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Boomer1125: That is my intention but it will be a slow process. I always hated it when two characters just fell in love. I believe it should be cultivated over time and through shared experiences.

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Trouble in Tokyo: Territory

Despite their advanced technology it still took the Titans three hours to reach the outskirts of Japan. Unfortunately they didn't have a Tower built in the Eastern hemisphere yet or any other kind of signal that couldn't be traced, teleportation wasn't an option. Leaving them with the T-Ship despite its original use for deep sea diving. Cyborg complained about the stress it would put on the engine but it was all they had.

Nightwing assured Cyborg once Broshugon was captured he would direct some funding for a proper jet to be constructed. Since the T-Ship was an unscheduled flight they had to say in stealth mode and land in a small clearing outside of Tokyo. Dressed in casual clothes, the reconstructed holographic generator in Cyborg's case, the Titans took in the nightlife.

Mount Fuji rose from the ground like a noble sentinel as cherry blossoms danced on the breeze. Red tori gates marked the ancient roads winding into the countryside. But that didn't capture their attention.

Piercing the darkness of the night the bustling city of Tokyo was lit up with a hundred different colors.

"Tokyo!" Cyborg exclaimed in joy to be out of the ship holographic generator in full effect. There was only so long a guy could stand being still with no entertainment. "We made it! Told you it was a left at Hawaii." He bragged to Nightwing in context to the small dispute they had over the map.

"Oh..." Starfire gushed. "...the city lights are like a million tiny fenorbla flies!"

But Nightwing wasn't taken in. A pretty face was the perfect disguise for a dangerous threat if done right. "It may look nice, but there's something rotten down there." Living in Gotham he gained a sort of sixth sense on the matter, but with Jump being a naturally brighter city and with Slade gone he really didn't have to use it as much. "And until we discover the reason beh-"

"Whoo-yeah!" His dark orders were cut off by a joyful yell followed by a rush of color.

With a back flip Beast left the T-Ship wearing a pink and orange Hawaiian shirt, brown shorts, pink flip-flops, and matching sunglasses. "Hello, Japan! So, when do we get to go see the Great Wall?"

"Never." Raven stated, hands in coat pockets. "It's in China." Idiot.

Green ears dropped in disappointment, but not for long. "Ooooh...but you know what is in Tokyo?"

Rummaging through his green duffle bag he pulled out a large paperback book with three characters, one being a blue cat with wings. It was a volume of Japanese manga.

"The world-famous, number-one greatest, most awesome Japanese manga company, Wakamono Shuppan!" He exclaimed hugging the book to his chest with one arm while pointing to a large skyscraper with the other.

Putting the book away Beast Boy started jogging in the publisher's direction dragging Cyborg and Raven along by their arm and coat respectively. "Oh, oh, we gotta take the tour! Now! Please? Oh, we can't come here on vacation and not-" He stopped both physically and verbally as his back bumped into a sculpted chest.

"We are not on vacation!"

Was it possible for Wing's death glare to be even more threatening without the mask? Releasing his captives Beast Boy slowly backed away from his leader.

"We're heroes, not tourists. Our mission is to locate Brushogun and bring him to justice. And since we're guests in this country, we need to be on our best behavior. So let's just do our job and stay out of trouble." And with that 'inspirational' speech he started down the long winding path that would lead them to the bustling city.

Ears lowered in disappointment Beast Boy dismissively muttered. "Come on. How much trouble could we possibly get in?"

Looking up he saw he had been left behind. Grabbing his bags he ran to catch up. Cyborg already booked two rooms for them at a decent hotel. He'd prefer high class but they were working on a tight budget, with food and potential bribes.

Seeing how they only had two rooms Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Nightwing claimed one room leaving Raven and Starfire with the second. Sorting their clothes in separate drawers the boys and girls lost themselves in their personal tasks of organizing their personal belonging in a comfortable fashion without getting in the other's way.

They were oblivious to the blank eyes that had been watching them since they first landed. Shrouded in darkness, all that could be seen was a fit male body and pure white eyes. Tenting his fingers he glared at the five figures, but didn't seem too upset.

"So, the Titans have come to Tokyo." He mused. This wasn't meant to happen, but it wasn't like he was ignorant of the super powered community.

"Saico-Tek must have talked. Most unfortunate. Don't you agree, my friend?" He asked almost pleasantly to the soft grating echoing from the darkness. "But you needn't worry. I will soon give these 'heroes' a good reason to leave." He fooled the League's children these would be no different.

On a control panel below four different colored buttons stood out against the standard keyboard. Typing in a few commands he pressed the indigo and yellow buttons. Immediately paper rolled whirled to life as the raspy breathing escalated into pained moans.

In the heart of Tokyo it was as if the sun never set. Or rather the moon kept the city thriving. High above the streets, a high-speed train raced through its tracks. The roar of its engine blending seamlessly with the natural sounds and sights Tokyo was immersed in. Bright neon signs and billboards decorated every inch of the massive skyscrapers. Advertisements and animation, news reports and alerts flashed from every direction.

It was even more crowded on ground level. Scooters, cars, or feet it didn't matter it seemed every inch of concrete or asphalt was covered in hurried moments. People went around carrying out their business or animatedly talking on the latest smart phone.

In a small, mercifully somewhat quiet, corner the Titans stood still, amazed and slightly confused with the constant stream of energy buzzing through every last inch. Jump City had nothing on this.

"Toky-whoa!" Beast Boy marveled. After a few withering glares he swapped his tourist get up with more sensible pants and shoes, but keeping the shirt. The pink sunglasses were perched on his head as he jokingly explained how the flashing lights demanded protection.

"So, where to now?" Raven asked already annoyed with the onslaught of noise and lights.

"The roughest part of town is in the Shinjuku district. We'll start our search there." Nightwing said, remembering the warning message from a guidebook he read on the way.

"Okay. So which way is that?" Cyborg asked.

Sighing Nightwing ran a glove free hand through ebony locks in an attempt to quell the unsettling emotions rising in the pit of his stomach. "This is where things get difficult. I can speak Japanese but I know the rest of you don't. Cyborg can easily use his translation program to understand the locals but the rest of you don't have that luxury. Before we do anything we need to find some way to close the language gap in the case we get separated." His mind was already conjuring the disappointed glare of his father bearing down upon him. The young hero turned away as the embarrassment of such ill thought preparation hit him hard. Once again his eagerness to prove himself had landed him into another tight spot.

However Beast Boy wasn't the least bit worried. "No problem. Have some faith dude. We'll just ask for directions." Walking up to the closest civilian he could find he lightly tapped on his shoulder to draw his attention away from his tablet.

"Um, hi. How do I get to Shinjuku?" He asked in an abnormally polite tone. One Raven was willing to bet had come from watching eighteenth century sitcoms.

The man just blinked. "Ee. Sumimasen. Eigo ga wakaranain desu, tasukete wo rigari naru na." (Hm? I'm sorry. I don't speak English, so I can't help you.) Returning to his device he continued on his way as if talking to a green skin teen was a typical occurrence. But knowing how popular cosplay was in Japan it could very well be.

"Uh-huh...mmm-hmm...okay, thanks." Beast Boy said nodding his head with a grin.

Turning to the others his grin along with his body deflated. "I have no idea what he said."

Cyborg looked about ready to throttle the changeling. Fortunately Starfire was three to block his path. "Perhaps I may be of assistance."

Taking a quick survey of the locals Star grabbed the first teenage boy within reach. Spinning him to face her she captured him in a kiss on the lips.

Cyborg and Nightwing stared at the scene with bulging eyes. Beast Boy stared wide eyed as he struggled to make sense of what the heck was happening. Raven raised an eyebrow, but was internally facing down five conniptions.

The local teen slouch in her grasp until eight full seconds had passed since the moment their lips first touched. Completely mind blown he didn't know what to feel or say once he was released.

"Sumimasen kedo, Shinjuku wa docchi no houkou desu ka." (Excuse me, but which direction is Shinjuku?)

Staring at the beautiful girl with wide eyes the boy pointed over his shoulder. "Acchi da yo." (That way.)

Smiling Starfire bowed in gratitude. "Doumo arigatou." (Thank you very much.)

"Daisuki." (I love you.) One could practically see the hearts in the youth's eyes.

She gave him a small smile. Giggling she returned to a stunned group of teens. "It is this way."|

Nightwing was the first to snap out of it. "Um...Starfire? Why did you just...kiss that guy?" He saw it, but by chaos he wished he hadn't.

"Oh. The people of my planet are able to learn any language instantaneously through lip contact." She easily explained, unaware of how her words were affecting a close friend.

"So you speak Japanese now?" Cyborg asked.

"Mmm-hmm." Starfire nodded.

With a smile Cyborg congratulated her feeling much more reassured. "That's great!"

Still smiling Starfire guided them down the street. But one remained unsatisfied with the explanation.

Alone Nightwing watched as the others slowly walked away. That kiss. He always wondered about it. Was it a sign of affection, a custom in the face of another warrior, or simply an act of passion? Now he knew. It was merely a method to obtain knowledge. That explained how she was able to understand them and communicate so easily once they kissed.

But didn't she understand what it meant on Earth? She must after all the romance movies he binged watched. So why hadn't she ever explained herself? It wasn't like he was mad or anything. Did she think he didn't care or simply forgot? Sighing he followed the others through the sea of people.

"So Blackfire was able to understand that ooze monster because she kissed him earlier?" Beast Boy asked both grossed out and curious.

Thinking over the idea briefly Starfire nodded. "I believe that would be the case." To her race it was the most efficient way to obtain knowledge of a foreign language.

While the others struggled to get that picture out of their heads the crowd around them was suddenly thrown into frenzy. People ran as fast as possible, screaming at the top of their lungs. The collective panic was almost intoxicating. Only the years of experience kept the Titans from losing their composure to the pure animalistic instinct to flee.

One man stopped in his mad dash at the sight of the rigid teens. Pointing to the sky he shouted. "Nigeru! Taihen da! Kaibutsu ga densen o kitteru zo!" (Run! It's huge! A monster is attacking the power lines!) And with that the man continues following the crowd if a bit calmer.

"Translation?" Raven asked Starfire in her usual monotone.

Breaking it down to the main components Starfire relayed to her friends. "Run! The monster is attacking the power lines!"

Even with the knowledge he may regret it Beast boy had to ask. "What monster?"

"My guess would be that one." Cyborg pointed to a massive silhouette slowly walking towards a set of transformers.

As if summoned, thunderous steps announced the arrival of a monstrous creature right out of a classic giant monster movie. Towering over buildings and power lines alike a massive reptilian creature slowly emerged. Unleashing a roar that could have been heard from the states the Titans clamped their hands over their ears along with what few citizens remained. Stepping in between a pair of power lines, the steel cables snapped like string against its scaled stomach.

Seeing such a careless display of strength was all the motivation the few remaining civilians needed to get the heck out of doge.

But for some it was a mere annoyance. 'It seems no matter where we go we're stuck with this crap.' "Cyborg, are the precautions in place?" Nightwing asked slinging his utility belt across his chest.

Hacking into the city's power grid through the interface built into his arm Cyborg started up their standard stealth protocols. "Lights and cameras shutting down…now." Typing in the last bit of code the once colorful city district was brought into the shadows. The surrounding five blocks became a dead zone as its electrical life blood was sealed away. Lights from the rest of the city acted as minimal lighting but it was more than enough.

Just because they were in another continent doesn't mean they could slack off. They still weren't ready for the League to know about them. Of course there was a chance they'd already been found out, assuming the woman Raven described really was Barbra. But he'd be damned if he would simply hand them the answers.

"Titans! Go!" Nightwing shouted taking out a handful of explosive disks.

Nodding Beast Boy quickly changed into a pterodactyl and grabbed Cyborg by his shoulders.

Starfire and Raven both took to the skies. The Tamaranean princess wasted no time in launching two overcharged starbolts at the creature. Raven took a more strategic approach. Casting out her magic in fanned out bursts she watched to see how it would react to a full body assault. As expected it only served to agitate it.

Seeing the girls pull back Cyborg fired at will. Sonic blasts bombarded the creatures head, neck, left arm, but only the chest got a full blast. In the center of the creature's body a massive hole was shot clean through. And in a strange sense of dejavu layers of color replaced the missing flesh until it was as if it never happened.

Nightwing watched the whole event from the streets as Beast Boy brought Cyborg back to ground level, shifting back to human form on top his shoulder.

"Same power as Saico-Tek!" Cyborg shouted as the girls arrived.

"Because it works for Brushogun too." They were definitely in the right place. Glaring at the beast Nightwing looked for anything that could be used to their advantage. He was able to beat Saico Tec by checking him off guard. But he was human so the question became how did one deal with a creature right out of a monster movie?

The creature stared at its restored chest. Lifting its head it locked eyes with Cyborg. Emerald fire burning bright as it unleashed another painful roar that shook the buildings. A raging green fire soon replaced the wrathful roaring. The Titans scrambled to dodge the flames as it ate away at the road leaving a molten crater in its place.

The creature's full attention was on the being who forced it to regenerate. Or in other words Cyborg was forced into serpentine maneuvers while Beast Boy and Nightwing kept their distance.

Three cars flew through the air, crashing into the creature's neck. The machines crumbled against the armored scales but it did draw the monster's attention to the sorceress floating in midair. Narrowing her eyes two more cars are ripped from the earth and flung at the creature but all it did was make it angrier. A muscular arm swiped at the Titan, who merely lowered herself to ground level where several more cars were parked. Each one a proud Japanese model focused on energy efficiency and compact design.

'Where's a gas-guzzler when you need one?' Now that would do some damage, especially if she could get Starfire to hit it with a starbolt just as it made contact.

Her question was ignored as a foot lashed out. Phasing into the ground she avoided the kick as it took out the line a cars that was once behind her.

Swooping from the roof tops a green gorilla launched itself at the reptilian beast. Bringing both hammer like fist down a sickening crack was heard throughout half the city as they made contact with the creature's skull. The monster threw its head back as it roared in pain and anger. Reaching out the airborne gorilla latched onto a lamp post, swinging down it transformed back into Beast Boy. Now having the beast's full attention it was time to reenact an old classic.

Smirking Beast Boy slowly transformed into a tyrannosaurus rex to see who was the real King of the Monsters.

But being who he was Beast Boy failed to see the low hanging bridge above his head.

Stunned back to human form Beast Boy groaned rubbing his sore noggin. Looking up he saw the monster standing above him just in time as a river of green slime poured from the beast's mouth

Pale and half-senseless amid the unthinkable ooze Beast Boy had become the perfect target. The beast leaned forward to give a tentative sniff at the green one, but a sonic blast slammed into its snout forcing it back.

Turning it saw Cyborg shifting his cannon back to arm function. "I hear baseball's big in Japan." Smirking at the recently aquired fact he ripped a street light straight out of the ground. Holding it like a wooden bat, two handed with a firm stance. "Well, get ready for a grand slam!"

With a mighty swing Cyborg smacked the monster straight in the neck forcing him into a series of tamaranean powered haymakers. Grabbing a webbed ear Starfire heaved the beast across the street where it crashed into a multistoried building, which was now little more than a pile of rubble.

Gritting her teeth she flew back determined to give one more charge. Sadly her efforts only resulted in more pain. However do to not knowing the city Starfire unknowingly flew into a set of power lines. Screaming she tore herself away from the sparking wires. Pausing to center herself lest she lose herself to her own anger. She was able to calm down but was snatched from the sky by a scaled hand.

Slicing through the wind a disc arced to the beast's head and exploded in a crackle of electricity. Shutting its eyes from the surprise attack Starfire broke free from her loosened prison as it staggered. The massive head shook to both sides until it settled on staring at the defiant teen hold three more disks with a cock smirk.

Seeing Starfire no longer in that things claws he did the only sensible option. He ran.

Roaring at the challenge the creature slowly chased after him leaving the street to chase after a new prey.

Raven took this time to phase up from the ground and whereever she had been resting.

Regaining his grip on reality beast stared at his shirt in disgust. Or more specifically the slimy green mucus clinging to the majority of the floral patterned cloth.

Beast Boy moaned at the disgusting sight. "How am I supposed to pick up hot Japanese girls with a big green stain on my shirt?" Left eyebrow twitching she flew up to his face

"Your skin is green, you have fangs, and your ears are pointed. Raven pointed out ticking of the items on her fingers. "You're really worried about the shirt?" She finished backing off.

"Hey! Chicks dig the ears!" But Raven was already heading back into the fray. Groaning he tugged the shirt over his head revealing a skin tight undershirt he used for training. "Hey! Wait! Ugh!"

"What the hell is this thing?" Nightwing shouted in frustration throwing two more disks at the creature. Both were set to dangerously high charges, but the results were hardly satisfying. Nothing they did seemed to phase it. And whenever they managed to cause some damage it just regenerated.

"I heard a local call it a Deka-Mido." Beast Boy offered. Thinking back to the mass of fleeing natives that seemed a mere second ago.

"That answers nothing." Nightwing snapped.

Beast Boy flinched at his leader's angry tone. Seeing the best way to avoid a friendly confrontation with the street he took to the skies again.

The whine of a sonic cannon sang through the night air as Cyborg blasted away but not one shot was able to do more than slow down Deka-Mido.

Nightwing bit his lip as he helplessly watched Starfire and Beast Boy be swatted from the sky like a common house fly. Raven was keeping her distance but her magic had yet to have any effect beyond irritating the creature. All their training. All their hard work. All their sacrifices and they could take down one rampaging monster. Was this the end of the Central Titans? On his freedom?

Seeing their efforts being wasted the four Titan regrouped around their leader. Waiting for a plan that would sound crazy but end with their victory. Locking eyes with Deka-Mido he found his answer.

But before either one of them could make a move, lights blaze up from behind Nightwing followed by the whirl of police sirens. Within two seconds the teen hero found himself surrounded by a semicircle of police cars and SWAT vans. High in the sky helicopters' search lights were turned onto maximum as they were aimed into deka-mido's eyes, blinding the creature.

From the lead car a man wearing a brown fedora, trench coat, and black pants stepped out. His black tie flapped in the wind against his white shirt as helicopters rotated around the creature.

"Troopers! Charge!" The stranger shouted.

At his command black painted doors slid open. Heavily armored soldiers poured out of every van, rushing past their superior and the befuddled Titans. Once in position each officer unleashed a barrage of laserfire either from a standing or crouched position.

The blasters must be years ahead of American weaponry as the beast flinched from every shot. Its massive arms were raised in a futile attempt to block the dozens of shots.

More troopers dropped down from the helicopters, each carrying a strange device, while a separate group of troopers set barriers around the perimeter of the scene. Citizens started to return to eh area crowding around the barriers, but never crossing the armed soldiers.

The once airborne troopers had formed a massive circle around Deka-Mido placing the strange devices on the ground. The device looked little more than a red board with two emitters pointing upwards. The tips of the emitters lit up as cords extended from both ends of the board joining with the next board in the chain with a quick snap.

With the circle completed the first officer calmly walked towards the closest device. Brushing aside his coat revealed a sheathed katana with a peculiar end. When drawn the sword was not a blade at all but a long tube riddled with circuitry ending with a circular interface. Swinging down the interface connected to a port in the center of the board triggering the devices' true function. As one the emitters shot blinding white beams of light skyward. The beams crossed over one another forming a cage around the Deka-Mido who just stared at the lights with confusion.

Sidelined the Titans could only look over in awe at the demonstration of technology and teamwork. But none were more entranced than Cyborg. "We have got to get one of those!" Lights from the surrounding buildings flickered as the cage grew smaller forcing the beast to submit, curling around itself to find some space between its skin and the bars.

Sheathing the bizarre trigger the man turned to face the teens with a humble smile. "Judging from your skills would I be correct in assuming you five to be the Titans from America."A single nod as his answer he crossed the distance and bowed in greeting. "Welcome to Japan. I am Commander Daizo Uehara of the Tokyo Troopers." The Titans bowed in return, with the exception of Beast Boy who needed to have his head forcibly lowered by Cyborg while Raven extended an arm to ensure he didn't fall on his face.

"You speak English?" Starfire asked.

"Strange isn't it?" The commander chuckled. "As an instrument of justice one must be prepared for the eventuality of a language barrier." A sharp whistle alerted Uehara that the monster was in proper custody and the troopers were back in their original vehicles.

"You must be confused. Come to Tokyo's Internal Defense Headquarters tomorrow morning at eight and I will answer all your questions." Giving one last bow he returned into the van he came from. Siren blazing the vehicles left the area in an organized fashion, just as they arrived.

With nothing else to do the Titans returned to their hotel, thoroughly exhausted they settled on room service. Quickly devouring they meals all five teens laid back and drifted to sleep. All but one.

Nightwing couldn't fall asleep. Not with thousands of questions racing through his skull. Capturing Bushogan was so close and with an army watching their back it would be child's play. So why did he feel such unease? Probably from Daizo. After all his work cleaning up all traces of the Titans' existence a man on the other side of the planet still knew who they were. Seems he missed a few sites. Then there was the way he acted, a bit too friendly to be truly honest.

His experience with the Joker gave him a slight aversion to people who were too successful and tooo nice. Then there was that cage. Where did it come from? Who designed it? Surely other countries were invested in such device. Even scaled down it would make a powerful defensive perimeter. Either way he wouldn't get any answers staring at the ceiling. Closing he eyes he focused on his breathing until everything faded away. In and out. In and out. In and out.

Following Cyborg's map led them into the densely populated center of Tokyo overshadowed by a towering red skyscraper with streamline angles.

The entrance was guarded by six troopers, each holding a blaster close to their chest. As they approached one opened the door for them, no doubt following orders on their arrival, but never stopped scanning the area. Uehara truly was lucky to have such loyal men.

Uehara was waiting inside the lobby glaring at a report. Flipping through the pages his displeasure became more and more obvious. A cough drew his attention to the collection of teens, away from the file.

"You're early. Excellent!" Tucking the file into one of the pockets lining his trench coat he gestured the Titans to follow. "Come I shall answer all your questions shortly." Walking deeper into the building Uehara stepped onto a raised platform connected to tracks built into an incline slope.

Shrugging they followed. A code was entered into a small key pad and the platform disengaged from the ground and rose up the tracks.. "Tokyo is a unique city, my young friends, with its own unique dangers. Of course, I am sorry you had to learn this the hard way."

"This is hardly our first time battling a monster, but we appreciate your help, Commander." Nightwing stated. Though from Uehara's smile he didn't believe him.

"'Commander'?" He questioned with restrained laughter. "No, no, no, no. You may call me Uehara, hmm? We are friends." He placed a hand onto Nightwing's shoulder impressed by the pure muscle hidden beneath flimsy cloth.

"I will honor you with a tour of our headquarters and our home. Like many before me I joined the Tokyo police force to make my city a safer place. But time and time again I found the security failing in catching and restraining criminals. Years later I founded the Tokyo Troopers as an innovation for a new highly trained police force, one I hope the world will share. We're not too different from you Titans, except…" He paused to laugh once more. "...we are all grownups.

"We all start from somewhere." Nightwing smoothly answered. It wouldn't do to get off on the wrong foot with a foreign government. Not when so much had to be done.

Fortunately Uehara took it all in good nature. "Too true."

As they ascended the Titans took in the elaborate structure around them. From the platform they had an unobstructed view of the Troopers through massive windows. Troopers seemed to be everywhere they turned. Entire squads could be seen cleaning, firing at a target range, or reassembling and disassembling their weapons with practiced ease. It was something out of a military film, but the overbearing silence enforced the possibility of every soldier being constantly monitored or simply too afraid to speak.

"My operation is a triumph of Japanese culture, technology, and design. Living units are efficient but comfortable." Continuously rising the Titans saw an entire floor of doors open for a fresh looking group of troopers while another slightly hunched group entered their own on the floor below.

"Hourly training sessions keep my Troopers in peak form." Several regiments were currently engaged in combat drills while another three were divided and sparring. None did so much as twitch in the directions on their onlookers, preferring to focus on protocols.

When the platform came to a stop Diazo stepped off with an easy smile. The Titans followed eyes fixated on the front wall. From corner to corner every inch was covered in monitors that showcased nearly every square inch of Tokyo. Most showing the peaceful residence while a small portion showed troopers arresting and battling criminals and a few strange creatures.

"My highly advanced command center has reduced crime in Tokyo by two hundred percent." Uehara explained, quite proud of his achievement. "Not bad, hmm? Hmm?"

Cyborg was just loving all the technological advancements. Sure he was tapping into Jump's traffic and security cameras, but this was a whole new level of surveillance.

Starfire was simply amazed by the commander's dedication to his city. It was an inspiration. One that hopefully she and her friends would be able to accomplish in Jump.

Nightwing and Raven shared a cursory glance with a raised eyebrow. Such numbers were impossible, even if troopers were posted on every city block twenty four seven.

However something far more fascinating caught the fifth Titan's eye. It was so big, so round, so covered in mystery. How could he hope to resist the call? Hovering over the majestic beacon Beast Boy inched closer, ever closer to unraveling its great secret. His hand was mere millimeters from its beauty then all shall be-


A quiet yelp was the only sound he could muster as he cradled his stinging appendage against his chest. Behind him Raven loomed annoyed at the juvenile display. Tapping into her demonic heritage her teeth sharpened into serrated points fit for a great white.

"Don't touch anything." The voice of ice did nothing to mask the terrible threat looming behind twin amethyst flames.

Ignoring the two Nightwing faced the Commander with a respectful smile, meaning it was an inch long and showed no teeth. "With your permission, Uehara, I'd like to use this equipment to complete our mission."

As if expecting the question Daizo returned the expression if a bit longer. "Certainly, my young friend. And what, may I inquire, is your mission?"

"We're tracking a criminal who calls himself Brushogun." He explained.

Silence echoed through the room. Shattered as hearty laughter burst from the Commander. Frowning Nightwing watched as the man nearly doubled over from torturous joy. Termers wracked his body, but even as he was forced to clutch his stomach to relive the pain the troopers remained at their posts, eye glued to the monitors.

Wiping his eyes Uehara composed himself. "Forgive me." A good natured hand laid itself on the teen's shoulder. "But you are ignorant of our culture. Brushogun is an urban legend, a myth."

"As in a legendary crime lord?"

"No, as in an actual myth from the sixteen hundreds. I'm afraid you've come a long way for nothing. As you can see..." He gestured to the many monitors, each showing troopers taking down or chasing crimes in progress. " Troopers have Tokyo's real criminals well under control."

"With all due respect, I intend to investigate thoroughly." While he spoke in respectful tones one would have to be deaf to ignore the warning respectively and tinged with warning. He hated it when people belittled him for his age. "A myth could not have sent an attacker to our city."

Danzo only smiled. "I can see there is nothing I can do to deter you; I only ask you do not interfere with my troopers. This is our city not yours."

"I completely understand. But before anything else perhaps you can look over a weapon we retrieved off a man named Saico Tec who attacked our home and gave us the name." Nightwing asked rummaging around in his belt.

"I am unfamiliar with that name, but I will see if I can place the weapon style." He replied.

"Commander Uehara!" Both looked up at the new voice. The speaker a was slightly hefty man in a fine gray suit with a blue tie over a navy shirt. Reporters crowded behind him but always staying three feet away. "Tokyo thanks you. You've saved our city once again!"

"It is my honor to serve, Mr. Mayor."Danzo smiled humbly at the praise crossing the distance between the two he bowed in respect which was quickly followed by the current mayor of Tokyo.

Retracting his bow the Mayor pulled out a small box from his suit pocket. "Come, Commander. The people want their hero and I want to give you another medal." Flipping open the box to show a lovely golden circle on a blue ribbon.

Nodding he turned to face the Titans, who had been momentarily forgotten. "Enjoy your visit. But remember, here you are just tourists." His smile dropped with warning. "Leave the law enforcement to us, hmm?"

Walking with the Mayor Uehara posed for the pictures with well-practiced ease.

In teh shadows Nightwing tightened his grip on the pink sphere. He had faced obstacles before both as Robin and Nightwing. But to be so casually brushed off!

Blood oozing from inside his mouth as he grit his teeth on his cheek in a desperate attempt to keep his composure.

With nothing else to gain here the Titans left.

Finding the platform to the roof the teen gazed out of the morning sun. it was clear none of them knew what to do. They were strangers in a strange city with unfamiliar customs and no reputation to back them up. It was like they'd been shoved back to day one.

"So...this was a fairly impressive waste of time." Leave it to Raven to bring things into perspective.

Sighing Nightwing leaned on the railing. "I don't understand. How could this whole thing be a wild goose chase? I feel like an idiot."

"No, please, do not blame Robin for the wild chasing of the goose." Starfire gently soothed.

"No she's right. I can't even find my way around in this town, much less catch a criminal. I mean let's face it. Even if we had a starting point what would we do in a place where we have no resources?"

"Ooh!" Struck by an epiphany Beast jumped to his feet Arms flailing wildly. "Dudes, I got it! I totally know where we need to go!"

"And here we are!" Beat Boy announced after dragging them halfway across the city.

"Wakamono Shuppan?" Starfire questioned.

"Really?" Raven deadpanned.

Nightwing however was hardly in the mood for detours. Teeth grinding he glared at the changeling. "I thought you were leading us to a clue about Brushogun."

Ignoring them all Beast Boy continued walking past the gated walkway and straight up to the main doors. "Hel-lo? Daizo said he's not real, remember? But as long as we're here, we gotta take the tour!" Reaching the front door he found his enthusiasm interrupted as he walked face first into the doors.

Locked they hadn't moved an inch but the soft tapping of wood on glass drew their attention to a small white sign hanging from the handles.

Flying over Starfire found a sign hanging by the handles. The small white sign was almost completely encompassed by bold red kanji. "The sign says 'Closed'." She read surprised by the lack of a reopening date.

Jumping back to his feet Beat Boy started pulling at his hair and he released a frustrated groan. "No fair!" Screaming he pounded on the door. It was mostly for show as the doors barely rattled when he could've easily tore them to shreds in a dozen different forms.

Sighing Nightwing waved to the others. "Come on. Let's just pack up our bag and head home."

Before he could get so much as five feet down the sidewalk he found a disguised metallic chest blocking the path.

"Are you out of your cynical little mind?!" Cyborg shouted in disbelief and anger. "We are in Tokyo, man! We gotta look around, see the town!" Pulling out a camera from Chaos knows where he snapped a quick picture, blinding Nightwing with sheer whiteness.

Rubbing his eyes Nightwing tried to ease sight back into his eyes behind his black shades. Meanwhile beast Boy stopped his tantrum and joined the other men with the girls behind him.

"Yeah! After all, that's what vacations are for." Beast Boy said momentarily out of his funk.

"Whatever." Shrugging without a care Raven started walking in a random direction.

Giggling Starfire flew over them, back into the heart of the city. Cyborg took out a travel guide ready to take in some sights. Still firmly rooted in depression Beast Boy took out a magna and started reading on the steps.

Sighing Nightwing started walking towards the rural area they saw flying overhead. If nothing else he could train at a temple or seek out some guidance. However the smart move would be to inform Team Epsilon of their extended stay before anything else happened.

"They are no longer looking for me, but I will be watching their every move."

Pressing the pink, blue, yellow, and black buttons gears whirled. Paper ran across the belt as it was touched by a black hand. Streaks of color stretched out from his fingertips. The colors bubbled and shifted peeling away from the paper. They twisted and grew until four new beings stood in the shadows.

"These are your targets. You are only to observe. Do not engage until I give the order." Bowing they disappeared into the shadows leaving the mysterious man to his thoughts. 'Even if they learn the truth it would not matter. They are but children meddling in the affairs of adults. What could they possibly change to my city? To my empire?'

From a simple tea shop Nightwing had just explained the situation to Substitute Team Epsilon.

"So as you can see our stay in Japan has been extended." He spoke into a communicator disguised as an old flip phone. As protected as his gauntlet was it would gain too much attention. The model he was currently using had made firewalls and signal blockers guaranteed to prevent any, but the selected recipient to have a chance of receiving the signal.

He was currently speaking to Team Epsilon's second in command, Mateo Fuerza aka Sol. "No big deal. Jump's been pretty quiet since you guys left. You've been doing this for over two years, you deserve some vacation. Everything is in order per your instructions."

"Good. I'll contact you on our return trip so you all can begin the traditional hasty clean up." The good thing about this team was their overall lax attitude and fierce determination. Nightwing said with a slight grin.

"Very funny." An eye roll was promptly ignored by the experienced hero. "Sol, out."

"Well...Who was it from? Huh? Huh?" A hyper voice asked from the sofa.

"The central Titans will be spending another five days in Tokyo for their vacation. Apparently the investigation was a bust." Sol answered taking his partner's normal excitement in stride

"Fine I'd had nothing better to do." A calm female voice stated from the kitchen.

Smiling at the team's positive take Sol returned to his laptop. "Well back to homework. Does anyone remember when the first superhero team was founded?"

The company Beast Boy mentions can be translated as "Young Person Publishing."

The actual publisher for Fairy Tail is Kodansha Comics.

The movie never explained how the Titans protected Jump while they were in Tokyo, so I brought in some trainees from the alternate dimension. Basically it's been almost seven months since new recruits joined the Titans in addition to the teens who were already training there.