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The couple heard the scream and broke their kiss. Sherlock reacted covering Rae as the chair shattered the door hurling itself towards them. Cal advanced on them but not before Max, John and Lestrade tackled him down to the ground.

"Callum Bannister you're under arrest," Lestrade said struggling to get the handcuffs on the fighting and screaming blonde.

"I'll get you Rae, you're mine, don't forget that! YOU'RE MINE!"

"Shut up and move," Lestrade pushed him along handing him to a uniform.

"Rae," Max started as he picked up his sister.

She nodded a bit wide eyed, "I'm fine thanks ta Sherlock." The Irish girl looked at him, "Are ya alrigh'?"

The younger Holmes wiped the glass off his coat, as he smiled at her, "Never better, John we have a suspect to question."

Sherlock and John left with Lestrade leaving the Hales and Mycroft where they stood. The gears in Holmes' head were turning. New life had been put into his brain. A smile curled onto his face, partly because of the Irish girl but mostly because Cal slipped. His insane jealously of Raelyn; it was starting to make sense now. The murder couldn't have been of one of her brothers or her father no that would have driven her too far into grief. She wouldn't have been able to function if she lost another family member. No it had to be Cassandra, someone she didn't know that well but was getting to know that she cared enough for that she would come back to London. Seeing a familiar face and not wanting to bother her family with her sadness, it was almost perfect. He didn't plan for outside interference from his co-conspirators and the help her father would bring in; sloppy, indeed.

The car pulled outside the Yard and a new confident Holmes stepped out and buttoned his coat followed by John and Lestrade. Watson and Holmes were met with the same sideways glances of the other members of the Yard as Holmes strutted confidently through the office. As they walked into Lestrade's office someone was waiting for them, someone Holmes didn't expect. When Sherlock saw the white blonde hair on the frail boy his smile grew and confidence boosted tenfold.

"Andrew," Sherlock said, his deep tone resonated around the room making the already nervous boy jump out of his chair.

Andrew turned to see Sherlock followed by John and his nerves turned to fear as he saw Cal being dragged to interrogation. He stood to try and follow him but Sherlock sat him down again. The boy was shaking as he sat down looking at Holmes and Watson.

"Where are they taking Cal? Why has he been arrested?" Andrew's voice was small and just as shaky as the rest of him.

Holmes smiled as he stalked around the room and nodded to John. Watson stepped out of the office and closed the door. Sherlock stood with his arms crossed behind him and his light blue eyes fixed on Andrew. "Cal was arrested for assaulting Miss Hale and I. He's being taken to interrogation then he'll be going to prison."


"Oh yes, I'm afraid so Andrew, but perhaps you can help him," Sherlock looked at the distraught young man.

The blonde boy looked at the deductive man with tears in his eyes, "How?"

A wide grin appeared on Sherlock's face, he had him. He leaned closer to the small man, "Tell me everything that happened and I can try to convince the DI to have leniency."

Andrew sniffed and nodded, "Where do you want me to start?"

"Start with why the plan was formed," Holmes instructed.

Andrew blew out a breath, "It formed when Raelyn came back for Cooper's engagement announcement party. Cal was invited and he tried to reunite with her, why I don't understand," he said rather annoyed, but continued, "from what he told me Cooper and Max told him that she was seeing some bloke in America. He was insanely jealous, he wanted to break them up, draw her back to London. Cal and I plotted scheme after scheme but nothing seemed to pan out on paper. Then Cal said to me she'd come running back if someone died."

Holmes nodded, "How did you pick Cassandra; why not one of her brothers or her father?"

"We talked about that, a lot, plotting the deaths of her brothers. Especially Max, Cal never liked him, but I told him that she might not be responsive to his advances or affection if a close family member died. That's when we zeroed in on Cassandra, she wasn't close with Raelyn but it would bring her back because Cooper would be so distraught."

"Ah, that makes sense. How did framing Cooper become part of the plan?"

"That was Burke," Andrew grumbled.

The name was unfamiliar to Holmes, "Burke?"

"Burke Gannon, he was the hired muscle. Some Irish nutter Cal knew and had worked with before, not sure how they never told me. So instead of just poisoning her like I had planned, nice and neat, it was Burke's idea to slice her open and frame Cooper. I had never seen Cal so excited and that made me excited so I went along with it."

"That's when you drugged Cooper and Burke murdered Cassandra," Sherlock confirmed and Andrew nodded. "How did you know that Cooper would wake up when the police arrived?"

Andrew shook his head, "That was just good timing; it could have been hours after her death or minutes."

"How did the police know to arrive?"

"After Burke left he called to let us know it was done. I then called in an anonymous tip to the Yard letting them know I heard screaming coming from Cooper's house just in case no one else had reported it."

Holmes smiled, there was only one last piece to put in place then it would be over, "Andrew one last question before Lestrade comes in to detain you. Do you know who shot at Miss Hale and I at hospital?"

Andrew slowly nodded, "That was Burke. Cal had him follow you and Rae. He was only supposed to scare Rae not hurt her. Cal didn't care if you died or got hurt obviously, you were an obstacle. I'd never seen him so angry when Rae got shot, it's like he was a different person. Not the person I…" the blonde stopped suddenly embarrassed, his face turned a bright red.

Sherlock nodded, "You don't have to go any further Andrew we have enough. Although," Holmes paused slightly, "I am curious. Could you answer one final question for me?"

Andrew nodded, "Yes," he said meekly.

"You told Miss Hale that she would be fun during our first encounter with you, what did you mean?"

Andrew looked at Holmes, his dull and dark brown eyes wide, "Cal may not have wanted anyone else to hurt her, but he wanted her to suffer. We were going to keep her captive as soon as she ran back to him, keep her submissive and beat the spark out of her. We were going to use chemistry and force to do so," he looked away almost ashamed.

Holmes straightened his suit jacket, "Thank you Andrew, I'll send in Lestrade, you will have to tell him where Burke is."

Andrew nodded as tears spilled down his cheeks, he had betrayed Cal, but there was no other way. He watched Holmes walk out the door and waited for the DI to enter and give his statement again.