Tasha was in Leo's bedroom, clearing out the old toys that Leo no longer used, there were so many, but amongst the dust on the shelves and the small animal toys lingered memories of her time with Leo, the good days where they would go out with each other, enjoying parks, or helping him with homework, and even the bad days when Leo would come home and tell her about how he had been bullied for his height, his looks or even his Mum not being married to his Dad anymore.

She started sorting things into boxes. TRASH for the broken toys that were beyond repair, CHARITY for the toys they wanted to donate and KEEP, for the toys that held too many memories to be thrown out.

She turned when she heard the door creak open, fearing it was Leo who would claim that all of the toys were destined to stay in his room forever. But she was surprised to see that it was Chase, lingering in the doorway, watching her separate all of the different things with curiosity.

She smiled, "Hi Honey, you want to help?" Although Chase was the youngest amongst the bionics, he was also the most judgmental. He was analyse any situation before jumping into it, she could feel his eyes scanning across the room, trying to figure out just what he would be helping with. "I'm clearing out a few of Leo's old toys, want to help?"

Chase blinked at her, "Toys? Aren't they for kids?"

She laughed, Chase looked down, quite offended by her laughter at his misunderstanding. "Oh, sorry, Chase. No, Leo holds onto his old toys because they bring back memories. Surly you Adam and Bree have old Toys too?"

Chase squinted his eyes at her, "No, I guess Mr Davenport didn't think they were needed," He paused, thinking, "I think I had one once, Mr Davenport gave us an animal each once, like those," he pointed to a stuffed rabbit which was in Tasha's KEEP box, "But Adam tore his apart, Bree was disinterested with hers and I think mine blew up when Mr Davenport was doing a science experiment when it went wrong." Tasha rolled her eyes, it was like her husband to do something like that. The poor kids had nothing from their childhood. Chase entered the room further, still evaluating the scene in front of him, and looked at the wide range of plastic, fur and stuffing that was spread out onto Leo's bed, "Why are you throwing out all of Leo's stuff?"

Tasha showed him the boxes, "Some of it I'm keeping, some of it I'm throwing out because it's broken and some of it is going to charity, Leo doesn't really need some of this stuff anymore so I'm sorting it out before he comes back from the movies with Donald." Chase still looked confused and reached into the TRASH box.

"Most of this is fixable," he commented, looking at an old action figure that had it's batteries dislodged. "I could fix it if you wanted."

Tasha smiled, "Thank you, yes that would really help, Chase."

Chase smiled and want down to the lab to get some tools. It felt good to help Tasha out, she was his 'mum' now and if Leo was spending time with Mr Davenport then he could spend time with Tasha.

Chase brought his bag of tools up to Leo's room and began to work on fixing the broken toys, blushing when Tasha complimented him on his work. It was a nice feeling to have someone praise you because they were impressed with you and not just your bionics.

A few hours later, the TRASH box was more or less empty (save for a few action figure heads that seemingly belonged to nobody… Literally.) The KEEP box was filled with stuffed toys and some of Leo's favourite action figures and the CHARITY box was filled with toys that had been fixed by Chase.

"Thank you so much, Honey." Tasha smiled and hugged him. Chase tensed at the contact. It was a strange feeling. Not like when Adam, Bree of Mr Davenport hugged him, it was gentler… more motherly.

Tasha and Chase went down to the kitchen where Tasha rewarded his efforts with a hot chocolate, a few minutes after, as if they had smelled the chocolate, Donald and Leo walked through the front door, talking enthusiastically about the movie.

"Can you believe that part where they actually blew up the Sabretooth tiger?!" Donald exclaimed. "I mean, I knew it was gonna be awesome but WOW!"

Leo laughed, "Yeah! I can't wait for the sequel!"

Tasha chucked and made her way over to them, "good time?"

"The best!" Leo said, "I'm going to my room to process the awesome!"

Tasha kissed his head, "Okay, Sweetie."

Leo ran off to his room and Donald joined Chase at the counter, Tasha making him a coffee. "What did you two do all day then?"

"I helped Tasha with clearing out Leo's room, it was so fun!"

Donald looked at Chase quizzically, "Chase, you know I love you to bits, but cleaning will never be fun." Chase grinned.

"Donald, don't discourage him! He was very helpful, even fixed some old action figures that I was giving away to charity." Tasha said, handing him his coffee.

Donald nodded his head and smiled at Chase, "good, I'm glad you two had fun and-"


Chase laughed, "I don't think Leo is."