Sun had peaked through the curtains of the living room; of the Summer's home which caused a groan to leave a young woman's lips as she slept on the couch in the living room.

She opens her eyes as she slowly gets up and rubs her eyes then she turns and squeals when she sees Dawn looking at her weirdly. "Dawn don't do that!" She exclaimed placing her hand upon her chest and breathing. "You almost gave me a heart attack." She added.

"Didn't mean too Kagome." Dawn stated as she moved back a little bit. 'You're just a little harder to wake up is all." She added as she stood there.

"Mom wanted to know if you wanted eggs and pancakes?" Dawn asked as she tilts her head to the side. Kagome looked up at her and sighs. "Eggs and Pancakes sound wonderful with some coffee." She says to her.

"Cool I'll go tell Mom." Dawn said as she ran off back into the kitchen. Kagome stretched her arms above her head as she got off the couch. "I'm going to go take a shower." She called out as she went to her suitcase.

After getting her clothes and bathing supplies; she heads to the bathroom. Quickly getting undressed; turning on the water as she steps into the shower and she washes off the horrible plane stuff from her body.

She hums as she washes her hair and her body. She quickly steps out and wraps a towel around her body as she starts towel drying her hair.

After drying her hair, she puts on her under garments then a pair of Black capri's and a pink tank top that read. 'She's pretty in pink but she will mess you up'. She quickly leaves the bathroom and heads to the kitchen. "Good Morning Kagome." Joyce says as she smiles at her.

"Good Morning Joyce." She says as she sits down at the bar. Joyce hands her a mug. " I didn't know if you wanted Milk and Sugar in your coffee so I just left it black for you." Joyce tells her.

"Thank you Joyce." She says softly smiling at her as she puts two tsp of sugar and a bit of milk into her coffee and drinks it as Joyce places a plate in front of her. "Thank you." She says as she digs into her food after saying her prayer.

! #*!() *$)(# *%)* #$%)(82#)$*!)#*~+_* #) !*#)84023 #*%) *$%)! *2!*$) !#*$! )*#$) +!*#)+ *$)+!*$)+ #*)+%*$ #)*$)~*$) !+$*) +#* #*%) #

Melody was the first to wake up; as she looked into a beautiful white chest that was nicely built. She reaches up and her fingers dance upon his skin softly, as a nice pink spreads across her face while she laid there.

Then she felt something moving against her stomach causing her to blush more darkly. She knew what it was at least but she didn't want him to freak out on her about it. She slowly gets up out of bed as she walks over towards her suitcase and grabs her clothes that she planned on wearing for the day.

She heard him stir in bed so she slowly turned around and looked at him. "Good Morning Rupert." She says to him softly."Morning Melody."He said groaning as he got up and made his way to the bathroom. She smirked as she shook her head. 'At least he didn't freak out.' She thought giggling behind her hand. He walks back out with his toothbrush in his mouth. "What are your plans for this morning?" He questioned her.

"Well Kagome is coming over to get me and we planned on going to the school to register for classes." She answered, as he walked back into the bathroom to spit in the sink and finish brushing his teeth.

"What time are the others coming here today?" He questioned, as she knew who he meant. "You cannot punch my ex." Melody glared at him, crossing her arms as she stood there with her clothes in hand. "They are coming here at noon our time." She adds.

"Will you go to the grocery store with me?" He asked her, causing her to smile at him and she nods her head. "As soon as I am done at school I will." She tells him.

"Good." He tells her as he kisses her forehead and walks off down the stairs to probably make coffee. "He's so adorable." She states to herself as she giggles and she makes her way to the bathroom, as she runs the shower.

She slowly stripes away her pajama's and she enters the shower; as she started washing her hair, she started humming. After everything was done, she stepped out of the shower and quickly put on her underwear, her black mini-skirt and her pink shirt that said 'I don't bite…much.'

She made her way down to the kitchen to see a now fully dressed Giles, drinking coffee. She walks over and fixes his collar. "That would have bugged me all day." She says as she steals his mug and takes a small sip of it. "You have excellent taste in coffee by the way darling." She tells him smiling as she gives it back to him.

Kagome walks into the loft, as she was talking to Buffy. "So there is a Dracula? I knew it." She stated as she looks up and grins. "Hi Sis did we walk in on something?" She questioned. "Nope just drinking coffee." Melody responds, as she walks over towards Buffy and smiles. "So you meet Dracula? What did he do tell me the story." She says.

They sat on the couch, as Buffy relayed the story of Dracula as the twins smirked. "I want to meet him." Kagome said with a pout. "I could get his autograph." She added, as Melody shook her head.

"Your such a space case, anyway we need to go sign up for classes but we will be back then we'll go to the store before they get here at noon." Melody tells them as she gets off the couch and makes her way towards Giles as she kisses his cheek. "I'll be back before they get here but if not then no killing or maiming." She tells him with a finger in his face.

"I won't you have my word." He says to her as she nods then she walks off with Kagome as they go off towards the school. Buffy smirked at him as she shook her head. "You so lied to her." She says to him.

"Just a little bit." Giles responds to her as he goes back to drinking his coffee. Spike quickly enters the door with smoke coming out of him as he threw his blanket on the ground. "Did I miss the bastards?" He questioned looking at them.

"No Spike not yet." Giles tells him as Spike grins. "We can punch them right?" Spike questions while Giles thought about it and he shook his head. "Only if provoked." He told the vampire, as Buffy chuckled. "You guys are horrible." She tells them.

Shippo comes walking out of the room and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "No punching Sesshomaru but Inuyasha go for it." He said sleepily.

"You want breakfast?" Giles asked him curiously, as Shippo nods his head. "Yes please and some coffee with a lot of sugar and milk." He tells him, as Giles raises an eyebrow. "How about Orange juice" He says to the little fox demon.

"Fine." Shippo says as he sits on the couch in the living room as he goes and l eans against Buffy. "AWE you're so cute." Buffy says happily as she rubs his ears gently causing Shippo to blush red in the face.

!*#)! *$) #*$)~*#) *$)* #)% #*)$~#*) $*) #*%) #*% )#*$)* $!1 $*(# )*$! )*#!2!$ !#)$*! )*$)! *$) !#*%$)!*_~*#

Kagome and Melody had arrived and signed up for the classes that they wanted to take for that semester. As they noticed a red head next to a beautiful blonde; and Melody quickly runs up to them with Kagome following after her. "Willow! Tara!" Melody shouted happily as she hugs the both of them.

"Kagome, Melody welcome back!" Willow said as she hugged her back as did Tara. "Y-yes w-welcome b-back." Tara stuttered her words as they pulled back that's when Kagome came and hugged them as well.

"It's really great to see you back." Willow said happily as they pulled back and smile at them. "We came in last night." Kagome stated smiling back at her. "Yea Giles was surprised to me so soon." Melody stated giggling.

"I can imagine Giles nervous and cleaning his glass." Willow said smirking at Melody. Melody nodded as they walked together through the school.

"Are you excited to start this year?" Tara questioned the girls. "Yea I'm excited for my classes." Kagome responds calmly and sweetly. They started walking towards the flat as to not keep Giles and everyone else waiting.

The group walked in, as Xander stood up and hugged his cousins. "Why didn't you tell me that you were coming early?" He questioned as he looked at them.

"We wanted to surprise you guys." Kagome was the one to answer as Melody walked up to Giles and she smiles at him. "Did Shippo cause you any problems?" She asked him.

"Not at all luv." Giles answered as he kissed her forehead and he took her hand into his larger one. "Well good." She responds smiling up at him feeling happy.

Kagome smiled happily at her sister then she spotted Spike as she made her way towards him and took his hand into hers. "When did you get here?" She questioned him curiously.

"An hr ago and I promise no punching." He tells her softly as she shook her head and causing her to laugh lightly. "Liar." She tells him as she shook her head.

Shippo came bounding up to his mother as he smiled at her and took her other hand. "Were you good for Giles?" She asked him and he nodded his head. "Buffy played with my ears." He told her and blushed lightly.

Causing Melody to laugh loudly; as Buffy looked over at them with a raised eyebrow. "Those are really sensitive Buffy and really a huge turn on for most demons when they come of age." Melody explained causing Buffy to blush as well causing her to look away.

Kagome smirked as she slapped Spike's arm. "Why didn't you tell her bad Spike." She scolded him, as Spike shrugs his shoulders. "He's not of age so I didn't think it was a big deal." He responds coolly.

Melody took a breath as she looks up at Giles. "Rupert do you want to wait to go to the store or do you want to wait until they leave?" She questioned softly.

"Wait a minute here you didn't seriously call him Rupert did you?" Xander questioned as he looked over at his cousin. Melody rolled her eyes as she looks over at her cousin like he was an idiot.

"Let's wait until your guests leave." Giles stated looking at her; Melody looked back up at him and nods her head.

A knock sounded upon the door; as Melody took a deep breath. "They're here." Spike said in a weird voice and Melody looked at him with a 'Are you serious' look.

Giles released Melody's hand and walked to the door but Melody took his hand again and walked with him to the door.

They open the door and Melody smiled softly. "Tara and Naraku!" She exclaimed loudly as she released his hand and hugged the both of them.

A voice cleared behind them as Melody looks up. "Sesshomaru." She smiles at him softly as she let go of the others; and goes to hug him.

"Welcome to Sunnydale." Melody said happily as she herd everybody inside of the flat. "Oh okay Introductions are in order." She said.

"Sesshomaru, Tara, Naraku, Rin and…Inuyasha this is the Gang, Our cousin Xander, his girlfriend Anya, Willow, and Her Girlfriend Tara, Buffy, Spike, and this is Rupert Giles." She said as she walked over towards Giles and took his hand.

Buffy smiled at everyone. "Welcome to Sunnydale." She says calmly. "Thank you Miss Summers." Sesshomaru said, as Inuyasha just puffed out his cheeks and glared at Giles.

Causing Melody to hold on tighter to his hand so he wouldn't do something that he would regret; as did Kagome since she knew that he would do it no matter what.

"Did you secure a house?"Melody asked curiously, as Sesshomaru nods his head. "Yes and we have both rooms for you guys." He stated as Melody shook her head.

"That won't be needed Sesshomaru." Melody stated, as Inuyasha huffed as he looked at her. "It's so you can shack up with this old guy." He said loudly, causing Kagome to gasp as Melody glared at him.

Spike let go of Kagome's hand marched over towards him and punched him in the face. "Do not speak about Melody ever again you fucking cur." Spike growled.

Sesshomaru smirked; as Buffy walked over towards Melody and took her head, as she whispered in her ear and Melody nods her head.

"I believe it's time to leave now; we will see you later." Sesshomaru said as he turned on his heel and left. Inuyasha growled as he left as well.

"It was a pleasure to meet you all." Tara stated as she took her boyfriends hand and left. "Shippo see you later." Rin called to him as Shippo blushed and waved back.