New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 61: Indulgence


Complete and total exhaustion was the first thing he felt when he stirred awake. Naruto's eyes struggled to peel open even a little, the feeling of his body being spent on energy making it a struggle to even wake up. But it was difficult to just close his eyes and drift off to sleep again. It was a limbo of exhaustion he couldn't do anything about.

It was the shifting of weight on the bed that stirred him awake a little bit more. He blinked and looked down to see blurry figures shifting along by his side. Rubbing his eyes and clearing the haze from them, he got a proper look.

Rias, Xenovia, and Koneko were slumbering deeply along the bed. Rias was at the farthest side with a bucking and rowdy Xenovia between him and her. Finally, Koneko was on his other side, curled up like a kitten and bundled up close to his side as she slept soundly.

Memories of the night started to return to him as a satisfied sigh drew out of his mouth.

The taste of Rias' pussy on his tongue as Xenovia tried to suck his cock again.

Clapping against Koneko's little ass from behind as the Nekomata panted and mewled like crazy.

Lifting Xenovia's leg as she held onto the side of the bed and pounded into her pussy.

And finally, pinning Rias' to the bed, thrusting into her cunt, and earning a sweet moan from the redhead as she hugged him tightly and squeezed before he came inside her.

It was so tiring. So tiring and beautiful and exhilarating that Naruto wasn't sure whether to pat himself on the back or curl up into a coma.

With a groan Naruto crawled out of the bed, grabbing his drawers and pulling them back up before he walked out of the room. He rubbed his eyes and made his way down to the kitchenette on their private floor. Pulling open the door, he reached in and grabbed a bottle of water to try and rehydrate.

"Hey, you're up late." Naruto looked over as Azazel walked in, a chuckle on his lips as he reached into the fridge and grabbed a beer, "I didn't get to see you after you made it back, but I'm glad to see you vertical with the rest of us." He cracked open his beer and dropped down in the seat across from him, "So I've been kicked out of my position as Governor-General - they didn't like me secretly meeting with Ophis behind their backs - but I like to look on the bright side of things. I'll be focused on scientific research and advancements. It was some good news to hear, especially after I was tortured by Sirzechs for several hours listening to him prattle on about the pictures on his phone. So, why are you just in your undies?"

Naruto opened his mouth…then rolled his eyes and ignored the Fallen Angel as he sipped his drink.

Azazel scoffed, "Geez, you're subdued. I thought you'd be a little more energetic after coming back to life and getting everything you wanted. And I bet Rias was plenty happy to have you back, huh~? Too bad Xenovia never got her chance to pull you aside and - oops, spoil…" Azazel stopped with his teasing tone when he noticed the bashful expression on Naruto's face at the topic, "Wait…did - did all three of them come to you? A-And did you-"

Naruto's face grew a little more flushed as he silently nodded.

"YOU FOOL!" Naruto's head snapped aside as Azazel's hand slapped across his cheek. The whiskered man nearly jumped up to attack him before the Fallen Angel grabbed his shoulders, "Did you think you could just jump into the deep end like that without any preparations?! Go from maybe barely pleasing one woman to trying your hand at three?! Are you insane!" A vein pulsed on his forehead from Azazel's unsubtle jab, "You're probably exhausted, right?"

Tentatively, he had to shrug and agree with his point.

"Of course you are! You just barely made it because I'm sure Koneko was unconsciously boosting your energy!" That…made a lot of sense in hindsight. Azazel sighed and stood by his side, squeezing with a hand around his shoulder, "Look, I get the appeal. Crawling into bed with multiple women. The rush and exhilaration of their bodies pressing against yours, stirring you on to do more and more. Wanting nothing but to hear the sweetest, most enticing sounds from them as you bring them to climax."

Naruto was increasingly worried that Azazel might be aroused while saying these things.

"Naruto," Azazel patted his shoulder, "Pace yourself. Set some boundaries. Try handling the girls one at a time for now. As much fun as it would be, those three at the same time…they'll eat you alive." He let go of the blond youngster and snagged his beer before walking away, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

After being left alone, Naruto blew a raspberry with his lips and sighed. He downed the rest of his water before yawning and making his way back to his room. Walking in it was to the sound of the bed shifting and restless sleep. He saw Xenovia fitfully shifting in the bed, in a deep and peaceful slumber as her body seemed to move and fight by itself. He reconsidered even getting back into bed, remembering the stray punches and kicks he'd gotten from the Exorcist when they shared a bed.

Rias' hand unconsciously reached out and snagged Xenovia's wrist. With barely a mumble she reached out, grabbed the [Knight], and pulled her into her embrace. Xenovia resisted for all of two seconds before calming down and drifting off into an even deeper sleep with her head stuck firmly between Rias' breasts. The redhead smiled warmly, rubbing her head and hugging her as they drifted off together.

That might have been the sweetest thing he'd seen in ages. And it wasn't even tainted by the fact they were both beautiful naked women he had slept with just hours ago. That was a position he'd found himself waking up in a lot since he started sleeping in the same bed as Rias. She had unconsciously developed a knack for stopping restless sleepers over the months.

He climbed back into bed and fell into the pillows with a sigh. And when Koneko let out a tiny moan and scooted into his chest, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. With a gentle kiss between her ears, he drifted back off to sleep.


"This is going to be a big day, everyone!" Zeoticus Gremory greeted his daughter and the club with a smile, "First, I would like to show my gratitude to every one of you. Not only as the head of the Gremory family but as a citizen of the Underworld."

"Thank you, everyone." Venelana continued, her and her husband bowing their heads to the young members, "We are truly indebted to you all for what you have done."

"I-It's no problem, ma'am."

"Thank you, sir."

The ORC bowed their heads in return to show their respects to their hosts. Zeoticus and Venelana raised their heads and smiled, "Now, we need to prepare you all for today!"

"This is a special occasion. The first of Rias' peerage is going to advance to Middle-Class Devils today so we have to make sure we are prepared. Someday soon I'm sure we'll be seeing all of you take the stage and accept that promotion," Some of the peerage blushed at the praise Venelana gave them, "So let's get you all dressed to look your best today."

"Okaa-sama, I picked out an outfit I thought Naruto would look good in and had it delivered to my room. Is it alright if we go try it on?"

"Anything you've picked personally is bound to be lovely, Rias. I can't wait to see it. The rest of you, please come with me so we can find the most appropriate attire for you."

The other members of the ORC were guided to find outfits for them while Rias and Naruto made their way back to her room. Once they were back in her room, Naruto looked around and saw most of her trinkets and memorabilia from Japan and Kyoto had been placed aside to open more space. Naruto mindlessly made his way over to an ink painting with a figure standing atop a white dragon.

He didn't realize at the time but this was the version of him that lived back in Kyoto with Kunou's mom. Issei told him that his remnant in the Sacred Gear had burned out and faded away after he had returned to life from the Dimensional Gap. It was…surreal to think another version of him had lived not only in this world but in his friend's Longinus until just recently.

"I wish I could have met him." Rias stepped up to his side, staring at the picture deeply before resting her head on his shoulder, "I imagine he must have been like you, but I wonder in what ways he was different."

"How do you know he was different?"

"Because you're you, and he's him. Not the same. Not in the ways that we love and care about you."

A faint smile stretched his lips at her comforting words. With a quick peck to her crown, he turned around, "So, this is the outfit you picked? It looks nice."

"Yes, I remember the suit you wore the night of that ball we had near the end of summer. You looked very nice, but I think this will look even better. Take off your shirt."

"Okay," Naruto complied, unbuttoning his shirt and looking at the suit, "So you need me to try it on and see if it fits?"

"No need. I've got your measurements down pat and this suit should fit perfectly."

He paused and blinked in confusion, "Then why do I need to take off my shirt?"


"What?" She coyly giggled as she started unbuttoning her shirt as well, "From what I remember, you were the one who said he wanted to fuck me in my room, right?"

He shrugged, slipping his shirt off without hesitation, "And as I remember, you turned me down because you were upset with me fighting Sairaorg, right?"

"Well, that's not happening this time." Rias' top and bra dropped by her feet, leaving her naked from the waist up as she approached her boyfriend. He discarded his shirt as well, looking down as she walked in and looked up at him, her hands pressing on his chest before she leaned in, "Now do you want to do it or not?"

"Have we got the time?"

"We'll make time."

Azazel's warning about pacing himself popped into his head…and promptly went ignored.

They kissed, their passion and heat quickly rising as Naruto pulled her in and nearly lifted her off her feet. Rias clung to his body, holding his face as she plunged her tongue into his-

"Ojou-sama?" They flinched at the voice and the knock on the door just a few feet away, "Ma'am, Venelana-sama asked me to come along and relay to you the itinerary for the evening."

Rias tried to catch her breath, "Is it possible you could tell me this later?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but the lady insisted that I tell you now so that you could prepare some points of conversation for whoever you might meet along the way."

With a reluctant sigh, Rias rolled her eyes knowing there was no way to get out of this if it was a request from her mother. The frustrated redhead looked up at her blond lover and saw him give a small smile and shrug, conveying to her silently that there was nothing they could do. He started reaching for his shirt-

Only for Rias' hand to touch his chest and stop him from making another move. He looked at Rias curiously as a devilish smile came to her face with a glint in her eye.

She reached down and started to unfasten his pants. Naruto looked at her in surprise, his head swiveling between the door and back to Rias as his pants dropped around his ankles. She got down on her knees, yanking his underwear down past his thighs as his dick stood fully erect just a few centimeters from her face. A giddy giggle slipped through her lips as the musk from his cock wafted into her nose and made her shudder. She looked up at Naruto, quietly shushed him with a finger to her lips, and took hold of his erection.

"Okay, please tell me what we can expect at the ceremony today."

"Yes, Ojou-sama. Firstly, you'll be meeting with Lucifer-sama and the other Maous-"

As the maid started to read off her list, Rias leaned in and pressed her lips where his cock and balls met. She felt him stiffen and stifle his gasps as she pressed her lips in a little further. Her hand gently took hold of the tip of his cock and she slowly dragged her tongue up his length while the voice outside ignorantly read everything off.

When her tongue reached the top she gently ran it over his throbbing head, poking it several times before just licking it. As the pre-cum started leaking out and coating her tongue, Rias stared up and saw just how heated and enraptured Naruto was at her effort. Something about it stirred her, and she wanted to do more and more to make him explode at her touch.

Rias placed her hands on his hips and kept the tip of his prick between her lips. With a moan she leaned in, pushing more and more of his dick into her mouth as he struggled to keep his breath. When she felt her nose near his body and felt his cock down her throat, she knew she had bottomed out. Her eyes panned up and saw the strain on his face trying not to make a sound while succumbing to the pleasure of her fellatio.

It was enough to make Rias' panties start to get wet at the thought of what they could do next.

The noble redhead started dragging her head back and forth, sucking on the blond's dick and making his knees tremble every time he felt the warm, tight confines of her mouth. As Rias squeezed and tightened her mouth around his cock, he clapped his hand over his to stop any noises that came out. He couldn't risk the maid hearing him groan as Rias' tongue slathered over his throbbing tip.

Naruto grits his teeth, his hand landing atop her head and trying to slow her movement down as gently as he could failing. The redhead rolled her head side to side, letting his tip poke into the inside of her cheek as she looked up at Naruto with hazy, enthralled eyes.

"And that's everything." The maid finished on the other side of the door, "Did you get all of that, Ojou-sama?"

Rias' mouth popped off his dick, letting his wet erection lay across her cheek as she smiled and caught her breath. She panted, "Yes, that will do. Please tell Okaa-sama that I will speak with her soon after we're done trying our outfits on."

"Of course, ma'am. I'll be on my way." The sound of the maid's footsteps leaving from the door quickly followed before disappearing entirely. Leaving the whiskered man to catch his breath and look down at his dick twitching and throbbing against Rias' face.

She grabbed his shaft and moved it aside, running her tongue along a vein and looking up at Naruto as he panted, "I don't think I've ever seen you so stiff and struggling not to cum." She placed her lips on the head and gave it a soft kiss, "Did you like getting sucked off while someone was so close? Where they might hear you moan and grunt as your girlfriend gives you a blowjob? Wow, you're quite the naughty boy, aren't you~? Do you like the risk of-"

Two hands fell on either side of Rias' head and pulled her in, forcing her mouth around his cock and nearly down its entirety. Her eyes lidded and watered from the surprisingly forceful movement before she looked up. Naruto smirked, "You're one to talk, you dirty bitch. Who asked you to get on your knees and suck?" Still holding her head he pulled back and let just half of it rest on her tongue, "If we had gotten caught we would've gotten in trouble but you didn't care, right? I guess I should be lucky you just wanted to suck my cock and not fuck you. You would've been so loud with your moaning we never would've gotten away with it. Or would that have just excited you more?"

Rias moaned into his cock as she slipped a finger into her panties.

"Well, since we're already halfway there…"

Rias resumed sucking his dick as his hands helped grip her head and move her along. The soft moans and sounds Rias' mouth made stirred Naruto along and made his excitement grow ever higher. And the way she felt his rod run along her tongue and into her mouth set a fire in Rias that she tried to quell by fingering herself. They continued for a few moments longer before Naruto grunted.

He pushed forward and started cumming, his cum pumping down her throat as she stilled and closed her eyes. Rope after rope spurted out and Rias gulped it all down before it could fill her mouth. The beautiful heiress kept drinking until he finished and then gave his stiff cock another several sucks to make sure she had everything.

Once it was done Rias pulled back, Naruto giving no resistance as his penis slipped out of her mouth. After she finished Rias closed her eyes and cleaned her mouth before letting out a sigh, "Wow~," She looked up at Naruto and licked her lips, "I always knew you cum a lot, but I think only now am I starting to get an idea of just how much." She stared at his dick as it remained hard by her face, "I guess if you're still up for it, we should-"

Naruto grabbed Rias' arm and pulled her up to her feet in a single move, earning a gasp from his girlfriend as he dragged her along forcefully. He pulled her in and pushed her onto the bed as Rias braced herself. Before she could make a move Naruto leaned into her backside and hugged her from behind, "N-Naruto-"

"That was only the second time you've given me a blowjob," He whispered to her as he started to cup and grope her breasts from behind. Rias moaned as he started to feel her tits directly, his voice coming by her ear and causing shudders to travel down her spine, "But if I keep feeling that I might get addicted to it."

"O-Oh?" She muttered, looking over her shoulder at her lover as he smiled, "I didn't think I'd gotten that good. If you want me to get some more practice in then - AH!" Rias' voice peaked when his hand slipped along her stomach and snaked into her panties. The redhead gasped as he started tweaking her clit before slipping his fingers into her folds, "N-Naruto-"

"I'm worried I might get left behind at this rate." Gently kissing the nape of her neck and feeling her shiver under him, Naruto got off the bed and stayed behind her. He grabbed her panties and yanked them down to her knees. When he saw the wet spot on the inside of her underwear and just how moist her pussy lips looked, an excited snicker slipped out, "If anyone should be getting some practice in, it's me."

Kneeling behind her, Naruto buried his face in her crotch and started to eat her out. The [King] let it a squeal as she felt the heat and pressure of his face in her pussy, his tongue pushing in and running along her velvety walls to make her squirm and shudder. Rias gasped as his tongue pulled out before running along her folds. Her mind was clouded with pleasure as tingles ran up her back and through her whole body. She felt his tongue gently lap against her cunt, one hand sensually rubbing her bottom as the other reached out to pull on her nipple.

It was happening again. Rias was becoming putty in the hands of her lover and not getting a second to react. Just like he, Xenovia, and Koneko had teamed up to push her over the edge that night. And just like when Naruto leaned down to perform cunnilingus the first time after she had nearly fingered herself to climax. At this rate, she was going to get swept up in his rhythm again.

"S-Stop!" Rias cried out, "Naruto, stop!"

He quickly noticed the urgency in her voice and pulled his tongue out, standing up and looking at Rias in worry, "Rias, are you okay? I didn't hurt you or anything, right? Do you want to stop? Do you need me to-"

"N-Not like this," Rias panted, a small line of droll coming down her chin as she looked back at Naruto, "I-I don't want to finish with your fingers, o-or your mouth. I-If I'm going to cum," Rias leaned into the bed, propping her ass up in the air and reaching back to spread her pussy lips for him to see into her pink insides, "I-It's gonna be with your cock inside me, o-okay?"

"Fuck," Naruto growled as he grabbed her backside and lined his dick up with her opening, "When did you get this foxy?"

He plunged to the root and Rias let out a wild moan feeling him enter her. As he started to hump her from behind, Rias' moans and gasps grew louder with each move. Her breasts pressed into the bed and she buried her face into it as well to try and stifle her moaning, "O-Oh fuck!"

"Are you close?" Naruto grunted as he pumped his cock into her pussy, the wet slaps of his rod plunging into her lips filling the room, "With the sounds you were making a moment ago it felt like I was just a few more licks from getting you over the edge."

"D-Don't talk like that! I-It's - AH!" Rias cried out, "N-Not there!"

"What's gotten into you, Rias?" Wrapping his arms around her stomach, Naruto pulled her up so that she was leaning back against his chest. He squeezed her tightly as she desperately sucked in air, "So ready to have sex. Sucking me off while someone is just on the other side of the door. And now, feels like you're squeezing me tighter than you ever have before." One hand started to rub and massage her stomach as she let out a tiny moan, "What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing is wrong." Her face was deep red but Naruto had the distinct impression it wasn't due to arousal or the heat of their love-making spreading over her body. From her tone, he had the idea that it was because of embarrassment. And the way she avoided eye contact with him just enforced the idea, "Seriously! I-I just want to excite you and be with you is all."

"Rias…" He looked at her incredulously. She gulped and turned her head to hide her shame, "Rias~."

"O-Okay!" She cried out in defeat, "The reason I did this was to get your attention! I-I," She closed her eyes and struggled with her shameful feelings, "I don't want you to forget that I matter!"




"B-Before, what we had was special." Her hands ran over the arms wrapped around her and reveled in how firmly they held her. Her fingers stopped on a rough patch of skin and realized they were the scars he got from the exploding fire hydrant from the first week they met, "I had you and you had me and that was all we needed. But now Xenovia and Koneko are mixed in with us too. And I won't deny their feelings or what they mean to you. They deserve to be happy as well. I-I just worry that…" Her face burned a little hotter from the mortification of her thoughts, "If you have them now too…you might start feeling bored of me."

"S-Say something!" Rias whined, "It's embarrassing enough thinking this and saying it out loud without you going quiet!"

"Pfft," Naruto snickered, trying to stifle his laughter so that he didn't hurt her feelings. But the way Rias just looked more mortified made it clear that it wasn't working. He chuckled and gently kissed her head, "Rias, you're so silly sometimes. It's cute how the little things can get to you."

"S-Stop, I don't find this funny."

"Well, you're worried that I'll get bored of you and move on, right?"

"Yes, I just said - AH!" Rias gasped in shock as Naruto pulled her waist back and off the bed. Her feet quickly found the ground beneath her before Naruto started walking forward, Rias gasping and struggling to keep her balance and pace as he walked while still inside her vagina. She couldn't keep steady with his walking, "N-Naruto, what are you doing?!"

"Showing you something."

"T-Then can you just pull out! There's no reason to walk like this!" They finally came to a stop and Rias let out a sigh of relief. But before she could get comfortable again, she felt a pair of strong hands on the back of her thighs that suddenly lifted and scooped up. Rias was shocked to realize she'd been lifted off her feet, his hands tightly gripping her under the knees and spreading her legs out on either side. In her panic, Rias looked around before she faced forward-

And found a reflection looking right back at her as she saw herself being forced to spread eagle off her feet by her boyfriend.

Naruto's cheeky grin appeared by her shoulder and blushing face in the mirror, "You were worried I'd get bored? Rias, I could never get bored of a sight like this as long as I live."


"Or the sounds."

Naruto started thrusting up into her pussy in this position, Rias' eyes shooting open as he started to grind and hit spots she hadn't been prepared for. Her head rolled back and her mouth hung open as she was forced up and down so easily upon Naruto's raging cock. And during the frantic movement, she caught sight of herself in the mirror - eyes dazed over and her mouth open as a coquettish gasp slipped out with every move.

She came back to her senses and covered her face, "O-Oh no!"

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked when he noticed her tighten up, "Don't you like this? Because it sure feels like you like this."

"N-Naruto, stop!" Rias panted out, peeking through her fingers and the feeling of mortification sweeping up anew when she saw her reflection, "I-I don't want to see me like this! I-I'm not," Her eyes were tearing up as she struggled to catch her breath, "I-I don't look d-dignified or c-c-composed o-or anything! I-I just look like some bitch starved for cock!" A moan slipped out and she shuddered, "A-And I don't like this position! I-It's even worse than the one you did the other night! A-At least then I-I could support myself by holding onto y-you a-and steadying myself! B-But with this, it's just you holding onto me-"

"What's wrong with that?" He growled sensually, gently slowing to a stop before he started to kiss her neck, Rias' breath rushing from her lungs as he stimulated her erogenous zone, "Don't you trust me to carry you? You don't think I'll drop you, do you?"

"N-Naruto," He looked up into the mirror and saw her heated expression, tears building in her eyes with her hair disheveled and slightly covering her eyes, "I-It feels like your dick is plowing through my pussy. I-I don't know if I can handle it anymore."

Naruto looked at her in surprise before hiding his face in her hair, "Oh, Rias, you shouldn't have said that to me."

Before she could say anything else, Naruto's movement became wilder and sharper. The big-breasted [King] was brought up and down on his cock furiously as euphoria and pleasure rushed through Rias' body without pause. He hugged and squeezed her legs close to her body, her knees pressing into her breasts as she panted and gasped with each thrust. This continued for several seconds before the two lovers reached their peak and-



Rias threw her head back and screamed as she felt Naruto's cum rushing inside her and forcing her over the edge. Her pussy tightened and convulsed around his cock, the redhead shuddering against his chest as she came down from her climax, "F-Fuck! Fuck, t-that was…" She panted and caught her breath, her vision blurry for a few seconds as she came to her senses, "I-I…"

"That was good, right?" Naruto asked nervously, the passion and brazenness of the moment passing and the blond now worried that he might have pissed his girlfriend off, "You did like it, didn't you?"

"Put me down right now." He quickly complied and pulled out of her, slowly lowering her to her feet until she could stand on her own. Her legs were like jelly and she had to tightly hold his shoulder to keep her upright. His cum started to trickle down her thigh and her face burned red before she turned up to pout at Naruto. She grabbed his hand and pulled him, "Come here."

"U-Um, I'm sorry if that made you-"

"Shut up." Rias pulled and pushed him onto the bed. He quickly tried to brace himself as Rias climbed on top of him, knees on either side of his waist to keep him pinned. Her hand roughly grabbed his shoulder and kept his back on the cover as she looked down at him, "You know lately, it feels like I keep getting swept up in your momentum. You told me I like it when you take charge and start fucking me without stopping. I guess I can't argue that, but you've been in the lead too many times." She said sternly before she sat up on him, "Now there's not going to be any fight from you. You are going to lay there…and get fucked by me. Got it?"

Strands of her hair were matted to her body from the sweat, and her breasts hung close to his chest where her nipples were still hard after their previous session.

Rias looked down and saw Naruto still standing at attention underneath her as she nodded, "Good boy."


"It is with great honor and pride that I welcome these four young Devils to the next stage as Middle-Class Devils! Yuuto Kiba! Akeno Himejima! Issei Hyoudou! Naruto Uzumaki! Please step forward!"

The entire hall erupted with applause as the four Devils of Rias Gremory's peerage stepped up onto the stage. All three men were dressed in suits while Akeno had a lovely kimono to wear for the event. Every one of their friends and acquaintances congratulated them as they made their way up.

Standing before them were all four of the Maou. Usually, a promotion from Low-Class to Middle-Class didn't warrant an audience or accommodation quite like this. But the advancing Devils had earned quite a reputation of excellence both before the test started and after by participating in quelling the Beast Riot.

Serafall presented Akeno with her certificate of promotion. Falbium presented Yuuto his. Ajuka gave Issei his. And finally, Sirzechs smiled as he handed Naruto his. With a smile, he shook the whiskered blond's hand, "Well done."

"Thank you."

The four Devils turned and bowed their heads to their audience as they all clapped and cheered for them again.

Rias looked up at the members of her peerage with her other servants at her side. Seeing them up there, recognized by so many other powerful people in their world, brought a tear to her eye.


"Congratulations, Naruto Uzumaki!" Sairaorg congratulated the blond with a hearty clap on the back that nearly popped out his vertebrate. Naruto stumbled over from the casual slap he gave as the young Bael smiled, "I'm honored to be here today seeing you climb the ladder of success for a Devil!"

"Heh," He chuckled and rotated his shoulder, "Thanks, Sairaorg."

"We appreciate you making it." Rias said at his side as she looked up at her cousin, "It isn't taking too much time from your other responsibilities, are they?"

"Don't worry, the reconstruction efforts from the Beast Riot are proceeding smoothly and should be done within a few days." The muscular man nodded, "There are a lot of capable and trustworthy people taking up the helm to fix the damages so I don't need to be overseeing everything. And this is a momentous day so I wouldn't want to miss it." He grinned, "From lying in bed waiting to die to waking up, reclaiming the Tailed Beasts, and then besting Cao Cao to save your life and finally regaining your full power. You never cease to impress, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Should I be worried that you're going to challenge me to another fight so soon?"

"No, not yet." Sairaorg smiled, "I haven't quite advanced enough to match you now that you've fully reclaimed your power. But just wait…I'll be a match for you again soon."

"O-Okay," Naruto sweated, forcing a smile and nodding before he and Rias stepped aside to greet some other people. He nervously squeezed Rias' arm, "He doesn't seriously think he needs to get stronger to fight me again, right? He was enough of a monster before."

"Well, you shouldn't have given him such a great challenge the first time."

"Wha- so it's my fault?"

"You're just so much fun to mess with - whether it's in a fight or normal life?" She said with a cheeky smile as he frowned. Rias giggled and bumped his shoulder before pointing, "Come on, we have to go speak with them next."

It was a veritable marathon of meet and greets as Naruto joined Rias in welcoming many important and influential people who had come to see the ceremony. Some they knew personally and some that had come simply due to the pull this event had on the upper brass.

With Naruto being Rias' fiancé in everything but name there were a lot of people he needed to meet personally. Greetings were shared. Hands were shaken. Names were given. Honestly, there were just so many that Naruto had started to tune some of them out.

And somewhere along the way he drifted from Rias' side. She had been the buffer that controlled the conversation and flow of events and Naruto suddenly felt like he was in a river left to drown by himself. People kept coming up and talking to him and Naruto tried to meet and speak with them as best he could-

Something grabbed his wrist and pulled him along. Naruto stumbled through the horde of people and looked up, "Xenovia?"

"Come on," The [Knight] continued to pull him along until he was safely out of the sea of people and strangers gathered around. They kept walking until they rounded a corner and were safely away from the prying eyes of others, "There we go. I think you'll be safe from being smothered to death here."

"Thanks." Naruto sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, thankful for the save from the awkward conversations and meetups. He spared a look to his fellow Devil and smiled, "I still can't believe you're wearing a suit."

"You don't like it?" Xenovia turned and inspected herself in the nice, chic suit that had been prepared for her. She was the only female in their group who had foregone wearing a dress or gown for the event night. She fixed her collar, "I think it looks quite good on me."

The only other time he had seen her dressed in fancy attire was at the ball they participated in at the end of their summer training. Although back then she had decided to wear a dress that Naruto thought looked very lovely on her. But honestly, she did look quite good in a suit too. Something about the way the pants were still able to accentuate her hips and legs made it quite fitting.

"Well, I guess the way you're looking at me says enough." Xenovia noted, causing Naruto to blush as he realized he'd been silent for too long while mulling around in his thoughts. The blue-haired girl looked around the hall before walking further down it, "Come on."

"What? Why?"

"Just come with me." Xenvoia kept strolling down the hall with Naruto following after her. This ceremony hall had a lot of empty hallways and rooms which Xenovia poked her head inside to check before moving on. It was a few minutes of them getting further away from the center hall before Xenovia located an empty storage closet, "Here, this should do. Let's try this."

Naruto walked in after her. Once they were in Xenovia closed the door and Naruto looked around the storage closet in confusion, "Um, what is this? Xenovia, if you were just trying to get me away from the crowd, then mission-"

When he turned around, it was to see Xenovia had opened up her shirt and pulled her bra up to reveal her bare breasts.

"Oh come on!" He yelled and palmed his face, "What are you doing?!"

"Well, you wanted to get away from the crowd, right? And you were looking over my body just a second ago. I thought we could ease some tension by having a quickie right now."

Once again, he was baffled by her thought process and decision-making. And also, while she talked so casually she had forgotten to take off her tie, which had now slid between her breasts and was comfortably sandwiched between them. Damn, she wasn't even doing it on purpose and somehow she was still seducing him.

Remembering Azazel's words of advice, the fact they were at such an important venue, and what would happen if they got caught, he took a deep breath and prepared to deny her advance, "Xenovia-"

"Oh, this is the perfect chance." Xenovia reached into her suit pocket and pulled something out before handing it to him, "I wanted to try this out the first night but considering Rias-Buchou and Koneko were also participating, it felt rude to interject and suggest it."

"A condom?" He looked down at the rubber protection in confusion, "Why? You took the pills Azazel gave you, right? They prevent pregnancy and catching any diseases if they come along. So why-"

"It's not for protection, it's for cleaning up." Xenovia slipped her pants off, standing completely naked from the waist down with her suit and shirt open but still over her body. The mix of clothing caused him to flush as he still tried to keep a cool head, "I think it'll be better for both of us if we avoid making a mess back there."

"Well, this is an important event so the last thing we want is…" He blinked, "Back there? Where-"

He froze and went silent when he saw that Xenovia had turned her back on him, leaning forward and spreading her cheeks out for him to see. Of course, he could see the folds of her pussy, but where her fingers led and where his eyes were drawn to was the twitching hole just above that.

"X-Xenovia, are you-"

"I want to try anal." She said without hesitation, "Ever since I tried it with my fingers back in summer I've been getting a feel for it and it's quite enjoyable. So I thought it would be a lot of fun to try it with you. Oh," A realization hit her, "But Kiryuu told me I shouldn't just say I want to have anal. Instead, it should be…"

She looked back at him over her shoulder with a smolder, "Hey, big boy," She raised her hips and showed her asshole again, "Why don't you come over here and fuck me in my ass already, hmm~?"

He already ignored Azazel's advice once.

Naruto's pants dropped to his ankles, he pulled the rubber over his dick and took a step forward. As his hands grabbed her hips and she pushed her hands against the wall to steady herself, Naruto lined his cock with her ass. The condom was lubricated and Xenovia had practiced a lot beforehand, so there shouldn't be any fear of tearing something. As he pressed his tip to the hole he felt just how taut and responsive it was. So with a calming breath…

He plunged in and slid half of his length into her butt.

"A-Ahhhh~." Xenovia moaned and groaned as she felt his rod breach through, the strain causing her breath to hitch. She pressed her forehead into the wall as she tried to get accustomed to the feeling. After a moment she exhaled and started breathing regularly before looking back, "That is bigger than my finger."

"And I don't think I've ever felt a tightness like this before." Naruto panted, leaning down and closing his eyes as he felt the almost unnatural squeeze of her anus around his cock. He nearly wanted to give in and bust right there before he steeled himself, "Fucking hell, it feels like my dick's about to snap off."

"But you're not fully in yet, are you?" Xenovia asked, "Then just go the rest of the way in, alright? I'd rather get through the worst of the discomfort so I can adjust." He immediately complied, pushing his penis in further as Xenovia grits her teeth. Finally, his hips clapped and pressed her cheeks and once Xenovia knew he was fully sheathed inside her she nodded, "O-Okay, that's better."

"Are you okay if I-"

"Yeah," She nodded, "Start moving." A gasp rose out of her chest as Naruto drew out before plunging back in. Xenovia's mind started going blank as every thrust and hump drove the air from her lungs. She felt a different kind of tingle run up her nerves when his rod rubbed against the walls of her anal cavity. She shuddered and trembled feeling him grind inside her.

"Xenovia," She flinched when he slowed, leaning close to her back and cupping her breasts while they bounced and jiggled with her movement. The blue-haired girl panted as Naruto whispered, "Are you okay? You're trembling."

"I'm fine," Xenovia said in a weary voice, her eyes a little dazed over, "It's just - it's so different from vaginal sex."

"Do you want me to stop? If you aren't-"

"Don't stop." She said firmly, "I wanna keep going, and the way your cock is still so rock hard tells me you do too, right?" He couldn't deny that, "Then keep going."

Naruto started up again, pulling his hips back and then pushing in as Xenovia's asshole took him entirely. He tightly kneaded her breasts to stimulate her further as Xenovia moaned and shuddered against his touch. Feeling the way she responded, his hand ran down her body to stick his fingers in her pussy. He started gently fingering her as his cock rammed her asshole.


"I-It's so good." The [Knight] moaned, one hand on the wall and the other playing with the breast Naruto had released to finger her. Her eyes were glazed from the pleasure washing over her as she whispered, "I'm so glad that I can finally experience all of this with you, Naruto. No longer do I have to just imagine it. I don't have to just pleasure myself or watch from the corner anymore. Now, you and I can do everything."

"You want it all, don't you, Xenovia?"

"I do. I want it all." She panted, Naruto's fingers slipping out of her pussy and grabbing her hips as he started pounding harder. She grits her teeth before panting, "Everything you have and haven't done, I want to do with you."

"Xenovia, I'm gonna cum!"

"Hurry!" She panted while braced against the wall, "Fuck me harder! Keep going!"

The clap of his hips against her ass drowned out their panting before Naruto gave one last hard pump. His cum rushed out and filled the reservoir tip of the condom as Xenovia shuddered to feel his cock harden and shake inside her. They stilled for a few moments before Naruto pulled out of her ass.

Her legs gave out from under her and she dropped to her knees on the ground. Xenovia's face was red and she desperately took in the air as the tingling through her body came down with the climax. Naruto looked down at her as he pulled the condom off and quickly tied it off before he could leave a mess, "Xenovia, you okay? Wanna catch your breath? I can bring you-"

"I-I," She muttered before looking up at him, her eyes still a little dazed as she smiled, "I could get used to that."

Naruto offered his hand and she took it, pulling her back up to her feet and letting her lean against him as she got steady. His hands hugged her closely as he looked down at her, "Since we're already late and gonna be in trouble, wanna unwind with a normal quickie?"

"Yeah, that sounds good to me."

They shared a quick, passionate kiss as they got into position to start again.


As he dumped the bucket of water over his head to wash the suds and soap off his body, he let out of sign of contentment. It had been a very long day and he was glad to see he survived.

As he expected, his disappearance had been noted among some of the others at the ceremony. A few of the eagle-eyed people probably also noticed that Xenovia was missing for a time as well. When Rias had finally found him again she plastered on a smile for everyone else to see as she pinched and twisted his forearm for his naughty behavior.

When everything was over, Xenovia apologized and said she tried to plan for a mess. She just wasn't prepared for a second round and just had to keep everything inside after they were done.

She…didn't make the excuse any better.

It was a long trip back to the human world, and it was late when they did arrive. Naruto stopped by the baths to get washed and cleaned before bed. He prepared to make a clone to help wash his back-

"Here, let me do it."

"Whoa!" He flinched in surprise and looked back to see Koneko with a towel suddenly appearing behind him. Her ears twitched and her tail was casually moving behind her as she tilted her head at his reaction, "Shit, don't sneak up on me like that!" As he got his heartbeat down, he looked at her quizzically, "How did you sneak up like that?"

"Just something I've been practicing." She said innocuously.

"It kinda reminds me how your sister ends up popping up out of nowhere."

"That's the idea."

"That's super dangerous. We don't need more super-sneaky Nekomatas walking around the place."

"You sure can complain." Koneko said cheekily before cutely tilting her head, "So you don't want me to wash your back?"

"Never said that." He chuckled as he turned forward while Koneko grabbed a sponge and started to prepare. As she started to run it over his back, Naruto felt his whole body start to relax, "Damn, that feels so good."

"Well, I'm glad I can help." Koneko said, "It's always an honor to do what I can to help such a prestigious Middle-Class Devil such as yourself."

"I feel like you're mocking me. Are you mocking me?"

"No, I just find it interesting that I've been a Devil for so many years but always remained Low-Class, yet you've been a Devil less than once and already made it here."


"It doesn't quite feel fair. Is it because I'm young? That I'm just a girl? Or do they not want a Nekomata riding in their ranks?"

"K-Koneko, I swear I-" He looked back at her and saw a sly smile on her face at his reaction. With a roll of his eyes he turned back around, "Oh, cool, you're teasing me. That's great."

"I'm just kidding, Senpai." Koneko said softly as she gave a faint smile, "For most of my time as a Devil, I've been content to stay out of the limelight and not get much attention. As long as I got to live in peace with Buchou and the others, recognition wasn't worth anything to me."

"That sucks. Considering how hard you work and everything you've done, I think you should be getting promoted as well."

"Yeah," Koneko nodded, "I'm going to be working even harder and making more of an impression now. Before you know it, I'll be the one attending the promotion ceremony."

"Oh yeah, what's with the sudden motivation?"

"You're moving up in the world. So should I. I want to be another voice defending and protecting Matatabi and the others in this world. I want to stand on the battlefield and prove I'm an asset to others in our trying times. Plus," Her hand settled on his back and he felt her press her forehead against his spine, "I should be taking a higher rank if you are, so people won't have anything to say when we're together."

His heart fluttered and his cheeks started to heat up at the determination she had about never letting anyone question the relationship they had. She was right. If he kept proving himself and getting a stronger standing, he wouldn't ever have to worry about what others might think about his relationships. He smiled, "Geez, Koneko, when did you start sounding so mature?"

"Senpai~," He flinched when her hand roved over his pec, Koneko walking around his side naked before she sat in his lap. He was surprised by her bold move and she looked up at him alluringly, "I'm not sure if you know this, but girls get a lot more mature when we fall in love. And when we've been with the man we love too."

Her size and body hadn't changed, but the way she acted and carried herself certainly wasn't like before. She seemed more confident and assured of herself – not trying to seduce or allure him but comfortable in the fact she could do so much easier now that they'd slept together. The way she sat on his lap and ran the sponge over his chest and arms with a soft hum the whole time…

"Oh?" Koneko felt something poke up against the back of her thighs and giggled as she opened her legs and let his erection pop up. She placed the sponge aside and took hold of his cock, her small hands gripping and running along his shaft sensually, "Senpai, it seems like you just can't help yourself sometimes, huh? Reminds me of just how excited you were the first night. There were three of us and you were still so energetic."

"Nice try," His arm wrapped around her shoulder, tightly squeezing her closer to his chest as she purred, "I know you were affecting my energy and keeping me going."

"Only a little bit. You shouldn't underestimate just how much you did yourself, Senpai." He chuckled, reaching up to gently rub and massage her ears while Koneko continued to rub his dick. She shuddered and panted before looking down at his raging erection, "Hey, Senpai, wanna tell me what else you've been up to since that night?" When she saw his confused expression she shrugged, "C'mon, I can tell Buchou and Xenovia-senpai wouldn't be able to hold themselves back. And you aren't exactly one to tell them to stop and back off."

Damn, she got it in one. Seems like he was seriously failing with the advice Azazel gave him.

"Um," Naruto mumbled while she continued to softly play with his dick. He nodded, "Rias sucked my dick in her room, and after that, we did it a few times. Then when we were at the ceremony, Xenovia and I slipped away so I could – uh, fuck her in the ass." Koneko looked at him in surprise, "Yeah, that was my expression. I didn't think she'd be the one to offer it."

"You are? That sounds exactly like something she'd request."

"You're right. I don't know why I thought otherwise. Anyway, after that we fucked again before we came out to the rest of the party."

"Wow, you'd think being in a four-way would have gotten rid of most of the desire by this point." Koneko said with a hum before leaning into his pec, "Hey, who was better; me or Buchou?"

"Better what?"

"Better at sucking your dick?" He clammed up as her palm started rubbing over his head and making precum flow out, "I think Buchou is good at just about everything, but I had been practicing on popsicles and bananas for a while and I think I did I very good job." She cutely tilted her head as her ears twitched, "What do you think? The way you were twitching so much in my mouth makes me feel like I was doing a very good job."

"Uh," He tried to focus even while her hand traveled over his rod, "Rias and I hadn't done any of that stuff before that night. Before that, it was hands and full penetration. She's only done it twice so far, and she's definitely gotten better-"

"But not as good as me?" Koneko inquired and smiled knowingly when he blushed and remained quiet. She looked back down at the dick sticking up through her thighs and licked her lips, "Hey, Senpai, want me to lick it again? I wouldn't mind-"

"Hold on!" Naruto grabbed her shoulders and stopped her before she could get carried away. He sighed, "Uh, Koneko, I don't think that's a good idea."

Koneko blinked a few times before frowning, "Senpai, I thought I proved to you I could handle being with you. I admit the first time I was very tense, but the time after that I was just fine. You don't-"

"No, that's not it, I promise. It's just…" If he folded here, he was going to be foregoing Azazel's good advice forever and become putty in the hands of his girlfriends, "I just think we shouldn't do it all the time."

Koneko looked skeptical and not convinced at all. She turned in his lap, facing him properly as she looked up at him. The way her wet hair matted to her head and face was extremely alluring but the look in her eyes told him she wanted to be heard, "Senpai, I want you to know that you don't have to be so careful with me. I'm a Devil. I'm a [Rook]. And I'm a Sage. I understand why you'd be worried, but I am a lot more resilient than you think."

"I know."

"Still, I hope I can still keep growing." She said with a soft, delicate smile, "I hope my body can grow to be like Nee-sama's. I can be taller. I can walk by your side with my hand in yours without looking like we're brother and sister. And someday…I'll be able to bear your children."

He looked surprised by her honestly, "Koneko-"

"Plus, then we'll be able to fuck however we want." She added, looking up at him while she started shaking her hips, "You can fuck me as hard as you want. And I can fuck you as hard as I want. And the only thing we'll need to focus on is making your dick cum in my tight little pussy."

Hold it together! Hold it together! Hold it-

"Hey, Senpai," Koneko looked down, seeing his cock pop back up between her legs and seeing where it stopped around her navel area, "You reached a little lower than here last time because I wasn't ready. Think you can get in now?"

"Oh shit."


"You tried anal?! At the promotion ceremony?!"

"We did." Xenovia shamelessly said as she and Rias got undressed and prepared to enter the bath. The blue-haired girl continued to undress while the redhead was still stunned silent from what she heard, "He was surrounded by people asking too many questions and I pulled him aside. I then thought it would be a good opportunity to try out what I've always wanted to do, so we did."

Rias was flabbergasted. That explains why Naruto disappeared for a while at the ceremony before coming back looking like he'd just run a mile. She should have been furious that they did that at such a prestigious event…but as her cheeks started to redden she couldn't help herself, "What…what was it like?"

"Different from vaginal." The [Knight] said blatantly as she removed her panties and bra and picked up her towel, "It was a different kind of pressure and pleasure having him back there. It was very intense but I got used to it quickly."

"I – uh," Rias stumbled over her words because she wasn't sure how to broach the topic, "I heard that anal sex is usually hard to enjoy. So did you-"

"Oh yeah, I came. Just a little after Naruto did." Rias blushed as Xenovia said, "But if you want to try it I suggest you should just start with fingers and toys first."

"I-I'm not that interested!" The redhead stammered out in a panic before she sighed and ran a hand through her hair. She shook her head, "I'm talking with my servant about trying anal with my boyfriend. This – it's weird to think how things have evolved."

"Do you not want me to talk about sleeping with Naruto with you?"

"No, it's not that." She quickly stated before Xenovia could misinterpret or misconstrue what she said as an insult. While both girls were nude, Rias sighed and nervously rubbed her arm, "I've come to terms that other people are going to love Naruto like I do, and he'll love them back. I know you, Koneko and I all have a place in his heart. It's just…" She anxiously looked aside, "Do you feel worried at all when you think about him being with someone else?"

"No, not really." Xenovia immediately and confidently said, startling Rias with her decisive and quick answer. The swordswoman quickly followed up, "But it's different for Koneko and me than it is for you. We've had to watch him be with you for a few months now. You're just starting to experience the other side of it."

"O-Oh, I guess that's true." After a moment Rias could only shake her head in disappointment, "What is wrong with me?"

"Nothing. I think you just need to get accustomed to the idea, like Koneko and I did." Xenovia said, "I've thought about this for a while, and I think the best way for us to proceed isn't trying to just love him. It's about learning to care about each other as well. Even loving one another."

"O-Oh," Rias couldn't help but blush at the insinuation, "Um, Xenovia, I think you are very beautiful, but I don't know if I can do that. I - uh - I don't like girls that way."

"You don't? You seemed to like it when I rubbed your butt in the heat of the moment that night. And you were moaning quite a bit when I bit down on your nip-"

"T-That was a one-time thing!" She squeaked out before glaring at her [Knight], "You know, you're surprisingly forward for a girl of the cloth before becoming a Devil a few months ago."

"I'm not sure what to tell you. It just makes sense that if we're all going to be together, we should love and know each other as well."

"W-Well, I can understand the logic, even if I might be a little hesitant." They opened the door to the bath and walked in, "I just need to learn to accept that my love isn't the only-"

"Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! Yes!"

Rias flinched and Xenovia blinked calmly as they walked into the bath to find Koneko grinding on Naruto's dick in a reverse cowgirl position as the Nekomata veritably lost her mind, "W-What the-"

"R-Rias! Xenovia!" Naruto sat up, trying to catch his breath as the [Rook] in his lap paused and spared them a look, "Uh - well - this pretty much is what it looks like, but we don't - w-whoa!" He yelled as Koneko started grinding again, "K-Koneko, what are you doing?!"

"We can't stop now, Senpai~." Koneko purred, her pupils slit as the pleasure and stimulation had set off a switch in her that didn't want to be turned off. She shifted her hips and whole body as her eyes rolled back, "I can feel you getting harder and twitching, and I know if I just go a little harder we can - N-NYYAAAAHHHHH!"

Naruto grunted, grabbing hold of Koneko's hips and yanking them down as he started cumming inside her. The young freshman gasped and shuddered as her eyes lidded over, "I-I can feel Senpai cumming inside me. Each spurt is filling my dirty little pussy up and I-I don't know how much more I can take."

"Oh shit," Naruto panted, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around Koneko as he dragged her back into his chest as they caught their breath. It was only after a moment of calming down that Naruto realized who was watching and looked up, "Um-"

"Pull out!" Rias demanded as she threw her towel to the ground, a blush and a frown on her face, "I'm next!"

"I guess I'll go after." Xenovia said as she walked over and helped pick Koneko up from his lap. As the exhausted freshman mumbled in her arms she smiled, "Was that good?"

"I could get used to this."

Rias didn't wait even a second after Koneko had been claimed to jump in and tackle Naruto off his chair. With his back to the ground, Rias mounted him and pressed her voluptuous chest to his as she started kissing his neck and chin. And in a few moments, his soldier was back at attention ready for the next round.

Looks like he truly couldn't follow Azazel's words of advice.

Meh, fuck it. Wasn't like the old man was correct about everything.

Naruto took Rias' lips and shared a passionate kiss while Xenovia helped wash Koneko up after her enjoyable session.



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