New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 52: Curtain

Happy holidays to all! Here's a little present from me to you!


Naruto had gotten used to pleasantly waking up in the morning surrounded by warm and cuddly bodies. Sometimes Rias would have crawled over by his side and he would feel her mostly naked body perfectly formed against his. Sometimes Koneko would have slid in and he would feel her cuddle up to him as his arms gently wrapped around her. Needless to say he had woken up to many pleasant feelings in the morning.

Conversely, he had also gotten used to getting punched and kicked a few times in the night before getting woken up with a haymaker to the cheek.

He groaned and sat up, rubbing his bruised cheek as he looked down at the chaotic source of the morning mishap. Xenovia blissfully slept away, her fist clenched and her legs spread out as her shorts rode down to show part of her butt and her top rode up to reveal one of her breasts. Of all the people to sleep the night with, she was by far the most dangerous on this bed.

"Mmm," He turned and looked over as Rias was gently stirred awake. Unlike him who needed a few good minutes of being awake before he was awake, Rias seemed to wake up and comprehend everything in an instant. She sat up and stretched her arms before looking at Naruto as he rubbed his cheek, "She help you wake up again?"

"You could say that." He grumbled with a frown. Before a smile took its place, "Hey can I sleep on that side of the bed? Might be good to change up the pace."

Rias scoffed, "Oh so I can be the barrier between you and the sleeping boxer over there? No thank you." She instantly saw through his tactic and took a bit of joy seeing him frown so petulantly in return, "I've already done my part handling the rowdiest sleeper I know. About time someone else picks up the slack."

"Whose the rowdiest sleeper you know?" Naruto asked, ignorant of his own sleeping habits until he saw Rias' blank expression aimed at him, "Oh come on!" He pointed at Xenovia as she shifted around, "She's like a dog kicking away at everything as she chases a rabbit in her dreams! No way I was that bad!"

"You slapped me in the tit the first month we slept in the same bed."

"What, no I didn't!"


"I didn't." He restated with a lot less certainty before his eyes widened, "Did I really?"

"Well," Rias shrugged, "Probably not as hard of a slap as you imagine, but it sure didn't tickle."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry." He quickly leaned in and gently hugged his girlfriend as she hugged him back, "Were you alright?"

"Oh yeah, I was fine. A bit startling is all." Rias assured him as she stood out of bed and pulled her negligee back over her body. She looked over with a cheeky smirk, "But it's actually a good way to startle a person awake." She walked around the bed and stopped by Xenovia's restless form, "For example…"

Rias reached over and gently but swiftly tapped Xenovia on the breast.

"Bwah!" Xenovia's eyes snapped open and she sat up in a start, her eyes and mouth opening and closing rapidly as she tried to comprehend what was happening. She unconsciously touched her breast before looking to her bedmates, "What just happened?"

"You should not be allowed to do that." Naruto said as Rias winked and giggled at his dry response. The blond looked around the room and sighed as he did, "I guess Koneko didn't end up coming to bed last night after all, huh?"

Rias' playful expression stilled as she shook her head, "No, she's going to be staying in her own room for a while. She requested to stay there for a few days."

Naruto couldn't help but feel antsy hearing that she wanted to stay away from them for a few days. And he immediately started to feel like it wasn't really wanting to be away from them but him specifically. He thought back to their date and the fun they had. The hours they spent watching TV and playing games and talking about their lives. It was a lot of fun that he thought they both enjoyed.

And then there was a kiss. For someone so young and who might not have had that much experience kissing, Koneko made up for it with willingness and bravery. It was as deep and intense a kiss as ones he shared with Rias during their heated moments, but it stood out more because it was so unexpected. He had thought they were both enjoying it but suddenly Koneko had jumped off him and ran away to end their date.

Had he done something wrong? Did he not do it well enough? He thought Koneko had initiated the kiss but had he pushed too hard? Had he scared or hurt her?

"I have to go find Koneko-"

"No!" Rias quickly stepped in his way and stopped him before he could step away, "You can't see her right now."

"But I-"

"Naruto, you did nothing wrong. She did nothing wrong either. You didn't hurt her feelings and she didn't mean to make you worried." Rias quickly explained, "I-It's just – uh, this is not something I should be trying to explain." She scratched her head before putting a hand on his chest, "Look, something is happening and I can't be the one to talk about. Once it's over, Koneko can explain everything if she feels comfortable doing so. But until then you cannot see her, okay?" She quickly repeated to hammer the point, "Do you promise?"

"Y-Yeah, okay." With a sigh Rias nodded and pulled her hand back before walking away. As Xenovia stepped up to his side he shook his head, "I have no idea what that was about."

"Me neither." Xenovia said while rubbing her breast, "Did you do something to my boob while I was asleep?"

"What? No!"

She stared up at his skeptically before looking down at her chest. She looked back up at him, "You can if you want."

With a sigh he hung his head, "This is gonna be a weird fucking day."


"Aahhh~," Rossweisse let out a moan of complete contentment as the Valkyrie enjoyed the warmth not only of her new complimentary PJs but of the hot cut of coffee in her hands, "This is paradise~." Tears started to come to her eyes and she stifled her crying, "I don't think I've ever been as happy waking up as I have been right now."

"You say that every morning. Every morning you wake up, get a free breakfast and coffee, and then you cry because you can't believe it's true." Azazel groused, "It was endearing at first but now you're just milking it for a performance."

"You don't know!" Rossweisse quickly shrieked and pointed at the casually sipping Fallen Angel, "These amenities! These luxuries! Having a warm bed and food and drinks and clothes! I'm going to miss them while in the North! You don't know how great they are because you've never not had them!"

"Meh, fair point." Azazel lounged back with his coffee, "I might be too blessed to sympathize." He paused raising the cup to his mouth, "Or maybe I never did because I'm actually smart with money." He cheekily stated as Rossweisse fumed and glowered at him, "Oh, remove stick from anus - it's a joke. Just don't cry so much that it gets in your coffee."

"Well maybe you could just shut your mouth and not antagonize her." Akeno helpfully added as she walked over with her breakfast in hand, "Or better yet; just shut up forever and ever."

"Wow, way to cut me to the deep so early in the morning."

"No, you're doing it wrong." She then zipped her lips, "Like that. Never again."

"Shut up."

"Oh, are we ganging up on Azazel this early in the morning?" Rias asked as she, Xenovia, and Naruto made their way in, "Don't get started without us."

"Damn you all."

Rias noticed another plate by the kitchen top and looked to her [Queen], "Koneko isn't coming to eat with us?"

"No. I thought it best not to risk it." Akeno whispered back, "Just going to take her meal to her."

"Good call."

"Rias," Azazel addressed the crimson-haired Devil, "Sirzechs will be coming along a little later today. He says he'll meet you in the club when you are ready. You've prepared?"

"I have." Rias nodded, "And with Onii-sama's help the requests will hopefully go through painlessly."


Everyone else looked between the two curiously before Rias smiled, "It's a secret. I promise you'll find out later."

"Geez, don't get our hopes up or anything." Naruto chuckled before he heard a faint sniffling. He looked over and saw the older [Rook] of their group weeping as she enjoyed a breakfast she hadn't had since she left the North, "Rossweisse, um, do you have any idea how much longer you expect to have these…episodes?"

"I-I'm sorry! It's just so good!" Rossweisse wept, "I never imagined I would get to experience stuff this nice after I came to Japan! The food! The beds! It's all so amazing! And it's free!"

"Oh, it's not actually free. I lied about that before. You'll be billed for everything at the end of the month. Breakfast, baths, clothes, everything."

The utensils in her hand toppled to her plate as she froze in abject horror. The color started to vanish from her form and she started cracking apart-

"Kidding. I'm kidding." Azazel quickly added on with a chuckle, "Man wouldn't that be fucked up if I really just dropped that on her?"

He got unamused glares from everyone at the table.

"Yeah, it would be. But also pretty funny."


It was during after school hours that all the members of the ORC were summoned. They were quite surprised to find Sirzechs and Grayfia already waiting for them. And as the students took up their place across from the Maou, Azazel sat at the desk and Rias stood by Sirzechs' side.

"Um, Lucifer-sama, is something going on?" Issei asked curiously, "It's weird to find you waiting here in the human realm."

"Well I had to come for such an momentous occasion." He looked up at Rias with a grin, "Should you tell them or should I?"

"I think I would like to do it." Sirzechs offered her the stage and Rias stepped up. With a quick clearing of her throat she looked at her servants and friends, "Yuuto Kiba, Akeno Himejima, Issei Hyoudou, and Naruto Uzumaki; you have all received recommendations to take promotion tests to become Middle-Class Devils!"

There was a round of gasps and surprised looks as the kids looked at the four Devils in particular. As the quartet was still trying to comprehend what they heard, they started getting applause and congratulations from their friends, "Way to go, everyone!"

"You all deserve it!"


Yuuto let out a chuckle while he looked at the others, "I-I'm honored, but what brought this about? I didn't expect us to promote until at least a decade of faithful service."

"It was exemplary and exceptional service that pushed you all up." Rias said, her voice brimming with pride as she looked at her loving servants, "For Akeno and Yuuto, it was your seniority as well as excellent service and growth in the recent incidents. As for Naruto and Issei, you two have been lynchpins in the battles we've been dealing with since your induction into my peerage. So you all qualified quite easily for promotion!"

"Truth be told, Rias floated around the suggestion that everyone in her peerage should be promoted, but such a large claim is difficult to pass smoothly. Especially when you're still quite young like Gasper-kun and Koneko-kun, or newly initiated like Asia-kun, Xenovia-kun, and Rossweisse-kun." Sirzechs informed, "That being said there were many people on the board who did agree with your achievements lately, so I'm sure if you continue your work at this rate you can all apply for the Middle-Class promotion the next time."

"Really?" Rossweisse beamed a smile, "Oh that would be wonderful! A-Are there benefits we receive for promoting?"

"A Middle-Class Devil?" Xenovia let the idea stir in her head before chuckling, "Once upon a time I would have been horrified at the idea of rising in the ranks among Devils, but now it sounds pretty exciting."

"Hey, hold on." Naruto quickly spoke up while looking between the Gremory siblings, "I'm thankful for the promotion, really, but do I qualify? I thought I was an [Illegal Piece], right? Doesn't that get in the way of me qualifying for the regular Devil stuff?"

"Your status as an [Illegal Piece] does affect your participation in the Rating Games, but it doesn't change the fact that you are a Devil who has done a lot to combat the situation with the Khaos Brigade these past few months. No one can deny that."

"But man did they try." Sirzechs groaned, "Raising unsubstantiated points like your status as an outsider as demerits against you. Honestly it was just really petty complaints hoisted by some of the elders that didn't agree with the fact that you beat Sairaorg and made the Great King faction look bad. Even though the fight had nothing to do with the Satan and Great King conflict."

"It's baffling that Sairaorg took defeat more gracefully than some of those people did." Rias groused with a huff before smiling at her servants again, "But after some lobbying it was clear that all of you have improved and excelled in your duties as Devils. As such, you will be taking the promotion test soon."

"Wow, a promotion to Middle-Class! Haha, I'm one step closer on my goal!" Issei cheered before blinking in thought, "Hey, what does a promotion test entail exactly? I mean it's ranking up as a Devil, so I'm sure it's probably something pretty crazy-"

"Actually you'll be required to participate in a written test, give a report, and then a practical exam."

"O-Oh…really?" Issei asked, "I-I mean that's great! It's good to hear it's something that manageable. I guess I'm just kinda surprised that it's so…w-well-"

"It's boring." Koneko piped up dauntlessly, "I mean you all agree, right?"

"I do." Azazel nodded, "I mean you think if Devils were gonna be ranking up it'd be something a little more exciting - like corrupting a set number of people, or setting up an orgy. Now that sounds like an exam someone would wanna take!"

Issei nodded excitedly at the prospect of Azazel's idea. And could feel the pointed looks of Asia, Irina, and Ravel staring at him with complicated feelings. Naruto coughed and turned away, knowing that if he did look back he was going to get some sharp looks of accusation wondering if he also liked the idea.

Sirzechs chuckled, "Yes I'm sure we would be getting a lot more applicants for testing if that was one of the exams, but right now it's just the test, the report, and the practical. I have no doubt that whatever opponents you face off against in the practical will be ones you all will handle quite easily." He looked at Akeno and Yuuto, "And I'm sure neither of you will have any problem with the other two parts."

"Thank you, Lucifer-sama."

"We're grateful that you have so much faith in us."

"Of course. But as for you two…" He looked at Naruto and Issei, "I think it would be best for you to study. There's going to be a lot of expectation on you four, and if only half of you passed then a lot of people would be disappointed."

"W-Why are you looking at us when you say that?"

No one said anything in response to Naruto's indignation.

"Oh fuck all of you."


"Do you have everything?"

"Yes, I think I do." Rossweisse nodded as she looked over her bag and duffle that had her toiletries and change of clothes. With a confident nod she stood up and looked at her fellow servants, "Okay, I think I'm ready now."

"Okay, take care on your trip." Rias saw her [Rook] off genially with Akeno and Gasper as well, "Are you sure you'll be okay?"

"Of course I will! It will just be for a quick visit with some former classmates and my grandmother."

"Rossweisse-San, are you sure they'll be able to help?" Gasped asked the older woman, "I mean the North isn't really accustomed for developing your [Rook] abilities as a Devil, are they?"

"They might not be Devils but there are plenty of folks who know something about being strong, tanking hits, and having powerful cores. And on top of that I feel like there's more I can do with the water abilities from Isobu-San." To punctuate her point she created some water between her fingers, "I just need to practice with them some more under some tutelage. And perhaps I'll finally get Isobu-San to remember my name!"

The other three Devils felt sweat drops run down their temples but simply nodded in agreement with her goals.

"I'll hopefully be back soon but not in time for your exams and tests." She lifted her bag up with a smile, "Akeno-San, I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors! Give my best wishes to Kiba-kun, Naruto-kun, and Issei-kun too!"

The [Queen] smiled warmly, "I appreciate that, and I promise not to disappoint you."

"Well alright then." With a big smile the Valkyrie grabbed her bags and waved them goodbye, "I'll be back soon-"

"Hold on, Rossweisse." Rias quickly called out to her [Rook]. The redhead stepped up and inquired while staring at the Valkyrie's unwavering back, "If you run into Odin-sama while back home, what will you do?"

"Hehehe," A dark chuckle escaped her lips and Rossweisse looked back at them while her hair shadowed her eyes, "If I see Odin-sama…well I suppose there were a few things I didn't get to say while we were at the stadium. I guess I'll just have to…continue on from there. Hehehe…"

The others looked at her nervously as she continued making her way out while chuckling menacingly. Gasper shivered in fear before looking at his seniors, "I-Is she alright?"

"Hmm," The two women shared a look before looking down at Gasper. Rias gave a dry chuckle, "W-Well, Gasper, Odin-sama really wronged Rossweisse, and that hurt her feelings deeply. And when someone you care about hurts yours like that, you start acting weird. I wouldn't call her a jilted lover, but…"

"Oh," The little Dhampir nodded, even though he didn't totally understand, "Would you act like that if Naruto-senpai wronged you, Buchou?"

"What?" Rias balked in shock, "W-What? No! No, o-of course I wouldn't!" She said defensively, "I have some sense and understanding about these kinds of things! P-Plus Naruto wouldn't do something like that to make me mad. I mean sure he makes me worry and gets on my nerves sometimes, but I also know he thinks and cares about me so much! It just isn't the same! Not even close! So-"

Akeno giggled by Gasper's side, "And that, Gasper, is what we call the thought process of a psycho bitch."




"Are you okay?"

"No." He said while rubbing his eyes and groaning into his palms, "Dammit, I feel like my brain is boiling. The longer I go the worse it's gonna get. My head was not meant to store this much information!"

"Please don't be overdramatic." Sona asked the blond boy stoically before looking over his notes. As she started reading through them she hummed, "These are quite comprehensive and easy to understand. I'm guessing Rias helped make these up for you to study before your promotion test?"

"Yeah." Naruto mumbled, "Although even with her help it's still super tough to remember all this. Plus there's the midterms coming up too! I can't handle it!" Naruto spared Sona a look, "You know, if only these tests were a little more staggered. I bet a lot of people would appreciate-"

"I'm not sure what authority you think I have as Student Council President, but I can't move exams."


"I don't even know why you're complaining." Akeno piped in, walking over to join them around his desk as she examined his papers, "You can make clones that can study too, right? You do it for your training. You can do it for this too."

"Rias' mom made me do that for studying, and that nearly broke my brain. I'm not totally up for doing that a second time." Naruto bemoaned while rubbing his head, glaring down at the papers before picking them up again and going over them, "But if I have to, I guess I will. It can't be like last time."

"Last time?"

"With Ajuka-San in the Maou trials. I handled the one with your sister, the one with the tired guy, and the one with Sirzechs pretty well. But the knowledge aspect Ajuka-San gave us is the one I totally failed. They were pretty lenient but…" He scratched his head, "I'm probably not gonna get to pass if I make it through just 2/3 of the promotion test, am I?"

Both young women seemed to agree with his worry.

"Then I gotta do my best to know this stuff. To at least pass this crap with an acceptable grade if nothing else." He patted the papers, "This should do for the written part, I don't think I need to worry about the practical. And the report…" He scratched his head before looking to Akeno, "What's the report about again?"

"Simple concept stuff. What your aims are as a Devil. How you believe you've become greedier since becoming one. What you'll do as a Middle-Class Devil. And what you've gained since joining our side." Akeno shrugged, "Stuff so easy even you can't mess it up." She then looked up in thought before giggling, "Actually, ask Rias for help anyway. You'll need it."

He frowned, "Just once…can we have a conversation just once when you don't throw a barb at me?"

"It's just so easy. I can't help it."

"I'm surprised how much has changed." Naruto and Akeno stopped their back and forth and looked to Sona as she had a faint smile on her face. She leaned on her hand and looked between them, "Just months ago you were two very different people. Akeno, you always smiled and put on airs when you were around others."

The [Queen] nodded solemnly, "Yes, well after hearing so many complaints from the idiot couple I had to change things up."

"And Uzumaki-kun, you barely ever even came to class. I never would have imagined the kind of person you are if you and Rias had never met."

"Yeah, the good old days when I could look at all these papers and just walk away." He sighed, "Kinda missing it honestly. The complete disregard for tests and studying seems like something I'd really appreciate more now."

"Oh, shut up you baby."

"You know, now that I think about it, you and Rias have been together for a while now, and that probably won't change anytime soon. So I guess I should probably start getting friendlier with you." She smiled his way, "Is it alright if I call you by your first name?"

"Sure. Is it alright if I don't call you by your title?"

"I'd prefer it, actually." Sona said with a smile before offering her hand, "I'm trusting you to keep Rias happy, Naruto-kun."

He took her hand and shook it, "I'll do my best, Sona." As they smiled at each other his expression suddenly grew concerned, "Wait, should I call you So-tan like your sister wanted me to? Would she be upset if I didn't?"

"I say we cross that bridge when we get there."


"Shaking hands~?" Akeno sarcastically cooed with a chuckle, "How scandalous~."

"Shut up."

"Himejima-San." The trio looked back as the blonde woman their age with spiral drills in her hair walked over. Kiyome Abe stopped by the desk and nodded to the other two, "Hello again Uzumaki-kun, Kaichou."

"A pleasure to see you as well, Abe-San."

"Hey, been awhile." Naruto nodded, "That mermaid still doing okay?"

"Estleena is doing quite well, thanks for asking." Kiyome nodded appreciatively before looking at Akeno, "Gremory-San reached out to me about the problem your junior is currently having. I couldn't find her," She handed a small brown bag over to Akeno, "But I think this medicine should help. Can you let her know when you see her?"

"Of course, thank you very much." Akeno nodded grateful and Kiyome accepted before she stepped away. Akeno stood up with the brown bag in hand, "I have to go. I'll be back soon."

As they watched her leave, Sona whispered, "Is everything okay?"

Naruto honestly didn't know what answer to give.


Issei bowed his head deeply, "So what do you guys say? Think you'd be willing to help me prepare for the writing exam?"

"Juggernaut Drive."

"Juggernaut Drive."

"Juggernaut Drive."

"Man, I don't know why I bother." He sighed before turning to the sentient members of the Booster Gear consciousness, "Would you two be willing to help cheat with all this knowledge?"

"Eh, that doesn't sound like the right thing to do." Elsha noted with a smile as she sat with him and Naruto away from the other mindless husks of Boosted Gear's previous wielders, "Isn't this a test for you to prove yourself worthy of going up to the next rank of Devil on your own merits?"

"Yeah, and this feels like a merit! Having a bunch of people in my subconscious who could learn this information and help me feels like a skill I should be utilizing!" Issei rationalized with a hopeful smile to the two elders. As Elsha and Naruto stared at him skeptically, he threw his hands up, "Well I bet Naruto-senpai would use his clones to cheat and learn all this stuff faster if he could! Naruto-San, please, you have to help me ace this test! Help me succeed and cheat the same way your other self will do as well!"

The other Naruto felt a sweatdrop run down his cheek at Issei's insistence, "Uh, I'm not sure how I feel about hearing you being so sure that my other self will cheat." He scratched his cheek, "Would it really be so bad, Issei-kun? I mean you both will try as hard as you can to pass the test. Isn't that enough?"

"It will not be enough!" Issei proclaimed, "If we take this test and he passes while I fail, he'll hold it over my head forever! He'll never let me live it down! It will be an eternal stain on my life that he will mock and ridicule me for until one of us is dead! And that is not acceptable!"

The two remnants of consciousness shared a look before asking, "Well what will happen if you pass, and he fails?"

"Oh, I'll do all that stuff to him." They both looked unamused as they frowned at him, "Don't look at me like that. Our friendship is complicated and hard to describe. All I know is that if one of us fails, the other will pester and ridicule the failure forever. That's the rule."

"That doesn't sound like friendship."

"Yeah well definitions change." Issei said with a huff before looking down at his hand and clenching his fist, "Plus it's super important that I make this rank! It's the first big step to fulfilling my dream of become a higher Devil and having the greatest harem in the world!"

Naruto couldn't stifle his chuckle for very long as Elsha giggled, "Aren't you worried about Ddraig's mental state if you keep going ahead at this rate?"


Ddraig had recently been feeling quite - well - he had a small breakdown dealing with all the breast powerups assisting with his rapid growth. The idea that the proud Welsh Dragon and Red Dragon Emperor was now being reduced to a children's toy regularly associated with breasts was a blow to the ego he just couldn't handle anymore. Apparently Ddraig needed counseling with a Dragon specialist to help him handle the changes.

Issei felt guilty knowing he was the cause of his partner's distress. But the idea of giving up his love of all things breast was just…not in the cards.

"Um, Ddraig can hold out, right?" Issei asked nervously, "I mean he's one of the Two Heavenly Dragons, right? He's handle worse than this, right?"

Elsha nodded, "Ddraig and I fought many hard battles in our time together. I can confidently say that you have broken him in ways no one else has ever managed to do."

"Oh…t-that's cool?"


[I've never seen you so adamant on studying. What's the big deal?]

"Rias and everyone are relying on me to pass so I have to do my best." Naruto affirmed to his partner in his Sacred Gear, "Plus if I didn't I just know Issei would never stop giving me shit."

[Are you guys friends?]

"Of course we are. Why do you ask?" Kurama didn't give an immediate response and Naruto just shrugged before carrying on down the hall. He was going to meet with Rias and Akeno for a study session on what the midterms and promotion test would cover. Just thinking about all the studying he was going to do made a shudder of disgust run up his spine. But he stifled the uneasy feeling and pressed on because he wanted to succeed not only for the others' sake, but for his own. If he was a higher rank, it was sure to help smoothe over relations with the Bijū and the rest of the world when they were finally recovered. And proving himself with a higher rank would only go to ease any problems people might have with his relationship with Rias.

Not that anything anyone else had to say would have an affect on their bond. If they could stare down the Maou and say they didn't care what the rest of the world thought of them going out, there was no one in existence that could make them second-guess it.

Just as he was about to walk forward, a little figure walked out from around the corner with her eyes aimed down. Naruto quickly came to a stop before he ran into her and she gasped looking up at him, "S-Senpai?"

"H-Hi, Koneko." Naruto greeted her with a small stammer and a wave as she nervously nodded back but still avoided looking at him. This was the first time they had talked to each other since the night of their date. Even though they still saw each other a few times a day, they hadn't spoken to one another after the abrupt end of their kissing session. Naruto cleared his throat as Koneko continued to look away, "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes, I'm fine." Koneko meekly answered, looking down at the floor to avoid eyecontact, "W-What about you? W-What are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm off to study with Rias and Akeno. There's still a lot to go over with the exams coming up so…" He felt like he was rambling without her full attention and scratched his neck, "Yeah."

"That's good." She nodded, "Study as best you can. I hope you pass, Senpai." Koneko nodded, "I should probably-"

"Koneko," He quickly spoke up before she could leave, "Are you okay? I mean did I do something to annoy you or make you angry?"

"No. No everything's fine."

"T-Then did I scare you?" He inquired with some apprehension, "Because if that kiss was too soon, or if I made you feel uncomfortable-"

"W-What?! No!" Koneko finally looked back up at him and desperately said that before her eyes widened and she looked away. She tried to rush away, "I-I have to-"

Her foot caught against the floor and she toppled over.

"Koneko!" She let out a little gasp as he caught her hand before she could fall over and pulled her back up. As she was standing on her feet he sighed in relief before quickly letting go of her, "Sorry about that. I shouldn't be-"

Before he could pull his hand back, Koneko reached out and grabbed his wrist. He looked down and watched as she lifted his hand in front of her and gently held it between both of hers. Her breathing came out in quick and shallow pants as she stared at his hand-

Before she leaned in and licked his finger.

He flinched and shivered while watching in shock as Koneko slowly and sensually licked his index finger. Her small tongue ran along the digit as she let out faint little gasps and moans each time she did. And finally when her tongue reached the tip of his finger she gently opened her mouth to take part of it into her mouth. She ran down to one of the knuckles and moaned the entire time before opening her eyes.

Naruto looked down and saw her slitted eyes so dazed and hazy that she didn't seem to care at all for anything else. Her face was blood red and her ears twitched in time with each moan she made.

And Koneko saw his shocked and flabbergasted expression as she sucked on his finger. And that despite how surprised he was, his face was just as red as hers.

Her eyes widened again and she pulled away, taking her mouth off his finger and gasping for air as she covered her mouth and quickly ran away. In just a moment she was gone and out of sight.

Naruto just stood there…silent…staring at the finger that was still glossy after being in her mouth. He kept standing there for a full minute without sound-

[Maybe…maybe you should start walking? Get the blood flowing?]

He wordlessly nodded and started just walking down the hall without paying any attention. He stumbled and knocked into the wall a few times before he finally came into the kitchenette where he was going to study with the others. Rias and Akeno were in the middle of talking with Azazel about something before they noticed him approach. And when they saw his expression they went quiet and just looked at him.

"Koneko…just…s-she licked and sucked my finger." He confessed between pauses, "I…I don't…why?"

Azazel sighed and drank his coffee while Rias and Akeno shared a look. His girlfriend sat down and patted the seat next to him, "I wanted her to tell you after it was taken care of, but if something like this is going to happen then you should know."


"She's in heat?!"

"Yes," Rias nodded to Naruto's uncouth question as he stared at her in shock, "After we talked with her we realized she's in her mating season right now. The way she talked and described it made it clear what she was going through. And after a checkup and discussion with Abe-San, it became clear what her symptoms were pointing to."

"Nekomata, and more precisely the rare breed Nekoshou that Koneko and her sister are a part of, become hypersensitive and alert while during these estrous cycles." Azazel added as he continued, "Once a member of their race reaches a certain point of maturity, they feel a compulsion to mate and create offspring. They search for someone they like of another race and try to produce with them. And in this case…"

Naruto was so floored by their explanation that he barely had enough presence of mind to point at himself. And when the others nodded he slumped back in his chair, "Holy shit."

"Yep, and normally I'd point and laugh and tell you two crazy kids to have fun," Azazel joked before shaking his head, "But this time I can't do that in good conscience."

"What do you mean?"

"Koneko's not yet mature enough to be going through these cycles." Akeno answered, "Her body has reached a point of growth, but she's still not done growing up. Hypothetically, if she were to be pregnant, it would be extremely dangerous. For both her and the baby. And there's no guarantee that either one or both of them would survive going through that experience."

A cold rush ran through Naruto's stomach as the idea of something like that happening left an icy fear in his heart. He gulped, "Wait, if she's too young to be going through this, why is it happening now? Is it just the first time and it's dangerous?"

"That, and it's sooner than usual." Azazel said, "Most cases of her race going through this start when their bodies start growing more and they become mature enough to start having children. Honestly this might be a year or two earlier than she's supposed to be doing it."

"But why?"

"We think…because she's been stirred on by the environment around her. Or more specifically…the people around her."

Naruto didn't understand what they were saying or the way they were tiptoeing around an actual answer. But as he was about to complain he looked to the side and noticed Rias' sad, guilty expression. And when he did realization crossed his mind, "Oh."

It was them. They did this. Being so forward with their affection and public with their love. Koneko having witnessed them having sex and no doubt smelling it in the room from time to time. Her heat cycle had been triggered soon than expected because he and Rias were getting so close.

"It's our fault." Rias whispered, "It's because of us that Koneko is in this state now."

"That's not such a bad thing." Akeno offered, "She's in love and that comes with some difficulties. And this would have happened at some point anyway. That's not something you should be taking the full blame for. It's just nature."

Rias still seemed conflicted but solemnly nodded her head. He sighed and nodded as well, "O-Okay, but we can do something, right? I mean Kiyome gave Akeno that medicine for her earlier, right? And Azazel, you made us that medication, didn't you? Can't that help her?"

"That's a slippery slope." Azazel answered while stretching in his chair, "That medication I gave you stalls the normal process for reproducing for a time until another cycle comes through, and you have to take another one. It's made to a specific individual based on their body chemistry at the time. Making one for Koneko now while her chemistry is all out of whack won't be effective."

"And suppressing these feelings and flashes too forcefully with medication might screw up the entire process even after she's finished maturing. The medicine Abe-San gave us just helps ease the intensity of what she's feeling, not quell it entirely." Rias said as Naruto took a moment to consider their words. As he did she turned to Azazel and glared at him, "How did you prepare my medicine to my body chemistry exactly?"

"A lock of your hair." The Fallen Angel casually said, "Do you have any idea how many strands of red hair I find lying around the place? I'd say you were shedding if I didn't know you'd kill me for saying that."

As Rias glowered at him, Akeno coughed and got them focused back on track, "Look, all that matters is that Koneko is going through a hard time right now and you can't be anywhere near her while she is. If she isn't holding back her desires as much as possible, she would try to jump you. So you need to stay away and stay clear of the temptation."

"Temptation?" Naruto was left aghast at her wording, "What does that mean? If I do anything Koneko would get hurt! I would never-"

"Really?" Akeno asked pointedly, "Because you walked in here looking pretty dazed after she licked and sucked your finger."

"You did." Azazel agreed as Rias nodded, "If my cute junior suddenly started sucking my fingers I can tell you now I wouldn't have walked over and wasted time telling other people about it."

"T-Then that just proves that I won't get tempted!"

[You also seemed pretty into it when you and her were kissing the other day.]

"Kurama! Don't snitch!"

[How is this snitching?! I'm holding you accountable by telling you the problem! Say you won't do anything as much as you want but after it's happened twice you need to be made aware of it!]

"I don't – I mean I wasn't – that was-" He sighed and slumped in his chair, "Fuck it, whatever. If Koneko is in danger than I'll make sure to stay far away."

"Thank you." Rias patted his head before leaning in and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, "It's really sweet that you're so considerate. I'm sure if most boys heard they put a girl into heat they would be quite excited~."


"Hey you two, no flirting." Akeno quickly snapped at them, "That's what caused this mess in the first place. Now in case you forgot we came to study-"

"Actually," Azazel's tone suddenly shifted as he sat up in his chair and looked between each of them, "There's something I have to tell you guys before you start. We're – um – we're expecting company to come by pretty soon."

"Company?" Rias inquired, curious by his suspicious tone and wording, "Why are you saying it like that? The way you say it makes it sound like something Onii-sama isn't aware of?"

"He isn't. In fact, none of the factions know about this company that's coming here. And we need it to stay that way." He pointedly stressed the point between the three seniors, "Now you can tell the rest of the club that people are coming, but you must get their word that they won't say anything to anyone else."

"This feels shady."

"It's incredibly shady. But also, incredibly necessary." Azazel stressed before looking at Rias, "You remember that deal you made with Kuroka about housing here in return for her help without any council from the higher brass?" Rias firmly nodded, "That was something you did because it was necessary, and because despite her attitude and past, you know she is a far lesser evil than other forces that are out there. This is something similar to that; an important deal with a far lesser evil that has to be handled in secret."

Rias, Akeno, and Naruto looked between each other and felt the dire importance of this matter and keeping quiet about it. They nodded and looked to the Governor-General, "So who is coming here?"

The mixed-haired man hissed and scratched his head, "Uh, I don't think I should tell you."

"Azazel, it's not exactly fair to be telling us to trust your deal and housing this company if you won't even tell us who they are."

"Yeah, I know. Totally unfair…" He took a deep breath, "But if I told you who it was…you'd say no."

"Oh come on. It can't be that bad."


The members of the ORC stood silent and frozen in place as they stared at their guests.

Le Fay Pendragon the Magician.

Arthur Pendragon the Holy Royal Sword.

Bikou the Monkey King.

Kuroka the Black Cat.

Fenrir the God-Devouring Wolf.

Gogmagog the Golem.

Vali Lucifer the White Dragon Emperor.

And standing in front of them was Ophis the Ouroboros Dragon. The small gothic loli stared up at all of them with the same blank eyes, "We meet once again…Ddraig and friends."

"You were right, Azazel. We wouldn't have agreed if we'd known."

||||||||Omake: The Super-sexy-position||||||||

"Do you think she wears underwear?"

Naruto and Yuuto shared a look after Issei's sudden inquiry while they were eating. The whiskered blond sighed and dropped his chopsticks to give the pervert his attention, "I'm sorry?"

"Kuroka? I see her walking around the hotel sometimes and I can't not notice!" Issei clutched his head in agony as his eyes constricted and bobbed around, "Those boobies! Those super stuffed-up milkies! Those fucking kimono-stretching, gravity-defying titties! THEY AREN'T CONTAINED BY A BRA!"

Yuuto sighed and put his chopsticks down as well, "And here I thought we could eat in peace."

"Don't tell me you two haven't noticed!"

"Of course I've noticed!" Naruto barked back in a heated fury, "But you don't have to bring it up while we're trying to eat!"

"I can't not talk about it!"

Yuuto sighed, "Issei-kun, this isn't really that big a deal. Kuroka-San is very well-endowed, and some girls can get very uncomfortable while trying to wear bras. Buchou and Akeno-San have gone some periods trying out not wearing bras to ease their discomfort."

Both [Pawns] turned and looked at the [Knight] in shock and surprise at what he said.

He noticed their stunned expressions and shrugged, "What? I've been in the peerage for many years. They were very open talking about stuff like this before you two showed up."

"And…that doesn't excite or bother you?"

"I don't have sisters. Neither of you has sisters. But from my point of view, this is what it feels like to have sisters." Yuuto picked up his chopsticks and returned to his meal.

Issei and Naruto shared a look before shrugging, "Well anyway, I guess I can understand her not wearing a bra. But - like - what about panties? Does she wear those?"

Yuuto paused in his meal and Naruto blinked before both blonds looked up in thought. They turned to each other and realized they didn't have an answer, "Huh."

"Well, it seems you kids have discovered the greatest question in the world." They looked over as Azazel appeared by the door with glasses on his face and a lab coat over his body, "Boys, you have stumbled upon one of the greatest inquiries in modern science."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the question that unravels the very thought of the universe. The one that has sent scientists mad trying to find the answer. I'm speaking of course about my totally original idea; Schrödinger's Pussy."

The sound of Yuuto palming his face was followed by the intrigued hums of Issei and Naruto.

"Now this is an incredibly difficult concept to wrap your head around, but it can be boiled down sufficiently enough." Azazel came to the table and looked at the boys, "It all deals with superpositions, boys. And the idea that any possibility imaginable can occur until it is properly observed and the wave function collapses."

"I-I don't get it."

"I do." Yuuto interrupted, "I see exactly what you're doing and I'm begging you to stop."

"Can't. Too fun. Anyway, we know the question is whether Kuroka is au natural or not. We have no scientific proof or evidence to show either way. And with the fact that her kimono never seems to give a good enough view, she continuously exists in both a state of panty-wearing or naked until we can observe the answer ourselves."

"That…sounds stupid." Naruto interjected, "It just sounds like you're making this way more complicated."

"You only say that because you don't understand superpositions and quantum law."

"Are you sure it's that and not you being stupid?"

The argument quickly devolved from there. And soon enough everyone else heard the commotion and joined in. After a while, all the Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels in the hotel were arguing about whether this was a good thought experiment or if it was just making things needlessly complicated, and why they were talking about a lady wearing panties in the first place.

"Hey," Kuroka heard the ruckus and stopped by with eating a bag of chips, "Making a lot of noise in here. What's going on, nya?"

"We're debating superpositions and the idea that you are both wearing and not wearing panties simultaneously until we can actually observe them!"

"Don't tell her that!"

Kuroka grabbed her kimono and spread it open for everyone to see.

She then tied it back up and shrugged with a smile, "Hope that solved your problem or whatever."

She walked away and left everyone in stunned silence. Some blood started running down some noses. Irina was sputtering as her wings changed from black to white.

Naruto wiped his face, "We definitely observed that."



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