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Chapter one: Bruises and staring problems

"Why would anyone love something as ugly as you."

Ouch... Wally winced when those words were spoken so harshly and directed at him. He could feel the tears start to prickle at the back of his eyes, but quickly blinked the feeling away before Roy could notice how upset he actually was.

"B-but..." Wally cut himself off before he could say something stupid like 'But you love me.'

Roy turned to face him face red with anger "But nothing Wally, I told you to never talk to me in public ever!" hissed angrily.

Wally turned away finding the dirty carpet of Roy's apartment to be enthralling, actually looking at anything but the other red head would be good right now. Wally mumbled something incoherent, but he guessed that was the wrong thing to do because Roy grips his face in his hand tightly... too tightly. Wally could feel the sharp pain of the other red head's painfully tight grip on his jaw as his head is being yanked to face him. Wally knew he was going to have a bruise there now and when he saw Dick and Artemis at school tomorrow they were going to have a field day.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Roy yelled in his face.

"Ok." Wally said obediently looking up at Roy with sad eyes.

Roy was unaffected by the sad green eyes staring up at him as he continued to yell "Do you like this, do you like making me mad at you?!"

"No." came Wally's simple reply.

Roy tightened his grip on Wally's face his nails digging into soft skin as he tried to flinch away from him. "No what Wally? Are you so stupid you don't know how to make complete sentences?"

And here come the insults again...

Wally frowned "I'm not stupid!"

"Wow, he actually does know how to have a conversation."Roy said sarcastically finally letting go of Wally.

"Oh yea, I'm so stupid I get better grades than you. The D student calling me stupid." Wally blurted out just as sarcastically before he could stop himself.

Wally's eyes widen in horror before the resounding slap against skin was all that could be heard in the small apartment. Roy hovered of the now cowering ginger, who managed to back himself against the wall in fear. Roy looked into scared green eyes and felt all his anger dissipate. He frowned and reach out to touch the boy only for him to flinch away. Roy's frown deepened.

"Wally, I'm sorry..."

No answer.

"I didn't mean it, what I said. I didn't mean to hit you, I just got so angry, you know how I get." Roy apologized.

"You're lying." his voice was so small... so broken.


Roy grabbed Wally by the wrist, Wally allowed himself to be pulled closer. Roy wrapped his strong arms around him. Wally felt himself sigh as he hugged Roy back.

"I'm sorry." Roy mumbled into his neck then kissed him there.

"'S ok." Wally murmured back into Roy's chest.

Roy pulled back just enough to look at Wally "You know I love you right?" Roy asked.

"Yea." Wally replied with a small smile.

Obviously that was the right answer because Roy gently tilted Wally's head up so he could capture his lips in a soft kiss, Wally's eyes fluttered close as he kissed back. Their lips moved slowly against each other. Roy pulled away and started placing feathery light kisses down his jawline as if trying to kiss away all the pain he'd caused. His kisses trailed further down leaving a trail down his neck. Wally leaned his head to the side letting Roy take advantage of the new area of skin. Roy licked his way back up his neck leaving a small kiss next to his ear before taking his earlobe into his mouth before nibbling on it, eliciting a soft moan from Wally. The smaller red head could feel the warmth starting to pool in his stomach. Wally turned his head to kiss Roy on the lips, letting his hands run up the expanse of his back resting on his broad shoulders. Roy let his hands roam down the smaller boy's body stopping only to squeeze his ass softly. Wally pulled away with a gasp.

"Mmmm Roy harder." he moaned out arching his ass.

"Don't mind if I do." Roy said smugly groping him roughly like he asked.

Wally presses his lips to Roy's once again and this time Roy licks at his bottom lip, Wally opens his mouth letting him in. Their tongues tangle together as they taste each other. His nails gently scraping against the fabric of Roy's shirt as he runs his hands down his back. Roy groans into Wally's mouth bucking his hips rubbing his hardening member against Wally's groin. The small ginger moans rolling his hips begging for more friction. Wally squeaked in surprise when Roy hefted him up, holding him up by his thighs. Wally wrapped his legs around the other boys waist holding himself up when he felt Roy moving towards the couch. Roy sat down with him in his lap, Wally sat with his long legs on either side of Roy. Their lips meet in another heated kiss, when Roy's tongue snakes its way into Wally's mouth he moans pressing there bodies closer together. His tongue explores every inch of Wally's mouth seemingly committing every part to memory and Wally is loving the feel of it. He shivers when Roy's hands sneak their way under his shirt. Rough hands find sensitive nipples under his loose red shirt. Wally breaks away from the kiss to gasp out a strangled moan, throwing his head back in ecstasy as Roy played with his nipples pinching and rolling them between his fingers. Those sinful hands then move to take his shirt off throwing it to the floor. Wally's breath hitches getting stuck in his throat when a hot, sohot, wet mouth closed around his hard nipple, biting and sucking while the other was teased almost lovingly, switching to give the other nipple the same treatment. The warmth in Wally's stomach grew along with the uncomfortable throbbing in his pants. He groaned grinding against the equally sized tent in Roy's pants. Roy groaned holding Wally's hips and grinding his hips up against the freckled ginger's groin causing amazing friction. Roy latched onto Wally's neck biting down where his neck and shoulder met. Wally let out a deep low moan lulling his head to the side, he let his hands slowly play with the hem of Roy's shirt. His fingers ghost over the taunt muscle underneath the tanned skin of Roy's stomach. Wally was now panting thanks to the feel of Roy's hips bucking against his.

God it felt so good, but he wanted more.

"Roy moooore." he whined

Roy detached his mouth from where he was making a decent sized cluster of hickeys and quickly threw off his shirt. He easily discarded of his and Wally's pants and boxers adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor. Roy kissed Wally again playing with his pert hole, teasing him with his calloused fingers. Wally was a mess, a hot fucking mess and he couldn't take waiting anymore he wanted to feel Roy inside of him right now. He hesitantly pulled away from Roy's lips.

"Roy I need you." He couldn't help whining

Roy smirked "You need me to what, baby?" he asked kissing down his neck again.

"I need you inside me Roy." Wally almost sobbed from how badly his arousal hurt.

He was already leaking pre-cum, he was so tempted to just touch himself, but the need to feel Roy was too great. Roy prodded Wally's entrance, he almost sighed in relief at that. Slowly, slowly, sofuckingslowly Roy's cock pushed in inch by inch past his tight ring of muscle. I burned but Wally didn't care because his brain was too happy about being filled that it overrode any and all pain giving way to nothing but pleasure.

"Roy move, ohmygodRoymove!" Wally hissed rolling his hips trying to get his body accustomed to being filled without being stretched first.

Roy finally started moving slowly thrusting in and out in and out until he built up a steady rhythm. Wally mewled when Roy started picking up speed. He cried out in pleasure when Roy hit that sensitive bundle of nerves deep inside him whiting out his vision. Roy repositions himself at a different angle to hit that sweet, sweet bundle of nerves.

"ROY!" Wally cried out again.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head, back arching obscenely as Roy roughly pounded into him against that spot that made Wally see stars beneath his eyelids. Wally grabbed his weeping cock quickly pumping it in time with Roy's hard thrusts, the slick pre-cum that coated his dick making it easier to move his hand up and down. A high pitched keening noise was sent past his lips from the back of his throat when Roy's thrusts got deeper and more frantic. The fact that Wally could hear Roy's groaning and the occasional deep moan made this so much better. Once again he could feel that warmth pooling in his stomach no becoming a burning sensation throughout his whole body sending shiver down his spine letting him know he was getting close. And if Roy kept up these hard deep thrusts it wouldn't take long. He gripped himself tighter and started pumping his burning member faster, wanting nothing else but to come.

Wally was so close, so fucking close he just need a little more to push him over the edge.

He could feel himself clench down on Roy's hard member with his impending climax when he thrust exceptionally hard against that spot he so desperately need him to hit. Wally called out Roy's name as he came hard into his hand, spurts of sticky white liquid coated Wally's fingers. Roy came right after with a murmuring of Wally's name, filling Wally with his seed, riding out his orgasm by rolling his hips into sated boy above him. Wally moaned one last time as Roy pulled out of him, setting the smaller red head on the couch next to him. Roy slowly got up meandering over to the bathroom, he came back a few minutes later with tissue in his hand, to find a sleeping ginger on his couch. He smiled softly before he cleaned the boy of their mess and threw away the tissue. Gently Roy picked up the sleeping boy as to not wake him and carried his little lover into his room. Roy set him on his bed then climbed in on the other side, cuddling up close to Wally he let himself fall asleep.

Wally awoke to the feel of strong arms around his waist and deep, slow breaths against the back of his neck, but he could have sworn he fell asleep on the couch.

'Roy must have moved me into his bed.'

He thought sinking back into the warm body behind him, his eyes started close as he got comfortable again. Wally's calm state was ruined when that one fateful thought ran though his mind.

'I hope Mrs. Hol doesn't give us a test today.' that was then followed by 'Fuck, there's school today!'

That's when Wally's eyes flew open "Fuck there's school today!"

His eyes went straight to Roy's alarm clock, it read 6:14. Wally got up in a frantic panic, he needed to get up now or he would be late for school. Without thinking he went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. He glanced into the mirror catching his reflection, Wally slowly turned his head to see the result of last night's escapade. There on his face were the bruises from Roy's hand, on one side four purple finger shaped bruises, on the other a large bruise distinctly in the shape of someone's thumb, then there were the hickeys that decorated his skin. You could clearly tell he had been man handled, but he'd have to worry about that later 'cause right now he really needed a shower and the last thing he wanted was to show up at school smelling and looking like he had been thoroughly fucked and then some. He only took five minute to properly bathe himself, three to brush his teeth and was now searching for something to wear, thanking the universe that he left clothes the last time he was here. Wally had thrown on his favorite yellow and red hoodie and was now jumping around trying to put on pair of simple black skinny jeans. Wally promptly fell on the floor face against the carpet and his ass in the air. It was all of five seconds before Wally was scrambling to his feet grabbing a random pair of socks. Shoving them on his feet he hopped over to his bag and pulled out his cell phone, which surprisingly had three bars of battery left. Wally's fingers were a blur on the keypad as he dialed the number.

"Come on, come on, come on pick up the phone." Wally said holding the phone to his ear with his shoulder while he tied his shoes.

The dial tone cut as the person on the other line picked up "What?" Came Artemis' voice.

"Yea, I need a favor..." Wally said sheepishly throwing his bag over his shoulder and rushing out of the dinky apartment.

"And does this favor involve me covering for you somehow?" she asked moodily.

Wally jumped down the last few steps before answering "Kind of, I just need you to meet me outside the school before class starts."

"Oookay, this wouldn't happen to have anything to do with your secret pimp would it." Artemis asked

"He not a pimp... and yes." Wally said walking down the street.

"Whelp then I can't help you, call Dick isn't he your best friend." she said about to hang up.

"NO! Wait wait, don't hang up I really need your help!" Wally exclaimed almost tripping over himself.

Artemis snorted "Whatever bay watch, anyone who hits, then fucks someone, but doesn't associate with them in public is a pimp Wally."

Wally rolled his eyes at the girl even though she couldn't see it "Whatever Artemis, I need you to bring make up."

"What, why!" Artemis' concerned voice rang through the phone. "Wally you need to really break it off with this guy if he keeps doing this to you, its like every other day you show up with another bruise or black eye these days."

"Wow, didn't know you cared Artemis." he said jokingly.

"I'm serious Wally! One day you are going to get seriously hurt by this guy!" Artemis scolded.

"Ok ok, the make up?" the red head asked again.

There was a pause, "Oh yeah that, I have to call Zatanna for it."

"Woah, woah, woah, wait, why?! You're a girl don't you have some?" Wally rushed out.

Artemis scoffed "Just in case you haven't noticed I don't wear make up... besides even if I did it'd be too dark. Zatanna's the only other girl I know who is as pale as you."

"Aw, come on, do you have to? 'Cause if you call Zee she'll call Dick and then he'll get involved." Wally whined

"Oh well, suck it up 'cause I'm calling her and maybe Dick needs to get involved in whatever the hell it is you have going on." Artemis snarked.

"But-" Wally tried but was swiftly cut off.

"I'm calling Zatanna, bye Wally." then there was a click signaling that the girl hung up.

Wally sighed and put the phone in his pocket and kept walking. Thankfully he was almost to school, he only had a few minutes till he got there. Wally finally rounded the last corner to school no one was hanging around by the front gate, thank god. Wally sat on one of the tables in front of the school. He sat anxiously waiting for the girls to get there and more than likely Dick too. There is no way Dick would miss a chance to be nosy. At that thought Wally started drumming his hands against the cold concrete bench trying to get rid of some nervous energy.

'What if he suspected something already, what if he already knew, what if-'

"Hey Wally." Dick's voice cut through his thoughts.

Wally jumped in surprise and looked up to see his best friend Dick Grayson standing in front of him. The asshole had the nerve to be smirking at him as if popping up out of nowhere like some random ninja giving people mini heart attacks was funny. I glare at him and he starts laughing... not laughing more like cackling.

"Shut up dude." Wally says 'cause really? No its not the time.

Dick stops and sits down next to Wally, just kinda staring at his face and yes he knows why. "How did they get here this time...?" he asks still staring.

Wally looks over at Dick 'cause "What...?"

"Tell me your excuse." his best friend said coldly.

A frown settles on Wally's face "I don't tell excuses."

"Fine then tell me the truth." Dick said still staring straight in front of him.

"I-I was being stupid and fell." Wally averted his eyes. 'That was the lamest excuse so far'

Dick shot up off the bench to stand in front of him. "Really, really Wally? You don't make excuses and fabricates lies?! Wally look at yourself! You're clearly being abused by someone, Wally I'm your best friend remember," he said making a pained gesture towards himself "I thought you would be able to tell me anything... but I guess not, you can't even share about something as important as this!"

"I tell you stuff..." Wally could barely recognize his own voice, it was so fragile, so small... so broken.

"Yeah ,but not everything. Wally I'm concerned, we're all concerned... it's like every other time we see you there's a new bruise or cut, new lies." Dick had a deep scowl set in place, his sapphire eyes dim with sadness and concern. "Like last week when you came to school with a black eye and said you ran into a door knob, which was completely obviously a lie because one: you're too tall to even do that and two: I know you aren't as clumsy as you like people to think you are," he said listing off the points on his fingers. "Something's up Wally and I'm going to figure out what is whether you like it or not." Dick said angrily finally ending his rant.

Wally stood up somewhat towering over the younger shorter boy "I can take care of myself Dick I don't need your help!" he snarled at his best friend.

"It may not be wanted, but it's obviously needed!" the raven haired boy snapped back.

Wally was about to yell back when he saw someone standing there staring at them from the corner of his eye. Wally slowly looked over, his eyes widened in horror as he saw one of the upperclassmen jocks blatantly staring at them.


Because seriously, how long had he been sitting there? Oh shit, how much did he hear? Did he even hear anything? Question after question kept racing through Wally's head and honestly it was giving him a headache. The other kid realized he was staring and quickly walked away disappearing into the school. Wally was brought out of his trance when the loud 'pat' 'pat' sound of people running got his attention.

"Dick, Wally!" he could hear Zatanna yell as the two girls got closer.

'And thank GOD'

Wally thought because he was pretty sure he would of found a way to strangle himself just so he didn't have to listen to Dick rant again. Artemis and Zatanna stopped in front of him both frowning. Staring up at him was Zatanna with sad deep blue eyes that were slowly breaking Wally's already tattered heart.

"Alright, hurry up and do your little make up shit on Wally so we can go to class, I have a test." Artemis interrupted

And Wally swears this is probably the only time he's happy that she's so impatient. Zatanna digs in her purse pulling out a small compact and a make up brush.

"Alright Wally stand still." Zatanna said biting her bottom lip in concentration as she applied foundation to the bruise skin.

"Damn Wally, who'd you fuck a Dracula wolf man hybrid?" Artemis asked sarcastically.

Wally shot her a glare "No, shut up harpy."

"Ok, all done." Zatanna said stepping back to put her stuff back in her purse.

"Come on bay watch we have a test right now and you know how Mrs. Hol gets when we're late." Artemis said waving bye to the other before grabbing Wally's wrist and pulling them to their history class.

"Wait I didn't even study!" the red head whined as they disappeared behind the front gates into school.

They did have a test in history first period but thankfully it was just a review of stuff he already knew, plus the teacher let them use their books. It was pretty much an easy A. So now Wally sat in his second period chemistry class, filled with all juniors and senior and him. Yeah, Wally was a bit of a science wiz and it showed in his work. It was actually kind of nice, he'd be done with all of his science credits this year and be able to graduate with honors... or was it early? Wally wasn't really paying much attention when the principal was explaining it to him. Today was supposed be an easy day in chem. Just finish the worksheet and chill the rest of the period, but Wally couldn't concentrate because he could feel someone's on him. He looked up discreetly searching the room for the culprit. His eyes automatically stop on the guy from that morning, his ice blue eyes locked with emerald green ones for what seemed like an eternity for Wally before he gave the guy a dirty look, before going back to his work. The rest of the period went by with Wally trying to ignore that blue eyed stare. It never felt so good to get out of a science class in his life, he had never packed up his stuff and bolted out of chem. so fast, or any class for that matter. The next few classes went by normally. Helping Artemis in their algebra two class. There was nothing Arty hated more than math, not even him calling her 'Arty' on occasion and she hated that a lot. Wally honestly didn't know if she even tried in that class, it was always 'I speak english not math, of coarse I don't know what the hell that means!' or 'Do my work before I use you as a pin cushion and I'll use the sharp arrows this time.' Ah Artemis, always the warm fuzzy. Then fourth period with Zatanna helping him in art.

"All I'd be able to draw is stick figures if it weren't for your help." Wally complimented his friend as she basically redid his entire drawing.

"I know Wally, you own big time now." Zatanna said smiling up him.

"Alright class, time to clean up and put you art box back on your shelves the bell is about to ring." Mr. Stewart announced.

The classroom was suddenly filled with the shuffle of students putting their stuff away. Both teenagers did the same shuffle to get their stuff and clean their area so they'll be able to leave on time. The bell finally rang and all the students filled out. Wally walked with Zatanna through the masses of students in the halls either walking from class to class or lunch. Yes lunch! Lunch was arguably Wally's favorite part of school. He was all for the food baby! Him and Zee made it through the lunch line pretty quickly and headed back to there table to see Dick sitting properly eating a bag lunch Alfred more than likely packed for him. Artemis on the other hand was sitting on top of the table, legs propped up on the bench in a laid back manner. Her long blond ponytail swayed as she turned to look at us.

"So Wally did anyone notice?" the blond asked right when he sat down across from her.

"No," the ginger said before taking a bite out of his pizza "But this guy was staring at me in chem. today." he said with his mouth still full.

"Oh really, do you think he has a crush on you?" Zatanna asked, her voice brimming with curiosity and excitement.

"What?! No, plus it wasn't even that kind of stare. It was just creepy." Wally shiver at the thought of those icy blue eyes boring into him, it was like he could feel him staring right now.

"So Wally, is the guy that was staring at you in class tall, has black hair, blue eyes and is a well built jock." Dick described.

"Yeah, how... did, you know...?" Wally asked baffled at how accurate his description was.

"He's staring at you right now." Dick put simply nodding in the guy's direction.

This caused the rest of the occupants of the table to look in that direction and yes, he was in fact staring directly at Wally, quite blatantly he might add.

"God, does this guy ever blink!" and yes Wally was starting to get annoyed of this already.

"Wow kid dork, looks like you got your very own admirer. Albeit not very secret but an admirer non the less." Artemis joked trying not to laugh.

Zatanna giggled "Its probably not as bad as it seems."

"Besides, at least he's hot." Artemis chimed in.

Wally looked at her strange "If that's your type."

"Mmmm, that boy." Artemis ogled that creeptastic guy for a second before moving onto something more interesting with Zatanna.

Wally lied, man he's been doing that a lot lately. But yes the guy was a complete hunk and he wouldn't mind drooling over that with Artemis. And to top it off that was his type, tall dark and handsome, in fact he was currently in a somewhat relationship with a certain tanned, blue eyed, red headed hunky tall dark and handsome of his own. So in saying that he was happy with Roy and he didn't need that guy complicating things, so Wally resolved to just ignore him. The bell for the end of lunch rang sending everyone back to class.

It was finally the last period of the day, one Wally was good and could actually slack off in and still get a good grade. Wally was standing in front of his locker getting dressed for track practice. He was about to pull on his shirt when he felt someone's eye's on him... those eyes on him...

Wally tensed for a second then remembered.

'Just ignore him and relax, put on your shirt, leave and go to practice.'

And he did just that.

Half way through practice he could feel it again, those eyes staring at him, boring into him. Wally stopped in the middle of sprints and looked around to see that on the other side of the track on the football field that... that guy was discreetly (but not really) staring, but before he could dwell on it Coach Prince was yelling at him.

"Get moving West before I make you run extra laps after practice."

That got Wally off of that subject and back to practice. He really couldn't wait to get home.

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