One more chapter

Chapter: 13- Hotch and Emily testify against the men. Juror found the men guilty.

Hotch and the teams has arrived to the court house, they walked into the court room and saw Jason and his men at the Defendant's table. Hotch and Emily knew they have to testify against them, but they won't to. If they want to put them away, they have to testify before they escape and do it again. They sat down behind them.

Prosecutor called Hotch to the stand Hotch got up and walked up to the stand and raise his right hand and repeat what the Bailiff says, tell the truth nothing but the truth. Hotch said, I do and sat down on the chair.

Defendant walked up to Hotch and asked him the question about what's happened to you and Agent Prentiss. Hotch told them the truth except the one about him raped Emily, he won't tell them that he was force to do.

"I don't got a further question, your honor." Defendant sat down.

A judge asks the plaintiff, if he got anymore question for Hotch and he says no. He told Hotch, you may sit down he got up and went back to his seat. A lawyer called Agent Prentiss to the stand.

He walked up to Emily and said to her, "How far along are you?"

"I'm six months pregnant," Emily replied.

"Whose the father of your child?"

"Objection!" Prosecutor got up. "He bargain the witness and she's not on trail."

"Sustain." Judge said. "D.A., you got approve for that?"

"No. I rephrase the question."

"Okay, go ahead."

He asked her a same question as he did with Hotch and she told the truth about what's happened to them and then she also told him, Jason plans to sell the babies after he and his friends killed the parents who is either married or not married to each other.

He told the judge, he got no further question. Judge told Emily to step down Emily got up and sat down next to Hotch.

"Defendant, you got anymore question for Agent Prentiss?" Judge asked.

"No your honor," Defendant replied. "The prosecutor rest."

"You may sit down, Agent Prentiss."

Emily got up and sat down next to Hotch. Judge says, let's go to recess for an hour and he also told the juror go back to the room.

an hours later, the teams and the jurors walked back to the lobby and wait for the judge to arrives. They got up when the Judge walked out of his office and they sit back down.

"First juror, you got the verdict?" Judge asked.

"Yes, we have."

"Will the defendant rise?"

Defendant and his clients got up and looked at the juror.

"What say you?" Judge asked.

"We found the defendant and his men guilty, sir?" First juror replied.

"The sentences dates set for next month." Judge pound his gravel on the pad.

BAU got up and walked out of the courthouse. They can't wait to hear what the sentences and they hope they spent the rest of their lives in prison. Teams went back to Rossi's mansion and celebrates and they also glad Hotch and Emily back into their lives and alive.


Notes: I'm not a lawyers or a judge. and I can't remember what the Judge said to the first Juror what the verdict. Maybe you can help if I got it wrong and I can go back to re-edit it. I really appreciate it.