Hikaru understood that this is her cue. She walked out from her hiding spot and closed the door behind her. "Looking for something?" Her voice came out more seductive than she thought it would. Kyoya turned around with a fast movement. He would recognize that voice anywhere. "Hikaru? What are you doi…" His voice trailed off after he set eyes on her. WOW was the only thing that came to his mind.

"What are you wearing…? I mean I… You look…"

"What is it Kyoya? Cat bit your tongue, or should I rather say lion?"

She pushed him roughly on the bed and climbed on top of him, strangling his hips. "Hikaru, what the hell…do you want here…I mean it´s not that I don´t like your company, especially right now, but, you know."

Hikaru slowly lifted one palm and lightly touched his cheek. "I want only one thing." Kyoya remained silent, waiting for her to finish, but because of that pretty awkward position they were in, it was impossible for him to deny that him felt a small throbbing in his pants. I mean he was also a male and had his needs, right? How much exactly can a man take?

"And what would that be?" Kyoya´s throat suddenly felt dry, as he waited for her to answer his question or better continue her own words. "You.", was all she answered and with that she leaned down and kissed Kyoya´s lips. At the beginning he was shocked. And who wouldn´t be? The girl, no the woman, he so many times saw in his dreams and desired to touch was sitting on top of him, kissing him, in only her probably sexiest underwear.

She was moving her lips on top of his ever so slowly and lightly, because of the fear that he wouldn´t respond. That fear disappeared after Kyoya´s lips started moving rhythmically with her own, sending chills down her spine. Her hands started exploring his body. In want to release him from his shirt, she tugged at the base of it, giving Kyoya a sign, and so he lifted his upper body from the bed, helping her to take off his shirt. Once that was done she immediately touched his chest. Oh, and what good defined chest he had. His own hands didn´t stay down for long. He run them up and and down her sides under his shirt, she was wearing, while again claiming her mouth in his, kissing the hell out of her. Hikaru moaned into the kiss, encouraging him to continue.

Hikaru started unbuttoning his pants, but he stopped her by taking both of her wrists in his hands. "Do you really want this Hikaru?" His gaze was damn serious, Hikaru understood why. After doing that there was no going back to just friends and they both knew it.

She simply nod and without her expecting it he turned them around, so that he was on top of her, towering above her. He lowered his head just like she had done earlier and kissed her neck, placing butterflies kisses all over her neck and later shoulder and collarbone. He searched for Hikaru´s pulse point and successfully found it. He started nibbling at it, earning a loud moan from Hikaru, who did everything to suppress these moans. That´s why the next time she felt like moaning she covered her mouth with one hand. Kyoya immediately shot his hand up and grabbed hers, pulling it away from her mouth.

"Don´t. Let me hear you, I want to hear you, Hikaru. Will you let me, Hikaru?" His sexy voice send her in Wonderland and she just nod a `yes´ and let both her hands rest on each side of her head. "Thank you, beautiful." It was a whisper, but Hikaru appreciated it. The word `beautiful` coming out of Kyoya´s mouth for her was like a dream coming true.

Kyoya then helped her out off his shirt, his shirt, which he thought looked extremely hot on her. He was stunned after he saw her bra and matching panties. Hot. –As expected- Hikaru blushed madly under his lustful gaze and that was the moment when Kyoya dipped his head between her breasts and bit on the exposed skin there. Hikaru moaned again and grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him closer to her chest. He slid his hands to her back and unclasped the bra and then threw it somewhere in the room. No one really cared, even if they would never see it again. What mattered was this moment.

He straightened his body and looked down at her exposed chest. She was so beautiful. Her cheeks flushed, a nice shade of pink visible, sparkling eyes, filled with lust, her hair spread all over the bed sheets and her body begging for his attention.

"Kyoya, what are you looking aaaaaaaaa…" Kyoya had dipped his head to her chest again, but this time he kissed her nipple. Hikaru arched her back, pushing her chest closer to his hot mouth. He took it as a good sign and sucked at her nipple. Hikaru screamed. So much pleasure; unbelievable. In the matter of seconds her nipples had gone hard. He continued the same process with the other nipple while gently pinching the already through the process one. "Kyoya please!" she screamed, but didn´t really know what she was begging him to do.

"What do you want, Hikaru? Mmmm…What is it that you want?" His husky voice flew through the air and made it to her ear. She moaned his name and Kyoya shifted his body, so that he was laying between her thighs, while she tried the best to spread her legs wider to leave him more space to settle himself. His hand traveled down from her chest to her private parts, making Hikaru squirm. Kyoya slowly brought his head also downwards by slowly licking her skin till the line of her panties. He lightly brushed his forefinger over her slit trough the panties. Hikaru jumped in surprise, but also in pure ecstasy and want. Want for him; Kyoya. Kyoya started rubbing her, but still didn´t remove her panties. –Is he hesitating? No- "Kyoya, please…" , she started again, but this time finished her sentence. "…stop teasing me already. Please, I… I want you." Her cheeks took a perfect shade of red that Kyoya could recognize even in the darkness of his room. His eyes widened at her words, not quiet believing them. But he pulled her panties down ever so slowly, teasing her, that Hikaru suddenly thought that time had stopped.

She was squirming and moaning for Kyoya and he would tease her. Was that how it feels when you are sexually frustrated?

"Okay then, I´ll give you what you want. That and a lot more." Their eyes met and out of the sudden Kyoya´s head disappeared between her thighs. At the beginning Hikaru didn´t understand what this meant until she felt something incredible hot and wet on her clit. It then hit her: his tongue. Her eyes flew open, her heart beat raised and her hips jerked from the bed. Kyoya made small circles over her ball of nerves, making Hikaru moan out his name countless times. He also needed to hold her hips down with his hand, because she moved to much from the pleasure he was giving her.

Hikaru felt like heaven just came down to her, or possible it was Kyoya who came down on her. Probably the second guess. Kyoya flicked his tongue and Hikaru screamed.

"Like that, babe?" He smirked at her and continued his ministrations.

"Oh GOD, Kyoya. Don´t stop." Was she begging?! –OMG I am literally begging Kyoya Tategami! ME!-

"Never intended to, beautiful!" With his hands he opened her pussy lips and started licking at her insides like she was his favorite taste of ice-cream. He was fucking her with his tongue.

"Kyoya, OH GOD, KYOYA I´M cum…I am c AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" She wasn´t able to finish her sentence, before her orgasm hit her. It was an explosive amazing feeling.

"You´re okay?" Kyoya asked her, his tone low and absolutely sexy. At least that was what Hikaru thought. "Yeah, I am fine. Just a bit…" Hikaru wasn´t able to finish her sentence again, because that damn hot guy above her, had just pushed two fingers inside her. She used all the air she got in her lungs to scream out her moans of pleasure, which were music to Kyoya´s ears. "You´re going to cum for me one more time, Hikaru. Okay? Hikaru answer to me." Kyoya demanded from her something that in this moment she was not able to give: an answer. He pumped his fingers faster and deeper into her hot core and then she felt it again. That sensation building inside her, ready to explode any minute. Kyoya added another finger and that was over for her. She came on his hand with a loud scream, which she feared the neighbors would hear, if there were any. Her hot juices flowed down his hand and he lifted it to his mouth. Hikaru looked at his action with wide eyes. Kyoya was licking her juices from his hand. That was probably the hottest thing Hikaru had ever seen in her entire life.

"Delicious." Kyoya´s whisper made her moan and blush like a school-girl. His licked fingers poked her lips, slightly parting them and were pushed inside her mouth. "Suck them." , he ordered, but Hikaru was too lost in ecstasy to complain. She obeyed his command and started sucking at his fingers, tasting herself.

Kyoya suddenly pulled his fingers out of her hot cavern and his head dipped again between her thighs, cleaning her fluids from her wet core. "God, Kyoya!" Hikaru moaned his name again, making him shiver in pleasure and happiness.

He then lifted himself above her, placing his member at her entrance. "You´re sure?" His voice once again became serious, but the lust and hope for her to say yes were clearly seeable in his wild orbs. She panted hard by now, but managed to nod and weakly say "But, please be kind. I have never done this before, so…" Kyoya leaned down and captured her lips with his in a passionate kiss. He begged for entrance, which she happily gave him and explored her mouth, their tongues battling for dominance. Hikaru moaned into the kiss and then Kyoya pulled away. He looked deep in her eyes. "Neither have I." He simply said and thrusted into her with one hard thrust, going deep and breaking her virginity. Hikaru knew that he did It on purpose for her to be more relaxed, but couldn´t hold her tears back. She screamed in pain and Kyoya started kissing her tears away, while trying his best not to move yet.

Some moments passed and none of them moved. They just stayed still, looking in each other´s eyes. Hikaru felt that sharp pain, she felt earlier, disappearing. "Hikaru, please…Can I…?" She didn´t let him finish, she rolled her hips against his, earning a moan from both of them. Taking it as the sign to move, Kyoya thrusted his hips. The feeling was amazing. Who knew would feel that good.

Hikaru experimented a bit and squeezed her inner muscles. "OH HOLY FUCK, HIKARU!" Kyoya growled and thrusted harder into her, his cock going deeper and deeper, till it hit that spot. "Kyoya, there, right there. Please…"

Kyoya hit that spot again and again and Hikaru thought she was going to die. He would be her end. He was literally jackhammering her now. He bent his head down and licked her parted lips, pushing his tongue between them. Kissing him was one thing, but fucking him was nothing the same. His body felt unnaturally hot against hers. The echoes of their sweaty bodies slamming against each other and their pants, groans and moans filled the room and the smell of sex was everywhere, but none of them cared.

Kyoya rolled onto his back, changing the position. Hikaru raised an eyebrow, because she was confused. –He is giving me the lead?- "I heard it´s more pleasurable for the girl." Kyoya stated and a soft pink shade hugged his cheeks, making him look adorably sexy. Her heart filled with warmth by the way he cared for her good time.

She let his cock slide out of her till only the tip was in her and she slammed down on him, taking him deep into her again. They both moaned synchronically. Kyoya thrusted his hips upwards, meeting her every slam. He pulled her down by placing a hand at the small of her back, her hands hit his chest and he kissed her again. "You are amazing, babe." He groaned and changed the position again, letting the King be on top. "You had your fun moment, Hikaru! Now…" Kyoya pushed himself deep in her hot core. "AAAAAAAA! Kyoya!"

"I am so going to fuck the brains out of that pretty head of yours!" He said between pants as he continued his thrusts.

"Oh god, yes, yes, yes… Fuck….Fuck me harder, please!" She begged him and raised her hips to meet his again. He gladly obeyed and Hikaru felt her climax approaching again. Kyoya wasn´t far behind. He slowly started losing his pace and Hikaru knew he was close too. "FUCK Hikaru, you have no idea what you do to me." He moaned in her ear. "You feel so good. I could fuck you like that forever. Do you want that, hm, Hikaru?"

"AAA….Fgz…I…I…Yes…Please." She imagined dirty talk being hot but that was seriously the biggest turn on. She spread her legs wider for Kyoya to go deeper. "I am so close…Hikaru."

"Me too… Oh, yes… yeah...Kyoya, harder. Push that cock of yours deeper in me, please, fuck me harder!" Hikaru decided that two can play that game and joined. She always loved games without rules. Who doesn´t?

He thrusted deeper and earned all kind of moans from Hikaru. Moans he never expected to hear from her. "Yeah… Who said I wouldn´t? Fuck, babe…You like that?" He pinched her clit, making her scream in pure pleasure. "Oh God, your pussy is so tight… I am gonna cum…"

Yeah, do that. Cum in me. Give IT to ME, Kyoya. Your hot cum. AHhhhh! My BEAST, Yes….. Ngh…Aaaaahhh… I am…It´s… I´m coming! I love you!" She came hard and her hot juices flowing down his cock was apparently too much for him and he came in her with a loud groan. Her words echoing in his head. I love you. I love you. My beast. I love you. He smiled mentally and tried not to fall on her.

Both were panting. Kyoya rolled over and laid next to her. Hikaru leaned on his chest, hearing his heart-beat calming down and feeling his warmth. He wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her closer to him. He then kissed her hair and took a deep breath, taking in her smell. Her eyes slowly closed and Kyoya thought she was asleep. "Who knew you would like and know how to dirty talk?" He chuckled a little quietly, not to wake her up. "I…I think I lo…love you too." He whispered and followed her to the dreamland of sweet sleep.

What Kyoya didn´t know was that Hikaru was still awake, just a little tired from the act earlier. At hearing his confession she smiled to herself and fell asleep. Tomorrow will be a great day. Waking up by the side of my lover and love.

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