This is a new story. I hope you enjoy it. Hotch and Emily are not together...yet, the bad guys think they are. They just dating right now.

Chapter 1- Date

At Emily's apartment

Emily sit on the couch and thinking about her date tonight with a special man that she always in love with. She looked at the clock and saw the time and knew it getting late so she better start get ready for her date.

She went to her room then looked into her closet to find what to wear for her date. She saw her favorite black dress, so she took it out then put it on her bed and she head to the shower.

After she got done, she went back to her bedroom then put on her dress then she put her make up on and fix her hair. Not long after she got done get ready, she heard a knocked on her door.

She went downstairs to answer the door, she opened the door and saw her date looks so amazing in his suits.

Hotch saw Emily in her sexy dress, "You looked beautiful."

"You don't looks bad yourself."

"You're ready."

"Yes." She grabbed her purse and coat then locked the door. They walked out the apartment, he opened the passenger door, she got in then closed it. He walked around the driver side and got in then take off to the restaurant they want to go.

The finally arrived to her favorite restaurant. Hotch got out and went around the passenger side, opened the door and she got out and saw her favorite Italian restaurant.

"How do you know that was my favorite?"


"Remind me to thank him."

"Okay." They walked in the restaurant and sat down.

30 minutes later, they walked out the restaurant and got in the car. He pull up to Emily's apartment, got her out the car and walked up to her apartment.

"I don't usually kiss on the first date, but would you like to go out with me on the second date so I can kiss you on the second date?"

"Yes. I would love that." She kiss him on the cheek. She walked in her apartment and close the door.

Unknown to them, they were being watch from afar.

"I want them." The man ordered.

"Okay. How we going to do that? We got no problem grab her." Another man asked.

"I know there is a but coming on."

"How we going to get that man? Do you see how tall he is?"

"I know. We will figure it out, but let's get the woman first before we get him."

They saw Hotch left the apartment. They put on the hood then left the van.

They walked up to the apartment.