New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 62: New


"Okay, just a few more tests." Azazel said while his eyes remained firmly on the console screen as data ran by, "Just act normally, Issei. Nothing's wrong. Nothing's going on. Everything is as it should be."

"Right, of course." The perverted [Pawn] droned with several electrodes and wires connected to his half-naked body. With a grumble, he sighed and looked to the side, "Do you guys know what this is about?"

Rias shook her head beside the rest of the ORC, "No, but Azazel was uncomfortably eager and focused on this task so I'd have to guess it was something important."

"Or something completely pointless."

"Yeah, there's no in-between." Issei sighed before something was forced into his hands. He looked down and stared in confusion at the egg and the small steel ball placed in his palms, "Um…what?"

"I want you to move that egg and ball between your hands as steadily as you can." Azazel requested, "Don't let them hit each other or break against one another while you do it."

"L-Like just in one hand or juggling them or what?"

"Dealer's choice, just don't stop moving them." Issei shrugged and complied, gently juggling the two objects between his hands in an easy motion. He gently caught the egg and tossed it while making sure to brace himself against the sturdier steel ball. As the others watched Azazel nodded, "Good. That's good. Any surges or differences you notice?"

"No, it all feels the same." Azazel nodded and started bringing something up on his computer while Issei looked befuddled, "Sensei, what is this about? I don't wanna just sit here running tests all-"

"Oh fuck!" Azazel turned his computer towards Issei as intense porn started to play, "Your fat cock is pounding my womb! I-I think I'm gonna have my first orgasm again!"

Issei's eyes widened as his attention became solely focused on the pornographic image of a beautiful, big-breasted woman getting railed from behind as her tits bounced in all their glory. He stared and inched ever closer-

Before the video was suddenly paused and Azazel pointed so Issei would look down. The eggshell and yoke had been crushed in one hand. And the steel ball…had been dented with just the pressure of his fingers.


While the others looked on in confusion and surprise, they heard the sloppy sounds of chips being eaten and a drink being slurped. They looked over and saw Kuroka had suddenly joined their viewing with some snacks. The older Nekomata noticed their attention and shrugged, "I was heading for the couch before I picked up the sounds of porn. I had to come rushing over, nya." She said shamelessly, "What's going on?"

"It's just as I feared." Azazel spoke with great pain and melancholy, soberly shaking his head as he scooted up and firmly held Issei's shoulder, "Issei, with your body being recreated by Ophis and Great Red, you have more power in you than ever before. Plus with that Cardinal Crimson Promotion – that's your crimson form by the way I've been mulling that over for a while – you're stronger than you've ever been. But with all this great new power…comes the cost that you can't yet control it. And as we just saw," Azazel took the crushed steel ball out of Issei's hand, "Even a little stimulation could make you lose control."

Issei's breath hitched in his throat, as some sense of dread filled his chest at what Azazel was building up to, "S-Sensei, what are you saying?"

"That until we can help you rein this new power in…you're banned from getting aroused and horny." Azazel wiped a tear from his eyes, "So no nudie mags. No porn videos. No sneaking a peek at Irina in the bath." The Angel blushed and stammered off to the side, "No fantasizing about fondling Ravel's perky tatas," The Phenex girl covered her chest with a red face, "And most importantly…no climbing the mountain to manhood with Asia." The nun gasped in shock as her eyes teared up, "Until we've got you retrained…it's an oath of celibacy for you."


"B-But I love boobies. I-I love women's bodies." Issei fell out of his chair, despair, and grief clouding his lifeless eyes, "I-I came back from the dead to get laid! After all that – a-after all the fighting and bleeding and victory – you're saying-"

"Issei…no woopie for you."

"No." Tears streamed down his face, "No!" Issei pulled at his hair as his eyes rolled back white, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He screamed until his throat went hoarse and he doubled over, "WHY?! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF IT?! I-IS LIFE EVEN WORTH LIVING LIKE THIS?!"


"No, Asia," Rias quickly reached out and grabbed her [Bishop's] shoulder before she could run to her love's side, "I think if you hug him right now it would just set him off. It might be best for someone who won't give him urges to try and cheer him up."

"Uh – right," Naruto nodded, quickly taking her words as a signal that he should step up and help their friend, "Hey, Issei-"

"Ah, not you." Akeno grabbed his collar and pulled him back this time. He looked back and saw her shake her head judgementally, "You of all people should not be talking to him about this."

"What? Why not me?"

"Isn't it obvious?"


"Because it's kinda hypocritical trying to encourage Seki-chan that he doesn't need to go cunt-splashing when you're drowning in muff." Kuroka punctuated her sentence by tossing a chip in her mouth and chewing. When she saw the grimaces of the ORC she shrugged, "Think what you want but that's what it means."

"There had to be a better term to use than that."

"That's the best term to use."

"W-Was Senpai gonna come over here?!" A hysterical Issei blubbered on the ground, a mix of tears and snot and drool all pouring down his face at once as he looked, "W-Was he gonna tell me it's okay that I can't have sex yet?! T-This - THIS FUCKER!" Issei nearly crawled across the ground like a creature obsessed as Naruto took a step back in fright, "YOU'RE HAVING SEX AND YOU'RE GONNA TELL ME I'M OKAY WITHOUT IT! GO FUCK YOURSELF, YOU BASTARD!"

Naruto blinked in surprise…before he registered what he said and hung his head in shame. Koneko reached up and gently patted his head to console him.

"I can help, with Ddraig's host's problem."

Issei stopped his hysterics and spared a look over to the side to see Ophis with some candies in hand. Since the Beast Riot lost most of her power, Ophis had ended up taking residence at Arashi Heights under the watchful eye of the ORC. Azazel had gotten into trouble and lost his position as Governor-General because he was housing her, but he decided it was worth the punishment because having the Dragon God on their side could only be beneficial.

This was the first time she'd spoken in a while, mostly just relegating herself to picking out snacks and staring at the TV – even when it was off or on a different input.

Issei sniffled and dried his eyes, "Y-You can help me?"

"If it is about controlling the swell of power you're experiencing then I wish to help you." She said before tossing a sweet in her mouth, "It is a remnant of my power as well, so seeing it grow unruly would be bad. As such, let me help you gain the control you need to…" She looked back at Kuroka, "What was it?"


"Cunt-splash to your heart's content."

There was a wave of groans and palming faces as Issei gasped and smiled brightly, "D-Do you mean that, Ophis?! Oh, thank you! THANK YOU!"

"Hold on, Ophis," Azazel quickly stepped in, "This isn't about fighting or even everyday life. He seems to be fine in that part. We're talking about moments of increased arousal and excitement. How the hell are you gonna help him train then?"

Ophis tilted her head in thought before nodding. She held up her snacks and passed them to Asia before taking a step forward. Closing her eyes she focused…

As her body grew, her curves became far more pronounced, and her chest grew to much larger proportions.

Everyone looked on with jaws agape as the little goth loli form they had come to associate with the Dragon God changed into a tall, curvaceous older woman. Ophis looked over herself and nodded, "Alright, that should do it." She walked forward, her breasts bouncing with every step she took. She knelt by Issei's side and hugged him, burying his face into her chest, "There. This should bring up some feelings of arousal, correct?"


"Don't get too excited, Issei! That defeats the whole purpose of the exercise! Think of it less like getting a hug from your busty gothic dommy mommy and more of an embrace you share with your weirdly attractive mom!"

"I shall help you endure through your arousal and excitement. And I shall do that by testing you with all the moments of horny I have seen from your compatriots - including the horny whiskered one and his mates."

Some gazes turned to Naruto and he just wordlessly shook his head as the girls blushed. An incoherent mumbling from Issei through Ophis' chest was the only sound that followed afterward.

"Oh," Azazel stopped finding the snuffing out of Issei's life in the Dragon God's breasts amusing for just a moment as he looked over at everyone else, "I have something to do in the Underworld and I'd like you guys to come with me. It'll be a surprise when we get down there and you see what we've been doing." He sighed and turned back around, "Okay, back to this."


"This is a weird day."


"So what is this about, Azazel?"

"Yeah, you didn't exactly tell us what was going on that was so damn important."

"Look, I have something to take care of first." Azazel led them down the hall, "It won't take long. Just go in this room, wait for a bit, and I'll come get you." The mixed-haired Fallen Angel was about to walk away before turning back to them, "Oh, and there are some other people already waiting in there before you. Don't mind them. You don't even have to talk to them if you don't want to. Just go about your business however you want."

The ORC looked befuddled by Azazel's quick and odd clarification. They had to just shrug and walk into the room as they waited for their advisor to finish whatever urgent business he had.

Just like he said, there were several men and women seated around the large room that were also waiting to be attended to. Some of them were patiently sitting in wait. Some seemed anxious with bouncing knees and looking around. Two of them were walking around the room, either looking out the window at the sight of the Underworld or trying to play the arcade game set up for people to entertain themselves with. One of them was even napping peacefully without a care in the world.

The ORC walked in and picked spots to sit around the room without disturbing the people who were already sitting there.

Rias sat beside Naruto and whispered, "What do you think this is about?"

"It has to be something stupid. It's either stupid or super amazing, but considering the pattern it has to be stupid." Naruto answered and made Rias giggle. The blond smirked at being able to make her laugh before he looked ahead. And when he did he found himself in a staring contest with the strange woman seated across from him.

She had a sharp face and seemed to be dressed like a biker with a heavy jacket and pants. Her orange hair was tied up in a ponytail and her sharp eyes never seemed to drift from Naruto's. But even as they looked at each other he couldn't sense any hostility or bad feelings. It was…it was hard to describe.

"I'm not sure who these people are…but they seem to get along well with the others."

He looked aside to see some of the others having engaged with the people waiting there. Gasper had spotted an arcade machine being occupied by a woman with light blue hair curiously looking over the device. He floundered and was about to walk away before Koneko - being his designated extrovert guardian - stepped in and asked if they could play instead. The woman stepped aside and let Gasper play as she and Koneko watched him quickly climb the ranks.

Near the window, a lithe androgynous person stood by the glass looking out at the sprawling landscape of the Underworld. Xenovia and Irina noticed them and stepped up to their side, asking them what they were doing. They just pointed outside as if wondering how far the sky and land went.

Who were these people? And why didn't it feel weird that they were around? What-

"Did you notice Kuroka looking our way when we left?" Rias' question grabbed his attention again as the redhead narrowed her eyes, "I don't know why but she's been giving us weird looks lately."

"She has?"

"You haven't noticed?" Rias crossed her arms in a huff and leaned into his side, his arm wrapping around her shoulder as she got comfortable, "It's been happening since the fight with the Hero faction ended. She's just relaxing and eating before I see her sparing a look our way." Rias tilted her head in thought, "I just don't know what she's thinking."

"Maybe she's trying to measure us up?" Naruto suggested, "I mean…we kinda slept with her little sister."

"Y-You did, but I didn't. I-I was there b-but I wasn't a part of it. That wasn't what happened."

"Uh-huh." He wasn't quite convinced by her denial, especially when her face was as red as it was. Naruto shrugged, "Well, we can ask her if we need to. You know, speaking of Kuroka, I was always kinda annoyed that she was just lazing around the hotel doing whatever she wanted. But thinking about it…I'd be dead without her help. She and Koneko saved my life when I needed it most."

"I suppose so." Rias nodded reluctantly, "I guess we're going to have to thank her somehow." She craned her head back to look at him, "Should we thank Koneko too?"

"I like to think I've been thanking her a lot in my special way recently." He quickly responded before grimacing, "Oh, was the inappropriate?"

"A little." Rias snickered, "Who knew you were becoming such a douchebag after sleeping with so many girls."

"I mean say it out loud and it kinda makes sense, right?" The couple shared another laugh before Naruto looked down at his arm, "Kurama hasn't talked to me in a while."

"What's wrong? Did you argue?"

"No, he just hasn't been responding or talking to me. No chime-ins. Not joining the conversations. Nothing."

"Oh yeah. It's been a while since I talked to him through the Sacred Gear while you're asleep."

"Still not sure how I feel about you two having conversations like that while I'm napping away." Naruto looked down at his arm forlornly, "I hope nothing's wrong."

"Why don't you try talking to him now?"

"He hasn't been responding. Since Azazel whisked him and the other Bijū away I haven't heard anything back. Why wouldn't they contact me to let me know what's going on?"

"I just wanted to avoid jumping in while you were inevitably sleeping around with your new girlfriends. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it would be when you lot have no self-control?"

Naruto and Rias slowly looked up and stared at the woman seated across from them. She looked back at them with a smirk and a nod.

They both sat up as Naruto's eyes nearly bugged out of his head, "K-Kurama?"

"I was wondering when you'd finally figure it out."

"Dammit, you stupid fox!" From the side, an unruly man with sandy blond hair snapped out of his seat and yelled, "Those dumb scientists told us that we'd get a reward if we could stay in here without letting anyone realize who we were."

"Meh, not my problem." Kurama said flippantly while crossing his feet and digging into his ear, "Why don't you go swim in the trash, you stupid raccoon."

"I'm a tanuki you-"

"Shukaku!" A large, dark-skinned man grabbed the wild sandy blond before he could maul Kurama to death, "I'm not sure what reward you were expecting but this was just a fun exercise anyway."

"See, Gyūki gets it."

Everyone in the ORC looked around at the people gathered around in the room.

Shukaku, the sandy blond with a temper issue.

Matatabi, the blue-haired young woman smiled down at Koneko and Gasper.

Isobu, the sleeping man with teal hair.

Son Gokū, the wizened old man with red and gray hair.

Kokuō, the towering giant with white hair like snow.

Saiken, the quiet young man with long silver hair going down his back.

Chōmei, the energetic green-haired youth looking out the window.

Gyūki, the large dark-skinned man holding Shukaku back.

And Kurama, for some reason transformed into an orange-haired biker chick with the biggest grin on his face.

Naruto stood out of his chair, Kurama doing the same to stand up and face him. The whiskered blond gave the humanoid fox a quick once over before tilting his head, "Is - is this what Azazel's been working on?"

"Yep. It was the next step up from those miniature forms the others had to use a few weeks back." Kurama bounced on his feet, "I like how this lets me move around so easily."

"So why did you want to be a girl?"

"I didn't. But I can change whenever I want. We all can." Kurama closed his eyes and focused. His body started to shift and change, becoming a little taller as his shoulders grew wider. The pronounced chest under the shirt and jacket started to flatten out into a broader set. He kept the long, ponytailed orange hair but his facial features became more masculine before he was standing before them as a man, "See?"

"Holy crap! That's awesome!"

"W-Wait," Issei looked around at all the humanoid Bijū and tilted his head, "So, like, if you can change whenever you want, what happens to your…" He paused and pondered on what to say, "I mean do you guys have…what's down-"

"Just smooth. They said they need to work out the kinks for that a little bit longer. For now, we're – damn, what did those scientists call us?"

"Ken and Barbies."

"That's it."

Shukaku grunted and yanked his arms out of Gyūki's grasp. He rubbed his shoulders before noticing some attention on him. Then he looked over and saw the grimace on Yuuto's face, "Something you like or what?"

"Ugh," The [Knight] groaned and rubbed his temples, "I shudder to imagine the kind of havoc you will cause now that you're the same size as the rest of us."

"M-Mata-chan! You're so pretty as a person!"

"Thanks, Gya-box!" The two-tailed cat twirled around on her feet, "I like this form! It'll make staying in the village a lot easier for my neighbors. Oh, could I even get a house?"

"Matatabi, if you want, we can help you make a house. Or you can stay in the hotel with us if you ever want to come to our world."

"Thanks, Kitten!" The humanoid Bijū grabbed her young Jinchūriki's hands and danced around with her, "Hahaha!"

"I-Isobu-San?" Rossweisse gently whispered by the sleeping man's side as he blissfully slumbered away. She shifted anxiously before gently nudging his shoulder, "Isobu-San, this is a very important moment forward for the Bijū and their chosen partners. I-I think it would be very meaningful if we could share this moment and – well, it'd be nice if you woke up to be here with us."

The turtle Bijū stirred from his nap and blinked his eyes. With a yawn, he sat up and groaned, "Ugh, this is not a comfy place to sleep."

"Well, that's because it's just several chairs lined up, Isobu-San."

"Hmm?" He looked up, "Oh, hi, Rose."

"Isobu-San, p-please don't call me that in front of others-"

Isobu rubbed his eyes, "Is something happening?"

"No, we just want to celebrate how you and everyone now have bodies of your own-"

"Oh, I'm just doing this because they asked us to. After this, I'm going back to my regular body and sleeping in the North." He closed his eyes and nodded off, "Good night."

A tear seemed to build in the corner of Rossweisse's eye before slowly running down her blank, frozen expression.

"Can we hurry this up?" Son Gokū groaned, "I don't like sticking around in the form."

"I don't mind it too much. I'll probably go back to normal after this is done though." Kokuō said as he stepped up to meet Xenovia. The pair knocked knuckles, "Good to see you, Xenovia."

"You too, Kokuō." She nodded, "I like your new body. You chose to be a giant, I guess?"

"I based it off the general appearance from my last Jinchūriki. Would you have preferred I pick something closer to your form?"

"You can do that if you want, I don't mind. I just bet you'd be like a train if you charged forward with a body like that."

"Saiken-San!" Asia excitedly sat by her partner's side once she realized who he was, "I'm so happy for all of you!"

"Thank you, Asia." He graciously thanked the excited young Devil, "It's still quite strange to have a form like this now compared to my larger one. I'm not sure what to do yet."

"Well, why don't you come to our world? I'm sure we can find a place for you to stay if you want."

"I just wanna get out there and see this new world!" Chōmei said with a bounce in their step, "Do you think they'll let me fly once we're allowed to leave?"

"You might need permission from the families in charge of the territories you want to travel. Although I'm not entirely sure if they all are concerned about the airspace."

"Gyūki, you don't look exactly like Bee did." Naruto noted, "Did you use a different reference?"

"Yeah, Kurama and I looked over a catalog of people and picked the characteristics we liked best."

"I'm hoping to have some fun in this body." Kurama said while looking over his new form, "Speaking of which…"


"So you just left them together in a room? And you told the kids not to bother them and the Bijū not to let them know who they are? And you did this because…"

"It'd be fun."

Shemhazai groaned, "You know I've always thought it, but you've become a seriously devious asshole since you started. Is that going to happen to me now that I'm Governor-General?"

"HAA!" Azazel guffawed, "Buddy, you've always been a stick in the mud. Don't let some promotion ever make you change who you are."

"Wow, an insult and a heartfelt comment. Shouldn't have expected anything else." The two old friends made their way to the break room, "So how are you going to break the news to the kids?"

"Well, I told them not to interact with each other until I get back. So knowing them…" Azazel pushed the door open-

"W-What do you mean I'm not compatible?!" Gasper squeaked out while standing across from all the Bijū gathered together, "Don't you want to partner up with me too?!"

"Sorry kid, it's nothing against you. We were trying to gift you some of our power like the others, but we felt resistance."

"Resistance? What resistance?"

"The same kind of resistance we felt when we tried with Issei. Like there was something already inside that didn't want us intruding."

"B-But I don't have a separate entity inside me like Issei-senpai does!" The Bijū looked at each other in confusion before shrugging their shoulders in response. The little Dhamphir hung his head and softly whimpered before turning to Koneko, "K-Koneko-chan, I-I was rejected!"

"Aww, Gya-kun…yeah."

"Can I make a connection?" Akeno raised her hand while stepping forward, "I've been trying to improve my abilities during training and I feel like a boost from you guys is just the kind of jolt I need."

"Jolt?" Kurama echoed before looking aside, "What do you think?"

"Sounds like something I can do." Gyūki stepped up, "Where we come from, my Jinchūriki were from a land that specialized with lightning. And the people I ended up working with most had an affinity for it. Anything I can do to help with it would be my honor."

"Thank you." Akeno took the Bijū's offered hand and a wave of electricity covered her entire form. It lingered for a moment before the electricity broke off from her entire form. Her eyes hadn't changed shape like the others, but one patch of her bangs had stiffened from the static, standing up and curving like a horn on her head. She looked herself over with a smile, "I think I can make do with this."

"Oh! Me next! Pick me!" Chōmei jumped around in anticipation, pointing at themselves eagerly, "I wanna share my power too!"

"Well, if Naruto already has chakra, Issei and Gasper can't share yours," The little vampire sniffled sadly, "And the others already have their partners, then the only choices are me, Ravel, and-"

"Irina should do it." Xenovia grabbed her Angel friend's shoulders and pushed her forward, "You should be the one who partners with Chōmei. You're the same kind of energetic spaz who feed off each other."


"She's right." Issei said, "Chōmei does kinda act like you did when you were a kid. Or when you get excited about something."

"I-Issei-kun!" Irina whined with a flushed face before pouting and calming herself down. There was something inside her that was worried about making a connection like this without the guidance or approval of Michael. And something was unsettling about knowing she was making it with the only bug among the Bijū present. But a stronger bond with the Bijū and greater strength for her to be able to help with was something she couldn't turn down. So with her determination renewed, she gave a firm nod, "Okay, I'm ready, Chōmei-San!"

"Cool!" Chōmei looked to their siblings, "So I just pump my chakra into her as we connect?" Matatabi nodded and the short humanoid offered their hand to the Angel. She quickly took it as her body glowed with a powerful light before it finally faded away. The pair both looked confused before they let go of each other, "Did that work?"

"I-I think so?" Irina looked herself over. She then pulled out her phone and turned the camera on herself to see if her features had changed like the others. When she saw her eyes were still the same she breathed a sigh of relief, "Well, I don't think I look any different. So I guess this worked out pretty well."

Her wings stretched out from her back…and rapidly flapped with a trill akin to something people would scream at when it skittered along the floor.

Irina's face paled in horror and she looked back at all her friends to see the shock and horror on their faces when they heard that sound. She immediately retracted her wings and covered her mortified face, "I-I can't ever use the power like this!"

As Irina had a total breakdown, Ravel cleared her throat and stepped forward. With a formal smile and regal charm she bowed to the Bijū, "Hello, I am Ravel Phenex. I'm not currently part of Rias Gremory-sama's peerage like the others, but I still wish to assist however I can. And if one of you would like to connect with me, I promise to ensure a good relationship between us in the future."

"That's a better sell than most." Kurama said, "Son, why don't-"

"No." The four-tailed Bijū grumpily denied with a scowl as everyone looked his way, "You lot can choose to form bonds or connections or whatever you want with whomever you want. I'm not doing it. I'm free for the first time in what feels like ever, and I'm not going to share my powers with just anyone."

Ravel gulped, "U-Um, I understand that you might need more convincing, but I believe a partnership between us would be invaluable."

"For you, I'm sure. My power can be a great boon to those who receive it. But I don't just hand it out with nice words and fluttering eyelashes." Son stated, "What is the point in granting my power to a weakling who can't even fight?"

"Now hold on a minute!" Much of the reserved dignity Ravel had while addressing the Bijū was pulled away and she put her focus on facing the greying humanoid in particular, "I-I will concede that I'm not the strongest fighter, but I'm not just a weakling! I specialize more in the application of fire and longe-range attacks!"

"Then we're not a match. I prefer warriors instead of those raining pitiful damage away from the center of the battle."

"P-Pitiful damage?!" Ravel was steaming with fury, "Look here, I won't take that comment in stride!" Her flaming wings emerged from her back, "I am Ravel Phenex, daughter of the Phenex family! Our blood and flesh are fire and flames! We aren't so weak that we can just be brushed aside like that! And I don't need the help of some - some grouchy old fart who's too stubborn to do anything for the people who saved his ass!"

Son Gokū turned to her with a scowl and stood up, stomping up until he had to look down at her unflinching scowl, "I am Son Gokū, child! The only reason I needed help was because my mind was not with my body! If such a situation were to occur again, I would crush the people who tried to enslave and use us!"

"I would make them pay as well!" Ravel announced, "They harmed my dear Issei-sama, and caused a great deal of pain to my friends! And if I had the opportunity, I'd show you that I am not to be underestimated!"

"Then I suppose you'll have to show me yourself!"

"I will!"

After the fierce argument between the two prideful souls, Kurama and Naruto shared a look before they shrugged. That was…going to be a work in progress. So with a huff, Kurama stood out of his seat and dusted off his pants, "Okay, I guess Son will have to take his time. Meanwhile," He stepped up closer to Rias, "Rias, would you like to partner with me?"

"Huh?" Rias looked surprised and confused. She looked between him and Naruto, "But aren't you partnered with Naruto?"

"He has half my chakra inside of him already. And we're bonded with a standard Jinchūriki arrangement-"

"Prima-Jinchūriki!" Azazel announced from the side, "These naming conventions aren't gonna catch on if we don't use them every time we can!"

"Right, whatever. But with part of me in him and out here, I'm capable of creating a connection with you like the others. Plus by bonding with you, the part of me inside Naruto, and the me here that acts as the central mind, we can have a quick little relay connection between the three of us."

"Will you be okay?" Naruto rubbed his stomach, "I mean is it okay for you to be spread that thin?"

"Well, like I said, this will be my main body where my mind is. If you try to dive in and contact me, I probably won't respond as immediately as I did before."

"So you won't be jumping in to chime on every little mistake I make?"

"Yep, and I won't have to try to hide away when you inevitably get frisky again.

"Works for me!"

"Me too! Your life is only going to get worse without a critical voice letting you know when you're being stupid but it's never stopped you before!" The two partners nodded in agreement before Kurama turned to Rias and offered his hand, "What do you say?"

Rias was stunned for a moment before she looked up at Naruto as if waiting for a sign that this wasn't a real option she could take. But the encouraging smile and nod from him told her he was in full support. With a bright shine in her eyes, she turned to Kurama with a nod and took his hand.

An orange energy engulfed her body.

Before fading away…her eyes were a dark red with slit pupils like an animal.

She took a breath and his influence faded, her eyes returning to their sea foam color as a content smile settled on her face.

A sudden clap from the side drew their attention to Azazel. The Fallen Angel stepped forward with a smile, "I'm glad you guys could make all your connections and introduce yourselves to each other properly. Because we're gonna need your help with the next part."

"Which is what?"

"Introducing them to the leaders and figures of the alliance."


"It's an honor to finally meet you, Kurama-San." Sirzechs took the Bijū's hand, "How does this new form feel now that you've had a chance to walk around in it?"

"I can see some appeal. Walking around at this size and jumping up to my real form whenever I need the size advantage."

"Now can you change your appearance again? Like, make yourself younger or older? Or look like someone else entirely?"

"Not yet. This is the baseline. The researchers said they'll try and figure out if a shift like that is possible but it'll take awhile."

"Good to see you in a normal setting, Turtle." Odin said while he, Rossweisse, and Isobu gathered together to talk, "Midgardsomr's been missing his buddy"

"Middy said that?" Isobu sighed, "Man, I wanna go back underwater. I mean they told me that coming here was for a very important meeting that would decide the future of the Bijū, but-"

"But there's a point where you just can't be bothered coming to these damn meetings - I get it." The Chief God of the Norse nodded in agreement, "Feels like every meeting we've had lately is some important political get-together or vital strategy meeting. Like, I understand there are important matters to discuss, but some of this shit feels like it could just be left on read. Or hell, save us the fucking time and just send a message. I want to do other stuff!"

"Absolutely. None of this was worth waking up."

Rossweisse looked between the Chief God and Bijū in appalled horror. The slow realization of just how irresponsible they both were was starting to settle in for the Valkyrie. And the horror that she had once worked for one and now was bonded to the other left her with an existential dread that steadily eroded her soul. She was going to need to repress this as soon as possible.

"So we have so many ideas about how we can expand this idea! Changing your age! Your size! It was a pain in the ass figuring out how to make sure giant bodies compress into these smaller forms but-"

"UGH! I DON'T CARE! I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS!" Shukaku wailed like a child, startling Azazel, the Fallen Angels, and other dignitaries around him who were listening to the methods and work the Grigori used to form the Bijū's new bodies. The sandy-haired tanuki groaned, "I'm finally done with all the boring tests and boring trials and we get free and it's this - this boring ass party! I can't take it!"

"Shukaku!" Yuuto was posted nearby so that he could keep an eye on his erratic and unruly partner in case he did anything during this important event that would screw things up. He stepped in and tried to lead Shukaku away, "Calm down. I'm sorry, everyone, h-he's not good around people-"

"Damn right, I'm not good around people! I hate people! I hate everything! Except for destruction!" Shukaku snarled menacingly, his eyes darting around frantically like an unhinged beast, "I want to be set free! I want to spread carnage and destruction on everything around me! I wanna have fun! That's the only way I'll be fulfilled!"

"What about music?"

"Shut up!" Shukaku immediately snapped at Baraqiel, "S-Shut up - that's not true! That's not real!"

"Yes, it is." Akeno's father nodded, "While the trials were underway, Shukaku was growing more restless and annoyed. We were worried that he was going to react badly and had to keep a close eye on him. But one of our scientists had their music on shuffle while they worked and Shukaku started to calm down. Brain waves. Heartbeat. The whole thing - evened out in a few seconds."


"A music lover, is he?"

No one looked more surprised than Yuuto, "Is that true, Shukaku?"

"N-No! Look, I was huge and I couldn't go anywhere! I just needed to calm down! The music had nothing to do with it!"

"It was Arthur's Theme, right? Do you like music about New York?"

"It was the moon part! I-I mean-"

"Oh, then you should listen to Clare de Lune. Such a beautiful melody."

"What about Mr. Moonlight? I love that one."

"That's it!" Shukaku bared his teeth as murderous intent came off him, "YOU'RE ALL GONNA-"

"~Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars~," Yuuto immediately jumped in, "~Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars~."

"~In other words, please be true~," The other dignitaries and people around joined in on the song as Shukaku stilled and started to calm down, "~In other words, I love you~."

Shukaku slowly lowered his arms and took a breath as they continued to serenade him.

Some of the other ORC members watched on from the side in surprise. No one more than Naruto who tilted his head in confusion, "H-How the fuck did they calm him down like that?"

Rias chuckled, "Maybe he's not as hinged as you make him out to be?"

"Hey, don't humanize him. That's a mistake."

Asia looked around at all the humanoid Bijū and how well the meeting seemed to be going. She smiled warmly, "I'm so glad Saiken-San and the others seem to be getting along with everybody. I think this will help them a lot."

"Yes, this will help people see what the Bijū are actually like instead of the mindless weapons the Khaos Brigade had them acting as under their thumb."

"I still find it so weird that they can look like people now. Do you think they'll stay like that?"

"Matatabi and Chōmei are because she wants to have a house in the village and they want to go exploring the Underworld without causing any havoc. I think Isobu, Kokuō, and Son Gokū are going to change back once they find a place where they can settle down."

"Saiken-San and Gyūki-San are planning to come back with us to the human world after we're done today."

"I guess that just leaves Shukaku and Kurama." Naruto shrugged, "I'm sure I don't need to fret and worry about where those two will be heading off to." Rias chuckled and a few of the others followed along as Naruto smiled as well. He was happy to know that the Bijū were safe, happy, and had a new lease on life now that they were here in this world. It was good to know they could do something different here…

If they were back in his home world…would they ever get to experience freedom like this? If he ever made it back…what would happen to his life here?

"Your friends are making quite the impact here."

Naruto looked up and saw two people walking over in their direction. Rias immediately got to her feet to respectfully bow her head and greet them. One was a beautiful older woman, with vibrant pink hair and a pair of horns sticking out from her head. She wore a beautiful low-cut dress that accentuated her lovely figure and chest. The other man simply wore a suit, but Naruto immediately recognized him...

The emperor of the Rating Games, Diehauser Belial.

"Belphegor-sama, Belial-sama, it's a pleasure to meet you both here today." Rias greeted the ranked players, her servants immediately following her example and bowing to the older Devils. She raised her head and the others quickly followed, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, this is a big meeting to help ingratiate ourselves with the nine new super-powerful beings that are joining the alliance. Feels only right we should be here shaking hands." The woman said before she looked around at the other members of the peerage around her. She gently held the hem of her skirt and bowed her head, "My name is Roygun Belphegor, currently ranked 2nd among the Rating Games. It's a pleasure to meet the young heroes who have been saving us left and right recently."

"H-Hi there, Belphegor-sama!" Issei yelled, anxiously greeting the beautiful Devil. His eyes unconsciously drifted downwards to her chest but snapped back up in a panic, frightened that he might insult the powerful figure if they lingered for too long, "It's nice to meet you! M-My name is-"

"Issei Hyoudou-kun, right?" He went silent as Roygun smiled and recognized him before he could introduce himself. She giggled at his dopey expression, "It's not a surprise that I know you. You're the Red Dragon Emperor and the Oppai Dragon on top of that. You're famous around the whole Underworld." She hummed while leaning in to look at Issei a little closer, "Oh~?"


"I've seen your face plastered pretty much everywhere, but I guess seeing you in person I realize…" She winked, "You're kind of cute."

The other members of the ORC silently watched Issei as his eyes bugged out and his breathing quickened. The glass in his hand trembled, "Please don't tease me like that."

"I'm not teasing." Roygun said with a charming smile, "I think you're cute. And I'm…fond of 'getting to know' young go-getters like you."

Issei shattered the glass in his hand, "Would you prefer Onee-sama or Mommy?"

"Okay, that's enough of that."

"N-No! No!" Koneko, Gasper, Irina, Asia, and Xenovia quickly started to lead Issei away before he could start acting up, "It's not fair! NOT FAIR!"

As the weeping [Pawn] was escorted away, Roygun watched them leave before tilting her head, "Was it something I said?"

"That's your fault for corrupting the youth." Diehauser callously responded as he turned back to Rias, "Considering your contributions to the recent events and your perfect record in your matches, I'm sure if you campaigned for it you could join the Rating Games at any time."

"I'm flattered you think that, Belial-sama, but I think I should wait." Rias said, "I'm still not that much stronger than I was during the match with Sairaorg, and I don't want to step onto that field again until I can stand beside my servants instead of behind them."

"Then I hope you find that strength soon because many people are waiting for you up there, myself included." Diehuser's gaze rose from Rias and landed on Naruto behind her, "I'm sure you would be another fearsome opponent people would like to see on the field."

"I doubt it." Naruto said plainly as he touched his chest, "I'm an [Illegal Piece] so I'm barred from participating in Rating Games. The only reason I got to join in before was that they hadn't set the rule yet and then Sairaorg leveraged for me to join. I don't think you and I can ever meet on the field again."

Diehauser shook his head, "I'm not so sure. After your part in the Beast Riot, people will be looking in your direction more. Plus, you're an emissary for the Bijū and now a Middle-Class Devil. They'll have to rethink how they consider you in the future. And if you can't step on the field as a [Pawn], perhaps someday you can be a [King] instead."

"That's right." Rias nodded, "If you get promoted to a High-Class Devil, you'll be given a set of [Evil Pieces] yourself and be allowed to create your peerage. Then any restrictions on you will be revoked since your position will change."

Him as the [King] of his own peerage? He'd never thought about it before but was that something he could do? Was that even something he wanted? Staying in Rias' peerage or making his own?

As Naruto looked contemplative, Diehauser's eyes lingered down to his right arm, "I was part of the attack force that subdued the fox during its rampage, and I was there when you established a reconnection with it. That form you took as you regained your powers, right?"

"Oh, yeah, that was a form I could take when I had Kurama's chakra boosting me up. His chakra had been inert for a few years since we came to this world, and when he was able to return to his physical body, that chakra was awakened in me again."

"But that form is one we've seen you take before, right? During your match with Sairaorg, you used your Sacred Gear to change back into your old body and use that power. And now you have that power at your disposal again?"

"That's right."

"Then what about your Sacred Gear?"

"What?" Naruto blinked in confusion before looking at his arm. He summoned his Remote Looper as the guard and buttons appeared along his forearm, "I still have it right here."

"Yes, but you've reclaimed that power for yourself, and the consciousness that filled your Sacred Gear has returned to his own body. If it has lost its most useful function, then will it just become a redundant tool?"

"No, it won't…" Naruto paused and looked down at the Sacred Gear Azazel had gifted him months ago, "I mean…"

"Sacred Gears are essential tools and weapons gifted by the system created by Heaven. The artificial ones are recreations made by the Fallen Angels to try and match that level of ingenuity." The undefeated emperor of the Rating Games looked at Naruto sternly, "You may have regained your former power, but do not allow another tool in your arsenal to go to waste simply because a familiar strength has returned to you."

With that Naruto continued to look down at his Sacred Gear in silent thought. Diehauser stepped away to rejoin the party as Rias touched Naruto's shoulder to let him know she was there to help.

He was right though. Even if Kurama's chakra helped him fight again, it'd be a waste to not use his Sacred Gear. But he didn't need Golden Hour Revival. So…what else could Remote Looper do?


Rias let out a tired sigh as she walked off the elevator after training at the bottom of the hotel for a while. As she walked through their private floor and headed for the kitchen, she couldn't help but look over into the living room when she saw the odd sight before her, "What's going on here?"

"Just doing some testing."

"You sure?" She asked skeptically as she looked between Azazel and her aged-down boyfriend who now looked 12, lounging back on a couch as they were in the middle of a movie marathon, "It looks like you're just watching a movie."

"And timing his Balance Breaker again." Azazel raised the stopwatch in his hand, "Over 3 hours now. You've blown your previous limit out of the water."

Rias looked down at the young Naruto, "You took the emperor's words to heart?"

He nodded, "Yep, and before we figure out what else the Remote Looper can do, we have to check if there are any changes to how it works now." Naruto stretched, "Apparently my time limit for jumping back has increased since last time."

She shrugged, "Makes sense. Your limit increased before after your fight with the Hero faction." Rias stood back up and stretched before she walked away, "Okay, I need a drink and have to get washed. Enjoy your movie marathon."

"Hey, can you grab us some popcorn?" Azazel asked nicely, "It's boring just sitting here waiting without a snack."

"When I get back."

As Azazel and Naruto settled back in to watch, Naruto blew out a sigh. This was an important part of figuring out what else his Sacred Gear was capable of, but this was waiting for the clock to run out on his Balance Breaker. He wished there was something else he could do.

Closing his eyes, Naruto dipped into his subconscious and found himself in the old sewer system that led to the cage Kurama was locked in. As Naruto walked up to the bars and saw the giant fox on the other side he piped up, "Sorry to cram you back in there for a few hours."

"Ehh, I don't mind." Kurama answered, "I mean I'm not even really stuck behind here. I'm back in my own body still working with the scientists on some of the last changes for our bodies."

"Well, that's a plus at least." The young Naruto sat in the water and kicked it around a little, "What do you think we could use this Sacred Gear for now? I don't want it to just be a redundant tool like that guy said but I'm drawing blanks."

"You can keep using its base function of setting and repeating your attacks against your enemy. That's a pretty useful move to have when trying to settle a fight quickly." Kurama offered before his eyes widened, "Oh! We should figure out how that other ability works! The one I used in a panic when you were dying to stop your body in time for a few days."

"Oh yeah! Good idea!" Naruto remembered using that attack only once before - to stop Shalba Beelzebub from attacking Rias during his ambush. But Naruto's smile dipped when he tilted his head, "How did we do that?"

"No idea."

They both hung their heads and sighed. This was going to take longer than they expected.

Naruto blew a raspberry and looked up at the bars surrounding Kurama's cell. His eyes landed on the paper seal locking the bars together before he picked himself up, "Here, let's open those bars so you can stretch around a little."

"Thanks. Hey, this won't cause you any problems, will it? I mean the other stuff you've done while in your younger body is negligible but opening my cell when you're 12 is a pretty big divergence."

"Yeah, but it all resets anyway. Heh, could you imagine if I had your strength when I was this young? How all our fights would've been a breeze back then?"

"Oh yeah, and you would've been an even more unbearable turd as a kid if you were cocky and strong like that."

"Hehe, touché." Naruto chuckled as he grabbed the seal and peeled it off, "Well, you never-"

He couldn't pull it back any further.

Kurama's eyes widened in shock and Naruto looked down in confusion at the hand locked around his wrist to stop him from pulling. He looked up…

"Come now, Naruto," The warm, kind voice spoke, "I guessed you were kind of reckless, but I never would've thought you'd try to open this seal so casually like that. Not before you were ready for this fight."

Naruto's eyes widened as he looked up at the taller blond figure looking down at him. The man whose face was carved into the side of Hokage Mountain. The man he'd idolized and followed for so many years…





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