A few months later everything was getting better. Annie had grieved the loss of her child and was focusing on the one that she already had, but that didn't mean that she and Auggie were not trying. They were okay with getting pregnant and they were okay with not getting pregnant. Auggie and Annie had Alair and that was what really mattered in the long run. If another child came into the world then that would be great, however if not that was okay too.

Alair was almost 2o months old and he was talking and walking and becoming more and more of a character everyday. His parents simply adored him, he was the apple of their eye, and he adored his parents.

On this Saturday morning Alair was resting in between Auggie and Annie in bed as they sat listening to the television.

Annie stroked her son's hair as she rolled onto her side to face her son and her husband. Auggie was doing the same except he was rubbing Alair's back.

The toddler had nodded off to sleep just a few moments before.

This calmness was Auggie's favorite. When there wasn't a baby crying or an alarm blaring. It was calmness that he frequently did not get since he became blind. All of the PTSD had caused him to constantly be on his toes. He was worried of bombs going off at every turn, and his family dying in front of him. It was a constant fear, even though he knew that it was pretty irrational. He was no longer in Iraq. He was no longer in constant warfare.

"Auggie are you okay?"

Auggie snapped out of it quickly and turned his head in the direction of Annie's voice, "Yeah. I'm fine. Just thinking about stuff."

All the sudden the television was turned off, "Wanna talk about anything?"

"No, Annie. I was just thinking about work, really."

It wasn't a lie. The army had been his job, it had been his life, but it was long over.

For now he would just focus on being with Alair and his wonderful wife as they were his world now. They were safe. They were not in danger.

"I love you, Auggie." Annie said as she squeezed his hand.

Auggie sighed and then pressed a kiss to Annie's forehead, "I love you too, Walker."

Annie grabbed a pillow and hit Auggie in the head.

"Hey!" He shouted as he laughed.

Annie crawled on top of him, "I'm an Anderson."

"You'll always be Walker to me. Even though you have my last name. The nickname has stuck." Auggie said as he felt around for Annie's face and finally cupped her face in his hands.

"How about we put Alair to bed, and we can have some Mommy and Daddy time." Annie said as she bit her lower lip.

Auggie chuckled, "So much for early morning quietness." He pressed a kiss to Annie's lips, "But I think that I'll let it go for you."

Annie smiled, "I'll get Alair into his bed. I'll be right back."

She scooped the little boy off the bed and then carried him into his bedroom.

Auggie was still on the bed when she came back, and so she crawled on the bed to him, wrapping his arms around his neck and pulling him close, "I'm back."

"Hi, gorgeous." Auggie's hands found her hair and tangled themselves in it.

Annie pressed a kiss to Auggie's neck and Auggie groaned as Annie kissed her way along his face and jawline until finally reaching his lips, "I love you, Anderson." She said as her arms became heavy on Auggie's shoulder and as her fingers stroked the tattooed skin on Auggie's back.

"I love you too."