Holly woke slowly, her mouth was dry and her head threatened to split apart as she attempted to open her eyes. She burrowed down under the blankets to ward off morning just a few minutes longer but found herself alone in the bed. Reluctantly Holly sat up to find a glass of water and bottle of pain pills on the nightstand along with a note in Gail's handwriting saying to come down when she was ready, it was signed 'her sexbot'. Holly frowned in confusion as she thankfully took the pills and water; the night before was a blur and her memory was hazy at best. Sexbot? She'd have to ask about that later, hopefully she didn't embarrass herself too much.

A quick look at the clock told her that they needed to get a move on if they were going to be on time to meet Jade and Allie for lunch and the informal bridal shower. Holly dressed as fast as her hungover self could and went down stairs. She got as far as the landing before she heard her dad and Gail chatting.

"So you're telling me that you made your first arrest at 6 years old?" Her dad asked.

"Yep, my uncle Mark took me on a ride along, we got called to a protest at grocery store where a bunch of senior citizens were barricaded in the store over them not selling their favorite yogurt anymore. It was pretty funny and the ringleader had basically admitted that they did it because they were bored. She insisted that I be the one to arrest her."

"Wow, so all the Pecks are cops?"

"Most of us."

Holly heard her dad chuckle, "So you'd want your kids to go into the family business?"

At this Holly stopped short and felt her heart stutter...kids? They hadn't talked about kids...or them becoming cops... Holly was having a hard enough time thinking about Gail being one but their theoretical kids... She waited for Gail's answer unfortunately she didn't get to hear it since hungover Holly isn't the most graceful of beings and slipped on the stairs and alerted everyone to her presence.

Gail jumped from the couch to check on her, thankfully nothing but her pride was hurt. "Hey drunky you okay?" Gail teased as she helped her up.

"Yeah just a little unsteady I guess. We should get going so we're not late."

Her dad smiled from his chair, "Have fun, remember that you're on your own tonight, your mom and I are having a date night."

Holly walked over to kiss his cheek, "Have a great time, we'll see you tomorrow." She held her car keys out to Gail. "You drive."

As much as Holly wanted to use the time during the drive to the cafe to talk about what she accidently heard it she couldn't bring herself to ask. There was so much stuff that they needed to talk about before Gail left for training and it wouldn't fit into a 15 minute drive. So Gail filled her in on her night in with Josh and them playing video games and her crushing him at mortal combat. Before she knew it they were sitting at a table with an equally hungover Jade and way too cheerful Allie.

"Why did we agree to do this so early?" Jade moaned as she adjusted her sunglasses.

"Its 12:30 and I told you that those last shots were a bad idea." Allie teased as she pushed a glass of water towards her girlfriend. She turned her attention to Gail and smiled brightly. "It's so good to finally meet you Gail, all I've heard the past few months from Holly is 'Gail this, Gail that.'"

"Good things I hope." Gail said offering a squeeze of Holly's hand under the table.

Jade snorted "To hear Holly talk you are the gift of the millennia to lesbians, evidently you do this thing with your tongue..." Holly choked on her water and glared at her best friend but her death glare went unnoticed. "We were joking that she made you in her lab that you were too perfect."

Gail laughed, "That's where the sexbot thing came from! I was trying to understand what Holly was rambling about last night when she tried to seduce me."

"I what?" Holly groaned as she hid her face in her hands.

Gail leaned over and moved her hands to kiss her, "It was cute, you wanted me to take your bed's virginity, you called me your sexbot and then passed out."

Everyone laughed at drunk Holly's smooth moves and eventually conversation moved into Jade and Allie's upcoming wedding. Holly was happy to see how easy it was for Gail to interact with her friends. Before she knew it it was time to leave for the shower at Jade's aunt's house.

~ Later that night

Hanging up after a much longer than it needed to be call with her internship supervisor Holly went looking for Gail and found her on the porch. Holly went for a kiss, wanting to take advantage of their alone time but Gail stopped her and took her by the hand. "Follow me." She said simply as she led Holly away from the house and through the yard.

"Where are we going?" Holly asked as they walked in the dimming light. Gail stopped and pointed up. Holly laughed "The treehouse?"

Gail nodded as she climbed the ladder first and opened the trapdoor. "Wait just a second and then come up."

Holly waited a minute before going up to find her old reading hideout decked out in little fairy lights and Gail sitting on what looked to be her old star wars sheets. "Oh Gail... this is..."

Gail stopped her with a kiss, "You said no funny business under your parents roof... this isn't under their roof and it'd be a shame to not deflower these awesome sheets.

Holly kissed her back, "I love your loopholes... and this the lights... when did you have time?"

"Yesterday after helping your dad I did a little shopping and looked through the linen closet for the sheets. Do you like it?"

"I love it." Holly admitted as she crawled onto Gail's lap. "Allow me to show you how much."

She meant to go slow and savor the moment but she hadn't felt Gail's bare skin on her in days and her need led to them rushing to get undressed. Gail started to work her magic on her breasts, a nip here, a suckle there when Holly's horrible evil brain interrupted them. "We need to talk." She gasped out breathlessly as she pulled away from Gail's mouth.

"Those are ominous words. What's wrong? What did I do?" Gail said in a slight panic.

Holly berated herself for her choice in words, "Nothing is wrong... it's... it's just... fuck this is hard to get out." Holly paused to catch her breath. "Okay listen, I love you, I'm like crazy in love with you."

"I love you too." Gail said sincerely.

Holly nodded as she took Gail's hand in hers. "I know, I love us, I love how we work together, I love how you are with my family and friends."

Gail tilted her head in confusion, a little like Holly's old dog Tango, "So what's wrong?"

Holly sighed, "Nothing now but I'm worried about the future."

"Ah... okay. I'm going to need you to put your shirt back on or cover up, I can't concentrate and have this conversation when your girls are tempting me." Gail said in all seriousness.


"Yes really, I'm very weak when it comes to your boobs."

"Okay but you too."

"Fine." Gail slipped on Holly's discarded flannel shirt but left it unbuttoned as Holly pulled the sheet up to cover her chest. "Okay let's talk."

"You told your mom that you'd follow me if my residency was elsewhere. Did you mean that?" Holly asked nervously.

Gail nodded solemnly, "Absolutely, hey listen I don't know where I'm going to end up after I finish training and yeah my mom threatened to send me away but I doubt she'll do that. She's too much of a control freak to let me not be in her jurisdiction. But on the off chance that I am away we'll make long distance work. It would only be for my probationary year and then I can put in for a transfer to where you are. I want us to work."

"I do too. I guess we'll cross that bridge later."

Gail scooted closer, "I also want you to know that if you wanted to come back here for your residency I'd be okay with that. I can see how much you love it here with your family. You had your reasons for leaving but maybe it's time to come home."

Holly looked up in surprise, "You'd want to transfer here? What about your friends and family?"

Gail shrugged, "My family is complicated but we'll figure it out, I'll visit or get Steve to come here. Maybe some distance would be good for me and my parents. As far as my friends go we're most likely going to be split up anyways. Chris wants to go back to his hometown and Dov wants to join the RCM, his dream is to be a mountie with a ridiculous hat. We'll stay in touch but we're moving in different directions right now. So yeah I'd transfer here if you wanted to. I like your family and your friends aren't too bad."

"Aww you like them."

"Better than your med school study partner Lisa, that woman hates me."

Holly nodded in agreement, "Yeah she hates you."

Gail smirked, "Well all that matters is that you love me, now is there anything else we need to discuss or can we get naked again?"

Holly really wanted to pull the shirt off of Gail but there was one more thing nagging the back of mind. "Do you really want our kids to go into the family business?"

Gail looked taken aback at the outburst but then nodded, "I'd love for them to join the family business but I'll still love them even if they don't want to be bakers."

"Bakers? Not cops?" Holly asked feeling more than a little confused.

Gail leaned in and held Holly's face in her hands, "Bakers, our babies will be Stewarts not Pecks. I would never want our kids to feel like they are forced into anything. When we get married I'm becoming a Stewart."

Holly relaxed into Gail's touch, resting her forehead against Gail's. "What if I want to be a Peck?"

Gail laughed, "We'll argue last names later, can I get back to ravaging you now?"

Holly pushed Gail's shirt off her shoulders and laid back. "Yes you may."

And with that Holly's mind was at ease, no more worrisome doubts about their future, in fact it never looked better.

The rest of their trip flew by as they celebrated Holly's parents' anniversary and before Holly knew it they were packing up Gail's last few belongings at the frat house. "Are you sure that you want me to move in?" Gail asked for the 7th time in the last hour. "I mean in might get sent to out to the sticks..."

"And if that happens we'll pack up some of your stuff to move there but in the mean time I want you to live with me." Holly finished as she tossed the last pair of socks in a bag. "Your lease is up and you stay with me every night anyway."

"I know I just don't want you to feel like you have to take me and my stuff in, especially with me leaving for training at the end of the week." Gail said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

The thought of Gail leaving left Holly melancholy too but she could be strong for her, "Its only a few months."

Gail nodded, "Just a few months."

Holly turned the car off as both her and Gail stared at the gate to the Ontario Police Academy, for so long it had been a distant abstract concept but now it was right here in front of them. Gail squeezed Holly's hand as Holly tried to hold back tears. She knew it was coming, she'd prepared herself for Gail leaving but the reality was so much harder. The past week of them officially living together had been amazing; a honeymoon period of near constant sex and closeness brought on by the knowledge/denial that Gail was leaving.

Gail seemed to sense Holly's turmoil, "12 weeks and I'll be home. We will call and text, I'll come home when I can, time will fly by." She promised.

Holly kissed her, "I know, I'm just going to miss you like crazy. I got used to your snoring, how am I going to sleep now?"

Gail frowned, "I don't snore, you snore and you hog the blankets."

"Your feet are freezing!"

"You recite the periodic table in your sleep!"

Both woman stopped and started to laugh. Gail pulled Holly into her space. "Fuck I'm going to miss you. I love you so much and if I don't leave now I'm not going to."

Holly kissed her as she nodded. "My dad said you can be his apprentice if this whole cop thing doesn't work out."

Gail smiled, "We'll call that plan B. Now I need you to kiss me and then shove me out the door."

Holly put everything she had into the kiss, from the initial sparks of her crush to the inferno of her love for the blonde went into that single kiss. Her lips moved against Gail's in a well practiced dance until Gail pulled away. Breathless and flushed Gail leaned back, "Unless I want to start the academy with an indecent exposure charge we'd better stop." She tried to joke but it fell flat as both of their eyes threatened tears.

Holly was the first to move back into her seat and got out of the car. Gail took a moment to steel herself, she had to walk through the gate confident. It wasn't until Holly tapped on the window that she emerged from the car. Holly was holding her duffle bag, Gail reached for it but Holly held it back. "Promise me that you'll be safe, promise me that you'll come back to me." Holly demanded.

"I promise."

Holly gulped down a sob and shoved the bag into Gail's hands. "Good, now get going or you're going to be late."

Gail gave her a quick salute, "Yes ma'am."

Holly laughed as her tears finally fell, "You're insane."

Gail gave her one last kiss to tide them over until their next and backed towards the gate. "Just crazy about you." She called over her shoulder as she got in line to check in.

Holly watched as Gail disappeared into the crowd of hopeful would- be cops and after a few minutes got in her car. She let out a deep sigh, 12 weeks...

Her phone pinged with a new text message.

You're my favorite partner, I should send Skidmark flowers for missing class

Holly laughed as she turned over the ignition, 12 weeks was nothing.


I hope it was worth the wait. This went through countless drafts and rewrites. (I killed so many laptops). This was my first big Golly story and it's weird to end it. This Fandom has brought me new friends and a community that I hadn't had before so to the people that supported me and this story. Thank you.