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Cassandra's screams could be heard from at least a mile away but Cooper couldn't hear them. Not as the man entered the house dragging her behind him by her hair and not as he started to brutally stab her. Then her screaming faded leaving just a carcass of skin, sinew and muscle being practically drained of blood; then just as he was told he covered Cooper in her blood and placed the knife in Cooper's dominant hand before wiping the house of his fingerprints and leaving.

The sirens woke Cooper and he panicked, dropping the knife and looking at his fiance's ravaged body on the floor; her lifeless eyes staring at the ceiling and her limbs in positions not possible for a living human. In his shock he covered her body with his trying to breathe life back into the dead woman, not fully understanding what happened. All he could manage was a sob of her name when Sargent Donovan and Detective Inspector Lestrade came up to get a feel for the crime scene. Cooper looked at the two officers from the New Scotland Yard with unknowing, pleading eyes but all they saw was a murderer and his victim.

The shrill ring of Raelyn's unsilenced mobile pierced the quiet class room, "Damn," she cursed at herself reaching for the device then looked at her professor who was now glaring at her along with the other 30 students. "Sorry," she mouthed as she went to ignore the call and turn off her phone when the name caught her eye. It was Maxwell, he never called, never. She stared at the name as her phone rang, "Max?" She asked walking out of the classroom.

"Rae, you need to come home, it's Cooper."

Raelyn was on the next flight to London, she didn't even pack. She couldn't process what had happened. How could Cooper be arrested for murdering Cassandra? She couldn't even cry. As she on the plane completely flummoxed the wheels in her head started to turn and wondered if the officers in charge would let her see any of the evidence photos. Letting out a sigh, probably not, a third year law student and sister of the accused had no place in the investigation. The long flight from Logan to Heathrow was bordering on excruciating when she landed. The dark haired girl grabbed her purse and bolted off the plane as soon as the all clear was given. She saw Max waiting for her and he looked knackered.

"Maxwell, please tell me this is you and Cooper joking," she hugged her brother tightly.

"I wish I could. Come on, Da brought in help."

The siblings left in a cab and traveled 45 minutes to Baker Street. The girl analyzed the flat, wrinkling her nose at it but saw her father's car outside then looked at Max, he nodded. "What are we doing here? I thought that we'd be down at the Yard?"

"Da called in a favor, you remember Mycroft Holmes?"

Rae rolled her eyes and laughed, "Aye, but what's that got to do with Cooper?"

Max rang the bell, "You'll see," he smiled slightly for the first time.

A spritely older woman answered the door, "You must be Raelyn," she smiled. The woman had silver grey hair, deep set brown eyes and willowy figure. Dressed in a lovely purple dress she more than likely had since she was younger it still fit her figure quite nicely. Her voice was very pleasant, almost reminding Rae of her grandmother in Ireland and carried to the upstairs flat and several more footsteps came flooding down the stairs.

"Rae," her father said with joy, pushing past Mrs. Hudson taking his youngest up. "Thank goodness you're here."

"Da, what's going on?" The tears she couldn't find earlier finally started to fall as she hugged her father.

"All will be explained," he put her down. "My apologies Mrs. Hudson just got a bit excited. Raelyn this is Mrs. Hudson."

"Pleasure," she said taking the woman's hand.

"You remember Mycroft Holmes?" Victor asked and his daughter nodded and Mycroft nodded in return. He hadn't changed in the slightest that face, slightly oval and full of arrogance. His tight lips pulled into a small smile when he saw the girl but he still bore a hole into her with his deducing eyes. Those devilish dark blue eyes in that stylish and very expensive suit he wore. Rae's father also worked for the government but he still remained mostly untouched by everything around him, unlike Mycroft or maybe it was his upbringing, the dark haired girl couldn't tell. "And this is Dr. John Watson."

"Raelyn," she extended her hand.

"Just call me John," he smiled at her as he took it and it was a very warm and genuine smile. John made her feel a bit more at ease. John had light brown hair that set off his very stunning hazel eyes and engaging and friendly face. Just a tad taller than Raelyn but he made up for it in personality. His grip strong and deft, those hands were capable of many things. Medium build which filled out his jeans and flannel quite nicely. He did have a few worry creases on his brow and around his mouth, which aged him slightly, but still he was very handsome.

"Call me Rae," she told him in return.

"Come inside for a cuppa, I'm sure you're chilled to the bone," Mrs. Hudson said whisking the girl away from John and into her kitchen. As Raelyn walked past John took in her curvy figure.

Maxwell held John back for a minute, "Don't get any ideas, Doc," he said coolly then walked into the kitchen.

"Aren't you pretty young thing," Mrs. Hudson said pouring the boiling water over a small strainer of loose leaf tea.

"Thank you," Rae said putting one sugar cube and a splash of milk in her tea.

"Yes, you've certainly gotten your mother's looks my dear," Mycroft commented.

The girl scrutinized him with her dark green eyes; it wasn't like Mycroft Holmes to compliment anyone, not that she remembered. Before she could say anything else another set of footsteps came bounding down the stairs, "How many bloody people are in this flat?" She murmured.

Max heard her and quietly laughed mouthing "Ten," as they both smiled a bit.

It was then he entered the small kitchen but everyone else seemed to vanish, even if it was momentarily. This tall and lithe man strolled in with pajamas and a robe no less with devil may care curls around his head. Striking light blue eyes with a hint of gold placed in the middle of this long face that was fitted almost perfectly together; his sharp and high cheekbones, the bow at the top of his full lips and his perfectly light skin. The man's mouth twitched into a smirk as the new arrival then glanced to Max, and then her father before his gaze landed on Mycroft.

"So she's arrived," the richness and depth of his voice brought Rae out of whatever fog she was in.