Title: Boyfriend
Hermione Granger is having a dreadful start to her summer. All she wanted to do was work on her summer homework, and begin her early studies for her seventh year at Hogwarts. However she didn't plan on two things: 1) Her annoying, boy obsessed, beautiful Muggle cousin visiting for the summer and 2) Ron Weasley's unexpected visit. Oh, and then there's the fact that she unceremoniously announced that Ron was her boyfriend! Only one problem... he isn't!
Rating: T
Ships: Ron/Hermione, and briefly Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, and Bill/Fleur
Warnings: Post OoTP (mixed with AU and Canon); No Horcruxes

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns the characters and the world of Harry Potter. I do not. I just write stories based on her lovely books. No copyright infringement intended.

Author's Note: This story is AU, mixed with some canon. There are no Horcruxes, and the trio has no plans to skip out on their seventh year. This story is inspired by Molly Raesly's James/Lily tale, "Boyfriend"

IMPORTANT: For those wondering when my next chapter of "Bonds of Time II: Fighting Fate" will be up, I promise to update it before too long. A plot bunny made me start writing this, and this story should be fairly short anyway, so it won't distract me too much from other priorities.

Chapter 1
Slip Of The Tongue

"The Patronus Charm was created by Hubert The Humble in the late fourteenth century, after the first sighting of Dementors in the hills of Norway. For many weeks prior to the discovery of these Dark creatures, the village of Mo I Rana had been plagued by bouts of depression and what had once been known as "frozen death." This term was coined after a body was discovered in the village. The body was frozen stiff, its jaw wide open and lips a dark blue. It was later discovered that "frozen death" was caused by a Dementor's Kiss and -"

"Hermione, where are you?"

I groaned and slammed my Defense textbook down on my bed. Can't a studious girl get some peace around here for once?!

I hate her. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her! Why did my parents have to go to a Dentist's convention in Ireland and leave me with her!

I narrowed my eyes at my bedroom door as it opened with a bit of force. Standing there was the current bane of my existence.

I was very much looking forward to the summer holidays. My parents had sent me a letter informing me that they would be very busy for the first couple of weeks of my summer holiday. I was okay with that. I could just spend that time alone at my house, and get an early start on my summer homework, and possibly get in some early studying for my seventh year classes.

But, no! They somehow forgot to inform me that I would not be home alone! Much to my surprise, when I walked out of the secret entrance to Platform Nine-And-Three Quarters and found my cousin there, looking around and waiting for me. I almost keeled over in shock. I hadn't seen my cousin in nearly seven years, not since I found out I was a witch. She is a Muggle, and like the rest of my Muggle relations, aside from my parents, does not know that I am a witch! I was sure she had seen me appear in front of a wall without explanation. But to my relief, apparently she just assumed I had come from a train and she hadn't seen me.

She informed me, as we drove to my house in Oxford in her elegant looking convertible, that my parents had asked her if she could stay with me for a couple weeks. Ha! Like I need a babysitter! Even if I did need one, she is far from being the best chaperone in the world. She is less than a year older than me, so she isn't the best source of "adult supervision." Also, there is the fact that, according to my Aunt and Uncle, she is a wild child, and someone who Molly Weasley would probably call a "scarlet woman"! Oh, yes, and as I mentioned, she has no clue I am a witch!

Thanks, Mum and Daddy, for your brilliant choice of babysitter!

My cousin is named Rose. And like the popular type of flower she was named after, she is quite beautiful, much to my chagrin. She definitely gets her looks from her mother, because neither my Mum, or Uncle – or me for that matter – has good enough genes to be that beautiful! She has straight blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back, and beautiful blue eyes. Really, she could be a model. She's almost as beautiful as Fleur Delacour, which peeves me to no end.

Thank Merlin I can legally use magic in the Muggle world without being hounded by the Improper Use of Magic Office. Because as soon as I got home, I had placed charms on all of my magical things so she wouldn't see them, and notice something odd.

"Hermione, there you are!" Rose whined, "I'm bored!"

"Really?" I asked, doing my best not to roll my eyes.

"Yes!" Rose said, "Isn't there anything to fun do around here?"

"You could watch the telly," I said, "Or, I don't know... read a book?"

Just not any of mine, because most of mine are magical subjects.

Rose glared at me as if I had gone mental. Which, to be honest, isn't that much of a stretch since she arrived.

"I meant," Rose said, "Isn't there anything to do here in Oxrford?"

"Like what, for example?" I asked.

"Places to hang out!" Rose said, "Lay back, have fun... meet boys?"

I blinked and blushed. "Boys?"

"Yes, boys!" Rose said, grinning, "You must know some good spots around here to meet boys. I bet the blokes of Oxford can't get enough of you! I mean, you're gorgeous!"

I am sad to say my jaw dropped to the floor. Excuse me? Did I hear that right? Did Miss Runway Model slash Scarlet Woman call me gorgeous?

"I – I – err –- well -" I was stammering. Oh, Merlin, help me, I was stammering!

I cleared my throat and tried to get a hold of myself.

"I'm not that pretty," I mumbled.

Oh, Merlin, my big mouth! Did I just say that to my cousin?

Is she... is she... she's laughing at me! Oh, I wish I could sink into my bed. Maybe I should grab my wand, and Disillusion myself. Damn the consequences, so what if she finds out I'm a witch. I can Disillusion myself, and run away! Maybe Hogwarts will let me stay there for the summer. Or maybe... the Burrow! I am going there in a few weeks anyway for a wedding! Yes, the Burrow sounds lovely.

She must have seen me react, because she abruptly stopped laughing.

"Oh, Hermione, I'm sorry," Rose said, "I didn't mean to laugh."

"Doesn't matter," I said, shrugging my shoulders, "A lot of people laugh at me."

A frown crossed Rose's lips, and she walked over to my bed and sat down at the end of it.

"Why ever should they laugh at you?" Rose asked.

"I'm too smart for my own good," I muttered, "I'm a know-it-all."

I don't know why I am suddenly admitting all of this to my cousin. Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating a bit. Only the Slytherins laugh at me and make fun of me.

"Oh, Hermione," Rose said, "I'm sure there are a lot of people who like you. You have friends, right?"

I nodded. "I have a few. Some of whom are very good friends."

"Obviously they must not think you're just a know-it-all," Rose said.

"Not anymore," I muttered.

"Oh, come now, mi cherie," Rose said.

Oh, yes, did I forget to mention she's from France? She doesn't have much of a French accent, and Merlin knows she speaks much better English than Fleur Delacour. Probably because her father, my Uncle is English.

"I'm sure there are some people – boys – who think you are pretty," Rose said.

I shrugged. Okay, so Viktor Krum thought I was pretty. Cormac McLaggen seemed to think I was pretty – but I'd more or less like to forget about McLaggen since all he wanted to do was snog me without getting to know me. The git!

"I'm average," I said, "There are far prettier girls at my school than I."

Like Lavender Brown, that pig! Why he had to snog her is beyond me!

"I happen to think you are very pretty," Rose said.

Merlin, help me. I blushed.

"I mean, if I was not your cousin, and not into boys," Rose said, "I think I'd be attracted to you."

"Rose!" I groaned.

Rose giggled. "You know what you need? A make-over."

"Ex-excuse me?" I asked, narrowing my eyes.

"Excuse moi?" Rose mocked in French, then grinned, "A make-over. With my help, you'll have boys falling over for you. They'll bow on bended knee for you."

"I – I'm not sure," I stammered, then cleared my throat. "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"Nonsense," Rose said, "It'll be fun!"

"Maybe later," I said; mentally crossing my fingers. "I have studying to do."

"Oh study, cruddy!" Rose groaned, "See, this is why those fools called you a know-it-all. You need to do more than study! You need to have fun! Come on, let's go meet boys! They'll fall heads over heels for us when they see us in my car!"

"Rose," I groaned, "I need to study. Please?"

Rose sighed and stood up. "Fine. For now. But we're not wasting these two weeks here with studying. I haven't seen you in years, Hermione! We need some girl time!"

I frowned. "Later, I said. I need to work on my summer homework."

"Ugh," Rose said. "Okay... I'll just go downstairs."

"You know, I don't need a babysitter," I said, "You could go out on the town by yourself."

"Where's the fun in that?" Rose asked, "Besides, I might get lost. I don't know this town."

I groaned. "We'll go out later. For now... I don't know... go do something."

"Fine," Rose said, "But I will hold you to your promise!"

Before I could say I didn't promise anything, Rose left my room and headed downstairs. I groaned again, this time loudly. Just what I need to ruin my summer. I didn't need her telling me I'm gorgeous! I didn't need her goading me to go out on the town and find boys. There are plenty of boys at my school. I could get dates. I just don't want to. I need to study and look forward to my NEWT exams.

Besides, if I didn't study, and worried about boys, I would definitely not be in the running for Head Girl. Not that I know I will get the title. But still... there's a good chance.

Yes. That's me. Studious, know-it-all, possible future Head Girl. I don't need boys! I have no use for boys right now! Besides, nobody fancies me! And even if they did, I wouldn't fancy them back.

Well... maybe... except for...

No! No, I do not need the distraction of boys. I have NEWTs to worry about.

Study, Hermione. Now! There you go, pick up the book.

I picked up my Defense book and continued studying, preparing myself for my Defense homework for the summer: Dementors and the Patronus Charm. Sure, I've done the Patronus Charm a few times since I learned it about a year and a half ago. But the essay called for detailed descriptions and the history of the Patronus Charm. Not the practical part of it.

Okay, Hermione. Study. Essay. Now.

"Hermione!" Rose's voice called out.

I groaned and rolled the piece of parchment into a ball and tossed it in the bin where dozen others sat. I am going to kill my cousin. Azkaban and Death Eaters and Dementors, here I come. Even before she called my name out, did I want to kill her. Damn her for putting these distractions in my head. I have never ever had to do any rewrites of essays, and here I've had to start over ten times... at least!

If you unrolled and read through what I had already on those pieces of parchment, you'd start reading about Patronus Charms, and Dementors, and then suddenly you're reading about pretty girls or stupid boys or make-over ideas... or just reasons to kill my stupid cousin!

I glanced at my digital clock sitting on the corner of my desk. Three hours. Three hours since Rose decided to have girl talk with me. I've been doing this for three hours and have gotten nowhere!

I wonder if I am mad enough to do the Killing Curse.

"Hermione!" Rose called out.

"WHAT?!" I growled.

"Wow, cousin, who got into your knickers?" Rose asked, appearing in the doorway of my bedroom.

I growled and gave her the death stare. Where is my bloody wand?

"What do you want?" I asked.

"There's a very cute boy standing outside in the yard," Rose said, "Why didn't you tell me you knew boys that were absolutely hot?!"

I froze. A boy was here? Nobody knows where I live. My best friends kind of do, but they don't know my exact address or the street I live on. They've never been here.

Wait... not true. Viktor knows where I live. He met my parents the summer after my fourth year before I went to Sirius' house. What is Viktor doing here? Unless it isn't Viktor...

Rose walked into my room, and across over to the window.

"What are you doing?!" I asked.

"Shh!" Rose said, "I want another look, and you have a good view of the front yard."

A part of me was dying to know who was standing in my yard. However, another part was screaming no! That part of my mind immediately threw up warning signs and pamphlets I had brought home after my fifth year. Warnings of danger. Warnings of people in disguises using Polyjuice Potion. Warnings of Death Eaters.

"Rose, get away from the window!" I hissed.

"Why?" Rose asked, "The boy is cute – aw, where did he go? I was hoping he was one of your friends, because he was very good looking and -"

The doorbell rang. Oh Merlin. I started to panic. Someone was standing at my door. Here I was, thinking of danger and Death Eaters –

Wait a damn second. Death Eaters did not use doorbells! They barged in without care!

So who in the bloody hell is at my door?

Rose gasped. "It is probably him! Oh, I need to meet him! Come on!"

Rose rushed out of the room. I growled and grabbed my wand, and pocketed it, hoping I didn't regret it. Then I stood up and ran out of my room and down the stairs. Rose was standing at the door.

"Move, you idiot!" I snarled.

"Don't worry," Rose said, grinning, I'll give you first dibs at him if you know him."

I glared at her, then put my hand on the doorknob. I inhaled and exhaled, ready to grab my wand at the first sight of danger. Then I opened the door.

And found Ron Weasley standing on my doorstep.

I froze right on the spot. What was Ron doing here? How did he know where I live? How –

Oh bloody hell. What if it wasn't him? Focus, Hermione, ask him something only he would know.

"Stop!" I said, as his mouth opened, probably to greet me. "What is my favorite book about?"

"Er,, what?" Ron asked, "Oh, right, security question... the history of our school, right?"

I sighed and nodded. Ron looked over my shoulder, and I realized Rose was behind me.

"Er... hello!" Ron said.

"Well, Hermione," Rose said, "Who is this dish?"

I glared over my shoulder. I remembered how she said I would get first dibs. Which meant she wanted second. How she said he was cute, how he was 'absolutely hot'.

No... no way. There was no way she was going to get her paws on Ron Weasley. Not him.

"Ron, this is Rose, my cousin," I said, sweetly, "Rose, this is Ron Weasley... my boyfriend."

The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. I heard Rose gasp in shock. I saw her jaw drop. Yeah, that's right, scarlet woman, he's my...

It was like a brick wall slammed into me at seventy miles per hour. It was only then did I realize exactly what I had said. Exactly what the implications were.

I turned to Ron. His expression was mixed with euphoria and a bit of confusion. Then his lips twisted into a smug smile.

I knew then Ron was going to say something. He was going to deny it. Rose was going to find out I'm a big fat liar. She was going to think I was jealous! Or desperate! I couldn't have that. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of.

I kissed him.

Sorry for such a short first chapter. Short chapters might be a pattern with this story. We'll see.

If you are familiar with Molly Raesly's tale "Boyfriend", you might see some similarities between that story and this one. Big difference is that this story is a Hermione and Ron tale. Obviously.

Now... just because Hermione called him her boyfriend, does not mean the romance starts off swell right off the bat. No! Hermione and Ron are still both unaware of how the other one feels. Hermione only is doing this because she doesn't want her totally beautiful, boy-obsessed cousin to have him. Sure, Ron could admit right off the bat how he feels about her, but there will be factors at play that self-conscious Ron will not like. This is also a tale about how he'll get over that.

So, how do you like my OC Rose so far? She'll be a big part of this story, and there might be some surprises about her. We'll see.

Let the fun begin!