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Talk now – normal talk
What now – normal thoughts
Speak – biju talk
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Chapter 2 – Two Flashes

"Must we fight?" Minato asked.

"Um well, isn't that why tomato-chan called you here? So we could fight and you could analyze my technique. In case I ever become a problem that Konoha would have to deal with, you would have some experience in dealing with me? Besides there's another more important reason for us to fight."

"Oh?" Minato asked intrigued.

"Yep, there's the rule about the flash title!"

"Um, what rule exactly?"

"Ma ma ma blondy-cha how can you not know it?" she sighed, "the rule is that there can only be one person with the title of Flash at any given time" Minato just looked at her surprised. "And seeing as how I hold the title of Flash Goddess and you that of the Yellow Flash, one of us has to give up his title, it's that simple." Yoruichi told him like it was the most common thing in the world.

"Don't worry blondy-chan you can take the title of the Flasher, I mean that coat of yours certainly helps your case, just get naked and then flash a few people and voila your title has changed, with you feminine look's even men will like it." Kushina meanwhile was red in the face, trying to stifle her laughter, barely succeeding.

Yoruichi smirked tilted her head a bit and winked at Kushina, "You look cute in your natural color tomato-chan" Kushina's face quickly dropped into a scowl.

"Awww don't be like that tomato-chan if you scowl your pretty face will get wrinkles "Oh Kami there must be a special place in hell reserved for me, I told my own mother she was cute. "Well come on blondy-chan a quick spar then."

As Yoruichi began running towards him Minato quickly threw a kunai towards her chest, when she jumped in the air to avoid it Minato appeared below her with one hand covered in chakra going towards her chest and the other throwing the kunai further away. No choice. Yoruichi disappeared and reappeared below Minato aiming to deliver a punch to his neck and a kick to his back only for Minato to disappear again and reappear next to Kushina, she quickly got back on her feet. From what I remember from the chakra they left inside of me, father can tag people with his hiraishin mark, it's what he wanted to do to me now. But if that's true then why did mother use the kunai to call him? Is she unable to send chakra to the mark? Or did she find a way to remove it and if so why?, there's a chance that the mark fades with time. Tsk, he has one kunai behind me to use and sneak up and another one in front of mother where can retreat, it also doesn't look like it costs that much chakra to use hiraishin.

Yoruichi smirked "well well well you really want to be known as the pervy flash don't you blondy-chan? I mean barely meet and you try and grope me what's a girl to think?" And now my own father almost groped me, if they ever find out about my identity it'll be an awkward situation in the family, I guess the old perv had more of an influence over him then he thought.

Minato seemed to fidget and looked uncomfortable, while Kushina was glaring at him. "That's not what I was trying to do"

"Oh so you weren't trying to take advantage of the battle to let your pervy instincts run wild? Not that I blame you I mean why would anyone want small tomatoes when they could have delicious watermelons." She told him while sliding one hand under her breasts, Kushina gritted her teeth and it looked like her long hair had taken the shape of nine flowing tails. I could use my other abilities but that would give away too much for right now, a serious battle with him would change the landscape here.

"Well I enjoyed this little meeting, but I have places to go, people to see and red heads to beat."

"Oi oi" Kushina began.

"Ja ne tomato-chan, blondy-chan, and especially you rabbit-chan" she told them with a wink and sly grin before she took off in high speed away from them.

"Well thank you for the assistance Hokage-sama." Minato winced at her cold tone, it was something else he had lost over the past few years, his marriage was over.

"It was nothing Uzumaki-san, I was glad I actually got to witness her technique, it's interesting."

"You don't need to share such things with me Hokage-sama, I must take my leave now, my team and I still have to complete our mission." Minato winced again, her tone and attitude was so formal now, he knew that if Kushina could she would have left Konoha long ago, but there were few places she could go. Kumo was out of the question, their past actions were to great a sin for her to forget and could target her again, Iwa and Kiri were not far behind, Suna was far to weak nowadays, the only other real option was for her to wander the nations. He let out a tired sigh "Very well jounin Uzumaki-san."

As he watched her leave, he couldn't help but remember how they both returned to the land of the living.

1 day after Naruto's execution

A translucent gaunt specter with a demonic visage appeared on the outskirts of Konoha, it's height was much larger than an average human, possessing long, shaggy white hair, from which two red horns protrude, and red-coloured skin it was draped in a large white garments and carried a set of prayer beads with a tantō in its mouth.

The Shinigami knew something had occurred something that was not supposed to happen, one that bore his mark had not reached the afterlife nor could he find that one, he realized that the one with his mark must have gone threw the disturbance. Now the deal made was invalid, from what he could sense the soul had changed greatly and yet it needed something else to be complete. The Shinigami removed the tanto from his mouth revealing sharp teeth and a snake like tongue, he quickly spat out one of the souls from within himself, the soul had an energy sealed within it that was not it's one, with a quick move it separated the two once more and allowed the energy to dissipate.

He remembered that there had been another that had died with the first one that night when he was summoned to seal a best within a newborn, a small flicker of his hand and the soul of a woman was near the first one, ahh it was this one, with another move of his hands he breathed life into them again. The two looked just like the night of their death, when they both opened their eyes and looked terrified at him he finally spoke.

"The deal is broken the sacrifice no longer accepted." And with that the Shinigami disappeared from the mortal world once more.

"Minato what happened? What did he mean the sacrifice is no longer required?"

"I don't know" he shook his head. "the last thing I remember" his eyes widened "Naruto!"

Both Kushina and Minato looked around frantically. "I don't see him, why does this place look's so different? There aren't any damages from the fight with the Kyuubi."

"We must have been dead and time passed, and the Shinigami must have revived us" a panicked look crossed Minato's face, as he lifted his clothes and looked at his stomach "The seal it's gone!"

"What do you mean it's gone?" Kushina asked.

"I don't know, but the seal that kept a part of Kyuubi in me is gone!"

"Did something happen to our son?" Kushina asked with worry in her voice.

"I don't know come on let's find out."

Kushina looked at the gates of Konoha "Should we just walk into Konoha? I don't know if people would belive us" Minato shook his head "It may look suspicious if we used henges, let me try something" Minato closed his eyes and focused before he opened them again, "there I found the hiraishin marker from a safe house of my mine in Konoha." In a flash they were both gone.

In the Hokage Tower Danzo sat behind the kage's desk and as he laid another document upon on the desk, he thought of what had occured just a day before, the execution of their jinjuriki, and the last Uzumaki.

He had desired to transform the boy into Konoha's ultimate weapon, their ace, he would battle the other jinjuriki and allow their capture and subsequent conversion or reselling of their biju, and now he was dead. He knew that the chances that his old rival would see reason and allow the boy to become the weapon he was meant to be would be low but he still had to propose it, sadly he had refused, getting near the child in any other way was far to dangerous, and suicidal, the third would never allow him to convert the boy to his way of thinking. As the son of the Yondaime and the last known Uzumaki, the Sandaime would never allow the boy to become a true shinobi like he desired, so he kept his distance and waited for the right time, the aftermath of Orochimaru's attack seemed like the right moment but Hiruzen's old teammates got in his way and supported Jiraya, even worse was that the man had taken the jinjuriki under his wing.

He didn't know what to do then, so many opportunities lost, the title of kage and the weapon slipped threw his fingers, he had quickly laid the groundwork for future victories but even that had been difficult with Hiruzen's old teammates matching him move for move, he expected another chance to present itself in the future and he would wait patiently for it.

Imagine his surprise when he was approached to help arrange the jinjuriki's execution only a short time after Tsunade become Hokage and that the one who approached him was Jiraya of the sannin of all people. He had at first believed it to be some sort of ruse but as the discussion carried on he realised it was the truth, the man wanted his new apprentice dead and wanted his help for it. In exchange for him not being directly involved and thus being able say his hands were clean, Jiraya would help to capture and seal other biju to ensure Konoha had it's own biju, the man's spy network would be put to work just for that task.

He had used Kotoamatsukami on Jiraya and to say Danzo was shocked was an understatement when Jiraya had resisted the technique and shrugged it off, unknowingly of course, it appeared that Jiraya was convinced that the boy would never become a strong shinobi and needed to die, the quicker the better, he would as well never allow another one of his prized student's blood to become a jinjuriki thus no samples could be taken from the boy and the Kyuubi could be lost forever. Not that it mattered it appeared that the Yondaime had terribly weakened the Kyuubi by taking half of it's chakra with him to the Shinigami's stomach, thus weakening the village.

Danzo was proud, in his own way, at what lengths Jiraya would go to protect his village, with the Kyuubi weakened as such, a chance existed for the beast to lose should it encounter one of the other beasts, and Konoha could not have such a weak beast on a leash. It needed something strong, resealing the Kyuubi would be difficult, attempting to use the same seal again would require further weakening the Kyuubi and most likely would have the creature placed on the lower power spectrum. The seal used on either of their former jinjuriki, something that Danzo did not have the skills or the people to ensure, only the toad sannin could achieve. He had attempted to persuade the toad sannin, something he never believed he would end up doing, to let the boy live so he could be trained as a proper weapon. Unfortunately Jiraya still insisted that the boy had no real talent and even with other's teaching him privately he would never amount to anything, and with the threat of Akatsuki on the horizon the boy needed to become capable of taking on S-class threats, something that would never occur, and the boy even with years and years of training would never move past the rank and strength of a chunin.

With the death of the three tailed jinjuriki it would take time to reform, time in which this new threat, Akatsuki, would wait before acting, and with the death of their own jinjuriki even more time would be needed, time in wich the leaf could strengthen itself, in the ensuing battle between Akatsuki opportunities would be ripe, and Danzo knew he could take advantage of it.

In the end, they decided that at the first opportunity, Danzo would seize the moment and have the jinjuriki executed, Jiraya would block off the jinjuriki's chakra both normal and biju, the man had apparently worked on something already after seeing the work of his former teammate. Their chance came rather quickly with the defection of the last loyal Uchiha, another headache he would have to deal with later, Danzo had used almost every trick he had, but succeeded in the end and had the jinjuriki executed. It had been a good move to send the sand siblings away, mentioning how the boy would remain in the hospital for many days under intensive care but would be fine in the end and how Suna could ill afford for them to be away for an extended period of time, he didn't want Suna to know about such a thing.

As Danzo looked over the papers on the desk he had no doubt he was closer to the title of Hokage then ever before, Tsunade was a wreck and drinking her pain away in some bar, he could build a case against her and become Hokage himself as it should have been from the start. Danzo was unaware of the blond and red heads that had entered the village and would make their way towards the kage's office.

Kushina wobbled before shaking her head "Ugh I still can't get used to that feeling." Minato shrugged his shoulders, "you get used to it after a while."

"Did something happen to the tag in the Hokage's office, I figured you'd take us there?"

Minato shook his head "I couldn't detect it and a lot of other one's either, they could have been destroyed in the attack or someone destroyed to places where I set them. We can stick to the shadows and make our way to the Hokage tower to get some answers after we restock."

"Allright let me change clothes first these aren't exactly practical." Kushina told him. "I have one of your old jounin suits here, it should be here" he said picking a small scroll. They both grabbed a few kunai and shuriken, Kushina took a sword and Minato retrieved a few of his special kunais. Better safe than sorry. A few minutes later, they both made their way outside.

Both Minato and Kushina looked wide eyed at the sight in front of them. "What happened here it looks like Konoha was attacked but there are signs of a party, did they celebrate something?" Kushina asked.

"Perhaps a war broke out and it just ended?" Minato told her gazing at his surroundings.

"Ha ha ha it's finally dead" They both hear a man shouting while laughing, as they looked down they could see it was a shinobi, a drunk one at that, a bottle of alcohol still in his hand.

Kushina felt dread when she heard the man, without making a sound quickly made her way towards a dark alley that the shinobi would pass by, Minato following close behind.

As soon as the drunk shinobi passed by the alley Kushina grabbed him and slammed the man against a wall, placing a kunai against his jugular and using her chains with her other arm to immobilize the man. "Talk now, what the hell happened here? And who's dead?"

"What the fuck are you doing?" the man asked.

"I would answer her if I were you." The man looked at the direction of the voice before he palled.

"Yon..yon..yondaime-sama, your alive?!" the man smiled "This is wonderful if we had known we would have done it sooner"

"Done what?" Kushina asked in a dangerous tone.

"We killed the fucking Kyuubi, chopped the fucker's head clean off you should have" blurg he didn't get to finish as Kushina shoved the kunai in the man's jugular and he bled out.

Kushina looked at the man as the life faded from his eyes, Minato for his part simply stared at the dead man, his eyes showed pure murder.

"Hey what's going on there?" Someone asked from the entrance to the alley, they heard a movement from above and before Kushina could act Minato threw two of his special kunais one towards the roof and one towards the entrance to the alley.

In a flash Minato appeared above the alley and delivered a devastating kick to the man that was there knocking him unconscious and towards the alley only to be caught by Kushina's chains then he quickly appeared next to two people at the alley entrance faster then they could react Minato delivered a swift blow to the back of their necks knocking them out and transporting them back in the alley were Kushina quickly used her chains to restrict their arms and legs.

A quick squize of the chains and the people regained consciousness, looking startled at their surroundings and captors. "Now" Minato began in an icy tone that sent chills down the peoples spines. "You're going to tell everything, why is Konoha damaged? Why is Naruto dead? Talk now."

The first man who had been captured was an old shinobi in his late thirtys Isshu Sagisawa, he was wearing the standard leaf shinobi attire but it looked dirty, he had dark short hair and his face made him look older then he was, the pair of people that Minato had captured were a kunoichi and her civilian husband, both in their late twenty's, Haya and Daisuke Ono, the woman wore the the standard leaf nin attire, while the man wore a pair of black pants and a white shirt, the both had short brown hair and brown eyes.

Haya answered them "Orochimaru attacked the village during the chunin exams" Minato and Kushina simply stared at them with no visible expression on their faces, if they were surprised it didn't show, "he used his own village Oto, he killed the Kazegake, impersonated him and brought Suna into the fold as well, he used his snake summons and even brought out Suna's jinjuriki." That phrase brought a flicker of emotion to Kushina's face. "We won but Hokage-sama died and after a while Tsunade-sama returned and became the new Hokage."

"Why is Naruto dead?"

"Because he's the fucking Kyuubi!" Isshu shouted and Kushina's chain wrapped around her neck squeezing him.

"Do you doubt my skill in sealing?"

"Your not the Yondaime he's fucking dead!"

"I look alive don't I?" Haya and Daisuke stared dumbly at him, uncertain what to make of the situation.

"So why didn't you people" he asked threw gritted teeth "trust my ability and respected my final wish."

"It was difficult to accept such a thing when we hadn't even buried all of our dead and the Hokage announced his condition, but someone of us did accept him in time, or at least just ignored him." Haya was able to tell them before Isshu opened his mouth.

"What?" Kushina asked.

"W…e just him for the most part aaaand kkkept the children awaaaay from him" Haya stammered, and the chains quickly tightened around their necks.

"You what?!" She asked in a deadly quiet tone.

"We keepet them safe, we didn't know if the seal would hold, aaaand the Kyuubi killed so many of our own."

"And my ability with seals? My dying wish?"

Haya looked guilty "Some of our ninja knew he wasn't the Kyuubi, but we never had to deal with something like, so we stirred far away from him, as much as we could. And... the thought of the Kyuubi in him. Some of the people still thought of him as the Kyuubi in human flesh and wanted him dead." That got another reaction from both Minato and Kushina, who's anger seemed to be visible.

Kushina looked at Daisuke, "and you? You've been quiet so far, are ninja or..."

"No, I...I..I'm jusssst a civivvvvliiiann." Daisuke stammered.

"And you don't you tell us what your civilian friends thought about him?"

"We...I mean they called him..well I didn't, I mean.."

"Spit it out"

"Demon brat" both Minato and Kushina's eyes widened, "they called him demon brat, and some refused to help him in any way, they didn' allow him entry in their shops, refused to sell him anything if they weren't the owners, or just refused to have anything to do with him. We all kept our young ones away from him, bbut when the Hokage enforced the law some of my friends allowed him to shop at their places."

Kushina snarled "Well isn't that thoughtful, you and your friends are so generous, allowing to do something he should have been able to from the start."

"What did this law state explicitly?" Minato asked, he realized that if had to refer to his son, and wanted to know the details about it.

This time it was Haya who spoke up, "Just that we couldn't talk about him holding the Kyuubi and treat him differently, it was an S-class law punishable by death."

"And yet you did didn't you?" Kushina told them as she rattled the chains a bit.

"Some of us just ignored him, but we did start accepting him later on."

"Oh, do tell how your stupidity received?" Kushina asked. Minato simply raised an eyebrow.

"Yess, he managed to help free Wave from a tyrant and fought off the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist" on the outside both Minato and Kushina didn't show any reaction, on the inside they were both proud.

"And later he managed to reach the chunin finals, and there he kicked that Hyuuga prodigy's ass, he even managed to help defeat Suna's jinjuriki, and helped to bring back lady Tsunade."

"So why is he dead?" Minato asked.

"When the Uchiha defected, to join Orochimaru a retrieval team was sent after him and he fought with him and managed to beat him down, succeeding in bringing him back, but he used the Kyuubi's chakra to do so, the elder Danzo" both Minato's and Kushina's anger spiked, "made a case that Naruto couldn't handle the Kyuubi's chakra, and would lose control in more difficult situations. He used the Kyuubi's chakra in Wave, during the chunin finals and finally battling the last Uchiha. But it was bullshit he used that chakra during the final and staying in control."

"Last Uchiha?" Kushina asked.

"Yes, the clan was massacred by Itachi Uchiha some years ago only he and his little brother are left." That got another reaction out of both Kushina and Minato. Kushina slightly shifted her chains around the three people, Of Kami Mikoto what happened?. While Minato simply looked at them, was the clan actually involved in the attack? Did you order their extermination Sandaime?

"So this leads us to be present then? Is this why people are so happy?"

"He was executed a day ago and yes, this is why people are so happy, they" she fidgeted, "threw a party to celebrate his death, but not all of us wanted this, and the ones who are happy about it are in the minority, they were just very vocal about it."

"He's your son isn't he? Isshu asked." Haya and Daisuke's eye widened and had a look of shock on their faces.

"Yes, and now he is dead." Minato responded.

"Good, I'm glad."

"What! " Kushina yelled as she tightened the chains around Isshu's throat and the man simply started laughing and slowly started crying, Kushina released the chains around his throat just a little.

"I don't care who's son he is, I figured he was someone's kid, but I don't give a fuck, he had the fucking Kyuubi in him, I wanted him dead when he was just a baby, heck others wanted that as well, we demanded that the little fucker be killed, some even tried to take matters into their one hands."

"Why?" Kushina asked.

"Because he killed my family!"


"The Kyuubi killed my family, I was away on a mission at the time of the attack, and what do I find when I return home? My wife and child dead, incinerated in the attack, the building where I lived destroyed down to the it's foundation and many buildings around it the same whatever attack the thing tried it tore a straight line threw the village." Minato winced at that the Bijudama the Kyuubi fired towards the Hokage mountain destroyed everything in its path until he managed to use his barriers and hiraishin to send the attack away from the village.

"I know the difference between a kunai and a scroll but I just didn't care, I figured that if the scroll is destroyed it takes's the kunai with it, and it would be the same with the kid and the Kyuubi. A few of my friends tried to kill the kid early on but got killed by his guards, we knew deep down the difference between the two but we just didn't care, knowing the Kyuubi was still in the village, we just wanted revenge for our families."

"Would it have made a difference if you knew he was my son from the start?" Minato asked.

"No, not in the long run, I would probably have gotten biter about the whole thing, why should your son live when my daughter is dead? I doubt too many of my friends would have cared, either. Some maybe but not all. Now you know what it's like to lose someone to the Kyuubi."

"You want to die don't you." Kushina stated

"Yes, please, I just want to die, after the attack we were stretched thin and the active ninja had to take more mission, I tried taking many more in hope that I would find my death out there, but I didn't after I tried committing suicide they kept under watch until I was safe to be released, please I just want to see my wife and daughter again."

"Go and see your family again, though I doubt you will end up in the same place."

"Than..." he never got to finish as Kushina broke his neck using her chains.

"What to do with you?" Kushina asked.

"Please don't kill us.. we" Haya began.

"Silence." A quick blow to the head and the two were unconscious again. Kushina began making her way towards the Hokage Tower with Minato not far behind.

As Danzo sat in Hokage's chair he could hear a commotion in the tower and wondered what it was, his answer came when the doors to the office were slammed open and the Yondaime Hokage and his wife the former Kyuubi jinjuriki walked in.

"Perfect, we were looking for you Danzo."

"What is this? It is a crime to impersonate the dead in such a way, Anbu seize them!"

One bear masked Anbu came out of the shadows to attack Minato only for his attack to be stopped and Minato to deliver a punch to the man's chest and a knee to his chin knocking the man out as he was sprawled on the floor. A squirl masked Anbu jumped from the shadows and attacked Kushina, who counter the blows and managed to land a vicious blow to the man's face breaking his mask and jaw and sending him to the floor. That's not possible, they can't actually be the real ones. With the attack many of the Anbu were sent on missions and the ones who remained behind were stretched thin, some were still injured but were still on active duty, the ones on guard duty in the Hokage's office were a perfect example of this.

"If you are the real Yondaime you have a great deal of explaining to do, abandoning your duty towards Konoha and running away faking your death." Danzo could see his chances of becoming Hokage were getting smaller and smaller and the chance was slipping threw his finger once more, he could still try and rile the people up with the Yondaime's betrayal, he could still become Hokage over him.

"I was dead, imagine my surprise when the Shinigami spit me back out because the deal I made with him was no longer valid and my discovery that my son is dead because of you. I will get my answers out of you."

Danzo lone eye widened at hearing Minato's explanation, perhaps then the Kyuubi's power could return, a spawn from the Uzumaki is essential, but I have already used Kotoamatsukami and it will be a long time before I can use it again, I must subdue them somehow. Danzo quickly made a hand sign when he saw Minato throw a kunai wich embeded itself into the frame of a window behind him and another kunai into the office doors. He realised to late what kind of kunais Minato had used as his spine was crushed by a rasengan delivered by Minato who had used the hiraishin to move behind Danzo, after that Minato appeared next to Kushina again.

"Don't worry we'll drag him down to T&I for..." both were shocked when Danzo appeared unharmed behind the Hokage's desk. What's going on here? I know I snapped his spine with my rasengan and this isn't a genjutsu.

Kushina had a blood thirsty smile on her face "I don't know how you survived but I'm happy because now I can maime you myself" shouted Kushina as she lifted her arms and chains shot out from them piercing Danzo threw the legs, stomach and his arm, Minato noticed that Danzo managed to form hand sign before the chains hit him.

"Kushina wait"

Danzo quickly reappeared behind the desk, yet again unharmed, however to their shock he revealed that he had a right arm, that was supposed to have been lost during the second great war, a gauntlet of sorts fell from the arm and as the bandages gave way they could see red eyes on his hand. Sharingans! What did he do to himself?

"If you will not come quietly with me then I will drag your unconscious body with me." I cannot allow the Yondaime to retake his title, with his return whatever chance I have of becoming Hokage will be lost forever, he has to be eliminated and his wife subdued.

In the blink of an eye Minato threw another of his hiraishin kunais towards the windows behind Danzo, the man did even bother to dodge seeing the weapon's trajectory, he was preparing to use his wood release to immobilise them. In the next moment both Minato grabbed Kushina and they were gone, Danzo blinked once before he felt a grip on his shoulder and found himself disorientated and in the forest behind the Hokage Monument with Minato near Kushina. So this is the hiraishin in action, I have to immobilise them quickly before people gather here.

Danzo dodged quickly as Kushina threw several kunai and shuriken towards him, he observed Minato staying away from combat watching everything unfold. Danzo quickly made several hand signs and attacked Kushina with his jutsu Wind Release : Wind Bullets only for Kushina to counter with her Water Release : Water Bullets and match blow for blow.

As soon as he sent the last wind bullet Danzo took out several several shuriken, enhanced them with wind and threw them towards Kushina who drew her sword and using the tip of her blade managed to catch all of the shuriken, gritting her teeth she held the blade with one arm and used her free arm to send chains towards Danzo. He began to dodge the chains and while he was in mid air Kushina threw the enhanced shuriken back towards Danzo who managed to dodge most of them and right before he has hit in the chest Minato observed that he made a small hand sign. There it is again, he uses a small amount of chakra before receiving a fatal blow and it's like the blow never hit's him. Minato looked closer at Danzo's arm, it appears that some of the eyes are closed and aren't opening again, and their another eye closed, that's it they must be linked, for every mortal blow he's taken an eye closed, he most likely uses a jutsu tied to the sharingan, and has to cast it before receiving the blow.

As Danzo appeared yet again Minato threw Kushina several kunai, she looked at the kunai and nodded her head, before returning her gaze towards Danzo.

"I don't know how you keep doing this but I'm loving it, getting to tear into you is so much fun."

"If you wish to vent your frustrations and anger then do so on me."

"Oh don't worry the village and it's people are next."

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that Uzumaki."

"I'm surprised you of all people should have tried to keep Naruto alive, how could you ever want to get rid of the village's secret weapon?"

"The choice was difficult to make, but everything I do if for the good of the village." I need to get close to them and use a seal to immobilise one of them, there both seal masters so they would be able to break each other out if given enough time, I will have to use wood release to capture the other but my chakra reserves will be greatly diminished.

"Here let my show you something new that I was working on before." Kushina raised her arms and send chains from them towards Danzo, so soon as Danzo prepared to dodge. Kushina smirked. "Chain Burst!" The interlocking links of the chains quickly shattered and sent the pieces towards Danzo.

Danzo seeing this and Kushina preparing another attack went threw a few hand signs and used Wind Release Stream to deflect the most of the bits of chakra though some still managed to hit, he cast one hand sign when he witnessed Kushina preparing to launch another jutsu.

"Water Release: Chained Tearing Torrent" Kushina shouted, as the water she created spiraled in her hands and had her chains added to it before it fired at a very high speed towards Danzo and striking him in the chest, as soon as Danzo's form seemed to shiver she threw several kunai and shuriken towards Danzo that simply passed threw him.

"Useless Uzumaki I can not be defeated surrender now" Danzo coughed blood and noticed that Minato wasn't there anymore, he tried moving his hands but realised he was unable to do so, he didn't know what happened until he heard a voice from behind him.

"It's over, I severed your spine Danzo, I'l get my answers from someone else" it was the last thing Danzo heard before a kunai was shoved into his head.

Minato simply looked at Danzo's corpse he couldn't imagine how things ended up the way they did, it was a good idea to give Kushina one of my hiraishin kunai's, later she managed to throw it behind Danzo so I could strike from behind.

"I'll destroy the body, whatever happened he must have desecrated people's graves to obtain these eyes" Kushina simply stared blankly at him, as he used several fire jutsus to incinerate Danzo's body.

Minato scowled when he remembered the talk he had with his former sensei and hia last student about their roles in his son's life, in the end he had pleaded Kushina that if what they had ever meant something that she keep one of his hiraishin kunais with her and use it if she ever needed his help. He had to retake his position with Tsunade abandoning it, no matter how much he didn't want to, at very least not all of the people had been against his son. With that last thought he used hiraishin to return to his office.

As Gaara sat behind his desk looking over mission reports he couldn't help shake the feeling that trouble was on the way and that it was aimed towards him, he had been having this felling for quite a while now, he has about to pick up another mission report when he felt a sharp object against the back oh his neck followed by a familiar voice and in a tone that promised many headaches.

"Kazekage-sama I hope you can explain to me why you didn't bother telling me my that my parents were back amongst the living?"

"I see that you've returned Naruto, I take it the trip was eventful?" Gaara asked in a dry tone

"Cut the bullshit, I just meet both of them in Wave, so if you please start talking."

He let out a tired breath. "I didn't find out until my training started for the position of Kazegake, there were rumors but I had to spend a great deal of time doing missions and simply dismiss them as such."

"You knew for that long and didn't tell me?" She hissed.

"I meet your mother a month after I became Kazegake, she told me she was your mother and that she wanted to talk about being a jinjuriki, she helped in strengthening my seal, I had my reservations about her supposed identity. It was only after the siblings looked over at what she wanted to add to the seal that I allowed it, we meet several more times after that and talked in general about life as a jinjuriki and a bit about you, you had her personality you know."

"Yes I gathered that."

"I didn't tell because at first I wasn't sure if it really was you, things like this do not occur everyday and later I didn't know how you would react and I was afraid I could lose my friend again, honestly I'm still surprised you didn't find out on your own."

"Well doing the kind of mission I do often require one to go deep underground and dismiss anything else but the mission itself." Yoruichi removed the kunai from Gaara's neck "She knows about their return doesn't she." It wasn't a question he realised.

"Yes, she does, in her defense her reasons are similar to mine."

"Is it a good explanation?"

"Belivable, it is related to your death."

"I see, well I'm going to go and talk to her and then I want to hear this explanation of their's, you should get the village ready for my talk with her." Garra's eyes widened at that, the last time those two battled a training ground was destroyed and even other building where damaged. Damn it, those two are going to cause more paperworkrk.

"Ha ha ha your village is going to get fucked up boy."

"Not now Shukaku"

"Oh but this is the perfect time, come on you can manage a quick kill and blame it on them, just one kill like old times."


"Oh you're no fun you know that I miss the old you."

"Ah, I best try to minimize the damage those will do." Gaara got out of his chair and left to try to contain the future conflict that would soon erupt, barely did he step out of his office that a loud noise could be heard.

"Ha ha hah the fun's already started come on I want to see the fight."

Konoha. Village gates

"Everybody ready?" Kushina asked as she looked at her team. "Hai" her team responded, she was proud of them, they were quite strong for their age and worked well together. Hanabi had snapped back quickly after the unpleasant incident in Wave and was feeling better. Her team had taken a simple C – rank mission, another delivery one, she wanted something simple after the more difficult one they had done.

While her teammates were twelve and thirteen, Orihime and Yukimura, Hanabi had only recently turned eleven, she had graduated early from the academy thanks to her skills and Kushina had wanted her for her team, a combat team. Kushina had taken teasing and flustering the girl to an art form.

Even if they had the required missions to participate in the chunin exams and the strength to survive, she wanted her team to be stronger still, and considering that the Chunin exams would be held next in Kumo and then Iwa their was no way in hell she would ever take her team to Kumo, even if the Hyuuga clan didn't have strict rules about the place she didn't trust those people period.

"Alright then Suna here we come" Kushina told them lifting a fist in the air.

Suna, several days later, nightime

Yoruichi laid sprawled on a couch in the Kazekage's office with both hands over her face wearing her usual attire. "I'm bored, don't you have any more fun missions?"

Gaara sighed and felt like banging his head against his desk, she had asked several times already and he she was doing it to annoy him, he just refused to allow it.

"Wait a few more days to process all the requests."

"I just wish something exciting would happen."

"Such things do not occur because you simply desire it." It was after he spoke that sentence that a large explosion was heard from outside and they both jumped to their feet and took off to investigate. As soon as they exited the Kazekage tower they could see something was flying above the village, Yoruichi took off in high speed towards her target as she got closer she could see just what it was or rather who it was. A man riding what appeared to be some kind of white bird, he had slanted blue eyes and very long blond hair which he wore drawn into a half ponytail and wore a black coat with red clouds on it. Akatsuki!

I don't now what kind of fighter he is so charging in is out of the question for now, depending on his strength a low level Bakudo may not be enough to hold him the higher levels would take to long to cast and he could spot me, I guess a good old Hado will have to do the trick for now.

Yoruichi quickly raised two of her fingers her target was the blond's back a Byakurai fires from her fingers, the man managed to partially dodge but the attack still did damage to the left side of his body particularly his ribs and left arm. As the man fully turned around to confront Yoruichi his lone eye widened.

"What the fuck is your problem hnn? And how the fuck are you flying hnn?"

Yoruichi simply smiled at him, while standing on air, a trick a lot of shinigami knew, "A girl has to have her secrets? You know what it's like right?"

"Why the fuck would I know that?"

"Wait you aren't a woman?" she asked bewildered.

The man looked to be extremely angry as he shouted "DO I LOOK LIKE A WOMAN?"

Yoruichi tilted her head "Well honestly yes, long blond hair, that looks very well kept, and that robe could hide your feminine features, which judging by your looks should be present."

"I'm going to make such lovely art using you bitch" The man quickly made several small white birds and sent them towards Yoruichi. "My name is Deidara."

"Oh my dear such a fierce masculine name!"

Deidara instinctively dodged as a cascade of sand came from behind and managed to injure his right leg and destroyed the birds he had sent towards Yoruichi, his only consolation was that they still exploded.

"Oh fucking great the target is here as well." Deidara said looking at Gaara, his day was getting worse with every passing moment.

"Who is this supposed to be?" Gaara asked.

"This is Deidara-chan, apparently a man, part of Akatsuki, has some anger issues and sexual identity issues, also look's like get's a stiffy from explosives judging from the look on his face when does birds were caught by your sand."

"Fucking you hnn I don't have sexual identity issues."

"What I'm interested in is where your partner is, you guys usually work in pairs." For the smallest of moments Deidara's eyes traveled toward the village gates.

"Ah I see, thank you."

"Go, I'l deal with this one." Gaara told her, Yoruichi nodded and quickly took off.

"Hnn boy you just made a grave mistake, the two of you may have had a chance against me, but now that chance is gone."

"Your injured, you were hit in the ribs and are bleeding, one of your arms appears hit as well, and a I almost crushed one of your legs, what do you call that?"

"Evening the playing fields boy."

Kankuro stared at his opponent, an apparent puppet user, who had a long mechanical, scorpion-like tail extending from his back, he had a black cloak with red clouds on it. The tail seemed to work as an offensive weapon and could also be used defensively by spinning around his body at a rapid speed.

Even with his puppets out the man was able to keep him in check and seemed to know some of his puppets tricks, he quickly used his puppets Crow and Black Ant to launch a barrage of kunai and senbon at his enemy only for them to be deflected by the man's tail, he didn't get a chance to begin the second part of his attack as a blast of purple energy struck his opponent near his head and smoke engulfed him. Kankuro's head spanned to his side where someone landed, he made a quick move and had one of his puppets. Salamander move slightly towards the new arrival in case of hostility, and changed Crow and Black Ant's position to block the first enemy.

"Oh Kankuro what are you doing here?"

"Na.. Yoruichi.. ". Thank Kami for small favors, "Baki and I were supposed to inspect the gates when the everything when downhill, Baki went back to sound the alarm and stayed behind to engage to enemy."

"The Flash Goddes, Yoruichi, Leader-sama wanted to approach you for some time I take it you are on Suna's side?" a voice came from the smoke where the enemy was, as the smoke cleared a figure could slowly be seen.

"Uh yeah, so you'r alive?"

"Good then I can proceed with my objective and add you to my collection. Hiruko was one of my favorite puppets and you will replace him in my arsenal."

As the smoke and sand finally cleared away the figure became visible, a young man became visible who had wide open eyes in a maniacal way, of brown color, messy red hair a purple Akatsuki ring on his left thumb that bore the kanji for jewel he also wore teal nail polish on his fingernails, dark blue pants, black ninja sandals, a holder for four scrolls on his back, his body appeared to be wooden and made of compartments, one compartment in his right chest, a compartment in the left which had the kanji for scorpion painted on it and one where his abdomen was supposed to be were amongst the most visible.

"That can't be, is he really?"

"Yeah that Sasori of the Red Sand, the Scorpion"

"It appears that I'm still known even after my departure many years ago."

"You actually did it? You turned yourself into a human puppet!" Kankuro stated bewildered.


"Perfect, oi Kankuro I have your birthday present right there, and I'l even get the old prune to shut up if I bring her a piece of her dear sweet grandchild back, she's been blabbing about meeting him again."

"Oh you've met dear grandmother?"

"Yep I meet the old prune, she's a lot more senile than most old folks."

"Well knowing about dear grandmother is interesting don't you think your underestemateing me?"

Yoruichi smirked as she looked around the area, analysing her surroundings before her smirk turned into a full blown grin, "Oh you poor poor bastard, there's no one around here except for Kankuro who will keep this a secret. You see now I can finally cut loose and go all out."

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