Yeah so this is just a little thing I put together that was inspired from a comic on Deviantart. My FIRST ShadAmy fanfic so NO FLAMES!


Amy's POV

"Sonic?" I yelled out into the woods. Sonic ran away from me again and attempted to find him (again). "SONIC! Where are you, Sonikku?"

As I walked down an unknown path I spotted someone standing among a field of white flowers outside of the other end of the forest. At first I thought it was Sonic, so I got ready to jump onto him and give him a death hug. But as I was about to do so, I realized it was Shadow the Hedgehog. I gave myself a smirk and decided to give him a death hug for the heck of it. He's still my friend and I think that he should really have someone to loosen him up a little. I got my self ready to prounce on him, and I started to run a bit. And then a leap onto him and gave him a tight squeeze.

"Surprise! Hi Shadow!" I said gleefully. I waited for a reply but no. He stayed still as if nothing had happened. "Um, Shadow?"

Nothing again. Maybe he's tired that I've done this to him for the twenty-seventh time this year? "Hey Shadow, are you o-" as I was about to say something, Shadow took me by the shoulders and lay me down on the white flowers.

"Sh-sh-shadow?! Wh-what are you doin-" before I can even finish my sentence, Shadow licked my lips and as they parted, he started to kiss me passionately. I started to moan and kiss back until Shadow pulled away and smirked. Then he muzzled slightly near my ear.

"Now will you stop?" He whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine in a good way. I nodded slightly with my eyes partially opened. He picks me up back to my feet and picks up a white flower and put it behind my ear.

"Bye Amy." And then Shadow hovered/skated away.

"Bye Shadow." I said as I took out the flower from my ear and cupped it in my hands, replaying of what happened earlier and started walking into the woods.

Ok, so tell me what you think! I think I want to continue, but I need some reviews if its worthy to be continued or not. And remember this is just an intro/prologue. So no flames and tell me what ya think!