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Chapter 1 : Memories

As Yoruichi lay on the floor she knew her end was near, Orihime was to far away to aid her now, the medical division had survived a Quincy siege and were busy providing aid to the surviving shinigami, no there would be no tomorrow for her. Damn Suì-Fēng is going to be pissed at me, sorry my little bee. A cry of Getsuga Tenshou could be heard followed by a massive explosion.

Yoruichi smiled, it looked like that idiot student of her's would end things soon, good at least the war would be over. Her eyes swept over her surroundings, dead Quincy littered the grounds, along with a few hollows that had been captured and turned to their side. So this is how I go out huh, pfff Kisuke will probably laugh his ass off at this crap. As her eyes slowly closed she felt as if something inside of her was close to breaking, the more she felt her life slipping away the more intense the feeling was until finally it felt like a dam had broken inside of her and a barrage of memories assaulted her.

Memories of a small blond haired blue eyed boy, memories of his childhood, his dream, his friends, his mission, my life my old life, she smiled at some of those memories before she felt her rage build up, she remembered beating the teme down at the valley, she remembered the betrayal and her execution, she remembered meeting her parents, she remembered everything.


When Naruto awoke he expected many things, he expected to be in a hospital, he expected his grandma or sister to be nearby or the pery sage what he didn't expect was to wake up in a dark jail cell, restrained to the bed.

"Oi oi oi what the hell's going on here? Why I am tied to the bed? Why am I in prison? Oi someone answers me!" he shouted.

He kept shouting for what felt like hours and still no one answered him, why am I here? What happened? He continued to shout until his throat was sour. His voice was cracked, what happened? Why am here? Where is everybody? Why woun't anyone talk to me?

When he had found out about the Kyuubi a small part of him was afraid that this would happen, but he ignored that part there was no way something like that could ever happen and now here it was playing out in front of him, it was a nightmare.

The door opened and Naruto smiled finally someone who could tell him what the hell was going on, he was even happier that is was someone he knew.

"Kakashi sensei what's going on? Why am here? Where am I? Is the team ok? What about the teme?"

Even now he thinks about his comrades? Kakashi felt a lot of regret for this, but it needed to be done. "Ma ma ma Naruto calm down I can explain ok?" Naruto nodded, he was just glad to see a familiar face. "Even in this situation you think about your team? " He asked. "Well yeah they're my comrades."

"Huh I guess you aren't a total failure." Naruto's face fell "What?" he asked in an unsteady voice.

"I said I guess you aren't a total failure Naruto, now to answer your question your in a highly secured prison, the best in Konoha actually, as to what you're doing here, well you'll stay here a bit more until your execution which happens to be scheduled for tomorrow morning, in a few hours in fact."

"Wha...t wha what are talking about Kakashi-sensei, what do you mean execution?"

Kakashi simply looked at him with a bored expression "Ma ma I don't like repeating myself, listen Naruto the higher ups have decided to execute you and it will happen tomorrow morning. You've been in a medical induced coma for a few days now, you weren't supposed to wake up until your execution, I brought you and Sasuke back to the village after I found the two of you at the valley, heck you actually were good as new the next day. Oh don't worry about your it, the team's fine, they'l make a complete recovery."

Naruto simply started to laugh with tears running down his face, "Good one Kakashi sensei you actually got me I don't know you liked to pull pranks as well, but is a good one, man you had me for a moment there thinking I was going to get executed I"... he didn't get to finish as Kakashi slapped him.

Naruto looked back at Kakashi who had the most serious face on he had ever seen on his teacher "I'm not joking about this Naruto."

"Then how the fuck are you so calm!"

"I've made my peace with it a long time ago" he said giving Naruto and eye smile and thumbs up.

"What?!" Naruto asked flabbergasted.

"Well Naruto you just don't have any talent as a ninja. None what so ever, so I figured you'd die one way or another. Heck I half expected you to die on our first C rank mission, and you almost did several times over." Naruto stared dumbly at Kakashi his mind refusing to function after hearing his sensei's words, tears started falling from his eyes.

Kakashi looked at him and let out a sigh. "Listen I tried to teach but you just weren't able to learn anything, any team you would be on would be in danger because of you, it would've been best if you just gave up being a ninja but you are to stubborn to do that, and with Akatsuki after you it's best if you just die and take the Kyuubi with you. Kami the Kyuubi going down with the dead last that's one for the history books."

"How how can you say that?"

"Because it's the truth, look at your track record all you have is luck on your side. You attempted and failed the graduation exam three times, then the Hokage took pity on you and let you graduate anyway."

"But I learned kagebunshin and beat up Mizuki." Kakashi sent him a glare. "Don't interrupt me when I'm talking. Now even an idiot knows's how to open a door, as for Mizuki the man was barely a chunin, and was extremely arrogant, you caught him by surprise and that's it. For kagebunshin it was dumb luck. You had no strategy during the bell test just jumping around like an idiot, always tried to show off during missions, and didn't improve at all during training staying a true dead last." Naruto just stared at him with a dumbfounded expression.

"Now on the first real mission you just froze when the enemy attacked, you would've died if the fox wasn't healing you, then you tried a suicide run on ONE OF THE SWORDSMEN OF THE FREAKING MIST that right there should have killed you, it was only because of Sasuke's quick thinking that that the half assed plan worked. Then during the battle on the bridge you charged in and lost control of the fox, if Haku had been more serious Sasuke would have been dead now."

"And let's not forget the debacle at the chunin exams, I had honestly hoped that your luck would last and then seeing what real ninja life was like you would quit, or maybe just maybe with years and years of hard work you could end up in some low level position. Heck apparently you used the fox's power in the forest and still lost, and endangered your teammates. Don't get me started on the embarrassment I felt during your fight with Kiba, apparently your fight with Neji was the same damn thing, suicide charge and sheer dumb luck with a dose of Kyuubi on the side."

"Even with the teachings of Jiraya-sama you couldn't improve at all" he shook his head at this, "a true dead last untill the end." Kakashi noticed Naruto's crying and gripping the bed sheets tightly. Was it all fake? Was everything fake, everything I ever did amounted to nothing?

"Tsunade- ba"

"Is getting drunk as hell, she couldn't stop your execution, in truth Sandaime-sama left a legal means to kill you should it come to it, I think even he knew you didn't have what it took to be a ninja."

Naruto's heart was racing a mile a minute, he felt a pit in his stomach, "Jiji did that?"

Kakashi gave him a stern look. "Naruto he was the Hokage, he had to protect the village from all threats, and that included you."

"Hey listen at least you got people to acknowledge you" he eye smiled at him. "What?" Naruto asked hopefully. " When news broke out of your execution a part of the ninja and civilian side was outraged" a small smile broke out on Naruto's face. "Of course, another part started partying to celebrate it." Naruto's smile quickly fell, he felt as if someone had just punched him in the stomach.

"It's a damn shame if you had some more talent this wouldn't have happened, now now I know what you're going to say but 0 x 100 is still zero. Now get some rest your execution is scheduled to take place in a few hours. Oh and don't try to escape, your restraints are reinforced and the seal on you is stronger than the one Orochimaru placed on you, so no Kyuubi chakra for you. Well bye bye." how to they know about the seal?, Naruto's eyes widened, the pervy sage!.

Naruto simply sat there unmoving and unresponsive as Kakashi left his cell, he simply sat there his thoughts drifted to his life, what he had done until now, what he tried to accomplish until finally arriving at how many hours he still had until his execution and how it would happen. Years seemed to pass waiting for someone to come and drag him to meet his end, his only thoughts on how it would happen. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime a cat masked Anbu stepped inside, she had a womanly figure and long purple hair with two swords strapped to her back.

The woman stopped and stared at Naruto, Kami he looks like he lost twenty pounds, and he has grey hair, tsk, the conversation with senpai must have devastated him.

"It's time" She told him. Naruto nodded. "How will it..." he managed to ask barely a whisper. "A sword blow threw the heart, it'll be quick and painless" followed by a decapitation but you don't need to know that. Naruto nodded at that.

"Who will..." he asked.

"I will" she answered. Naruto gave her a wide eyed look, it wasn't everyday you meet your executioner like this.

She let out a small breath, "I volunteered for this, before the invasion I lost someone precious to me and this way if something goes wrong at the execution I'll be in the thick of it and if anything happen at least I'll able to meet him again." Naruto stared at her, he couldn't hate her, she wants to die.

The next few moments were a blur, getting him out of the restraints, unhooking the machines he was connected to, exiting the prison cell, he didn't even notice when he got to the execution platform nor did he pay attention to what an old man on the platform talked about. His eyes fell on the people gathered there, a part of the other teams were there, and they actually looked sad, his baa-chan, nee-chan, Iruka-sensei, and Ayame were there and they looked devastated, even a part of the people there looked sad, or kept a neutral expression, but the others were cheering and had look's of such happiness on their faces.

He gave his precious people a sad smile, before he felt a small pinch in his chest, and when he looked down he noticed a sword sticking out of his chest. I guess this is the end huh?

What followed was another blur, he remembered talking to the fox one last time and meeting his parents. They had stored a bit of chakra inside the seal to meet him at the right time but with his death the chakra manifested earlier. What occurred next was something he couldn't truly understand he felt like an ocean of darkness had swallowed him up. And then he noticed something strange in the distance he could see a small light but far away from that there seemed to be a crack in the darkness when he looked at it, it had the shape of a broken mirror he didn't know why but he tried to pull himself towards it.

With all his strength he pulled trying to make it to that broken mirror, slowly he got close to it, the closer he got to it the bigger it seemed to get. When he finally reached the object, he looked at what appeared to be some sort of a cracked mirror, it looked like the cracks were slowly being repaired in a few places, he slowly moved and touched a place where it was cracked. A quick blinding flash occurred and then Naruto felt getting pulled into the mirror, what followed was the most painful experience of his life, he felt his very soul was getting chewed up, he begged and prayed for the pain to end until finally it seemed to stop and darkness took him.

End flashback

She would laugh if she could, I wonder what would Hatake say, the dead last becoming the head of the stealth unit? Most likely that it wasn't a very good stealth unit.

As darkness slowly took her she found herself back in a familiar place, an ocean darkness surrounded her, she could see a light in the distance, but what caught her attention was the mirror again, she felt she was slowly being pulled to it this time. As she got closer to the mirror like object, she could see that most of the cracks were gone now and only a few remained.

The pull was so strong now, she could feel something about the mirror, it was like it needed her to pass threw it to heal itself, whatever occurred to me, going threw it must not have helped, it look's like it can't completely restore itself without me going threw it. Should she pass threw it? She had lived a good second life, now through with this would she end up in the afterlife of her first world? Would she get reborn? After a few minutes she smirked, well then, why the hell not? Things in her second home would be alright, why not try one last jump into the unknown? With what little strength she had Yoruichi threw herself towards the mirror.

Agh my head, wait why does my head hurt if I'm dead? As Yoruichi opened her eyes she realised she was in a forest of sorts, well this is different. If this is the afterlife of my first world, then it sucks worse than Seireitei. She quickly got up and began to test her limbs, well I'm alive sort of, my body feel's a bit weaker, but other then that it's just fine. She tested her speed and strength and realized they were slightly weaker than before. Well at least I don't have to start from scratch. As she heard voices she hide in the shadows and began to make her way towards them.

Yoruichi quickly hid in one of tree and observed a group of people who were talking amongst themselves, it was a group of fifteen men, bandits by the way they were dressed, they were armed with crude made spears and bows, her attention was drawn towards two men who seemed to be in charge. One of the men was bald and had a scar that ran diagonally on the left side of his face, his had a slim build and was of average height.

"I'm telling you we should raid the main settlement it has the most stuff to pillage there" spoke the bald man.

"And it could be guarded you idiot! that's why we should raid the smaller settlements, it'll be easier that way." spoke a second man, he had a small stature, was a bit pudgy and had black spiky hair.

"Yeah but it'll have less people."

So bandits that want to raid some places, yep if this is the afterlife it sucks much more than Seireitei. Well let's see if I can't convince them to back off.

"I'll give you one chance to leave this place and never return." A booming voice was heard in the forest.

The bandits quickly stopped and formed a circle with the two leaders in the middle. "What the hell is that?" one of the bandits asked.

"Nothing just stay in formation you idiots."

"I'm giving you the choice to walk away with your lives don't waste it."

"Boss men do you think it's shinobi?"

"No a real fucking ninja would strike from the shadows or go get back up it's just some punk hiding in the trees keep your eyes open and you'l find the bugger."

In the shadows, Yoruichi narrowed her eyes she really hated what she had to do if they didn't retreat. She didn't know if the country she was in had a prison to hold these men if she knocked them out.

"I'll count to ten if you don't retreat then you're all dead."

"Just up! you don't scare us! find the bugger men so we can gut him."


"Where is he I don't see him"


"Look in the damn trees"


"If it's a woman the man who finds her has the first round"


"If it's a man I do"


"Shut up and just come out coward, we'll make it quick if you do"


"Hold together"


"He's just trying to scare us"


"None of you take a single fucking step back"


"Go blow yourself"


"Ha you see men he was just blu.. " he never got to finish as a quick snap was heard, when the men turned to look at one of their leader they saw a woman next to their two leaders and one of them had his neck broken.

A few short moments passed as the bandits stared incredulously at the sight before them. "Get her" shouted one of the bandits, and then in a flash she was gone again. She seemed to appear and disappear around the bandits, every time she appeared another snapping sound was heard and another bandit fell down dead. Finally one last bandit was left, she appeared in front of him and hoisted him up in the air by his neck.

"Now you're going to answer me some question, alright?" The bandit desperately nodded as best he could.

"Where are we?"

"Wave Country. The bandit croaked out." Yoruichi's eye widened at that, Wave? I'm alive and back in The Elemental Nations?

"What year is this?"

"What?" He fearfully asked.

"What year is this?" She asked applying pressure to the man's neck.

" X791, two months into the year."

So I've only been dead for a year and two months huh?

She let go of the man, "go get out of here, tell the world about what you have seen here and let everyone know that the same will happen to them if they threaten Wave Country."

The man nodded before he ran off like the devil was after him, soon the legend of Flash Goddess would spread threw out the Elemental Nations.

Yoruichi looked around at the sight of her battle, it couldn't be called an actual battle more of a massacre, she hated doing this, but it needed to be done unfortunately. She had killed fellow shinigami as the leader of the Stealth Unit, those who had broken the law and went out of their way to cause problems.

As she looked her self over, she realized that while her strength was lower it was still formidable, in time she would test herself to find her new limits, the problem was that the feeling of being incomplete that she had before was worse now. She shook her head, it was time to head out, perhaps meet some old friends. Elsewhere a man opened his eyes and smiled when he saw his surroundings, I'm alive!.

1 year and 8 months later. Wave Country.

A young girl with dark brown hair, long parted bangs and with a single lock of hair falling into her face, large white eyes, wearing a sleeveless, blue v-neck shirt, with mesh armor underneath, blue shorts, black ninja sandals and a leaf hiate rapped around her forehead was busy gather branches in the forest.

Honestly as soon as sensei leaves and they have free time those two start doing that, can't they control themselves? She had walked in on her sister and cousin doing similar things and that mental image was now permanently etched into her brain. She shook her head as she gathered more branches for the fire, they had stopped to eat and rest before continuing their delivery mission, another C – rank mission, their sensei had told them to set up camp as she went to catch another rabbit, her team had managed to either catch or find something to eat.

As she picked up another branch, she wondered if her sensei would enroll her team for the chunin exams, they had the necessary missions and they were above the other teams, her backbreaking training had seen to it, she couldn't remember how many times she had passed out at the beginning of her sensei's training. But she was grateful, her sensei knew what she was doing and made sure that they gained honed reflexes, though she still believed her sensei had a sadistic streak in her. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a voice, and her heart froze, "Ma ma little bunny what are you doing here?" Quickly she activated her byakugan but it was to late, a hand wrapped around her throat and another one around her waist. How did I not sense her? She still couldn't see the woman's face, she knows about the blind spot of the byakugan and she came right from that direction.

"Now now my little frightened rabbit why don't you tell me your name?" The woman asked. She gritted her teeth what was she to do, she had wandered farther from the camp to avoid her teammates and she could only hope her sensei could come after her.

"Now I know you're a Hyuga thanks to those pervy eyes of yours"

"What?!" She asked. "Oh so you do speak my little frightened rabbit?" The woman chuckled, "well those eyes are also called the pervy eyes aren't they? I mean you can see threw cloths what's to stop you looking at people with them? How many of your clan's men don't randomly activate those eyes around a hot spring?"

She turned beat red at that, "that's that's" she didn't know what to say to that, it was an indignity, but it wasn't the first time the subject had come up, her sensei teased her about it as well.

"Oh come now I mean you never used your eyes that way right?" she turned an even brighter shade of red, and the woman ran a finger down her neck and blew a hot breath down her neck, a fire seemed to have spread down her spine and threw out her body at this.

"Oh my cute little frightened rabbit is also a perv!" The woman quickly rubbed her face against her own and she could see the woman had dark skin hair color and a shade of purple hair, but didn't have any hitai on her.

"Now my little rabbit you should really tell me who you are and what your doing here?" the woman moved the hand she had around her throat and gently raised the hiate she had around her forehead "oh so your a main branch Hyuga, you should be careful wandering of like this who knows what could happen if someone from Kumo were to stumble upon you?" she knew exactly what would happen.

"Ma ma your no fun, let's play a game you give me something and I'll give you something of equal value, a name for a name and so on, you have my word as a fellow noble clan member." She has a clan?

"Now what is your name my little rabbit?"

"My name is Hanabi Hyuga not little rabbit" she spoke in a composed tone. "Ah my little rabbit is trying to act so formal now but after seeing the many shades of red you turned and finding out you're a perv it's a little to late for that rabbit-chan."

"I'm not a pervert" she shouted losing her composure.

"Oh ? is someone losing their composer, perhaps that stick that we nobles receive to shove up our asses is coming lose neh?" The woman started laughing.

"Now my name is Yoruichi Shihoin little rabbit"

"You said you were from a noble clan?"

"Um hmm, my clan is part of the four great ones, and I was the head of it, but I abandoned it a while back" Hanabi's eyes widen at that, abandoned your clan? Even though she was the head? "Now Hanabi-chan" she said as she tightened her grip around her waist and her other hand touched the base of her neck, "Are you related to the current clan head? Are you perhaps the daughter of the clan head, are you the heiress?" She asked in a dark tone, the woman quickly moved a hand towards her jugular and Hanabi could see the woman's nails growing bigger as they hovered above her jugular. "Now don't lie to me it would be very bad if you did little rabbit." By now Hanabi had started to panic and was sweating profoundly, she didn't know what to say or do, if she told her truth she could be taken hostage or worse, if not she could be killed, she closed her eyes and deactivated her byukugan. Please someone help me.

A boomin voice echoed in the clearing "Step away from her you bitch!" Hanabi snapped open her eyes and saw her sensei a few short feet away from her sword drawn, she never felt so relieved in her life. Her sensei had a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes, fiery red hair with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left. She wore the an outfit similar to other jounin from Konoha only she had forehand protectors, wrists and knee protectors as well. Her hiate was tied to her forehead, the woman removed her hand from Hanabi's throat and was shakingly pointing at her sensei.

"You're... you're..." the woman spoke "A tomato!"

Kushina and Hanabi all but face planted at this, but Kushina seemed to get a dark aura around her.

"What did you call me?" She asked in dark tone

"Well if you puff your hair out a bit you'd look just like a tomato, tomato-chan, do you have tomatoes in your ears tomato-chan?" she asked with a sweet smile on her face.

Kushina took in the woman's appearance the woman was dark-skinned, slender, of average height, with golden-colored eyes and long purple hair, which was kept up in a ponytail. Her attire consisted of an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around her waist, black stretch pants, long beige wrist and leg warmers each secured by bands, a pair of lightweight brown shoes and beige neck warmer. Kushina's eyes widened and she changed her combat stance when she finally realised who the woman was.

"Ah so you recognized me eh tomato-chan?"

"Yes, the Flash Goddess, a mercenary, rumors have it you pissed off Kumo which made you ok in my book."

Yoruichi smiled though inwardly she was in turmoil, how the hell is my first mother alive? she should be dead and buried and how by old man Genryūsai's epic beard is she still so young? Is the Uzumaki blood so potent?

"Ano you mind telling me how you are alive? last I checked you were dead as a door nob."

"You mind releasing my student?"

"Ah but I like little rabbit-chan we growing so close" Yoruichi rubbed her face against Hanabi's face, "right rabbit-chan?" Hanabi didn't say anything as she turned red once more. "Oh Kami you fluster so easily, you really do remind me of my little bee-chan."

"So tomato do you want to have some fun?" She asked with a smile on her face as she was slowly removing her hands from Hanabi.

Kushina smiled as well. "First let go of my student and then" her smile grew.

Yoruichi quickly hugged Hanabi and whispered into her ear, "Until next time my little rabbit-chan" before leaping away from her.

"Hanabi get behind me now." Kushina ordered.

Yoruichi grinned "Let's dance tomato."

Both women advanced towards each other, Kushina tried a forward slash towards Yoruichi, but her sword was blocked by Yoruichi with a kunai she had pulled out from one of her sleeves. They both stared into each other's eyes, as Yoruichi looked into Kushina's eyes she could see fierce determination, while Kushina could see hesitation, sadness and something else, why is she looking at me like that?

Kushina applied more force to her blade and began to slowly push Yoruichi's back, only for the woman to suddenly disappear, Kushina's instincts screamed for her to duck, as she narrowly avoided a blow to her head, what was that? was it pure speed? Or is it a space time technique like hiraishin? I didn't see any kunai or markers that she could use.

Yoruichi backed away "Surprised eh tomato-chan? Why did you think I was called the Flash Goddess? It's not because I go around flashing people my goods, well mostly not" she said winking at Hanabi who had retread near a try and turned beat red when she heard the woman.

I need more information about that move of hers, Kushina quickly pulled out two scrolls from her vest and smeared blood on them by bitting her thumb, from them four five litre water bottles emerged and she quickly slashed them with her sword, barely did the water hit the ground that ten Kushina's emerge from it.

Water clones! And here in Wave, ah this takes's me back. Yoruichi smirked "My my look at all the tomatoes is it harvest time already?" She asked amusement clear in her voice, the clones all seemed to scowl at this.

Five of the clones quickly moved and began to attack her, Yoruichi quickly began to dodge sword swipes from the various clones, after a few moments one finally made a mistake as she overextended herself, Yoruichi capitalized on this and delivered a strong fist to her stomach causing the clone to dispel. As the other four charged at her, she jumped over them and landed behind them quickly executing a leg sweep and dispelling another clone.

The three clones regrouped and attacked again, one from the front, one from the right and the last one from the left, Yoruichi ran towards the first and jumped over her punching it in the head dispelling it. When she touched the ground Yoruichi quickly planted an elbow in one of the clones stomach dispelling and did a low leg sweep of the last clone managing the dispel the last one.

Yoruichi looked around and noticed that she was surrounded by four clones, with Kushina and another clone standing behind them, oh not bad, she sends the clones to attack and if try and jump over them she has another clone ready to attack me, she wants me to you use my special move, hm I could fight all the clones at once, but I wouldn't want to disappoint her.

Kushina's clone quickly charged at Yoruichi and Kushina waited for Yoruichi's next move, come on let's see that move of yours, she was amazed when her clones managed to stab Yoruichi in the torso and chest.

Behind me! Kushina quickly spun backwards and thrusted her sword forward, and could see Yoruichi impaled on her sword as she had managed to stab her threw the chest, she didn't know what to say however and barely had time to analyze the situation before she quickly received a punch to her jaw which sent her to the ground from the left side.

"Not bad tomato-chan, not bad at all"

Kushina looked around and noticed her water clones were already destroyed, damn it I didn't even notice her move from there, did she use a genjutsu?

"Well do you want to continue our little game?"

Kushina smirked, she hated to do this, it was her absolute last choice, she hadn't even used everything she had, but a battle between those two could give me a better insight on that move of hers, plus the woman did mess with Hanabi and that was her job.

"I think it's time I throw something unexpected at you."

"Oh" Yoruichi raised an eyebrow "like your underwear?"

"What?!" Kushina yelled.

"You said you'd throw something unexpected at me, your underwear would be very unexpected."

Kushina just looked at her flabbergasted. "just", damn it she's good at getting me of my game, she quickly pulled an oddly shaped kunai and threw it Yoruichi. "Just shut up and fight."

Yoruichi raised her eyebrow at the kunai, "what's the point of it?" she got her answer when a yellow flash similar to lighting striking the ground occured in front of her and she noticed someone else had appeared there.

"Well if it isn't Konoha's Yellow Flash, guess I should have known you two would stick together. Well let's get the battle of flashes underway then."

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