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Author: Ally (Hafthand )

Summary: See Chapter 1

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Chapter 6: I Never Liked the Movies Anyway

' If I could

Then I would

I'll go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low

I'll go wherever you will go.'

-The Calling

So the storm had rolled in full force and someone had the brilliant idea that the Drive-in would be such a very good place to go in the pouring rain. I think it was Donna, but it really doesn't matter. The day had been crappy enough, what with the whole avoiding Jackie scenario in play. The ride to school in the morning had been totally awkward. Fez in front belting out 'Dancing Queen' and Jackie in the back quiet and reflective. Which for Jacks was certainly a change.

I spent a good part of the ride to school watching her from my mirror and wondering what I could possibly say to her. Oddly our paths did not cross that day at school and the ride home had been just Fez and I. The little minx had cheerleading practice. So we all gathered in Foreman's basement as per usual, with the added addition of Ford 'I think I am the greatest' Foreman. We had been discussing what to do in honour of such a great storm when she had walked in.

She was in her little uniform soaked to the bone, her hair plastered to her face and her tan arms. I was riveted and couldn't look away, which is why that bastard got to her first. He had wrapped her in his precious little blue sweater and led her upstairs to get some coffee. I just watched. Then Donna had suggested the Drive-in.

So here we are now spread between two cars watching, that's right you guessed it, 'Star Wars'. Like Eric would have agreed to go see anything else. Donna was trying unsuccessfully to get Eric to make out with her in his car. Kelso and Fez were sitting on Eric's hood discussing the finer points of Princess Lei, while getting soaked to the bone by the rain. That left Ford, Jackie and I, in my car. I had been secretly hoping that Ford was like his cousin and was so obsessed with Star Wars that he would be locked onto the movie. Instead he seemed to be locked onto the back of Jackie's head.

As for the goddess herself, she sat next to me staring at the movie with faked interest. The movie had begun ten minutes ago and no one had said a word. I just couldn't think of anything to say to her that I wanted that Jackass to overhear. And the thing is, I really needed to talk to Jackie. This morning had kinda weirded me out. I mean come on man, was I turning into a pussy or something. But then I remembered what she had looked like in that towel all wet and beautiful, and I could easily forgive my actions. I am after all only human.

My pity fest was interrupted by conversation. Apparently Ford had become tired of the tension filled silence and took the bull by the horns. I had missed what he had said to Jackie but when I turned to listen she was turned in her seat facing him and laughing at something witty he had said.

'Oh Ford, it isn't that bad really,' she answered him happily. Whatever he had said was forever lost to me as I saw her smile. I had to figure out some way to get rid of Ford. I needed to talk to her and I could do without his prying eyes. But how to get him-Oh wait. I got it. Oh man, it just might work.

'Jackie,' I say interrupting whatever Ford had been about to say. She turns to me shyly and looks at me from under her eyes. 'Can I get you anything? Food, drink?' I ask. Her eyes study me as if wondering if my offer is genuine, and partly filled with shock. I don't think she expected me to say anything to her for a while. But Ford was my real focus at the moment. For this plan to work he had to be just like Eric.

3,2, chivalrous gentleman. 'No Hyde, it's okay, I'll go Jackie, Popcorn and a soda okay?' And without waiting for her answer he leaps out into the rain slamming the door behind him. Hmm, actually worked. Guess I am kinda a genius.

My attention is brought back to Jackie who seems a million miles away now that we are alone. The rain is coming down hard outside and the windows are kinda foggy, yet all I care about is making sure I don't make an ass out of myself. Damn her, she is turning me into someone who cares! I figure I have ten good minutes to sort this all out before Captain America comes back. Now what should I say.

I sit staring at Stephen wondering if he is going to say anything. Ford left about two minutes ago and Stephen has just stared at me since. As if the day hadn't been awkward enough. I had tried really hard at avoiding him at school. I couldn't possibly face him before I had sorted out my thoughts. But then Donna and her stupid Drive-in idea!

My thoughts were interrupted as Hyde moved slightly. 'Listen Jackie, we need to talk.'

Great, I think to myself. Is this the part where he tells me this morning was a mistake and he just doesn't think we would be right for each other? Cause if it is, I don't think I could take it. Instead of saying anything though I let him do the talking. He glances over at me as if gauging my mood and shifts his body a little closer to mine. His arm comes around the back of my seat and his fingers just brush my shoulder as he positions his body so he is facing me. His eyes are dark behind his sunglasses and he looks at me seriously.

'About what happened this morning, I uh- I..' he trails off. So he can't think of the words huh. Well isn't that just typical of men. I allow myself to get angry and I let it show on my face. For a moment I wonder what it is exactly that I wish he would say. We are just so opposite-

'Listen,' he starts again and interrupts my thoughts. He slides a little closer and tries to catch my eyes. I allow him to and stare back at him. I can tell he notices my anger and I feel his fingers on my shoulder. I look at his hand and wonder why his contact surprises me and excites me at the same time. I shiver at his touch and wonder why I have no control over my body or emotions.

'You cold?' he asks.

'No,' I manage to whisper. I tear my gaze from his fingers and turn to face him again. He has moved again and is leaning toward me now. His knee is touching mine, and I begin to think that maybe he doesn't think this morning was a mistake. His head is level with mine and real close. Close as in invading my personal space close. Suddenly, on an impulse, I reach up and slowly slide the sunglasses off his face. His eyes lock on mine and I can feel his breath on my chin. It is warm and shallow and at that moment I don't really care what he was about to say.

He reaches over and takes his glasses from my hand slowly dragging his fingers against mine. I hear Kelso shout at Fez outside and I turn my head to look out the window. As I make sure they aren't headed this way I feel Hyde shift and suddenly his lips are by my ear, his warm breath sending warm shivers down my spine. I continue to stare out the window and Hyde whispers huskily into my ear. 'Like I was saying, about this morning.' he pauses.

'Yes?' I manage to say. His hand comes up and brushes my cheek. He drags it slowly till it is holding my chin and slowly turns my head so I am facing him. His eyes bore into mine and his fingers caress my cheek. His lips are curved in a slight smile and so very close. The tip of his nose brushes mine and his fingers at my shoulder have travelled to the small of my back. I unconsciously lean into his touch and suddenly find it hard to breathe.

'I think we were interrupted,' he whispers and my eyes get big. Before I can think his hand on my face goes to the back of my head and pulls me to him. His lips meet mine in a second and all thought has left. I feel as if my insides are melting as his tongue grazes my lower lip and I allow him to deepen the kiss. My tongue meets his in a battle and my lips grab at every breath he tries to take. I wrap my arms around his neck and dig my hands into his hair. His kisses are brutal and passionate and I accept every one of them. His hand on my back pushes me closer to him, and I slide down a little allowing him to move on top of me so we are lying down. His weight settles heavily on me but I barely notice, I am so caught up in his kiss. God the boy can kiss. I drag a hand down his back and up again as I push my hips into his. He moans into my mouth and if possible, deepens the kiss even more, all the while pushing his body against mine.

The combination of heat and desire makes me dizzy as I fumble with the bottom of his shirt. I crave contact with his skin and his shirt is in the way. As I start to lift it off he pulls his lips away from mine. A hand on mine stops the upward journey of his shirt. He is panting for air now and is staring deeply into my eyes. I look at him questionably and wonder at why he has stopped me.

'Ford,' he says huskily. And I remember the other occupant of the car.

'Damn it,' I say now filling with disappointment. I finally get Hyde where I want him and well Damn it! Suddenly Hyde sits up, opens his door, grabs my hand and pulls me out into the rain. I wonder what he is doing when he pulls me behind him. He leads me through the car park and behind the projector building. Before I can think he grabs me and pushes me into the wall. His body presses against mine and his lips meet mine hungrily. The rain falls around us cooling my body as Hyde's ministrations heat it up. My tongue dives into his mouth and I push hard against him. His moans send shivers through me and I have to feel his skin.

I rip his wet shirt over his head and grab his head forcing his lips to mine once more. His hands go to my hips and push me into him harder. It is my turn to moan and he pulls away slightly a small smile on his lips. I lick my lips and grind against him once more. His eyes darken and his lips are on mine again. His hands are playing with the bottom of my shirt and he slowly slides it up. He pushes it up and over my head and throws it to the ground next to his. I am left standing in my jeans and my bra soaking wet, my eyes are drawn to his chest and my need for him is growing.

His fingers slowly trace the outside of my bra and I arch my back into his touch. I throw my head back against the bricks and his fingers circle my nipple. I moan out as his lips meet my neck and all my thoughts are geared on why I waited so long for this to happen. Lightning crashes around us but I don't care. I just want his touch.

She is wet and warm to my touch and I can't believe my luck. Back in the car I had decided to hell with awkward and long talks. I wanted her and from the looks of things she wanted me as well. So now I have her against a wall and god is she driving me crazy. Her hips against mind send all other thoughts out the door as I nibble at her neck. I reach down and grab one of her legs and hook it behind me. I grab her other leg and do the same. He weight settles into me and I rock my body into hers earning a moan. I capture her lips again and kiss her sweet little mouth. My hands go back to her breasts and she squirms over me as I caress her.

'Stephen,' she whispers my name and her voice is heavy with want. I reach around her back and unclasp her bra, letting it fall away from her. I am thanking whatever government agency is really in charge that it is raining. It makes her skin glow and makes it slick. I glance down at her chest and her breasts are perfect. I allow my hands to grab them again and I look up at her face. She grinds against me and I notice her eyes are closed and her breathing is heavy.

She feels my eyes on her and opens her own to meet my glance. She smiles seductively at me and I am glad I grew the courage to throw talk out the window. This angel was doing things to me that no one had before. Who would have thought that a rich princess like her could drive me this wild. Not ending our eye contact, I feel her hands slide down my arms to my belt. As she starts to undo it, reality sinks in. I may be a low-life but I know how to treat a lady.

'Jackie, wait.' Her hands still and her eyes gaze at me. 'Not here, not like this, you deserve better. I-' her hand silences me as she drags it slowly over my umm, hmm fun part.

'Shut up Stephen. I am a big girl. I want this, I want you, and I want it now. We can discuss the implications later. Right now, I don't want to talk.'

I smile at this little pixie half-naked in my arms. God, maybe my luck is finally changing. 'Okay doll, just checking,' I say before capturing her lips with mine.

Back at the car:

'So I didn't know if you wanted Tab or- guys? Hello?' Ford said into the empty car. Outside he heard Fez and Kelso in the rain discussing who was better for Princess Lei, Luke or Han. From the looks of things, that conversation was going to be his only company. 'I never liked the movies anyway,' he sighed taking a sip of his soda before joining the losers out in the rain.


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