Hotel Transylvania Meets Tangled

A/N #1: Welcome to my first crossover. I have read other stories that linked various movies and thought I would add this one. Be warned, that it might be a LOT more technical than my previous stories, especially as the story takes place in the 21st century AND we are partially moving into a domain I know well… Aviation.

A/N #2: In this story, the descendants of King Eugene and Queen Rapunzel as well as Colonels Rupert and Amanda, specifically the former Royal Couple's great-great-great-great-great-grandson, Crown Prince Eugene William Fitzherbert the fifth, and the two Colonel's great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, Anna Marie, makes a stunning discovery and finds themselves on the way to a very special establishment circa 2022.

A/N #3: I do not own Tangled or Hotel Transylvania, although I do own my OCs and this storyline…

Our story opens as the young, and quite bored it could be said, 20 year old crown prince was impatiently pacing up and down one of the longest hallways of the palace. The once quite large Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea was now the much smaller and, it could be said, much more prosperous Principality of Corona. No, scratch that. He was not pacing as he found that as equally boring. He was, in fact, flying from chandelier to chandelier, using his connection to the Wirkungen to guide him through graceful somersaults and half twists. He reached the end of the long hallway and gracefully landed after completing a wonderful triple somersault with two and a half twists in front of a most amazing picture.

"Wow!" The young prince thought out loud as he took in the wonderful sight of the most wonderful castle captured in all its nineteenth century glory.

"That does indeed sum it up nicely." An interloper remarked as she came upon the suddenly quite quiet crown prince.

The shocked prince looked quickly behind him to see the stunning descendant of Rupert and Amanda, the graceful Anna Marie; her eyes the same icy, yet at the same time fiery blue as her great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Amanda. She, as all those coming before her, served as the personal bodyguards to the Royal Family, not that such protection was any longer needed.

"Anna Marie!" The exasperated young prince blurted out.

"Yes…?" She shyly replied.

"How many times have I told you not to sneak up on me?"

"Hmm. Infinity, plus one?" Anna Marie replied as she broke into a bout of the giggles that brought a smile to the crown prince's face.

"Exactly! Anyway, what can you tell me about this picture?"

"Well, if I remember the stories my great-grandfather told me, this portrait came to Corona after a mysterious fire destroyed the castle portrayed upon it. The portrait was in the one section of the castle that was not completely destroyed by fire. Your great-great-grandfather found it during one of his journeys around the world and was so taken by it that he sought its owner so that he might purchase it. Sadly, he could find no owner."

"What do you mean, no owner?" A confused Eugene asked.

"Well, it seemed that the family's lineage ended with the tragedy of the fire. However, if the legend is true, there was a second portrait contained within the walls of the castle."

"A second portrait? What is so interesting about that?"

"It is just that when your great-great-grandfather was exploring the ruins, it seemed that of all the walls in the castle, there was but one area that was soot free. It was as if the portrait was removed after the fire had burned itself out."

"So, I guess this missing second portrait perhaps showed the owners? Now, what can you tell me about this one? I am amazed that I am just now noticing it. It is almost as if this portrait was hiding in plain sight, as it were, waiting the right time to let itself be seen."

Anna Marie slowly made her way to the portrait and brought her right hand up until she was barely touching the fine linen it was painted on. As she moved ever closer and her hand brushed against more firmly against the portrait itself, she grimaced and momentarily dropped to her knees as if she was in great pain.

"Anna Marie! Are you alright?" The concerned Eugene asked as he rushed to her aid and helped her back up.

"Do…, do you feel it?" Anna Marie shakily asked as she gestured to the painting.

A suddenly nervous Eugene slowly moved closer and brought himself into firm contact with the fine linen. As the two youngsters from Avandell, their arms around the other for support, came into contact with and connected with the spirit of the portrait they found themselves teleported into the not quite so distant past…

One Hundred Twenty-Eight Years Previous…

As the young pair materialized within the castle grounds, and watched in horror, an evil crowd surrounded the Castle Lubov; known as the home of Count Vlad Dracula, his wife the Countess Martha Lubode Dracula, and their infant daughter Mavis. Eugene, wanting to stop the horror he knew was to befall the beautiful young countess before it began, had to be restrained by Anna Marie.

"I feel your determination to fight this atrocity. However, this is not our place. Perhaps there is another way…" Anna Marie whispered.

"Another way…?" Eugene whispered to himself as he watched the horror unfold.

The two found it very difficult to continue to watch as ignorance made way for fear.

"Go Hide. I'll take care of this." The count said to his wife.

"VAMPIRE!" The crowd screamed as the Count tried to calm them.

In the background, his beloved Martha could be heard screaming.

"Martha!" The count called out as he rushed to her side.

"Oh what a terrible fate to befall such a beautiful young woman, regardless of her background." The young pair from Corona whispered to the other, shocked beyond belief at the callous nature of these citizens. They also were so distracted that they did not realize that the powerful spirit of the dead countess, in the form of her purple aura, had attached herself to their twin azul auras as they were transported back into the 21th Century.

"Perhaps, I'll see my beloved Vlad and daughter Mavis soon…" Martha sighed as she found herself within the painting currently hanging in the main foyer of the palace of the Principality of Corona-by-the-Sea.

The year 2022…

The young pair, having made it back to the present, didn't think anything of the presence that had followed them back from the not so distant past. They landed gracefully back on the ornate marble floor of the grand foyer. Unknown to the young pair, the presence of a young woman taken too soon from those she loved was now residing within the painting, biding her time until she could re-join those she loved.

They decided, as it was approaching the fifth evening hour to have a light dinner before going for an evening tour aboard the Principality of Corona-by-the-Sea's Royal Helicopter of which Eugene was both pilot and passenger. For, you see, among Anna Marie's many talents, there was no aircraft that she could not easily master within the first hour of flight time. Indeed, in her short 19 year life of which only two and a half had been spent flying, she had amassed 2,500 flight hours in almost every kind of aircraft from a Cessna 152 to the Gulfstream V, and everything in between. Thus, the two siblings, for want of a better word as they were as close as two individuals could be without being blood relatives, took turns at pretty much everything in an attempt to one-up the other; most especially flying.

"So, which one do you want to fly tonight, Eugene?" Anna Marie asked.

"I was thinking the Bell 206."

"Good choice. That is my favorite, too. I checked the logs. She is full of fuel and ready for us."

"Very good."

The young pair walked over to the courtyard / heliport that had once, many years ago, hosted the homecoming celebration of the Lost Princess, Rapunzel. They both gazed for a moment at the wonderful white helicopter with a wonderful blue stripe down the side. They then walked up, and while conducting a quick walk-around, untied the main rotor, removed the pitot-tube covers and engine inlet and exhaust covers, entered the aircraft and settled in, with Eugene sitting in the right hand, or aircraft commander, seat.

"Ok, Anna Marie, I am ready when you are."

"Roger, Pre-start checklist coming up…

Flight Controls…" Anna Marie prompted.

"…Free and Correct." Eugene responded.




"…full travel free and closed."



"Hydraulic System…"


"Circuit Breakers…"


"Overhead switches, except anti-collision…"


"Generator switch…"




"Instruments and gauges…"




"Navigation Lights…"


"Battery Switch…"


The helicopter came to life as the energy from the battery flowed through the various busses and other circuitry; the clicking of relays and the humming of transformers within the various avionic LRUs the only sign that the helicopter was coming alive. It was as the aircraft came to life that the two young people, the 20 year old Eugene and the 19 year old Anna Marie, became even more excited.

"Caution Breaker…"


"Caution Panel Light Test…"


"Low RPM/Engine Out Warn Horn Test…"

"…Checked. Annoying as always."

"Tsk, Tsk. Checklist discipline please. Caution Breaker…"


"Fuel Valve…"


"Fuel Boost (Aft and Forward)…"

"…IN. Pressure within limits and fuel boost pump caution light…OUT."

"Anti-Collision Light…"


"Rotor Brake…"

"…Fully IN."

"Landing Lights Switch…"



"…Full Down."

"Flight Controls…"


As a final step, Eugene ensured the throttle was still in the closed/ground idle position in preparation for engine start.

"Ok. Pre-start check complete. Ready for engine start?" Anna Marie asked.

Eugene looked around the helipad to ensure that all loose equipment was properly stowed or secured. He also waved to the ground personnel to be prepared to disconnect the external electrical power.

"You may proceed…"

"Engine Start Checklist; Rotors…"

"…Clear and untied."


"…Fully closed"



After Eugene engaged the starter, its whine could be easily heard as it struggled to spin up the turbine engine. As the RPM reached 15%, Eugene opened the throttle to the first detent. When the RPM reached 25% the two young people could make out the main rotor as it began to rotate. As Anna Marie helped to monitor the start, she noted the turbine RPM approaching 58%, as well as Eugene disengaging the starter.

"Engine and Transmission oil…"

"…Checked; positive indication."

The two sat in silence as the one minute engine warm-up counted down from 60 to zero. Seeing the timer set on the flight management system reaching zero, Anna Marie continued the checklist.

"Caution Breaker…"


"Fuel Boost (Aft and Forward)…"


"Preliminary Hydraulic Check…"

"…OFF – Checked – ON."

"External Power…"

At this time, Eugene placed his index finger and middle finger of his right hand into his closed left fist and rapidly removed it. The ground crew, responded by de-energizing the power cart, removing the cord, and closing the receptacle door.


As soon as the ground crew was cleared, Eugene smoothly opened the throttle on the collective and allowed the engine to accelerate to 70 percent. Anna Marie, seeing the engine stabilizing at the higher power setting continued the last few steps of the checklist.

"Generator Switch…"


"Avionics Master/Radios…"

"…ON, and checked."

"Gyros and Attitude Indicator…"

"…ON and SET."


"…Checked, Off."





As the frictions were smoothly removed, Eugene allowed the engine to accelerate the rest of the way to its steady state speed of 100%. Anna Marie then completed the final steps.

"Hydraulic Check…"

"…Cross Check Complete."

"Cyclic Check…"

At this challenge, Eugene smoothly cycled the cyclic in all four directions, carefully ensuring that the spinning rotor disc above their heads responded properly.



"…Test, Off, Arm."

"Navigation Lights…"




"Looks like everything is in the green, Eugene." Anna Marie replied as she completed her scan of the instruments."

"I concur, Anna Marie. I guess we can get our take-off clearance and get underway…" Eugene replied.

"Roger that. Io Control, Corona One ready for take-off from Helipad One…"

"Corona One, Io Control, you are cleared for take-off. Your initial altitude will be 3,000 feet, heading 030, squawk 4312."

"Cleared for take-off, climb and maintain 3,000 feet, heading 030, squawk 4312."

"Have a nice flight."

"You have your clearance."

"Ok. Here we go." Eugene replied as he smoothly added collective and brought the helicopter into a fifteen foot hover for a moment.

Seeing everything was still in the normal range, he pushed the cyclic forward to gain airspeed. Upon reaching about 25 knots, the rotor disc moved into undisturbed air with the result that lift increased three-fold. This increase in lift, accompanied by the smooth application of collective by Eugene resulted in the helicopter zooming up to its assigned altitude of 3,000 feet in about five minutes.

"Cowboy…" Anna Marie joked with a large smile on her face.

"It feels so good to be out of the palace for a while. The pomp and ceremony can be so boring at times." Eugene remarked with a not quite so sincere smile towards his best friend.

"I feel there is something else bothering you, Eugene." Anna Marie softly stated.

"You know, I hear that the great King William the Fourth, Rapunzel's father, could read people and tell what they were thinking even before they themselves did. I am beginning to think that the wonderful Mistress Katelyn passed that trait onto her daughter Amanda who passed it from generation to generation…"

"…so, do you want to talk about it?" Anna Marie kindly asked.

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