Vaniville Town

"A town whose flower is about to bloom."


Serena wasn't good with people. And she knew, because when she'd moved away from her last home in Unova, she hadn't even thrown a fit. She would silently obey her mother, wherever her mother had pleased to move to, her mother not finding her actions to be the least bit odd, knowing what the both of them had been through.

So what was different this time that she had to communicate with these people at her front door?

"Hey! Hi, new neighbor!" The pink girl nearly shouted in Serena's ear. Even. Though. They. Were only inches apart. And the girl wasn't actually pink. She just wore a lot of pink clothing that screamed and shouted pink. It was incredibly hard to miss.

Serena merely nodded at the girl's happy greeting. She never knew how to approach girls like her.

Serena looked to her right. There was a blue boy.

And he wasn't actually blue, mind you.

"We heard you'd just arrive days ago," he said. "Please come with us."

That was unusual. He wasn't the least bit loud compared to the girl next to him. In fact he sounded like…there was no life in him? And—what was that he said? Come with them? She'd just gotten here hours ago, not days.

These people needed to get their facts straight.

Serena blinked at him, so the boy took it upon himself to answer for her.

"We'll be waiting for you out behind the gates right there" -he pointed in a direction Serena couldn't possibly take note of- "See you soon." And he left with his annoying, monotonous voice. Just like that, without even asking her name—or telling his for that matter. He seemingly left the noisy pink girl behind too.

"So, I'll be waiting at the gates for you, okay? Don't be late!" The girl sang, and skipped out of Serena's view, leaving Serena to herself, just how everything, and the world, should be. She couldn't thank the skies enough for that. She walked back into the house, avoiding her mother and going up to her room in silence.

She flung herself on her bed, pondering her discomfort with a straight, unfazed expression. Making faces only led to even more problematic emotions, which she had learned the hard way.

Communication with others always got to her. It's just how things were, because she knew how unfair it was. She didn't know how to communicate. It was hard, so it gave Serena all the more reason to reject that boy and girl's offer.

But for some abnormal reason, deep inside her (like an abyss-deep) she had a small itching to go and meet them. One: her mother had told her there were new Pokemon around these parts. Serena had heard countless of people speak about this, and it sparked the lust for adventure in her, even though she'd tried so hard to quench it for the last few years for a number of inexplicable reasons.

And two: they…didn't seem all that bad. The boy and girl had kept talking even when she hadn't. They wanted her presence that badly. These people were nothing like the people at her old region.

How did they know she was here..?

Oh whatever. She had to go meet those two people, no matter how much her discomfort told her not to. Though it'd be a good reason to go, right? Cause if she didn't go, that pink girl and blue boy would come wandering back, and she wouldn't want that.

It'd be too much for her head to handle.