay booth." Xenovia said before looking behind the counter at their kitchen booth, "In fact, if you need me to pick up any slack with the cooking, I've been practicing-"


The room went silent as Irina and Asia both stopped what they were doing and cried out at the top of their lungs. There was a beat of silence afterward where no one said or did anything.

Xenovia shrugged, "Okay." She picked up the next order and walked over, "Order up!"

As the [Knight] walked away, Rias leaned over and whispered to a relieved Irina, "Is her cooking that bad?"

The Angel paled at the thought, "W-We've only recently been able to advance her cooking ability to somewhat edible, about a quarter of the time. And even that much we've only gotten so far with Asia-San's guidance."

"I-I see." Rias sweated and giggled a little. It was unfortunate to hear Xenovia's cooking prowess was coming along so poorly, but Rias had a feeling that she wasn't going to take failure sitting down.

And she was working towards a goal. Perhaps to give someone a meal in the future?

The redhead giggled a little as she saw through her [Knight's] intention.


"Sairaorg lost his sponsors?"

"Yep," Azazel nodded, standing amongst the others as they took an hour break from the haunted house, "Turns out they weren't too keen about him losing the championship match, especially against some nobody [Illegal Piece] that wasn't supposed to be in the fight in the first place. Some backers are bringing up calls of tinkering and the idea that the Satan faction sided with your team unfairly."

There was a groan of exhaustion at the idea as Naruto frowned, "Did they not watch the fucking match? Because I distinctly remember punching, kicking, spewing up pieces of my stomach, blowing up a mountain range, and blowing a hole through Sairaorg's chest before it came to an end. What part of that do these guys think I had unfair help in?!"

"Oh, no one's taking their complaints seriously. It's just a bunch of old fossils that didn't get what they wanted complaining about not getting what they wanted. As far as the rest of the Underworld cares, your Rating Game was one of the most highly viewed matches of all time."

The kids of the ORC cheered hearing that they were so popular after their display in the Rating Game. After so much work and effort they put into their fights, and all the time they spent preparing themselves for the Rating Game, it was nice to hear all their work paid off.

"And you kids are the talk of the Underworld," Azazel added, "Your techniques. Your determination. They all shined through and dazzled the populace."

The students' started to brighten up with his words-

"They loved you guys so much that they stuck around for the Oppai Dragon episode and the hour-long premiere of The Adventures of the Lazy Sage that followed after. The ratings were through the roof!"

The students groaned immediately after, "He ruined it."

"Um, Azazel-sensei," Rossweisse meekly spoke up, nervously looking down while making sure to puff out her chest so it was in his line of sight, "If the tv shows are doing so well, might you be able to introduce some new characters? A-And would you need a likeness to base them off on?"

"It's funny you mention that Rossweisse, some new characters are being introduced that bear a striking resemblance to friends of ours."

Rossweisse gasped and beamed with joy-

Only for Azazel to walk past her and pat the former Exorcist duo on the shoulders, "We've already got the opponents for the first arc of the new series, and the newest additions to the Oppaiverse!"

"Oh please don't call it that."

Xenovia and Irina looked up at Azazel, their faces covered in looks of surprise and glee respectively, "We're characters in the new show?"

"Yeah, why do you think I had you two sign those release forms the other day?"

"I assumed those were waivers for some terrible test you were going to run on us."

"Fair assumption but no."

"I'm in a tokusatsu show?!" Irina nearly shrieked in joy as she jumped to her feet with excitement, "Does my character do poses?! Is there an explosion behind her when she makes her entrance?!"

"Of course, you two do awesome poses before getting into a fight with the Lazy Sage."

"We're the bad guys?"

"Only right now. We'll see where things go as the season goes on."

"I wanna see it!" Irina trembled with excitement, "I wanna see it so bad!"

"Well, you two show up at the end of the premiere so go check it out."

"Eeeep!" Irina jumped to her feet, "I gotta see it!" She grabbed Issei's hand and looked over to Asia, "Let's go watch it! W-We have to watch it now!"

"H-Hey, don't pull. I'm coming."

The three walked off to try and find the video the Angel was so eager to watch.

Gasper, Ravel, and Yuuto came over to Rossweisse as she turned pale and hung her head sadly. The Valkyrie whimpered, "I-I thought this would be my chance. A chance to get my own character. My royalties."

"We know, Rossweisse-San. We know."

"I'm so poor."

"Wanna go around the school? Use your position as a teacher to get free food and snacks?"

The Valkyrie sobbed into her arm but nodded glumly.

The three students led the teacher away to try and cheer her up.

The remaining students frowned and glared at Azazel, "You're doing this on purpose at this point."

The Fallen Angel shrugged, "Everything happens for a reason."

Once a comfortable lull had settled around them, the two youngest shared a look and nodded. Koneko and Xenovia stood up, and straightened out their outfits before turning, "Naruto?"

The blond looked up and was confused to see both girls standing over him, "Yeah?"

"I want to go on a date."

"Me too, Senpai."

Rias choked on her drink and Azazel whistled as Akeno beamed, "Oho!"

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yes," Xenovia nodded, "We've gotten by with time together and stolen kisses."

"You even admit you're stealing kisses!" Rias petulantly cried out before crossing her arms and pouting.

"We want to go on an actual date with you." Koneko said, "I think after all the hard work we put in during the match we deserve some fun. My spirit was crushed getting eliminated before the finale."

"And my face was nearly caved in from that punch." Xenovia stated, gingerly rubbing her completely healed face and nose, "I think I deserve a reward for my efforts."

Naruto looked between both girls, "I get what you're trying to do but that seemed like shameless plugging."


"W-Well I'll let you know that Naruto and I already have plans." Rias announced while proudly puffing out her chest, "He and I were going to continue my training! After the Rating Game, I have a clear goal in mind of how far I still need to work!"

"Oh, the whoas of being popular and in love~." Akeno coyly whispered before smiling at Naruto, "Aren't you lucky?"

"Shut the hell up."

"Why not just do all three?" Azazel proposed with a shrug, "He can make clones remember? And those clones share memories with him. So you can all go on dates or do your training together with him at the same time and save a lot of trouble."

"Oh!" Naruto perked up at the idea, "I hadn't thought of that. That could be-"

When he looked back over and saw the displeased, annoyed, or downright spiteful looks on the girls' faces at the suggestion-

"-a dumb idea. Such a dumb, terrible idea. Azazel, don't come up with such terrible fucking ideas."

"Yeah don't pretend I didn't see that relief on your face a second ago." The Governor-General sighed, "So what's the problem with that idea? I thought it worked out pretty well."

"Because even if he shares memories with his clones, it feels cheap and unsatisfying to know we only get to spend time with a copy," Rias stated, getting a nod from the other two as they fully agreed. With a sigh she crossed her arms, "I suppose we can just stagger the dates of when we take a turn. My training will be first-"

"With me." Akeno stepped up by Rias' side, "I'll train with you as long as you need it, Rias."

"W-What?! But Akeno I was-"

"Oh come on, I don't think training is a good enough reason to let your jealously shine through while they're trying to go on a date." The [Queen] teased as her [King] blushed in mortification, "Plus I want to test my mettle training with the 'young champion' everyone is talking about."

"Dammit Akeno, I can hear the sarcastic quotes you put around that title!" The young heiress fumed in annoyance before sighing and pouting aside, "Whatever. Go on your dates."

It was clear she wasn't totally on board with it but was still permitting them. Even though he'd been surprised initially Naruto smiled and nodded, "Okay, let's go on a date." Both girls smiled before he asked, "Wait, it's not going to be all of us at the same time, right?"

"No way."

"We get separate dates."

"Then who goes first?"

The [Rook] and [Knight] shared a look before they faced each other down. They chambered a fist-

"Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!"


"I'm here."

Naruto looked up as Xenovia approached him at the agreed-upon spot out in the city. The blue-haired [Knight] wore a simple shirt, a jacket over it to keep her warm as the weather got nippy, and a skirt to round out her look.

Naruto found himself staring at her longer than he expected. It seemed so surreal to see her wearing a skirt, even though he had seen her wear one with her school uniform almost every day. Usually, outside of her school uniform, she preferred to wear shorts and pants. She never really paid much attention to what she wore. But right now she was wearing a set of clothes that seemed to perfectly suit her.

And he felt underdressed in comparison to his date.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," He quickly belted out and met her eyes in an instant before things could get awkward. Unfortunately, he forgot who he was currently out with-

Xenovia looked over herself, "Is there something bad about what I'm wearing?"

"No, of course not. It looks really good."

"But you were staring. I thought I did something wrong."

"You didn't."

Xenovia looked over herself, looked at him, back over herself, before it finally seemed to click. She smiled knowingly, "Do you want to keep looking?"

Naruto frowned through his blush, "No, I'm fine."

"Or maybe a picture? They last longer."

"I said I'm good."

"I'm confused why you're embarrassed. You've seen me in far less-"

"Xenovia," Naruto sharply interrupted, "Not something to say in public."

"Ah, understood." She nodded, abandoning her teasing mindset and stepping up to his side, "You weren't here too long, were you?" He shook his head, "Good. And do you like what I'm wearing? I got some advice from the other girls about what would look good."

"Well, it works. Sorry I wasn't as prepared." He held out his arms to show the simple clothes he had put on for today, "The other guys didn't really have an idea and I thought to ask Azazel…but then common sense told me that wasn't a good idea."

"I think you look good too." She said with a smile, patting him on the chest before nodding down the street. They started making their way through the city side by side as they looked around, "I still don't quite know my way around the city yet even after all this time. I've only ever been out here to get familiar with the territory and go shopping with the others."

"You went shopping? With who?"

"Asia and Irina."

"Hmm." He hummed, "That kinda sounds like a blind leading the blind kind of situation."

"You're not wrong." Xenovia looked around, "Also where are we going?"

"Wha- I-I thought you were leading us somewhere!"

"Oh no, I was just walking." She blue-haired ditz shook her head, "Also I don't have a plan for this date. I was just going to wing it."

Naruto rubbed his temples, "Blind leading blind indeed."


"So, any ideas now?"

"I think so." Xenovia nodded and looked up from her phone, "Some suggestions and places for people that usually go on a date out here. Food. Shopping. Activities. But there's racy stuff suggested here." She tilted her head, "Want to go to a love hotel and wreck a room together?"

Naruto was about to comment before he noticed the coy smile on the Exorcist's face after she asked her question. As he realized she was messing with him all he could do was roll his eyes, "So what should we do first?"



Xenovia thrust the bat forward and impacted the incoming baseball as it got close. As the ball hit the tip of the bat, it nearly caved in before bouncing back at blazing speeds and bouncing around the batting cages like it was made of rubber.

The citizens standing around could only gawk in shock and amazement at the way the newbie in the skirt knocked balls around like she was knocking billiards.

Naruto stood by the entrance of her cage and looked around curiously, "I don't know if you're doing that the right way."

"Huh?" Xenovia looked back at him, "What do you mean?"

"Well look how all these guys are holding it in the illustrations." He pointed at one of the many pictures littered around the batting cages with diagrams of proper positioning and handling, "I don't know if handling it single-handedly like a blade is the right move."

"Really?" Another ball came flying at her and she effortlessly swatted it away, "I mean I'm knocking them away pretty easily. What else am I supposed to be doing here?"

"I get that," Naruto pulled the door open and walked over to stand across from her in the batting booth. There were some gasps and warnings from other onlookers but nothing to stop them as they started to converse, "But you see that big target over there?" He pointed up towards a series of concentric circles over the pitching machines, "I think you're supposed to aim there. And you might not be able to-"

Another baseball was launched out and Naruto's hand shot up to catch it before it could hit him.

"You okay?"

"All good." He nodded as he dropped the ball, "Where was I? Oh, you probably can't hit the target just jousting at it like that."

"I'm not jousting, I'm lunging and thrusting." She repeated the movement she had been doing by stepping forward with her front foot and thrusting the bat out like a blade, "It's a basic movement in swordplay, but I'm not used to using a bat. Compared to Durandal it is so much shorter and lighter and I'm having a hard time compensating for that."

"Well, it looks like they hold it with two hands. Why not give that a try?"

Xenovia shrugged, "I suppose I could-"

Another ball was launched at them and bounced off Xenovia's shoulder.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She casually dusted off her shoulder before continuing, "I guess I could give double-handling it a shot." Xenovia relented and grasped her bat with the proper handling…

Even if she did take a sword stance and faced down the pitching machine directly.

Another ball was shot at her and her bat came swinging down with tremendous power.

Enough that it embedded the baseball into the concrete floor directly in front of her from the sudden force applied to it.

Naruto hummed, "Maybe hit it a little lighter?"

Xenovia sighed, "This fun activity is turning into quite a chore just to play."


"I think you did pretty well, all things considered."

"You think so? I thought the weird reactions from the other participants and owners of the batting range made it seem like I was doing something wrong."

Even after she lightened her swing so that the ball bounced off the ground and the netting sides until finally hitting the target, she kept getting worried looks and warnings from everyone watching. At some point, they seemed to just go quiet and watch her knock baseballs around like a madwoman.

Now the two Devils were seated on the sidewalk, chewing into some crêpes they had bought from a vendor. The blue-haired Devil bit into her treat and quickly wiped the cream off her chin before eating it, "The crêpes made here are so delicious. I need to remember to bring Irina and Asia here when we come out again."

"I don't think we had anything like this in my world." Naruto said around a mouthful of his own, "Or if we did then I never had one."

"What did you eat regularly over there?"

Naruto hummed in thought, "Ramen."

Xenovia nodded, "Ah, should have figured. No wonder you were drawn to work at a ramen shop. Well, I'm sure Rias-Buchou is happy to know you're expanding your palette with so many different choices now."

"Yeah, I was warned not to focus and eat only ramen, but I didn't follow through with that until I came here." He took another bite and looked over at his date, "What did you use to eat back before you had to stay here? You lived in that Italy place, right?"

"I did. Near the Vatican." Xenovia closed her eyes and wistfully started to daydream, "The meals made in Italy were quite delicious. I had to move around a lot for my Exorcist job but when I returned to the Vatican, Sister Griselda would always make sure I had enough to enjoy a meal. Pizza has a richer taste than the kind I've had here. And the pasta dishes are so fine I bet they would even put the ramen here to shame."

"That's a bold claim." Naruto said in a dire voice as Xenovia puffed out her chest and stood by her statement. He smiled at her confident look, "Do you ever miss staying there?"

"I did at first, certainly. It was quite a shock having to stay here in Japan as a Devil after being excommunicated so suddenly. But staying here has given me a greater appreciation for things. Getting to know all of you. Living life like a normal person. Growing stronger and braver. These are all things I never would have gotten to feel if I hadn't stayed here."

Naruto smiled and took another bite, "Glad to-"

"Plus falling in love, feeling lust, masturbating, watching porn, and getting fondled are all really interesting new experiences."

The crêpe got stuck on its way down his throat and Naruto tumbled out of his seat. People walking by looked on in concern as he hacked and gagged before slamming his chest and dislodging the piece. Once it was free he greedily took in breaths of air before looking back at his date, "Your bluntness and straightforward announcement of desires - you'd think I would have gotten used to it after all this time. But nope. Still shocking even now."

Xenovia shrugged and held out her hand, taking his and pulling him back up to his feet. Once he was seated again and clearing out his airways, she held out her crêpe, "Want a bite of mine?"

"No thanks. I'm good."

Xenovia shrugged and started eating again while Naruto coughed a few more times to clear her throat. She relaxed in her seat, "I was thinking about reaching out to Sister Griselda to come and visit. I'm not sure what her schedule is but I think she could spare some time to fly over. Or maybe I could go over there." Xenovia started to nervously chew on her crêpe, "I need to seriously think about this."

"Geez, your sister has you on edge." Naruto chuckled, "I mean from what I could tell when we met her, she's just a sweet and kind woman that cares about you."

"Then that's how you got tricked." The young [Knight] warned him, "Because hell hath no fury like Sister in a bad mood." Xenovia shuddered, "Her spankings. Her ear pulls. Her chiding. It's all etched deep into my soul."

"You're really that scared?" Naruto looked at her quizzically, "You know you fought a rouge Fallen Angel and stopped a war from escalating, right?"

"Not as scary."

"You fought a God."

"Not as scary."

"The Hero faction?"

"Not even close."

"You stood up to Sairaorg and he caved your face in while breaking your hands. What could she possibly do to you to match that kind of ferocity?"

Xenovia didn't answer. But the panic in her eyes conveyed all she needed to say. Naruto whistled and leaned back into the bench in silence.

Xenovia shuffled uncomfortably in her seat and whispered, "If she does come to visit, and asks to meet with me…will you come with me?" She asked rather meekly with pink cheeks, "I think any anger or annoyance she has with me will be a lot more subdued if you're around as a buffer."

"Oh~," Naruto stretched out his answer, "And it has nothing to do with the fact that the last time we talked about your sister you said you wanted to introduce me and show me off?"

"Well yes, that's part of it of course, but also the acting as a barrier part too."

It was…actually kind of sweet and cute to see Xenovia fret and worry about meeting with her sister and guardian. The former Exorcist always carried herself with such determination and focus. She could be pretty scatterbrained quite often but she never let it affect her demeanor. And yet speaking about seeing Griselda again and introducing him to her made her flustered.

"Yeah," Naruto nodded, "I can do that."

"Thank you." She smiled, tossing the last bit of her crêpe into her mouth before standing up, "Okay, I think we should cap off the date with a little shopping."

"Need me to buy anything?" Naruto offered, "Azazel said something about me having the means to pay for dates now and well I guess he's right."

"I don't think you need to worry. I've already gotten a royalties paycheck made out for my appearance in Lazy Sage. If I continue to get incremental payments like that then I should be pretty well off."

"Yeah well consider this my treat. For helping me in Kyoto and doing such a good job in the Rating Game." Naruto smiled as Xenovia smiled back, "What do you wanna buy?"


Naruto frowned as he tried to keep any blush from creeping up his neck.

Some women looked his way and giggled at his embarrassment as Xenovia checked the lingerie, "Usually I don't care about my underwear but even Irina and Asia have noted that my habit of wearing mismatched pairs should be taken care of. What do you think?" She asked him innocuously, "If I suddenly walked in on you half-naked, what pair would look the best on me?"


Naruto continued to frown as the blush hit his ears.

Many people were looking their way curiously as Xenovia perused the erotic game section of a shopping center, "Kiryuu said that many of the craziest fantasies a guy could look for are found in 'eroges' - I think she called them." She picked out one and flipped it over to look at the censored illustration on the back, "Is she presenting herself to her pet dog? What's the point of that?"

He didn't know…and he didn't want to find out.


Naruto's frown had turned into a glower as his cheeks settled into a deep red blaze of mortification.

No one seemed to pay attention as the young couple looked over the dirty video section. Well, technically only Xenovia was looking as Naruto tried to keep his attention anywhere else, "Wow, this is a massive catalog. And the names are quite descriptive. 'Sex with the world's largest dicks.' 'Loads blown vigorously and guzzled greedily.' 'Real Naked Lesbian Battle.'" Xenovia tilted her head, "Does that imply that there is a staged naked lesbian battle?"

"I take it back. You pay for this. I-I don't want these purchases showing up in my records."

"You seemed so eager earlier."

"There's a limit, Xenovia!"


Naruto stood out in the hall and thought back to the day before. Even though Xenovia had always been a straightforward and blunt person, he couldn't help but think she took a lot of joy seeing him blush and flounder in those places they went shopping in yesterday.

He never would have suspected she could be a teaser too. He shuddered, "Damn, I hope she doesn't pick up any bad habits from Akeno."

If she picked up any of those nasty habits and carried them into the bedroom-

[Oh, you're thinking about her in the bedroom now, huh?]

Naruto immediately blushed, "S-Shut up!" He said in a hushed voice, trying to make sure no one heard him, "My thoughts just lingered somewhere else. That was an accident. It wasn't important."

[Ah. Convincing.]

He grumbled but ignored the demon fox's taunting voice as he looked to both sides of the hallway. Koneko had told him to appear here at this time when they were ready to go on their date. She probably wanted them to walk to the places they'd go together. Unlike Xenovia, Koneko had made it clear she had a plan ready for their day.

Naruto looked down at his attire and nervously shuffled around. He was wearing something different than he did yesterday and he hoped it would look just as good as whatever Koneko decided to wear. She looked cute in just about everything so-


He heard her voice behind him and turned to look down at her.

To see her wearing a plain shirt maybe a size larger than her with her ears and tail sprouted out. Her tail caused her baggy shirt to ride up in the back and reveal a pair of simple comfy shorts she was wearing.

He stared at her in confusion, "Koneko? Is this what you're wearing for the date?"

"Yep," She nodded without hesitation, "You look dressed up. Are you going to be comfortable in that?"

"Are you going to be okay with that? It's getting pretty brisk out in the city."

"We're not going out." Koneko turned and walked down the hall, "We're having our date here."

Naruto blinked in confusion and quickly followed her. When they walked into the entertainment room he saw the TV was already on with some blankets on the couch and snacks covering the table. Koneko jumped over the back of the couch and landed in the cushions before quickly settling in.

As he walked around the side and looked at her curiously, she shrugged, "I thought it'd be lame to go out to the city and do a repeat of whatever you did with Xenovia-senpai. So instead we're staying in to have our date."

"And you're okay with that?"

"Of course I am." She reached for the water and started throwing it back, "I already asked everyone else to leave this floor alone. I even convinced Azazel-sensei not to be his usual dickish self and avoid us all day."

"Wow, you did work on this." Naruto quickly took off his outer shirt and folded it over the couch before taking up the other half of the couch. As he leaned in, Koneko slouched down and dropped her feet in his lap. He looked down at them with a chuckle, "You know I don't think this is much different than what we usually do. So if you're okay with-"



"You suck at this Senpai."

"I KNOW!" Naruto cried out as he furiously mashed the buttons of his controller as Koneko calmly executed her combo while in his lap. He started waving the controller around, "WHY ISN'T IT WORKING?!"

"It is. You just suck at actually making a move."


"Why indeed?" Koneko said with a catty smile as her ears flicked about. The way she said that was uncomfortably similar to the way her sister talked. Looks like letting them be around each other was a bad idea after all.

"Oh yeah," Naruto raised the controller to block her line of sight, "How about this? What will you do about this?"

"About you holding your controller in front of me to block my sight and stop me from fighting properly like a petty child - dunno, you tell me?"

Koneko effortlessly finished the combo despite her sight being impaired and sent Naruto's character flying to the edge of the screen. She was declared the winner as Naruto howled in anguish and Koneko simply pumped her fist.

"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" He thrashed about irritably, "How do I still suck at these stupid games?! I-I bet if I used my clones to practice-"

"I already know you do that. This is how good you've gotten even after all that work."

Naruto blushed, "Y-Yeah, but if this was a real fight-"

"This just sounds like sour grapes." Koneko put her controller aside and sat back more comfortably in Naruto's lap before looking back at him, "I'd like my reward now."

He sighed before reaching up and grabbing her shoulders. Making sure he didn't apply as much pressure as he did with Rias, he started to massage her shoulders. He heard a faint purring from the little Nekomata as he continued, "You know you could have just asked for this. I would have done it. No need to emasculate me with such a beating."

"I think I need to earn my reward." Koneko mumbled as she rolled her head and reveled in the feeling of his fingers pushing into her shoulder, "You are good at this."

"Lots of practice." Her shoulders were so much smaller and thinner than Rias', even though she could produce far more strength with them than the redhead. And as he thought about it he realized just how small she was sitting in his lap. Those thoughts were quickly going to go somewhere unwelcome as he focused on another subject, "Why did you want me to massage your shoulders anyway?"

"Buchou talked you up while you were away in Kyoto." Koneko said with her eyes closed, "She, Akeno-senpai, and Onee-sama were talking about their breasts and the subject came up when Buchou said you helped her shoulders relax."

"I bet that got you excited, right?" Koneko remarked while looking over her shoulder, "Not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, I like to know how you get when you're excited. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of your engine revving thinking of other girls."

Yeah, dangerous thoughts.


"Did you have TV shows and movies back in your world?"

"We did have movies. I always enjoyed watching a new one when it came out. Although people around me told me I was too loud and needed to quiet down."

"Yeah, you seem like the kid who yelled and screamed in time with the movies." Koneko noted as they both laid upside-down on the couch while an action movie played on the screen, "So what did the movies back home cover exactly?"

"Mostly historical stuff, but made entertaining and fun. And fantasy stories told within our lands." He waved toward the screen as it exploded, "We didn't have these kinds of effects. The computer - computer stuff-"


"Yeah, we didn't have that so it was mostly practical." He grabbed some chips, "But we had chakra to help us so it was more than you'd expect."

"Sounds kinda like a Taiga Drama." Koneko noted, "Do you like the movies here more than over there?"

"Oh yeah," Naruto nodded, "Way better over here. You guys cover so many bases and the movies are so varied. Like - like you make movies about space." The blond ninja waved his hand around, "I never even considered what it would be like to be in space before coming to this world."

"Well, I'm glad you like what we have to offer. Now we just need to expand your repertoire of movie knowledge because you are lacking for a guy your age in this world."

"Would I be able to keep up with all the references you guys make? Like I'm so sick of Azazel blindsiding me-"

"He makes too many esoteric ones rapid fire so there's no point trying to comprehend them."

"Ah." He nodded, "I made a joke at one of the Hero faction members I fought while in Kyoto."

"Really? What was it?"

"He watched me stick to the wall with chakra and asked if I was trying to be Spider-Man. And I immediately said that he was the one that liked to play the hero."

Koneko scoffed and covered her mouth as a cute snort slipped out. She finished laughing behind her hand before she looked over his way and smiled, "Way to go, Senpai. A little more and you'll be shit-talking with the best of them."

He chuckled, "You know I have to wonder which one of us is the worse influence on the other."

"Senpai, we corrupt each other."


They had been watching movies, shows, and playing games for hours now. Neither one had moved much off or even around the couch but was getting tired and lethargic. So much so that Naruto laid out across the couch while staring at the TV.

And Koneko had crawled up on top of him to rest her head on his chest and watch it as well.

He had been surprised by her movement at first, but quickly he realized that it was quite a pleasant feeling to have Koneko rest on him like this. It might have been her utilizing senjutsu or maybe she was just warm and comforting like a cat napping on your chest while you were prone. Either way, he nearly forgot she was lying there as she weighed almost nothing and silently watched with him.

Until she spoke up, "What was it like growing up in your village?"

"Growing up?" He thought about her question, "Why the interest?"

Koneko turned her head so she rested her chin on his chest to look at him, "I've never really asked you directly. I talked with it about Buchou before, and I heard you had a hard time as a kid." She rested her cheek on his chest, "You never went into specifics before. Whenever you talked about your past it was usually about important stuff, like about the Bijū or where you came from. I've never actually asked what it was like for you. If you don't want to tell me I understand."

"No, it's okay. I'm not hiding anything." He said, "It was lonely mostly. I had the old man to look out for me, and the ramen shop was always kind. Looking back I played with people that would later become my closest friends. And Iruka-sensei making the connection with me meant more to me than anything." His expression lowered a bit, "Those moments shined through when you're in a dark place."

"You had Kurama-San put into your body after an attack, and after that people started to heap the blame and anger from it at you, right?" Koneko asked, "I remember him saying that when I was down in that place talking with Matatabi. How is that fair?"

"People lost a lot the day Kurama was forced to attack. And they didn't have anything else to do with that fear and resentment."

"But a child? Someone just born that day? How is that fair? Or makes any sense?" Koneko gave a tiny frown, "And you didn't even know why?"

"Not for a long time." He shook his head, "Looking back knowing what I know now I can see why they were angry. But back then I had no idea. I just walked around and lived my life looking around at all the empty and spiteful glares. As if just being alive was something I did wrong. Without the context of being a Jinchūriki…I never really understood why."

He felt a slight pressure on his chest and looked up to see Koneko's hand had balled into a fist of frustration. A small tear filled the corner of one eye but she quickly blinked it away, "Sorry."

"No, it's okay." He whispered, "Thank you for feeling that way."

Koneko silently fumed to herself before speaking, "I don't remember my parents. I was so young when we lost them and trying to think back to who they were just feels like looking at a foggy shadow." She gently squeezed the kitten accessories adorning her hair, "To be honest…when I think of my family and parents who raised me…my thoughts only go to Onee-sama. She was the only one there…the only one around as a child. Always made sure I was warm. I was safe. Even giving me portions of her food to make sure I wasn't so hungry."

"And when we were taken in by the Neberius family I thought we had finally found a place we could be comfortable and settle in together as what was left of our family. Looking back I felt like we were happy. But then she…" Koneko paused and didn't finish her sentence, not needing to as she knew Naruto remembered their discussions about it before, "She just left. With our master dead and Onee-sama gone, I was suddenly completely alone."

"And some older Devils had no one to blame but me. With my sister suddenly gone, the fault for the death of our master had to fall on me. I was almost executed as a Stray Devil simply from association. It didn't happen because Lucifer-sama stepped in to save me before it was too late…but I didn't do it. And I felt so overwhelmed by all the accusations and confusion that I just shut down. If I knew why…if I had context for why it had to happen…"

"Kuroka's around more often now. Have you tried asking her about what happened back then?"

"I have." Koneko pouted, "She just waves it off. Says she was raging in the heat of the moment and says it was a 'fun idea' at the time. Then she just goes about her day like it isn't something important she needs to address." She rested her forehead on his chest, "It's such a dead end that I don't think there's any point asking it anymore."

"If you want I can join you asking-"

"No, that isn't the point." She shook her head, "What I wanted to say was that it might not be the same as yours, but I felt that kind of loneliness and confusion too. That lack of context and understanding is vital for kids growing up and not having it…just leaves you wanting." Her ears twitched, "I know coming here was hard when you first arrived by yourself, and it will never be the same as your old home, but I hope you come to feel comfortable here as well."

Naruto warmly smiled and patted her head, gently rubbing her ears and earning a content purr from her as she nuzzled into his hand, "I appreciate being here now. Especially with you and everyone making my days so hectic and crazy." He leaned down and gently kissed the crown of her head, "Thank you, Koneko."

"I love you." She muttered blearily between his pets.

He was stunned for a moment at her clear and concise confession. He had already come to terms with the affection Xenovia and Koneko felt for him, but he hadn't heard a confession like that from anyone other than Rias and Hinata. His shock subsided and he giggled while scratching her ear, "You might come to regret falling in love with me."

"Not going to happen," Koneko said between her purring. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, her pupils looking almost slit for a moment before Naruto blinked and they were the same as before, "I heard stories about my mother and how she fell madly in love with our father. Being devoted and loyal to him. And I heard many times that Onee-sama and I are just like her. So you have my love, devotion, and adoration…forever…no changing that."

Naruto felt his cheeks heat up at the certainty of which she spoke. He smiled, "Well I'll try to handle it."

Koneko mumbled, "You can fall in love with me in return at your own pace. Whether I'm 2nd or 3rd place, as long as we're together."

Naruto suddenly stopped petting her and pulled his hand back. Koneko opened her eyes to see his hurt expression.

He shook his head, "Don't say that. You shouldn't have to settle for being a lower place in someone's heart."

"But I love you, and I know you care about Buchou the most." Koneko stated like it was a fact, "I'm not entirely satisfied with being a runner-up, but I do know how important you and Buchou are to each other, Senpai. You both wouldn't be who you are right now without the other. And even though me and Xenovia-senpai love you too, we can't match the connection you two have. So even if she is the most important, as long as you can love us too-"

"I-I can't accept that." Naruto cut her off and shook his head, "How can I just sit here and nod along with the idea that you have to accept love like it's leftovers?" He sat up, forcing the freshman to scoot back and straddle his lap so she didn't fall off. The blond [Pawn] looked down at the startled [Rook], "Koneko, I'm not going to pick and choose over the people I care about and who love me."

"I know you won't. You never would," She nodded, "But Senpai, how can you love someone as much as the first person you've ever loved if they come in so much later? And when you aren't really in love with them either-"

"I-I don't know." Naruto admitted, before grabbing Koneko's shoulder and making sure he had her attention. She looked up at him in shock, "But I'll try. And I'm never going to let any of you settle for a lower place. Koneko, if you ever feel like you're not being looked at or noticed, just tell me. I promise I'll be here, and I won't let you settle."

She didn't know if he could follow through with a promise like that. Love was a complicated emotion, and just saying that you could equally love multiple people compared to doing it were very different things. But he was going to try…and Koneko could tell that much just from the look on his face.

She shifted forward and reached up, cupping his cheeks in her hands before leaning in and pressing her lips to his. Naruto was surprised for a moment as Koneko's full focus and heart went into sharing the moment with him.

His shock lasted for a moment before closing his eyes and returning the kiss. Unlike the quick chaste one she gave him after coming back to Kyoto to get on an even stage with the others, this one was filled with so much more confidence and resolve in it. Her small lips were so warm and her hands gently squeezing his cheeks refused to let him slip away. Their combined warmth was so intoxicating that both their minds started to haze over from the heat.

Koneko pushed forward and Naruto fell back into the couch as she lay atop him and deepened their kiss. The two Devils felt like the rest of the world melted away as they indulged in the pleasure, Koneko's hands settling on his shoulders to pull herself further in as Naruto's arms wrapped around her lithe form.

The urgency to breathe fell to the wayside.

Their comfort and exhilaration went unnoticed.

The only thing either of them was concerned about was keeping the heat and pressure of the kiss going.

It was only when Naruto felt her tongue press against his lips for desperate entry that some sense started to return. He pulled back, trying to catch his breath as he felt Koneko lurch in to continue and pine for a second kiss, "H-Hold on." He panted, "We should be careful or…Koneko?"

He noticed, through her flushed face and twitching ears, that her eyes and pupils had sharpened. Unlike before it was clear that they had changed and not just a trick of the TV's light shining off of them. They looked almost predatory and hungry for more. She looked like she hadn't been able to satiate a desire and only he would be able to help.

"Are - are you okay?"

Koneko couldn't recognize the words. The haze in her mind clouded everything but the hunger to take his lips and continue. It was after a moment of not getting to experience that pleasure that some clarity started to return to her sharpened eyes.

Before shock and horror quickly replaced them.

Koneko nearly fumbled off of Naruto's body and stumbled on her feet. He reached out to steady her but she pulled back and reacted like his hand were made of fire. She caught her breath, "S-Sorry Senpai, b-but I'm cutting the date short. It was fun. I-I have to go."


"I'll talk to you later." She quickly said as she dashed away and out of sight. Naruto sat up and pondered following after her but thought against it. He wasn't sure what had happened there, but it didn't look like she was hurt because he stopped the kiss. It looked like it was about something else. If he had stopped the kiss would she have been okay?

What…what would have happened if he didn't speak up?

Koneko was…a lot feistier than he expected.

He touched his lips and still felt the lingering heat of her kiss-

"What are you doing?"

"GAH - FUCK!" Naruto nearly jumped out of his skin in fright. He looked back and saw Akeno drying her hair while wearing a robe to cover herself. As his heartbeat started to calm down he frowned at the [Queen], "What are you doing here?"

"Just came back from training and the baths. Thought I'd pick a room to sleep in for the night before my midnight rounds around the city." She casually said as she lowered her towel and shook her head to get the last dampness off her hair, "I heard a stomping run down the hall. What happened?"

"Oh, uh," Naruto rubbed his neck, "Koneko left. She just kinda ran off."

"What? But she was so looking forward to your date." Akeno frowned, "What'd you do?"

"Nothing!" He quickly defended himself, "I-I mean I don't think I did anything! We were just - I mean," His cheeks turned pink, "We were kissing, and then she just got up and left."

"You were kissing? And she left?" Akeno thought quietly and hummed, "I'll go check on her. Make sure she's okay."

"I'll come-"

"Nope. Girl talk. Stay out of it." Akeno quickly shot him down, "Why don't you go take a shower or something? You're sweaty and smell."

"No, I don't!" He instantly denied it before sticking his nose down his shirt and recoiling, "Oh damn."

"Yeah, vegging out tends to leave you stewing in your juices."

"So does training."

"Don't I know it? Rias was still washing up when I left. All that hard work got her working up a sweat for the first time." Akeno started to walk away, "I'll check on Koneko. Make sure she's okay."

As Naruto stood in place and contemplated what to do, he turned off the TV and decided to wash up.


"Phew!" Naruto let out a sharp sigh of relief as the cold water rushed over him and ran along the floor to the drain. With a sharp exhale he ran his hand through his hair and sent flecks of water flying, "That hit the spot."

The blond ninja stood up from the faucets and was making his way to the bath before he spotted something in the corner of his eye. He looked over and saw the door to the sauna had been left slightly ajar as steam started to escape. He curiously tilted his head and walked over before looking inside-

And found a redhead lying on the bench and appearing to have passed out.

"Rias!" He rushed in and urgently went to her side before shaking her shoulder, "Oh shit! Can you hear me?! Rias!"

"Not so loud," She moaned, grumbling and rubbing her eyes before looking up at him, "Naruto, please, I was relaxing."

"Oh. Oh, I thought you passed out."

"No, I was just shutting my eyes while the steam eased my body. I was really tired after all the training." She stifled a yawn while rubbing her eyes, "I swear I just shut my eyes for like a minute or two."

He stared blankly at her half-awake form, "I'm pretty sure you passed out in the sauna."

"No, I'm good~." She stretched out her arms and tried to get the soreness and fatigue out of her system.

The problem was she had been in here longer than she expected and there was sweat all over her body. So when she stretched she sent several drops of her sweat careening down her cleavage and running along her breasts before dangling and dripping off her nipple.

Naruto gulped and quickly turned around, "Well as long as you're okay I'm going to finish up-"

"Wait," She grabbed his wrist before he could leave and gently smiled at him, "Come enjoy the steam with me. We haven't gotten to talk in a few days."

"Pfft," He scoffed as he sat down beside her, letting Rias rest her head on his shoulder as she sat on her towel, "What are you talking about? We went to bed together last night."

"I know but I've been keeping a distance. Trying not to let my jealousy show while you went on your fancy dates with Xenovia and Koneko."

"But I thought you approved-"

"My feelings are complicated, Naruto. Don't go trying to section them off so easily." She tiredly said before looking up at him, "How were they?"

"Really nice." He said, "It was fun. I got to try some new things with Xenovia, and I think Koneko wanted to stay in just so we could talk about stuff. It was fun."


"Although there was something weird with Koneko at the end." Rias lifted her head and looked at him in concern, "Akeno already went to go follow up."

"Well, as long as Akeno is checking on her I'm sure it'll be okay." Rias rested her head again, "She looks after Koneko like a doting older sister. I can trust her to know what to do."

"And this is the same Akeno, right? The one that's been training with you to the point you nearly pass out in the sauna?" Rias slapped his arm as he chuckled at her response. And as they settled into a quiet lull between each other and simply enjoyed the heat of the sauna, Naruto's eyes couldn't help but wander down his side.

To stare at her bare-naked form as she gently caught her breath beside him. And with each inhale she took in her massive breasts jiggled slightly before stopping. Her red cheeks framed her face and the way her lips glistened made him question if it was the sauna making him this hot. With a deep breath, he calmed himself down and tried to stand up-

"Wow," Rias' hand slithered into the towel around his waist, unfurling it while she took hold of his growing erection. As he gasped and her hand quickly helped harden his boner, she gave a coy smile, "You got hard real quick. I'm sitting here, exhausted, sore, and tired and you pop a tent in an instant." She leaned into his side, pressing the curve of her breast against his arm until he felt her nipple. She tightened her grip as she jerked him off, "You're a dirty boy, aren't you, Naruto?"

"Yeah, well…"

"Well, wha-AHHH!" Rias yelped as she felt a strong hand rub and knead her breast. She looked down to see Naruto's arm had coiled around her back and was now grabbing a handful of her left tit. As his fingers pinched her nipple and caused her to whimper, his other hand reach down between her legs, "H-Hey, hold on a second there - ah!"

"Now how long have you been sitting in this sauna?" He asked assertively as the tired redhead gasped as he plunged his fingers into her pussy and started to rummage around, "Because there's no way all of this is just from the baths."

Rias' competitive streak burned hotter than the pleasure in her body.

She lurched up and slammed her lips onto his as her other hand settled on the head of his cock. And as she rubbed his shaft and tip with both hands, he rolled her breast around in his hand while raising the speed of his fingering. The couple seemed to indulge only in their lust despite the rising heat of the room.

Rias pulled away from his lips, letting go of his dick as she slipped away from his hands as well. She stood up, and wiped her mouth dry, before stopping in front of Naruto while he sat on the bench. She grabbed his cock again and turned around before sitting down on his lap. And with some quick aligning she got his head to press against her pussy folds before dropping down the rest of the way.

As his dick slid into her pussy, Rias shuddered as a mix of pleasure and relief washed through the soreness in her body. And after a moment of getting used to him inside of her, his hands settled on her hips to keep her steady.

"Ah." Rias gently moaned as she started to bounce in his lap, lifting herself up before going back down and feeling him rub her walls the way she liked. The beautiful redhead let out a breathy moan each time she moved as her thoughts started to drift away, "Fuck, this feels so good. When was the last time?"

"Before Kyoto." He said as he enjoyed the sight of her back bouncing in front of him, "We haven't gotten a chance because we've been training and fighting. I've missed this."

"Oh?" She looked back with a sultry gaze and red cheeks, "Miss the feel of me?"

"That, and I sure do like seeing your big butt bounce."

"H-Hey!" Rias stopped her bouncing and looked back mortified, "My butt is not that big!"

"I meant it as a compliment." His hands dipped lower and she flinched as he cupped her cheeks, "I love grabbing your ass."

"Ugh, you're a perv." She noted before she started to shift her hips from side to side. She heard him gasp and felt his grip on her hips tighten as she knew she had him. At her own pace, the Gremory heiress continued to lift and drop herself, reveling in the pleasure of their love before-

"Ugh!" Rias dropped down and stopped moving. She panted and shook her head, "I-I can't."

He leaned in over her shoulder, "Did you just - because if you did that's a record-"

"No, you jerk! I just can't move any more!" Rias bemoaned, "I'm so tired from training that I can't even shift around. I - I think I'm done."

"Okay." His arms tightly wrapped around her stomach and propped up her breasts on his forearms, "My turn."

Rias let out a gasp as Naruto dropped back and dragged her along. They hit the length of the bench, Rias now lying back on Naruto's chest as he was still inside her. And once he had her in place, he started thrusting up into her pussy.

"A-Ah! Ah! Oh!" Rias let out a loud cry of pleasure as her lower body shook with every forceful thrust he plunged into her. She liked leading the pace when sitting in his lap, and the different places she was able to hit while bouncing. But the pace and power he was able to carry in while still hitting those same places were causing electricity to pierce through her thoughts. Her eyes flittered open as her entire body moved, "N-Naruto, it's t-too much. I-I told you I'm tired-"

"But you don't want it too quick, do you?" One hand settled over her pussy and clitoris as his other roughly grabbed her breast. Rias could only gasp and cry out as his movements hit a crescendo. The beautiful redhead's body bounced back and forth along his chest, her free breast bouncing in rhythm with their movement as the other one was played with under Naruto's hand. Her head rolled aside and her tongue started to wrestle with Naruto's during their fucking until-


Rias let out a loud cry as her body trembled and felt Naruto's cum flood into her. Her chest raised and jiggled before she fell back onto Naruto's chest exhausted. Sweat ran down her body and then down over Naruto as they basked in the glow of their lovemaking. Until Naruto sat up and scooted into the higher bench for support while dragging Rias along with him.

As he pulled out of her and cupped her breasts to play with, the exhausted Devil whined, "No~." She groaned, "Exhausted! I! Am! Exhausted!" She complained as she felt her breasts get squeezed and rolled around in his palm. As a tingle hit her system feeling his palms rub her nipples, she looked back and frowned at him, "Why are you always so horny?"

"Me?" He looked aghast by her suggestion while still fondling her, "I'm surprised you can say that when I'm trying to keep up with your sex drive."

"Me?!" Rias was far more insulted than him, and nearly snapped out of his grip if not for the fact his fingers were squeezing her nipples. She nearly bit her lip before pouting back at him, "How is my libido anywhere as bad as yours? You're the one that whispers dirty things in my ears and convinces me to keep going."

"Yeah, but that's only at the beginning. Then your beast starts coming out." His hands applied a little more pressure and Rias gasped as he groped her, "Remember our first night? We had that second round and we were both exhausted from that long day dealing with the Maous. And after we were finished we were going to go to bed. But you were restless and couldn't go to sleep." Rias moaned before she looked down and saw something rising, "I opened my eyes and looked down to see if you were okay. But you leaned into my side, ran your hand down to grab my dick, and looked up at me like you were an animal. You - woah!"

He flinched and looked down to see she was grabbing his boner sticking up between her thighs. Rias looked back at him with a cheeky grin, "Speak for yourself."


Kuroka knew she was welcome in the Arashi Heights, as the Governor-General probably warned the staff and people in charge familiar with the other world around them that she was a guest and not to be reported on. But even so, she didn't take the risk as she snuck in to avoid any attention and scouted out anyone of notice.

She didn't want people noticing her right now. This was a silent, subterfuge job to scope out the place and determine it was safe. No one was looking at her. She wasn't unsettled or fearing the worst as she walked around. And it looked like this would be the best place to keep their guest for the time being. She was going to have to go back and tell the others…

After she had a bath, of course. Just because she was on reconnaissance doesn't mean she shouldn't get a chance to enjoy the amenities she bartered so hard for.

With a jaunty whistle, the notorious criminal skipped towards the baths. She didn't sense anyone around and knew no one was following her, so once she was in the changing room she quickly disrobed herself and stored her kimono away. She grabbed a towel and stepped into the bath with a content sigh, "Ahh~, nothing beats a nice long dip after a long time on the run." She looked around, "I guess Shirone and the others aren't taking one right now. That's okay, saves me the trouble of making an excuse for why I'm back." The older Nekomata made her way around the bath-


Her ears twitched as she immediately recognized the sound of pleasure and euphoria she knew so well. Her cat-like curiosity got the better of her and Kuroka spotted the sauna. She quietly tiptoed over before looking through the glass to see inside. Lots of steam and heat and from her spot she could see-

"N-Naruto!" Rias gasped as her blond lover took her from behind. Her arms held onto the high bench for support as he lifted one of her legs by her side to get a better angle of entering her pussy, "T-This isn't fair! I already told you I'm tired and sore! Y-You shouldn't make me – O-OH!"

As Rias trembled and gasped with his sudden speed up, Naruto whispered into her ear, "But you still seem to like it, even though you say you're sore." One of his hands slipped up from where he was tightly holding her hip to steady himself during the thrusting to instead circle her chest and grope her breast. The sensual redhead let out a gasp as his chest pressed into her back, tightly grabbing one of her tits as his other held up her leg at her side. As he started moving about and causing her to sway atop his cock, Rias moaned while he whispered in her ear, "If you want us to sit down and go slow, just say the word."

As she tried to catch her breath, Rias resolved herself and stated back, "Don't you dare."

He grinned and immediately started pumping into her with reckless abandonment.

As Kuroka stepped back but could still hear his grunting and Rias' moaning as their bodies intertwined, Kuroka nodded. She stepped away and whistled, "Fuck, that was hot, nya. No wonder Shirone decided to go spelunking after seeing that."

While she was washing up she might as well go digging around herself while she had the chance.

||||||||Omake: Paragons of Hell||||||||

"You're making a game?"

"That's right!" Azazel cheered across from Naruto and Issei in a boardroom in the Underworld, "You guys are superheroes now! Oppai Dragon and Lazy Sage will set the stage for a whole new world of icons for the Underworld! And nothing hits better than a fighting game where heroes beat the shit out of each other! It works every time!"

Issei and Naruto shared a skeptical look after being summoned to listen to Azazel's greed and insanity, "Meh, I'm not so sure about that."

"Yeah, plus wasn't I a bad guy? No way kids are going to appreciate that."

"But a turn from bad guy to good guy! Who doesn't love that?!" Azazel waved off the concerns, "Plus compared to the rest of the so-called heroes Hell has, you're pretty much a boy scout."

"Hell has heroes?"

"Like who?"

Before the Governor-General could get a chance to answer, a burst of green plasma exploded from the walls before a chain swung out and wrapped around Azazel and his chair. Issei and Naruto leaned back in shock as Azazel was dragged over to face a wretched black creature with a sentient red cape flowing behind him and sharp white holes etched into the flesh that served as the eyes. With a voice deep enough to send chills down a normal person's back he growled, "Azazel."

"Hey Spawn, should've known you'd show up to this meeting."

"I don't like being disturbed by your shitty marketing meetings you bottom-feeding scumbag." The chain tightened, "Don't bring me into your idiotic heroes game again."

"S-Sensei?" Issei nervously spoke up to not enrage the terrifying man that had burst into the meeting so easily, "W-Who is this?"

"Spawn. Another hero from Hell." The Fallen Angel answered, "You remember how God and the original Satans were all killed?"


He pointed at Spawn.

"Oh shit."

Before another word could be spoken, a flaming chain reached out and ensnared Azazel's chair as well. He was pulled away from Spawn and was forced to face a man with a flaming skull for a head, "I heard something stupid was happening."

"W-Who is that?!"

"Ghost Rider." Azazel smiled, "Hey Blaze, glad to see you finally showed up. I think the last time we met you said you were going to use my soul as kindling for a campfire but glad to see you finally came around."

"Guess again, puto."

"Ah, Reyes. Sorry about that. It's so hard to tell whether I'm dealing with an OG or Legacy when all your heads are just flaming skulls."

The chains whipped aside and planted Azazel and his chair in the wall as the two dark heroes faced each other. Spawn growled out, "Fuck off, Matchstick. I'm going to peel off about seven pounds of flesh off this squawking chicken's ass and I don't feel like sharing. Or more like wiping the skull dust off my shoes."

"Big talk," Ghost Rider hissed out without lips, "I can see the sins staining every inch of your soul. Under my eyes, each one of them would burn like the fires of Hell."

"Been burned once. Not that impressed. But please waste your time and give it a shot."

The sound of gunfire silenced the room and everyone looked over to where a smoking hole now marked the wall. They all looked back and saw a giant red demon in a brown trenchcoat holding a massive pistol aimed their way. His horns were shaved down to the nubs and his giant stone hand hung at his side as he walked over, "Geez, I pretty much knew this was going to go to shit but didn't expect it this quickly."

"Now who the fuck is this?!"

"Hellboy." He introduced himself while holstering his firearm, "I'm pretty much Satan."

"Oh shit, another one."

Issei and Naruto freaked out, "Are you like some kind of Devil slowly building up his power to one day get revenge and plunge the world into destruction?"

"No. I mean – if you take the word of seers telling the future then yeah I am. But mostly I'm just a paranormal investigator making sure the wild nature of the other world doesn't mess with the normal one."

"Oh…and you're okay with that? That sounds boring compared to being a Satan."

"You'd be surprised." He looked over their heads, "Azazel, I heard there'd be food at this meeting?"

"We have some stale donuts if you want them."

"Ah, you cheap prick."

"If you don't want them-"

"I never said that." The red Devil walked over and started eating the donuts, "So is this everyone?"

"Yep," Azazel nodded, "Everyone's here."

"Good because if you invited that other guy-"

"Oh now that you mention it."

There was a mighty crash as a giant robot landed in front of the building. And the window to their floor blew open as a red and blue figure jumped down to their boardroom.

Issei stared in disbelief as Naruto scratched his head, "Isn't that-"

"I am the emissary of Hell, Supaida-Man!" The webbed spider hero posed and an explosion blew up behind him to emphasize his arrival.



"Not this fucking guy again." Spawn groused, "And he brought the fucking Megazord with him."

"Actually we prefer to call Leopardon a mecha instead of a Megazord. Megazord was the term used by the western Power Rangers-"

"Shut the fuck up."



Have no idea what that ending was. Just wanted something silly and fun before we got into the next part of the story.


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