Soul Mate…, or Zing?

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A/N #2: In this story, the descendants of King Eugene and Queen Rapunzel as well as Colonels Rupert and Amanda, specifically the former Royal Couple's great-great-great-great-great-grandson, the bachelor Crown Prince Eugene William Fitzherbert the fifth, and the two Colonel's great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, the bachelorette Anna Marie, makes a stunning discovery and finds themselves on the way to a very special establishment circa 2022.

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The Trouble Revealed, Part 3

"What did he do?" Winnie and Mavis simultaneously asked.

"Well…" Drac began hesitantly.

"What?" The three young people asked. They were all baffled by the sudden hesitancy of the usually quite confident Count.

"It is just that…"

200 Years Previous…

Eugene, realizing that he had not a moment to spare before Rapunzel was irreversibly damaged by the negative energy surging through her, reached into his left boot, where he kept his dagger, pulled it out and held it at the ready waiting for the right moment to strike out.

The hair, now realizing the danger, sent the two strands that had held and then dropped, or killed, the two brothers snaking around to grab and stop this new threat. Luckily for the sanity of Rapunzel, her evilly possessed hair was a 'hair' too slow!

Eugene, also realizing that he did not have a moment to lose, took two steps forward towards Rapunzel, who was totally oblivious to her new dream, reached out, grabbed the hair despite the severe pain as it surely began to melt his hand and arm into nothingness, and…

The present

"And, what?!" The trio of young people shouted out.

"Well, he cut her hair about three feet below her neck."

"Then what happened?"

"Well, he died as the massive negative energy melted his arm up to the elbow and sucked what life remained out of him."

"He…, what!?"

200 years previous…

The hair, now cut to less than four percent of its previous length, quickly turned a wonderful shade of chestnut brown; a shade that matched that of her mother, Catherine. The benign, and malignant, power of the hair, now completely destroyed, caused Gothel to age so rapidly that by the time she dropped the fifteen feet from where the hair had had her suspended she was nothing but dust.

Eugene, his left arm burned away to almost nothing by the intense negative energy of the devil hair and his internal organs completely destroyed, fell silently to the ground with his dagger clattering uselessly to the ground. He wore a smile on his contorted face, knowing that his sacrifice would not be in vain.

The sound of her cape fluttering to the ground was not the only sound to be heard in the aftermath, for the scream of two women soon brought Rapunzel fully back into the here and now…

"NO! EUGENE!" Amanda and Catherine both cried out as they both dropped to their knees completely heartbroken by the tragedy they had just witnessed, as did Rupert as he was as devastated by the sight, and smell; the sorrow in their voices unmistakable. William, standing there, alone now and quite shocked, suddenly realized all that the power of the sphere of star energy could do and did all he could to exercise the emotional control he was famous for. His calmness was to be paramount to the reversal of a dreadful tragedy as he psyched himself up to be prepared to help Rapunzel to help Eugene. All was not as lost as it seemed…

Rapunzel, looking at the source of the noise, quickly saw a sight that chilled her to the bone. Her beloved Eugene, the man who had done so much to bring her the wonder of love and to help her acclimatize to the real world, lay motionless with his left arm grotesquely burned and charred to nothingness below the elbow, as if exposed to a fire of several thousand degrees; his body completely lifeless.

"Eugene! What have I done?! PLEASE DON'T…! YOU CAN'T BE…! I NEED YOU!" Rapunzel wailed as she ran over and grabbed him up and hugged him close, ignoring the smell of burnt flesh around what remained of his left arm.

The Present…

"If he died, how does this story keep going?" Mavis asked; her quaking voice breaking the deafening and quite uncomfortable silence around them. To a person, they were all looking at Drac dumbfounded that the story could continue at all.

"Well," Drac replied with a huge smile; "It would seem that all the magic did not live in just her hair."

"It didn't?" Winnie asked, totally confused as to where the story was leading.

"No. It did not…"


200 Years Previous…

The only sounds in the tower room were the loud sobs of Rapunzel as she held and gently rocked the lifeless body of her new dream in her arms. She was so grief stricken that she did not feel her father come beside her and kneel so that he could grasp her around her shoulders. Catherine, Amanda and Rupert were totally confused to how he could be so calm in the face of such a senseless tragedy. She looked up with red rimmed and teary emerald eyes at the deep sea blue eyes of her father and saw a strange sight. He was smiling.

"Daddy?" Rapunzel quakingly asked; her shock too great to fully analyze the entire surreal situation.

"Rapunzel, please do not cry for all is not lost."

"It isn't? But…? What do you mean?" Rapunzel asked as she held tighter to the deceased Eugene.

"Do you remember what I told you before, the evening you came home?" William quite calmly asked, as the others too suddenly realized the true power of Rapunzel and her power to reverse this tragedy.

"That the hair did not just glow when I sang and healed as well?"

"Exactly! Think what else it could do that you have first-hand knowledge of." The calm William replied, his huge smile now slowly mirroring on Rapunzel's face as she also, albeit slowly, made the connection.

"It kept Gothel young!"

"YES! It kept her young for CENTURIES! First in the form of the flower and then in the form of not only your hair, but you yourself. And, you will find, it can do far, far more. If you channel the power…"

"Channel the power…; the power. The POWER! YES! Flower gleam and glow…" Rapunzel confidently began as she shed tears of what she hoped would be joy, ensuring that the drops landed upon the face and chest of Eugene.

"…let your power shine…"

As her voice gained in strength, so too did the strength of her tears. The individual tears began to glow in a golden light as they rained down on the prone Eugene.

"…make the clock reverse…"

The tears, glowing as they did, caused the surrounding tissue that they landed upon to glow as well; each tear causing a larger and larger section of Eugene's skin to glow as the power of each individual tear multiplied exponentially to the infinite power; cubed! It was a LOT! And, soon his entire body glowed so brightly as to cause the others to have to shield their eyes.

"….bring back what was once mine…"

The entire body of Eugene began to faintly glow, not that Rapunzel could tell through her severely tear hazed vision as she paused a moment to catch her breath.

"Keep going…" William, Catherine, Rupert and Amanda all whispered, imperceptibly.

"Heal what has been hurt…" Rapunzel continued, her voice gaining in even more strength.

As Rapunzel completed this phrase, Eugene's body suddenly glowed in the most incredible golden light; the brightest glow coming from his formerly burnt arm as the charred remnants faded away and then completely rebuilt itself cell by cell – bone, muscle, skin all reforming in a wonderful choreography of creation – and returned to its former appearance; now with the super human strength, and more!

"…change the fate's design…"

Not visible on the outside was the sure repair of all of the internal damage caused by the negative energy once channelled through the hair. Cell by cell and system by system, each and every part of Eugene was restore to better than normal. Each and every old wound, completely healed and repaired, faded into nothingness.

"…save what has been lost…"

Eugene's lungs, fully repaired, expanded and began to take in a breath to be distributed to his body tissue as his heart began to beat, slowly but surely and gaining in strength, serving as the vehicle to continue the now miraculous recovery of the once deceased. Additionally, the power of the sun served as the catalyst for his cells to jump start back into full operation; and better than ever!

"…bring back what once was mine…"

Eugene's nervous system, now fully restored, too began to respond as the synapses began firing again to send the brain's signals throughout the now fully restored body.

Finally, at the deepest molecular level, a miraculous fusion was going on that would render Eugene as perhaps the strongest individual to live; EVER! For, the power of the blue star drop already contained within his body now reacted with the power of the yellow star drop to form even more miraculous compounds within him and give him the power of creation and the power of life over death.

"…what once was mine."

Rapunzel, her tears slowly drying and not so patiently waiting with baited breath as the glow of Eugene slowly faded to nothing, could scarcely believe her eyes, now readjusted to the darkness of the tower, as she first saw Eugene's chest moving in response to his slowly strengthening respiration and then felt the strengthening of his heartbeat as she felt his pulse through the hand she was holding. What she did completely believe was that her dream was asking her name.

"Rapunzel?" Eugene weakly asked as he took in the sight of the now brunette crown princess.

"Eugene…?" Rapunzel asked, almost not believing her ears.

"Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?" Eugene smirkingly asked, knowing that he had to do something witty to bring a smile to the once traumatized crown princess.

"EUGENE!" Rapunzel happily shouted as she very unceremoniously jumped on the now recovered future Prince Consort and quite passionately kissed him as the two couples of William and Catherine and Rupert and Amanda looked on; massive tears of joy streaming down each of their faces.

"Let's go home…"

The Present…

"So, to answer your first question, Winnie, Eugene and Rapunzel, having zinged, courted the appropriate amount of time and were wedded in the most wonderful ceremony ever witnessed in Corona. Everyone who was anyone was there; from around the world."

"Awww…" Winnie and Mavis sighed. Perhaps, Winnie thought, there was someone out there for her.

"So, just as Johnny and I zinged at my 118th birthday, so too do I believe that you will meet yours as well." Mavis confidently remarked.

"Thank you, Mavis." Winnie gratefully acknowledged.

Meanwhile, while Winnie, Mavis, and Johnny were rendered speechless by the wonder of Drac's telling of perhaps the most wonderful miracle ever known, another conversation was on going aboard the Bell 206 helicopter as it returned to its home base.

"So, Anna Marie, I really wonder if there is anyone out there for me." Eugene finally stated, his voice breaking the comfortable silence.

"Eugene, I fully believe that each and every one of us has a soul mate. I am also sure that yours will materialize a whole lot sooner than you think." Anna Marie said.

"What about you?" Eugene asked.

"Yes. Even I believe that the right person is out there for me as well. Right now, however, I have you to think about and school and other interests. I do know the harder I 'look' the less likely it is that he'll show up for me. The same goes for you, also. The harder you look, the more evasive she will be."

"Thank you, Anna Marie. Let's go home." Eugene concluded as he turned towards home.

"Io Control, Corona 1, 25 miles south request vectors for approach." Anna Marie requested.

"Corona 1, Io Control, cleared direct Helipad 1, landing at your discretion upon arrival."

"Cleared direct, land at our discretion. Corona 1. You have your clearance." Anna Marie said.

"Thank you."

They flew the 25 miles in about 20 minutes and were soon back on the ground.

"I guess we can do the after landing checklist."

"Roger, after landing check list; Throttle…"

"…Idle, stabilize for two minutes."



"Radios and Lights…"




"Turbine Outlet Temperature…"


"N1 RPM…"


"Caution Light…"

"…engine out illuminated."



"Fuel boost…"





"…tied down."

"Checklist complete. I record 1.5 flight hours and one cycle. Any squawks?"

"Thank you. I confirm 1.5 hours, one cycle, and I didn't notice any issues."

"She is ready. Please Pre-flight and refuel so she is ready for our next flight." Anna Marie requested of the ground crew.

"Sure thing." Will, the crew chief replied.

The pair walked back into the palace and were soon distracted by an unusual glow from the normally darkened foyer. As they moved closer they noted an eerie purple haze.

"What is that?" Anna Marie asked.

"I don't know." Eugene replied.

As the two came upon the portrait of the Castle Lubov, a most miraculous event occurred.

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