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Trouble in Tokyo: Culture

While not the oldest country in the world Japan was a land of rich history and culture. But that's not to say they were frozen in time. Quite the opposite, in fact the cities looked quite futuristic.

Everywhere he looked, Nightwing saw some new cutting edge trinket or phone. But he wasn't interested in anything so simple. If he truly was stuck here for another three days he might as well get some training out of it.

The local temples were tempting but he had no interest in becoming one of a hundred students drilling as sensei's critically judged his every move from the sidelines without even bothering to say what could be improved. No what he sought was a teacher who would train with him personally, or at least put him into a small class.

But that meant venturing out of the hustling city and into a more secluded domain. Smirking to his own shadow Nightwing trudged ahead. He was used to fighting to get to the top. Honing his skills in the circus. Proving himself to Gotham's elite. And showing that he was just as dangerous as the Bat in dealing out punishment. He struggled and clawed for every inch of respect and power, why should this be any different?


"Welcome young warrior. It has been some time since we received visitors." An old man greeted in a kind voice. A cup of hot tea resting by his side matching another clasped in his hands.

"Excuse me?" Nightwing asks, slowly moving into a defensible stance.

But the man pays no attention to his rising tension. "I am no fool. Your entire being is filled with the signs of strict discipline that only a lifetime a dedication can achieve."

"Thank you." Okay? This is strange.

"But I also see much stress. Tell me what causes you such pain." The man gently asked handing him the second cup of tea. With a small sigh Nightwing took the offered beverage and sat down in the empty cushion.

"Everything I guess. The world is a big place but there are days i feel like I'm just carrying the weight on my shoulders." He admitted taking in the herbal scent emanating from the cup. "But that is not why I am here. I was told you teach martial arts, I came to learn."

The man took a deep breath after draining his cup in a single swing. "Very well." Cracking his spine he rose to his feet taking a broom in one hand he entered the temple. An old fashioned arena dominated the room with only a small amount reserved for training equipment and cushions. "You may call me Sensei Takuma. Let us see what you know."

The Titans' Alien ambassador on the other hand was more interested in soaking up more of Earth's diverse culture. In the center of the bustling city a sumo match was being broadcasted on a massive screen in a city square. Starfire watched as the two massive men crashed into each other. Using their weight to twist their opponent or shove them out of the ring. The combatant on the right twisted his feet and grabbed his opponent's loincloth. With a mighty shove the white garbed wrestler was thrown from the ring. The black clad victory raised his arms in victory as the arena erupted with applause. Laughing Starfire clapped along. Watching an ancient testament of strength was such a wonderful way to begin a vacation.

At one time she would have dragged Nightwing off with her. At one time she could not look at him without feeling something warm spreading throughout her body. But that time has passed. Puppy love, a human concept for a small devotion to another without reciprocated feelings. Quite a strange term really.

Now this vacation was about her. Her and a land filled with strange cultures. So where she start. Oh who cared she had days to enjoy herself! Why wait a moment more?

In a matter of minutes she discovered an arcade filled with games she'd never seen before. Transferring some money onto a points card she jumped on the first game she saw.

Her first thoughts on the game were: fun, strange, and exciting. She was wearing a virtual reality helmet connected to a guitar that could have come from Guitar Hero and the floor panels. The floor was tricked out for Dance Dance Revolution. The helmet showed different arrows and notes changing in colors and brightness depending on how many points they were worth. Hitting each note and dancing to the beat with such finesse she quickly drew a lot of attention.

Behind her a flock of teenage boys (and a few girls) gathered. Her skill only seemed to grow the loner she played. They were amazed by the mystery girl. And not just because of her beautiful body.

Entering the bonus round Starfire gripped her guitar as she own did a mighty battle ax. A cute little teddy bear with button eyes and a little pink nose popped out from underneath one of the floor panels. Similar stuffed animals joined it, coming up and going down in accordance with the music. Gripping the stringed instrument she brought it down in a great arch. The small fuzzy creatures stood no chance.

One by one the defense animals were struck down. Limbs tearing from fragile bodies. Heads splitting open. Frames bisected with a single blow. Cotton and fluff flew through the air. The crowd cheered as the stranger dominated the hardest game in the arcade. She was marvelous in her appetite for destruction.

When you think about the Land of the Rising Sun? What comes to mind?

Is it samurai? Powerful dynasties? Martial arts? Delicious cuisine? Or the latest technology? In a way all answers are correct, but only one mattered to a cybernetic Titan.

Currently cloaked in his improved holographic generator. Cyborg was slowly walking through the busy streets of Tokyo with only one thing on his mind.

Sure Japan had a rich culture, but that more Nightwing and Raven's thing. The public had access to awesome technological advances that most could only dream of outside the super powered community, but Cyborg was hardly impressed. When it came to the latest gear he could outdo these so called professions blindfolded with both hands tied behind his back. No, there was only one thing he wished to experience on this vacation. Japan was renowned for some seriously bizarre food, but it was the weirdness that made it all the more appealing. And with three more days clear Cyborg was free to sample all japan had to offer and then some.

Following the high rated guide Cyborg made his way deeper into midtown Tokyo. Internal GPS pinging as he reached a favored restaurant he closed the book. A white flag rested next to the swinging wooden doors. Black brush strokes formed a series of Kanji that only served to widen Cyborg's grin.

"There it is! The only Japanese I need to know!" Cyborg proclaimed, rubbing his hands together. "'All You Can Eat!'" Inhaling the delectable scent of sizzling meat and cooking rice, he strolled right in as if he'd been there a thousand times before. Seeing a free seat at the sushi bar he made himself comfortable. Waving over the head chef he happily wrote down his order.

Everything in bulk.

High above a pair of solid yellow eyes watched his every move as it was instructed. Tentacle wound tightly around the steel beams that served as its lookout post and cover. Sensing this be a while it got into a more comfortable position that still kept it out of sight.

Back at Wakamono Shuppan Beast Boy clutched a magna to his chest. He had no desire to leave. Everyone had some sort of idea of what they wanted, but him? All he wanted was right behind him yet so far out of his reach. Like everything.

Sitting on the steps leading to the building he moaned at the unfairness of it all. "This was the only place in Japan I wanted to see. It's like paradise for comic book geeks." Snapping out of his funk the changeling paused as his words caught up to him. "Did I just call myself a geek?" Sighing he returned to his magna.

Things were so much easier in cartoons. But this was real life and he was forced to deal with it. He could call Cyborg and join him but for once he didn't feel like spending time with his team. This was probably going to be their only vacation for a while, at least a year if Nightwing has any say in it, so he needed to branch out and expand his social circle. Groaning he slumped further down his seat. Well at least he had a good comic book.

Take that Raven and all others who said he'd never pick up a book even if his life depended on it

But not even the unintentional insult distracted him for long. Sighing Beast Boy finally pushed back his disappointment, losing himself in the colorful pages.

That is until something blocked out the sun. Growing low in his throat he lowered the pages to glare at the offender only to feel his heart catch in his throat.

The source of his irritation was a school girl roughly his age with red shaggy hair. Dressed in a sailor uniform, the air seemed to sparkle around her. Her eyes were closed but that didn't stop her from looking utterly beautiful. And from the still seeping wound from Terra's sacrifice the urge for female companionship was all the stronger.

Bring her hand to her mouth like a noble woman, she giggled at him completely ignoring his earlier expression. "Otaku?"

"'Otaku'?" He repeated, having no possible idea to its actual meaning. But when has a lack of information ever stopped him before. 'Probably means I'm cute.' Settling on that hearts formed in his eyes as he stared longingly at the mystery girl.

Laughing at his cluelessness she ran down the street. A love struck fool following her all the way. A trail of fresh hearts trailing behind him.

Emotions were powerful, yet dangerous pieces of life.

They influence each decision we make and how we are viewed by others. Raven knew all this well. Her training was designed to restrain her emotions as much as possible. While she didn't' let them rule her she was far from removing them entirely, unlike a certain Titan. She had dealt with her emotions as she had been trained, but sometimes they slipped past her steel grip. Sometimes nothing happened besides freaking out her teammates while there was the problem with Doctor Light. The bastard still soiled himself whenever he saw her. Not that she blamed him. Her father was quite the sadistic, manipulative, dick and she inherited more than a little of that cruel streak.

Tokyo was different from Jump to put it mildly. In her home she knew where she could buy a good book and relax with a calming cup of tea off the top of her head. Here she could barely understand the spoken language let alone read a novel. Then there was the people. Tokyo's population statistics weren't exaggerating when they registered its population being more than ten times Jump's. It was times like this that being an empath really sucked.

Since the team had the glorious idea to split up due to their different interests she had nothing familiar to latch onto and stabilize herself. Nothing but a mantra and her memories.

Walking the strange streets she saw very little that would capture her interest for more than a few seconds. If she was going to spend the next three days in this city she'd need something to read.

She'd already went through four bookstores and found nothing. Forcing her to browse through a magazine rack on a street stall. It offered a wide selection, from celebrity break ups to the latest cars to the accomplishments of the police. But she'd seen the same things on a dozen other stalls on her little quest. The only thing that made this stall stand out was the few words in English. The number of which she could count on a single hand but it was an...improvement. Walking over to the register she decided to save herself some time. An overweight vendor was happily slurping down noodles from a microwave safe cup. But he regarded her all the same, which was more than some places she could mention.

"I know English, German, Latin, Romanian, Ancient Sumerian, and Sanskrit." Raven stated, thoroughly annoyed and losing patience fast. "Do you have anything I can read?"

The owner of the stand looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Slurping up another helping of noodles he nodded. Ducking underneath the stand he emerged with a very small parcel. Handing it over to the blue clad teen Raven saw it was a stick of gum. A blue band wrapped around the silver wrapper. A braying donkey head was placed in the center with four yellow stars. Four words in purple ink were printed across the top and bottom.

"Super Twinkle Donkey Gum." Irked she stared at the vendor mentally shouting, 'This is the best you've got!' And why the hell would he give her this?

As if sensing her thoughts the obese man winked at her.

The flirting attitude sent shivers wracking through her from head to toe for a full second. Once the revulsion had passed she quickly left the stand with no real destination in mind. Staring at the gum, she unwrapped it and popped it in. Working it back and forth she stared ahead, bored out of her mind as the trip matched the expected flavor of the foreign gum. Not fulfilling any positive expectations

Taking the cup of tea Nightwing eased into the cushion. The sun had almost completely set bathing the rock garden in a lovely shade of red. Takuma instructed him through example and sparring. They trained until the sun had begun to set. His muscles were immersed in a pleasant burn as his bones sung from the intense training. That was the best workout he had in a long time.

The master intrigued him. His moves were so fluid. So graceful, yet precise and strong. It was like watching poetry in motion. "I've never seen moves like yours before."

"You have my gratitude for your kind words, but I am merely a student myself. For you see I was taught by the True master many years ago and to this day my training has yet to be completed." He spoke as one would about the weather. Completely uncaring in how he managed to capture the young hero's attention.

"Then why didn't you stay?"

"The True Master believes that the greatest teacher is life. I learned all I could at the Master's temple then I was given permission to leave with precious words of wisdom." A wistful smile grew on his face as he lost himself to pleasant memories. "I made it my mission to share what I have learned and help those who are lost as I once was."

"How many students do you have studying under you?" Honestly it looked like the temple hadn't been used for some time.

"I'm afraid you are the first new face I've seen in many moons. In the beginning I had new pupils every week. So eager to learn and train, but those days are long past. After all what is the point in training when the world is filled with heroes who are capable of saving it themselves?" It was obvious this man was in a lot of pain. He loved teaching. He loved watching students improve. This stagnation was slowly killing him.

Nightwing couldn't let this continue on for another minute. "What if I told you there were students willing to learn so they could become the next generation's heroes? You'd be able to teach them however you'd like and all you'd have to do is make a mere change in location."

Takuma took a slow sip of tea. Draining the entire cup in a single go, he savored the gentle burn down his throat into his stomach. "I'd say I am intrigued. Come let us discuss this over a fresh cup of tea and mochi."

Following Takuma deeper into his humble home Nightwing smiled. It was one thing to gather heroes but to actually have a professional available to train them was a gift. Besides it would have been a true waste for such talent to lay here abandoned when there was an entire pocket dimension full of eager pupils.

Maybe staying here was a good idea after all.

The sun slowly set over the horizon. Once the brightest star vanished millions of diamond lit up the night sky. The city became illuminated by the power of lightning. Signaling the passing of another day. The Titans could say they had a productive day, all but one.

Walking through one of the shadowed areas Raven stalked the more traditional stores fronts. But she was not alone. A tower of shadows twisted from the ground. Detaching, tentacles as black as ink waved in a nonexistent breeze. A horrible face resembling a villain from the kabuki theater with a mouthful of sharp teeth bled from the darkness. In floated closer. Slowly, ever slowly it glided on the air like a vengeful ghost. Inching closer it could almost touch the clothed shoulder.

Sensing something amiss Raven spun around, black magic covering her hands. But she sees nothing but empty air. Scanning the dark road Raven's unease did not lessen. Turning back her unease did not lessen.

"Thirty million people, a hundred thousand stores, and in this entire city, the only thing to read is gum." She spoke both to filled the silence and give off the illusion of ignorance. Perhaps she's been around Cyborg too long.

Glowing eyes watched her from the shadows. Lips twisted into a fanged smirk as the pale girl complained. Dashing past her a current of wind hid him from sight as it crashed into her back.

Turning once more Raven saw the alley as empty as before. But something had changed. A door had opened.

A store with ニュース (News) on the roof was open for customers. Small red curtains framed the doorway but nothing else barred the entrance.

Pushing past the curtain she called out. "Hello? Anybody here?"

Up, down, right, left. Everywhere she looked the store was empty. Checking the road again she noticed nothing had changed

"This is probably a bad idea." But with nothing else to do she pushed aside the curtain and ventured deeper into the darkness.

This was paradise!

Such flavor! Every mouthful was a new experience. A new journey waiting to be taken. It was so good he couldn't help but crave more. Every waiting period was agony only to end with the sweet relief of the next dish.

Bowl after bowl of vegetables, fish, and rice piled around him. Regular customers had placed bets to see how long the foreigner would last. Many had lost a fair amount of yen, but nearly a quarter of the restaurant still had their names up.

Setting aside his ninth bowl Cyborg greedily snatched the tenth and final bowl of his fifth course and promptly buried his face in it. But before he could get half way through a pair of small hands yanked the bowl away.

"Ii kagen ni shiro." (Cut it out!) The speaker was the head chef, based on his headband. He was a short fellow with a rather large nose, but based on what Cyborg had been enjoying, very skilled. Raising a hand trembling in barely concealed rage he pointed to the door.

"You-you-you go now! You eat too much, you! You put me out of business!" He shouted in broken English.

Thumbing over his shoulder at the sign Cyborg spoke in an unsuspecting tone "But the sign says "All You Can Eat"..." His innocent expression twisted into a grin of malicious glee. "...and I can eat more!"

At the challenge the chef smirked. A rough chuckle spilled from mischievous lips. "Hontou ka." (Oh, really?)

Jumping back behind the counter. The chef reached in a cooler to procure a massive octopus squirming in his grasp. Placing it on the counter he took a sharp knife and aimed it at the creature's head. With a straight trust the steel blade pierced the tender flesh. The creature's movement stalled. A few seconds passed after the chef removed the blade did the creature's tentacles start moving again, but they were nowhere near as lively as before. Plating the whole octopus he drizzled on a light sesame sauce and placed it in front of the Titan. "You can eat more? Can you eat...San-Nakji?"

Cyborg eyed the freshly killed creature with a wary eye. You wouldn't find preparation like that in America. Around him he could hear the other customers whispering, abandoning their food in favor of talking amongst themselves. Wondering if he would eat such a dangerous dish.

As if a switch had been flipped, a massive grin stretched across Cyborg's face. Clenching his hand around his chopsticks, he claimed the plate and all its contents.

"Yes." Picks up a wriggling tentacle. "I." Brings the squirming appendage to his mouth. "Can!" Shoves the entire creature into his mouth without fear. Chewing the freshly prepared octopus he happily took in the shocked look on the chef's face and the cheers around him.

Swallowing the creature he frowned at the taste. While tender and well-kept he could have gone with a bit more seasoning. Oh well. Here's hoping the next dish would be even crazier.

An ancient saying claims that love makes one blind. Apparently it also gives one the stamina of an Olympic athlete as well.

Beast Boy had been relentlessly chasing after his mystery woman for eight hours straight. Yet he forged ahead, desperate to talk to her. But like most passionate moments reality was merely a strangled heartbeat away. As a certain changeling quickly discovered. Turns out eight hours of running with no water breaks and a moderate breakfast quickly led to total exhaustion.

"Hey, wait up!" He called out stumbling to a stop. His breaths coming out in harsh pants. His legs felt like jelly, but his muscles had enough strength to keep him standing. For the moment. "I'm otaku, remember?"

Stopping the girl turned around. Not a single hair was out of place, nor could a bead of sweat be seen. It was as if she hadn't been running at all.

Throwing a playful wink at the exhausted Titan she giggled and ran into a building with colorful neon signs.

The smallest tweak in DNA transformed black pupils into little hearts. And in the fraction of the second required for the change Beast Boy's exhaustion had completely vanished. Trailing after her, almost trance like, he entered the building.

The lights were on the dimmest setting, meaning gone could see but only a foot in front of them. Then there was the silent tension. The room was eerily quiet, not a sound to be heard aside from his own heartbeat.

"Where'd she go?" Que spotlight shining down on a newly revealed stage, with microphone. "Huh?"

The silence was shattered by a thunderous applause. Half the audience began chanting. "Go! Go! Go! Go!" An older teen pressed a button on a remote switching on a large screen television. Music poured out of the speaker around the stage. Looking at the microphone mere inches from his confused face Beast Boy pieced together what he landed himself in.

It was karaoke night. And he was the opening act!

"Wait! The lyrics are in Japanese!" Rushing over to the screen, he started jamming his fingers on any button he could find. Thankfully he was able to convert the lyrics into their English version. But he still had to sing.

No problem. He could testify to the soothing nature of his own voice.

Everything was finalized. The master would be moving to his new dojo within the week. He insisted to celebrate with a fresh pot of tea and some wagashi. With the stars out and not a cloud in sight it felt like the perfect evening.

But only one seemed happy with the peaceful setting. "I sense much turmoil within, young one. You've barely touched your tea." Takuma commented helping him to his fourth cup of the evening.

Releasing a steady breath Nightwing took a sip of the lukewarm liquid. Clenching his teeth to prevent a grimace he placed the cup back on its saucer. He finally understood why Alfred had them drink their tea as soon as possible. By the night sky he missed his grandfather figure. He missed them all. Even Damian, the little demon. "I have a lot on my mind."

That much was obvious. Hell one could see it from space. "You carry the lives of many on your shoulders, but you do not have to this burden alone." Taking his latest student's cup he tossed to cool tea into his flower garden. "Perhaps I can help with one. Tell me one of your ailments and I will aid you." He offered, pouring a fresh cup.

Taking the fresh tea Nightwing tossed half of it back in a single go. The heat combined with the fresh taste quickly removed the cold bitterness from the older cup. "There is a place, far beyond the reaches of most, where dozens of my people thrive. It means so much to them and to myself and I can't even come up with a proper name for it." Chaos knew people have tried. Sanctuary. Paradise. Hideout. Purgatory. Wonderland. But none of them stuck around for long.

Normally the concept of name wasn't given much thought, at least on the surface. The truth was names had power. By naming their home they would be instilling their own belief and faith in the domain. Unfortunately it wasn't so easy as looking out a window at a flock of bats.

"Home has many names. In life we discover many things but rarely do we find them. Though there are times when they find us but only if we are willing to listen. Describe your home and we shall meditate on an answer together."

"Where to start? Well it's enormous, constantly filled with people yet at times it seems so empty. There is a sense of order but it can be so easy to lose it in the chaos. I feel safe there but I can never seem to relax. I fear for all the lives who live there. I worry if the wrong people ever discover it."

"You speak with the wisdom of a born leader. You care for your people, but seem to care little for you own wellbeing. You must relax. Try to not take yourself so seriously."

A tremor worked its way through the youth's body. At first barely a shiver then it evolved into convulsions. The elder warrior reached out to put a comforting hand on a uncontrollable shoulder. Like magma bursting out of a sleeping volcano laughter gushed out a mouth stretched into a smile. The joyous sound filled the empty halls, stirring those we once drifted to unconsciousness only to become interested in the new sound. "Yeah. I get told that a lot." Mostly by his team. He really took after Bruce. A few minutes was all it took for the laughter to pass. Wiping away a stray tear Nightwing gazed at the star filled sky. "I really needed that."

Nodding Takuma poured himself another cup of tea. "Still your mind and let the chaos flow like the stream. Let it guide you to the answer."

Settling into lotus position behind his sunglasses Nightwing closed his eyes. "Tell me what do you see?"

"Nothing." Did the inside of his eyelids count?

"There is always something. Look deeper." Takuma instructed taking a satisfying bite of a fluffy cake.

"Just darkness. Empty darkness." That's all he saw. What was he missing? What could he possibly be overlooking?

"Go on." It sounded like he was smiling.

"Just a blank area." Hearing nothing he elaborated. "A place void of life or expression."

"Blank perhaps, but not empty. What you see is bursting with potential to give way to something great." Slowly a look of realization smoothed out the rigid features of the youth's face. "I see you found your answer."

"Arigato Sensei. I will send someone who will escort you to your new temple, but for now I have a criminal to find." Nightwing bowed in respect to the wise instructor.

"I wish you luck, young warrior." Returning the bow he watched as his newest student melded into the night. Smiling the elderly warrior packed up his tea set. A storm was brewing and needed to be really. Not to mention there was quite a list of items he needed to pack.

'Sensei, I wonder what you'll think of him.' The sound of footsteps echoed through the halls. Turning to the sound, the hallway was bare of all life. All but a pair of old wooden sandals.

Smiling sadly he bowed in respect to the oddly placed footwear. "I'm sorry old friend but soon I will depart. I am needed elsewhere."

The thoughtful taps of worn cloth drifted from the ground.

No words were exchanged but the old man still understood the meaning of the light sounds from decades of experience. "I do not know if you could come. Then again he had not asked. I shall inquire. But until then please tell the others."

Sullen footsteps walked away, much like how a child would scuff their feet after being told to go to their room.

"Good night, Toyko!"Giving one last spin Beast Boy reached the climax of the song. A mere second of quiet entered the room before it became consumed with noise. PLeased with the results Beastboy when into his his best rock star pose. Dropping the mike he bathed in the applause. Girls ran up the stage and dogpiled the singer. Green skin was soon smothered with lipstick as dozens of teenage girls kiss the musical artist. Quite a few boys were rightfully ticked off. But none one tried to pry their dates off the latest star.

And Beast Boy? "I love this town." Well it was safe to say he'd never been happier.

Five screens pierced the darkness. Each monitor displayed one of the Titans as they enjoyed their day. All but one. It seemed their leader was quite stubborn. Despite the obvious warnings he refused to abandon his mission. An admirable quality in a detective, but not when it threatened one's secrecy.

White eyes narrowed at the monitor. It seemed he needed to take a more direct approach in order to remove this problem. Oh well, it was hardly the first time he needed to take such measures. Nevertheless he needed to be smart. The key was using an agent who could match the boy but not enough to require back up.

The answer was so obvious. Sometimes the past must revive to protect the future. To think the plans he spent decades perfecting was being threatened by one stubborn teenager. The arrogance of youth truly was irritating. The young should respect their elders. The old taught, the young obeyed. That was how the world worked in the past and it was a balanced act.

A low weary moan echoed from the darkness. Pain and agony mingle with pure exhaustion.

"Yes. He is persistent. But do not worry, my friend." The shadowed figure acknowledged while making a few adjustments. For this plan to work there could be no mistakes in any stroke. This time there would be no excuses. "Saico-Tek will take him off the case...permanently."

The color of death stained fresh paper. Twisting off the liquid congealed and solidified. Dark sorcery breathed life where it never should have dwelled. Pink gloves clenched as the body rose to stand. He was complete now all that remained was setting up the perfect crime.

Next time on Titans Tokyo: Lines

"Although few people today believe it, Brushogun was no myth."

"Much has changed, but spirits still call this land home."

To clear up any questions, "Otaku"means someone who is obsessed with computers or certain parts of popular culture that harms their ability to socially interact. So yeah she was insulting him the whole time.

The dish San-Nakji is freshly killed octopus drizzled with sesame oil and seeds and served with a variety of sauces. When ordering this dish most restaurants warn the consumers about the dangers of choking on the still writhing appendages. San-Nakji is a popular dish despite some protests from animals rights movements. It can be found in Japanese and Chinese restaurant even though it was created in Korea.

Wagashi: a Japanese cakes traditionally served with tea

Points to whoever can find out who Takuma was taking to.