Okay so I actually wrote this a few months ago after re-reading CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I know its a little rough and cliche but I just couldn't help myself. Hopefully I'll actually put the effort to actually writing this out one day! Please enjoy~

TRC Syaoran along with Kurogane and Fai land in the universe of CCS. There TRC Syaoran meets CCS Sakura, while trying to get past the fact that this is another world's Sakura, CCS Shaoran runs into TRC Syaoran. After going out together and experiencing some of CCS Sakura's magical power, the TRC travelers end up having to leave. While they are taking off, CCS Sakura and Shaoran decide to use their magical power to try and help the TRC group go to the Country of Clow. This is a success and TRC Syaoran and Sakura finally reunite after a long time. Once Syaoran and Sakura are alone, Syaoran starts to tell Sakura about their time in the CCS world.

While Syaoran is with Sakura and Shaoran, Fai and Kurogane end up hanging out with Eriol who just so happened to be in town. While they are together, Fai and Eriol team up in their shenanigans to annoy the other hand, Mokona Modoki is out having fun with Kero-chan and Spinel Sun. As they are together Kero tell's Mokona about Spinel Sun's weakness to candy and wanting to have fun, Mokona gives Spinel Sun a whole ton of candy leading him to go crazy. This leaves Mokona and Kero to be chasing after him and cleaning up his mess as he runs around.