Okay, this is probably still their freshman year of high school. What do ya think? I figured I needed to put Fiyero back in somewhere. :)

Elphaba walked out the doors of the library. Smiling to herself, she adjusted the strap of her bag; which was now heavily weighted down with books.

Suddenly, she was knocked off her feet by someone running straight in her direction. Her glasses fell to the ground as she scrambled to regain her footing. Her bag fell down as well, scattering her books onto the ground in all directions. Elphaba groaned as she finally found her glasses, which now had a fine crack in one of the lenses.

"Hey, watch where you're going next time, idiot!" She said, putting the broken glasses in her pocket and trying to gather her books back together.

The stranger held out a hand, offering to help her to her feet.

"Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry. I didn't- Elphaba?"

She looked up, recognizing her name. "How do you know my- F-Fiyero?!"

Fiyero grinned, helping her to her feet. "The one and only." He bent down, gathering up her books and handing them to her.

"So, how have you been?" He asked. "I don't think I've seen you since-"

"-fifth grade, you hit me over the head with a baseball. Gave me a concussion." Elphaba reminded.

"So, are you still going by Mr. Awesome?" She asked jokingly, taking her books back from Fiyero and putting them back in her bag.

Fiyero laughed. "No, I go by Fiyero now."

"Good to know."

"So," Fiyero asked, "You're still green I see."

Elphaba glared at him.

"And you're still as annoying as the day I met you."


Elphaba smiled, crossing her arms. She grabbed the strap of her bag, preparing to leave.

"Well, it was…uh…nice to see you again, Fiyero. But I've, ah…"

Fiyero grabbed her by the arm.

"Oh, come on Elphaba. We haven't seen each other in four years. Don't you wanna catch up?" He asked hopefully.

Elphaba rolled her eyes, jerking her arm free from his grasp. "Fiyero, it was a real…surprise bumping into you here. But…"

"But what?"

"It's just…ah, studying…and um, I've got to get back home and-"

"Jeeze, still as studious as ever, huh?"

"Well, unlike you Fiyero, some people value education." She said, walking back to the dormitories. Fiyero walked beside her.

"Can't we at least talk?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "What about?"

"Well, for one-"Fiyero just happened to glance down at the ground, and saw that Elphaba was just about to trip over a loose root growing up over the street.

"Elphie, watch out!"

Elphaba looked up at Fiyero, instead of down at the ground. Her foot caught on the tree root and sent her falling forwards. Fiyero, thinking quickly, caught her around the waist, saving her an awful spill on the concrete.

"You okay?"

Elphaba gulped, not expecting him to catch her. She looked up, surprised and blushing.

"I, u-um…yeah. Thanks." She muttered, hastily getting to her feet.

"Um, thanks for everything Fiyero, but I-I've really got to, um…got to get going. See you 'round?"

Fiyero watched as she walked quickly back to her dorm.

"Yeah," he mumbled. "See ya 'round."

Elphaba hastily opened the door, only to find her father standing in the doorway.

"Well, someone's been out late, I see."

Elphaba winced.

"I'm sorry. Won't happen again, I promise. There was th-this boy and-"

"What boy?" Frex sounded horrified.

Elphaba put her bag on the table, grabbing a book from it and heading through the kitchen doors.

"No one. Just some guy. I haven't seen him since fifth grade, anyway."

She reached the top of the service stairs. Opening the door to her room, she dashed inside; locking the door and flopping down on her bed. She opened her book and instantly became immersed in the story, oblivious to the outside world. That is, until she heard a loud THUMP! coming from her window. She shrugged and continued reading, until she was interrupted once again by the same noise. Groaning, she got up from her bed and trudged over to the window.

Opening the window, Elphaba narrowly dodge a flour-filled sock flying in her direction. Gazing downwards, she caught a glimpse of her best friend.

"What the heck, Galinda?!" She exclaimed as the sock hit the house and fell back to earth.

Galinda raced to catch the falling sock.

"Sorry, Elphie. But I didn't know any other way to get your attention and I have something REALLY important to tell you!" She yelled.

Elphaba glared.

"How about using the door like a civilized being?"

Galinda shrugged.

"Your dad scares me."

Elphaba smirked. You couldn't reason with logic. Especially Galinda's logic.

"Fine. Now what is it you so need so urgently to tell me?"

"Can you come down?"

Elphaba nodded.

"I'll be right down." She left the window open and walked over to her bed. Pulling out a twisted mass of sheets and bedding out from under it, she tied one end to the leg of her bed like she had done so many times. She swung the other side out the window, hearing a squeal coming from the ground.

"Sweet Oz, Elphie! Don't tell me you're doing that!"

Elphaba grinned. Swinging her legs over the windowsill, she pulled on the rope a few times to make sure it would hold. After she was sure that it would hold her, she swung both her feet off the windowsill and wrapped them around the bed-sheet cable, slowly clambering her way down. When she could almost touch the ground, she jumped.

Galinda squeaked.

"For the love of Lurline, Elphie! I've seen you do that so many times, and yet I'm still afraid you're going to fall and break your legs or something!"

Elphaba snorted.

"Hey, you might be onto something there, Glin. If I broke both my legs, maybe my father would pay more attention to me." She joked cynically.

Galinda looked slightly annoyed.

"Don't joke about stuff like that, Elphie. Even though, you might be onto something there."

She laughed, punching the blonde lightly on the arm.

"So, what did you make me come out here for?"

Galinda looked thoughtful for a moment. Then she gasped.

"Oh, I remember!"

"And what exactly was it Galinda?" Elphaba prompted.

"Oh, right!" Galinda looked excited. "Guess who I just ran into!"

"Umm…The Wizard of Oz?"

Galinda rolled her eyes. "No, silly! You remember that boy Fiyero from fifth grade, right?"

Elphaba's eyes widened. "Seriously?" She started smiling.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Do I look like I'm kidding to you?" Galinda said as she tried to put on her best "serious face."

Elphaba grinned. "Glin, I just ran into him down at the library"

"Oh my Oz! Really?!" Galinda squealed. "That is such a coincidence! Because GUESS WHAT?!"


"Fiyero asked me out on a date. Tonight!"



"Nothing, Glin. It's just…well…I'm not surprised. That's all."

Galinda looked slightly disappointed.

"Well, I was expecting you to be a little more enthusiastic."

Elphaba shrugged.

"Sorry. But you do have to keep in mind that what you call "Big News" isn't the same as what I would call it."

"Okay. But isn't it GREAT?!" Galinda squeaked. "I just can't wait! And he's SOO cute!"

Elphaba rolled her eyes.

"Whatever you say, Glin."

Galinda took her by the shoulders. "Oh, Elphie tell me honestly! Don't you think he at least looks the least bit hot?"

Elphaba shrugged, thinking back to when she and Fiyero met back at the library.

"Can't we at least talk?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "What about?"

"Well, for one-"Fiyero just happened to glance down at the ground, and saw that Elphaba was just about to trip over a loose root growing up over the street.

"Elphie, watch out!"

Elphaba looked up at Fiyero, instead of down at the ground. Her foot caught on the tree root and sent her falling forwards. Fiyero, thinking quickly, caught her around the waist, saving her an awful spill on the concrete.

She felt a slight blush creep up onto her cheeks. She swore under her breath and hastily covered her face with her hands.

Meanwhile, Galinda beamed.

"Oooh! Elphie, see! See, I told you! Even you think he's hot!"

Elphaba glared at her.

"No, I don't."

Galinda smiled playfully.

"Whatever you say…"

Elphaba was sitting on her bed, reading. Yesterday was Galinda's date with Fiyero, and she was wondering how it went.

Then, almost on cue, she heard a familiar THUMP! against her window. Rolling her eyes she walked over to the window and opened it, only to get hit in the face with Galinda's flour-sock. She wiped her eyes on her sleeve, then looked down at the blonde irritably.

Galinda held her hands up to her face in shock.

"Oh my Oz, Elphie! I am SO sorry!"

Elphaba smirked playfully, her face looking almost normal covered with flour.

"I suppose you want me to come down?" She remarked, wiping her face on her sleeve.

"Yeah, that was kinda what I was hinting at."

"Okay, just look out below."

Elphaba left the window, only to return a minute later with an armful of bed-sheet rope. She threw the mass outside, grasping the top and swinging out the window. In a short while she was on the ground.

"So, how'd it go?"

Galinda let out a high-pitched squeal.

"Oh, Elphie! It was absolutely wonderful!"

"Glad to hear it." Elphaba commented, wiping the last of the flour off her face.

"You know, you really need to find another means of getting my attention."

Galinda giggled.

"Sorry, Elphie. But he's just SO nice and sweet and did I mention hot?"

"No, I don't think you did."

"Well, he is! And he's such a good listener and he's so funny and nice and cute and-"

Meanwhile, Elphaba glanced over Galinda's shoulder to see a familiar boy walking in their direction. Fiyero. He put a finger to his lips, signaling for her not to tell Galinda.

Elphaba nodded, diverting her attention back to her blonde friend, who was still droning on and on about how great Fiyero was.

"-and he's polite, and a gentleman and he's so kind and did I mention cute?"

Just then, Fiyero put his hands over Galinda's eyes, who screamed and sucker-punched him.

"Oof!" Fiyero fell backwards, while Galinda turned and faced him, only to gasp in surprise.

"Fiyero?! Oh my Oz! Are you okay?!"

Elphaba just stood there, trying not to laugh. Eventually she couldn't hold it in, and she burst out laughing. Galinda turned to her.

"Not funny, Elphie!" She reprimanded. Then she turned back to Fiyero, who was still a little winded.

"I am SO sorry Fiyero! I didn't know it was you! Honest!"

Fiyero nodded, still having trouble catching his breath. Elphaba continued laughing, to the disdain of her blonde roommate. She eventually managed to gather her bearings, though, and she bent down to examine the Winkie.

"How many fingers am I holding up?"

"…Two." He remarked, looking rather pleased with himself.

Elphaba looked him over briefly.

"Well, I think you're good. No massive injuries, and probably no brain damage since she didn't hit you in the head."

Fiyero stood up, rubbing his stomach.

"Good. Geeze, I guess this is what I get for trying to sneak up on my girlfriend, huh?" He said to Galinda jokingly. "I'll probably never try that ever again."

Galinda grinned sheepishly.

"I'm really sorry, Fiyero. I honestly thought you were a mugger or something."

Fiyero shrugged.

"Like I said, I'll be much more careful next time."

Elphaba grinned at them both.

"So… You two kids are dating now, huh?"

"Yes!" Squealed Galinda excitedly. Fiyero quickly covered his ears, to no avail. Galinda's squeals could shatter glass. In fact, that was Elphaba's sixth grade science fair project.

Elphaba stared at the two of them.

"Well, I think that we've all learned a very important lesson today." She said.

"Never guess that your boyfriend is a mugger?" Galinda asked.

"Never try to surprise your girlfriend?" Fiyero proposed.

Elphaba grinned.

"Never disturb a gossiping Galinda."