Lion bit your Tongue?

-Okay Hikaru, you can do this. You`ll win this battle and continue your way to become the best Blader.- Today are the finals. Hikaru has one more opponent to beat to come one more step closer to become a better Blader. -Who is my rival?- she thought. She walked into the B-Pit and headed straight to Madoka.

"Hey Madoka, can you check up my Aquario? I want him to be ready for the battle tonght! Please…", Hikaru begged and made her cutest puppy eyes.

"Well, good morning to you too Hikaru. Oh, I am fine, thanks for asking…", she said with a fake smile and Hikaru immediately regretted her incoming.

"Sorry Madoka. I´m just so excited about tonight!", answered Hikaru with an apologetic look.

"Geez, Hikaru. It´s not like you are going on a date with a super hot guy! Don´t get THAT excited. An it´s okay.", Madoka looked Hikaru in the eyes," I probably had a bad day myself. However. You were saying…?"

"O yeah, right. Aquario. Can you check him up? I need to win this battle. I want to make my mother´s dream come true.", said Hikaru, her eyes filled with hope, that Madoka will fix Aquario.

"Mmmm… Aren´t you forgetting something Hikaru Hasama?", asked Madoka and raised an eyebrow, still a bit annoyed.

"Oh, right… Em… Good Morning?", came out of Hikaru´s mouth more like a question and pointing at her Bey added: "So, will you look at my Bey, please, dear Madoka, Oh great lord of the Beyblade Mechanics?". Then Madoka started laughing and took the Bey from Hikaru in her hand.

While fixing it for the battle she looked up at Hikaru, who was watching her, and said, "Well Aquario seems to be fine. He only had a few scratches, which I just made disappear.". "OMG, thanks Madoka, you are the best.", Hikaru hugged her friend. "Sure I am, and do not forget that, GOT IT?", answered Madoka and hugged Hikaru back. "So, do you think I have a chance of winning, Madoka?", asked Hikaru after she let go of Madoka. "Yes, you do. Why wouldn´t you?", shouted Madoka, a bit too loud. Lucky for them no one was there, except them. She then smiled at Hikaru with no real reason, but her smile soon faded away. "Who is your opponent?", she asked and Hikaru didn´t miss the interest in her voice. " Well, that´s the thing: I don´t know. And that´s the shit about this competition, you don´t know, who your opponent is, so that you won´t be able to prepare yourself. You know, you need to be really spontaneous." The last word came kind of sarcastic out of Hikaru´s mouth and the whole sentence was pronounced angrily. "It´s all about the surprise in lifa, isn´t?", asked Madoka and giggled at Hikaru´s unreasonable sadness. "But, it´s definitely not Gingka. He…he… is visting his grandfather, or something like that. I´m not sure. Hahaha.", Madoka laughed nervously, but Hikaru didn´t want to make her friend uncomfortable and didn´t question it. Madoka stood up and sat on the couch. Hikaru joined her and Madoka noticed…she looked kind of…sad? She wans´t sure.

"Hikaru, hey. What´s wrong all of the sudden? Is it something that I said?", Madoka started being worried.

"Na, it´s nothing you said Madoka. I just really want to win tomorrow, and I´m afraid that if I don´t I will disappoint my mother…", Hikaru then looked at her lap and avoided eye-contact with Madoka. "If you know who your opponent will be, you can find information about him/her and see in videos how he/she battles, so that you can find a weakness, a way to defeat him/her. But I can´t do that, Madoka. You understand?"

"Head up, Hikaru!", said Madoka and with one finger under Hikatu´s chin she lifted her head. "Stand tall, get back on your feet. That´s not the Hikaru I know and love!". She then grabbed Hikaru´s arm and forced her to stand up. "Look at me, Hikaru", and with that said, Hikaru looked Madoka in the eye. " You will make it. I believe in you and in Aquarios!", Madoka added with a furious look.

"Okay, i´ll do this! Thanks Madoka! Thanks for everything!", she squeezed Madoka into a hug, from which the girl happily returned. –Encouraging Hikaru: DONE- thought Madoka.

He was sitting on a large box in HIS warehouse. Lights turned off, his face hidden. "I know who my opponent is.", he statted. Benkei looked at the shadow in front of him.

"But that is not possible, Kyoya buddy. How did you find out?" The big questionmark on Benkei´s face didn´t go unnoticed by Kyoya, who smirked.

"I have my ways, Benkei. My contacts and friends.", was his answer and an evil smile was placed on his lips. A smile that Benkei couldn´t see.

"Well, okay. Who is he?"

"You mean "she", Benkei. It´s a she.", Kyoya´s face was now serious.

"WHAT?! A girl made it to the finals?", Benkei was caught off guard and was really surprised.

"Surprised? Funny, isn´t it? But I know her, she´s good."

"B-b-b-b-ull you know her?!"

"Yeah, well more or less. I know her, but she doesn´t know me. For sure she has heard of me and stuff and we once or twice battled before but you know… Her name is Hikaru Hasama.", Kyoya looked away bored at his own words. Benkei still noticed, even in the darkness, that Kyoya´s voice sounded kind of nervous. –But why?- Benkei didn´t know and maybe didn´t want to find out. "Hikaru Hasama?! I remember that one. I battled her. Surprisingly she won.", said Benkei as he remembered Hikaru. "Surprisingly he says. Hahaha.", Kyoya laughed sarcastic , but suddenly stopped to continue his speech. "That my dear friend Benkei wasn´t surprisingly. Let me just give one more example of what not surprisingly is, okay? Not really surprisingly is the fact that I am going to kick Hikaru´s ass by defeating her tonight. Am I making myself clear?", Kyoya asked and his tiger-like eyes locked with Benkei´s. "Crystal, sir. So, wanna train a bit?", Benkei wasn´t sure if he should have asked that from Kyoya. It was like hurting his pride as the king of the beasts. "Sure, why not? Not that I need it, but I learned never to underestimate anybody. Let´s start. NOW!", Kyoya shouted and threw his Bey at Benkei, who did a fast work at sending his Bey flying to Kyoya´s Leon.

Suddenly someone came in the warehouse: NILE. "Hey guys, care if I join? Thanks.", without expecting someone else´s answer he joined the battle. "Yo, Kyoya.", he said, making Kyoya turn for a sec to show Nile that he got a tiny bit of his attention. "I heard you two talking about a Hikaru Hasama before. Isn´t that the chick, you said you dreamt of fuckin…". Nile couldn´t finish his sentence, because Kyoya punched him under the chin, sending him on the floor. "I take that as a yes." Benkei looked at the two other Bladers, who shared a look, but didn´t understand the situation.

"Here we are Hikaru. Here you are!", said Madoka with much enthusiasm, a bit too much enthusiasm for Hikaru´s liking, but she didn´t bother herself to care right now. All that mattered was this battle. "I´ll be watching you. GOOD LUCK!"

"Thanks!" Hikaru felt nervous without Madoka, but that was not the time to feel like that. She walked to the stadium´s arena.

"On the left side Hiakru Hasama!", shouted the DJ and the crowd stared yelling, filling her ears with words of encouragement. "And on the other side…Who will it be?..." –Yes, who will it be?- Hikaru sked herself. "It is... the King of the Beasts himself…Kyoya Tategami!" Again the crowd started yelling and shouting Kyoya´s name. Hikaru´s mouth fell open just like Madoka´s. - Why him?- She then looked him in the eyes, these eyes that were sharp and wild, but still had this sky blue color that made look cute. –cute, where did that come from?- a question to herself, but she couldn´t find an answer.

"Well, hello there, Hikaru, sweetheart! Ready to loose?", he asked huskily and grinned. Damn him and his devilish smiles.

"Kyoya, Kyoya Tategami? You, here?", Hikaru stepped forward and opend her mouth to say something, but her voice wouldn´t come out. "What is it? Cat bit your tongue? Or you want me to do it, Hikaru?", he smirked at her and before she had the chance to answer she continued "What do you want, Hikaru? I´ll do it for you, to you." His voice was husky and Hikaru found herself trapped in his beautiful eyes. And then "Hikaru", he purred her name. That maed Hikaru´s instincts to work again and she shouted at him "Shut up, bastard. And no, I am not ready to loose!" Kyoya looked at her a bit confused, but he remembered his question at the beginning and just nod an OKAY. "We´ll see that, princess. But if you are here, it means you are somehow skilled. So, show me what you got, girl!"




"Let it rip!"

"I just don´t believe it. I lost." Hikaru bent down and picked Aquario from the floor.

"Told ya, i´ll win", Kyoya gave her one of his well known smirks. " AND THE WINNER IS KYOYA WITH LEON PEOPLE. HE GETS 10000 POINTS!" , shouted the DJ and the crow started shouting and screaming in excitement. Hikaru heard some girls screaming "Kyoya we love you!" , but she also noticed that Kyoya really didn´t give a shit about it.

Kyoya, instead of leaving, went over to Hikaru. She observed him very carefully, watching his every move as he came closer. "What is it Kyoya? Is winning not enough for you? You want to laugh at me or something, because if you do, i´ll rip off your tongue!", she threatened but Kyoya didn´t seem to mind. He just shrugged and came closer. "Let me tell you a secret, Hikaru Hasama." Again he purred her name or so it sounded in Hikaru´s ears and she didn´t want to admit it, but she liked her name on his tongue. He suddenly put a hand on her small of her back and pushed her to him. She caught a breath a their chests touched. She put her own hands to his chest to push herself out of his grip, but failed and was trapped like that, which suddenly didn´t feel so bad. –What a good defined chest he has. How would it be to run my fingers down his torso and maybe further south and…Hikaru stop thinking like that. It´s Kyoya Tategami for fuck´s sake! - she screamed mentally at herself, but all her thoughts were cut off as Kyoya lend in and licked her earlobe. Kinds of electricity run down her spine to her core. " I am impressed.", he whispered, his breath ghosting over her ear. " You truly are a challenge and a very good one." Kyoya then kissed her neck. Hikaru didn´t know what to do anymore. It was so wrong, and in front of all these people, but it felt so gooood. The fact that it was Kyoya doing it made her shiver, in good way.

"Kyoya…", she managed to get out and instead of pushing him away, like Kyoya thought she would, she lifted a hand and placed it on the back of his and pushed his head to her neck, encouraging him to continue his ministrations. After what felt like an eternity Kyoya removed his head from her neck, looked at her, smirked and said "See ya." Hikaru then noticed that the crowd had stopped chearing and everyone was quiet. She could only hear Kyoya´s footsteps as he left the arena. "O MY; OMY. IS THERE SOMETHING BETWEEN KYOYA AND HIKARU. WELL LET´S HOPE WE´LL FIND OUT SOON! AS I SAID THE WINNER IS THE KING OF THE BEASTS, who just left. HAHA, WELL.." Hikaru was speechless and decided that it would be the best if she would just leave and would search for Madoka.

"You won´t believe what just happened!", shouted Hikaru.

"Of course I´ll buy it you idiot. I saw it with my own eyes!", shouted Madoka back at Hikaru. The lost of Hikaru was long forgotten. She put a hand on Hikaru´s shoulder and asked: "So, tell me what exactly happened." "I don´t know myself Madoka. I don´t know what happened. And I neither know what came over him neither what came over me. I didn´t push him away, I-I-I didn´t even try to push him away. Madoka, HELP ME!"

"Hikaru, calm down, okay? It´s not the end of the world." Madoka´s voice was low and calm, because she needed to help Hikaru relax. It wasn´t that bad, right?

"Madoka, you are missing the main point here." Hikaru sat down and Madoka sat next to her in the living room of Hikaru´s house. "Which would be…?", asked Madoka curiously.

"I…liked it. I liked what he did to me! I am gonna die!" Madoka´s eyes were wide like two pools full of water. "OMG. Hikaru, OMG! You like Kyoya!", shouted Madoka.

"No, I don´t and can you stop shouting? I said I said that I liked what he did to me not him…" Hikaru stoop up and looked away, blushing.

"OMG; OMG. Admit it! You have a crush on Kyoya Tategami. Come on say it, admit it!", Madoka demanded. "Okay, fine, I admit it. I like him. But he is hot, isn´t he?", she more or less asked herself, but a louder than she should. –He is goodlooking and has such a hot body, wild sky-blue eyes- Hikaru´s thoughts were running wild, but then "Oh, I hate myself for thinking about him in that way!"

"Okay let me get this straight. First: You are in love with Kyoya Tategami, Second: He totally showd you that he is interested, and Third: You are having thoughts of him that way?! Oh my god, Hikaru, that is just too much for a day." Madoka was exhausted after all these news. "But, wait a minute. What way are we talking about? Do we mean the same?"

"Well, after the battle I took a very quick nap, I swear it was just minutes. And well, I had this strange dream. I was in Kyoya´s room and I wore nothing but underwear and…" "WHAT?! YOU DREAMT ABOUT YOURSELF HALF NAKED IN FRONT OF KYOYA!? THAT IS.." Madoka stopped after Hikaru successfully gave her a let-me-finish-and-do-not-interrupt-me-again-or-i-will-kill-you-look and continued. "…and as I was saying, he came out of his bathroom, wearing nothing but black-jeans. I did the things to him that he did to me after the battle and he moaned and groaned. It was an amazing feeling and it was so real." Hikaru couldn´t believe her own words and started blushing." I am having sexual fantasies about Tategami! I can´t even look him in the eyes anymore. Such a shame!"

"I need to tell you something, Hikaru. I told you that Gingka left, because he was visting he grand-father, but the truth is he didn´t leave. He is here and we are sort of…dating. But before you say anything, Gingka told me that Kyoya, even if he would never admit it, likes in a more than friends-way. That´s all. HeHe." Madoka laughed at the end. The situation was getting awkward. Hikaru didn´t know what hit her. The fact that Madoka and Gingka were a thing or that Kyoya liked her. Probably the second one, but…

"WHAT?! You and Gingka?! I knew it. Oh Tsubasa owes me 10$. HAHA!" Madoka was kind of shocked, but not really mad at Hikaru and Tsubasa or something. After all she loved her friends.

"And wait, Kyoya likes me?!"

"E…Yeah. That´s what I said, wasn´t it? And guess who has a great plan to get Kyoya?"


"Hell, yeah!"

Madoka came closer to Hikaru and started whispering her plan and explaining it at the same time. Hikaru now was speechless. –Way Madoka always so dirty-minded or did she become like that after she started dating Gingka?- But Madoka just continued whispering.

"And that´s how your loveable Kyoya will loose his mind!" Madoka stood up and Hikaru followed. The mission should begin.

The plan was pretty easy. At least in Madoka´s eyes. Hikaru found it absolutely embrassing, but…it was Kyoya, right? Ofcourse Gingka was in the trick. He knew everything. Gingka needed to distract Kyoya and make him leave the warehouse. Easy task. So, Gingka went to the warehouse, which wasn´t welcoming. It was cold and dirty, but lucky for Gingka it didn´t smell bad. He headed to Kyoya´s private room, which was in the back of the warehouse. After asking Kyoya to battle him, Kyoya refused. He didn´t want to waist his precious time for Gingka. Gingka started teasing him and Kyoya got angry and agreed to show him who is better. Kyoya was now distracted and not in the warehouse.

Meanwhile Madoka and Hiakru stepped in the warehouse. Obvoíously nobody was there. Good thing, that was. They looked at the big black door, which hid Kyoya´s room. Knocking was a good idea. "What if someone is inside?" The frightend voice of Hikaru echoed in the empty warehouse and made Madoka jump.

"Hikaru, no one is inside look." And with that she pushed the door open since nobody answered to their knocking.

The room didn´t look as messy and dirty as expected from the two girls, who were planning to clean up first. Truth to be said is wasn´t dirty at all. Some clothes were on the floor, but that was pretty much all. On the bed were laying some books. These caught Madoka´s attention. "Hey, Hikaru, he can read after all. Or maybe he´s learning it. HAHA!"

Hikaru gave her a pissed look, which made Madoka regret what she had just said. "Sorry sorry, Hikaru. Was just a joke. Jeez. Wow, here are also many boxes that belong to the warehouse. Think there are some interesting stuff in there?" She went over to one of the boxes and started opening it.

"I don´t think Kyoya would appreciate that, Madoka. I mean these are his st…" Hikaru´s voice trailed off as she saw what Madoka was holding in her hands. Boxer briefs! Kyoya´s boxer briefs! O my god. Hikaru almost fainted.

"Sexy, huh?" Madoka question waked Hikaru up. "Hey, Madoka. Put that back in! That is…ridiculous. I want do that!", Hikaru protested.

"Oh, come on, Hikaru. You will do much worst tonight."

"You are probably right." Hikaru sighted.

"About the worst things or the sexy boxers?"

MADOKA, shut up. But, they truly do look quiet hot, don´t they?" She grabbed the boxer briefs from Madoka and took a closer look. "Yup, definitely HOT! Imagine him wearing them."

"Ah, no. I´ll leave that to you, Hikaru. Hehe." Madoka laughed nervously. "Now, let´s find something you can wear. A shirt or something." She started looking around. And found a plain white shirt…with a few holes in it. "Here we go, Hikaru. Wear it and the rest of your stuff, you brought." She smiled at Hikaru and Hikaru just answered with a nod.

While Madoka waited outside the door, Hikaru started talking off her clothes. She unbuttoned Kyoya´s shirt a wore it. She also had black lacy panties and a matching bra on. Black high heels gave the outfit the final touch.

"You look incredible hot. GREAT! Kyoya will never be able to resist you, girl! I should be going and inform Gingka. Get ready and don´t be afraid. He may be an ass, but he loves you, Hikaru, and will know to take good care of you. You just need to trust him." Hikaru´s heart was filled with encouragement from her friend, but sill… "How to you know that he loves me? I thought Gingka told you that Kyoya likes me."

"Well, yeah you know. He actually told me that Kyoya said, that he probably loves you, but I didn´t want to make you faint, so I kept quiet. Sorry." Madoka looked at the floor.

"Hey, it´s fine. It was a good idea. I would have fainted. Thanks." She hugged Madoka, but Madoka pushed her away with the following excuse: "You´ll mess up your hair. Keep your distance. But not from Kyoya, Okay?"

"Haha. Very funny." Hikaru stepped back and climbed on the bed. "But what if he doesn´t react the way I expect to?" A tiny bit of disappointment could be noticed in voice and Madoka ofcourse picked that disappointment up. "Hikaru,", she literally shouted, "STOP BRINGING YOURSELF DOWN!" She then lowered her voice and looked straight at the widened eyed Hikaru. "What I want to say is, that Kyoya loves you and he still is a guy, you know. He just is himself and doesn´t want to admit his feelings for you to you." Madoka tried really hard to raise Hikaru´s hopes and successfully. "Now i´ll be going. You´ll stay here, wait like a good girl you are and then do naughty things with Kyoya." Hikaru threw a pillow at Madoka, who run out and closed the door behind her with a loud sound.

-Okay, Hikaru. All you have to do now is wait. So wait.-

Gingka´s phone rang. "Yo, Kyoya. Phone! Wait a minute, will ya?" He brought his phone close to his ear and answered living Kyoya with wide eyes and are-you-fucking-kidding-me-look. "Is that what you are going to Nemesis if he returns? "Wait a minute, someone is calling me"?", he then turned his back to Gingka annoyed.

"Hey Madoka", he said in a whisper. "I´m fine and you? Good. Yeah, he is here. Okay, i´ll tell him. Thanks. Love ya!" The last sentence was heard by Kyoya and he gave Gingka look and asked, "To who the fuck did you say "love ya"?"

"To no one, you misheard."

"Yeah, right. Sure I did." Gingka didn´t miss the irony in Kyoya´s words, but didn´t have time to bother.

"However, I have to go. We will continue later. I need to meet someone."

"Didn´t ask, did I?" Kyoya started slowly walking away leaving behind a smirking Gingka. –OH, Kyoya. If you had the slightest idea of what is expecting you, you would be running back home right now.- Gingka thought and he himself went away going to meet Madoka.

Kyoya entered the warehouse, relived that Benkei wasn´t there, because as known, Kyoya hated hugs and everything that looked cute.

In the meantime, in Kyoya´s room, Hiakru heard someone and hid behind the wooden door. All her self-confidence suddenly gone. Her heart beat raced extremely and she thought she was going to die like that. What a terrible way to die.

Kyoya looked at the door. To his surprise it wasn´t fully closed, like he left it. He walked in and took a good look at his room. Not seeing anybody he noticed that some things changed place. –Heh?- He let that be and searched for his shirt. But he just couldn´t find it. "Where the hell did I put it? Damn it!", he shouted to himself.

Hikaru understood that this is her cue. She walked out from her hiding spot and closed the door behind her. "Looking for something?" Her voice came out more seductive than she thought it would. Kyoya turned around with a fast movement. He would recognize that voice anywhere. "Hikaru? What are you doi…" His voice trailed off after his set eyes on her. WOW was the only thing that came to his mind.

"What are you wearing…? I mean I… You look…"

"What is it Kyoya? Cat bit your tongue, or should I rather say lion?"