Broken Antler in Winter: Thank you. As for Slade I'm keeping him as the manipulative sadist, but I plan on bringing his personal moral code into light as well. I know shocked me too.

koryandrs: Thank you for the encouragement. I hope you enjoy what I have planned.

For the Better

If there's one fact every tactician learns it's that one cannot depend on every plan you make to work out perfectly. It took a week to reach San Francisco; Richard didn't travel by plane he wanted to disappear after all. Airport security was how the League caught dozens of criminals and he would sooner make a deal with the Devil than get caught in such a rookie mistake.

As he traveled he gained a reputation as a mysterious vigilante traveling the states as he tried to find a city to call his own. Stopping the occasional mugger and thief in a blur of black and blue with the criminal needing a few months of therapy. Old habits die hard after all.

His first stop was Bludhaven, to see what he had to work with and where to set his goals as a hero; it was every bit as screwed up as he thought and then some. It would take at least three years to clean up the common criminals then there was the drug lords.

Oh well, that merely enforced his decision to leave, he'd never get anywhere with the League and the Team constantly babying him. It would hurt he understood, but how could they honestly think he would allow them to strip him of his mask after one gun shot. After his parents died crime fighting was all that kept him sane, he needed to pound criminals into the ground.

He was messed up, he knew it. But hey it wasn't like he was slaughtering innocent bystanders without a care in the world. He'd leave that to the professionals.

He spent three days in Jump patrolling, learning about the criminal element and searching for a spot to build a safe house before the Gordanians invaded and that day changed everything.

He relearned that one man no matter how skilled could not save the world on his own. He needed a team, a group of heroes that understood his ideas and were willing to fight alongside him no matter the odds. That was how he met four strange teenagers, alone like him, each with strange and unique talents.

Victor Stone, a fifteen year old promising athlete whose mother died in a horrible accident that nearly killed him as well. Through the technology of Star Labs Victor lived, but was marked as a freak by all his old friends. He took to hiding his new body but helping the cops whenever things got out of hand. His new cybernetic body marked him as a Cyborg and after meeting the others he learned to embrace it.

Becoming the teams tech specialist he could literally interface with any computer allowing them to gain access to nearly all the information they could want. But with his cybernetic enhancements he also became the strong man who wasn't afraid to throw his weight around.

Rachel Roth, a half demon raised in a peaceful alternate reality where she was trained in the pacifist temple of Azarath to control and suppress her demonic powers. When she turned fourteen she had no choice but to travel to Earth, expecting a solitary life to which she was quickly proven wrong. Her bleak outlook on life and bird shaped soul projection got her first friends to know her as Raven, considering the bird's symbolic meaning she found the new title perfect.

The teams mystic, her abilities made her a formidable opponent but her teachings kept her from going all out. She only had two rules; you don't mess with her friends and never go into her room. Ever. Her knowledge of the dark arts may disturb some but in many ways she was the perfect example of learning from one's enemy.

Garfield Mark Logan, a twelve year old shape changeling and the only member Richard came into contact with before going solo. This green prankster was once a simple boy taking care of animals on a reserve in Africa with his mother, when his life was at risk he was given Martian blood which turned his eyes bright green and later the rest of his body. His mother died a month later when her car ran off the road into a lagoon leading him to be taken in and trained as a member of the famous Doom Patrol before leaving, taking the name Beast Boy with him.

The team's comedian he tries to look on the brighter side even when it seems hopeless. A good kid he wasn't as thick as some might believe as his keen instincts alert him to subtle differences in behavior. Able to change into any animal at will his predictability was nearly nonexistent.

Koriand'r, a former prisoner of the Gordanians and princess of the planet Tamaran. At twelve years she is the second oldest child of the royal family under her elder sister Blackfire but older than her brother Wildfire. As a tamaranean she has a wide assortment of abilities empowered by ultraviolet radiation and triggered by her emotions. Koriand'r initially had difficulties understanding to need for a secret identity, instead choosing the English translation of her name, Starfire.

Being the direct cause for the unusual group of five joining forces she holds more worth than most realize. While she acts like a naive girl one can't forget she was born from a warrior race. Despite everything she's been dealt with she still manages to put a smile of her face showing, not only strong character, but an inner fortitude that would not be easily crushed.

Together these strange teenagers beat back the Gordanian invaders and saved Jump City becoming its resident heroes. But if nothing else they learned that there were others who shared the shame pain and the desire to be accepted in this hell called reality. This created the second teenage team of heroes and soon to be the greatest.

The Teen Titans.

Maybe all plans don't follow though but sometimes that's a good thing. You never know when that one flaw could become a world of new possibilities. And this was one world Richard was happy to be a part of. And with the plans he has for this team things will only get better, as long as the League doesn't but in where they aren't needed.

Oh yes, this was the beginning of a beautiful generation.

I know Beast Boy in Young Justice was younger but keep in mind that I'm merging the two versions. Basically he was ten, almost eleven, when he met the Team, lost his mother the next month, then was trained by the Doom Patrol for a little over a year before the whole failure with the black hole generator.

The Titans will mostly look the same but there are a few differences that will be revealed later. They actually will wear civilian clothes, but will not use their real names. It's part of the desire to leave their painful past behind them and all that.

The original Roy Harper will be found much sooner leading him to become a member of Titans East. I just need to find a way to adjust the story with his clone and how the Titans find him.