"Think about it Doctor," began Kazran. "One last day with your beloved. What day would you choose?"

I already did, he wanted so desperately wanted to say but the words stuck in his throat. I used that day during the hour I needed it most. The day where my hearts ached more than any other. The day where it was impossible to justify my decision.

With my last steps, fighting off death, I gave myself one last day. One last day to see her face. Hear her voice. See her smile. One last day to watch the snow fall…with her. Even though I was only a stranger to her in those few minutes.

The Doctor felt as if someone was squeezing his throat. The only thing he could do was frown and look away. How could I tell him, he thought. How could I tell him that it would be both the best and the worst decision he would ever make.

How do you tell a person that?