Chapter oneā€¦

In which Lucy and Molly are very different girls...

Lucy Weasley sat perfectly still with her legs crossed and her hand outstretched, in it, a small crust of bread. Nearly a month prior she had learned how to get birds to eat out of her hand. Squirrels were her new challenge. They had just begun to get used to her ever-constant presence in their home, and were no longer afraid of her, yet they still remained a good distance from her. She had spent many days just sitting on the grass, exchanging looks with the squirrels, occasionally talking to them about the books she was reading, or Louis's antics, or how unbearable her sister was sometimes. They never gave any sign of understanding. They just kept staring at her with those dark little eyes of theirs, but deep down she knew they understood, if only a little. She could still recall when the creatures that lived in her mother's withering garden had eagerly joined her on the grass, sitting on her shoulders and pecking at her fingers, lured by her bursts of childhood magic. Unfortunately, it had faded and the animals no longer came to her as easily anymore. She was too old now, and too restless from sudden change.

At the age of eleven, Lucy was not a pretty girl. Plain was a more fitting term. Her twin, Molly, had been the lucky one in the gene pool, with her dainty features, bright blue eyes, and long brown hair. She was a willowy girl, with small, pretty hands from years of piano. They were a strange thing to envy, Molly's hands, but Lucy did. Lucy had never been talented with instruments, so she had never developed those same fragile fingers. Her own were large and crooked and calloused. She had cropped hair that barely made it past her chin, dark eyes, and large cheeks that were so flushed they looked purple. Her arms were well muscled and her shoulders were broad, and she was not at all dainty in her appearance.
She watched intently as a small squirrel bounced out of one of the petunia bushes, stopping suddenly once it caught sight of the bread in Lucy's hand. It cocked its head at her and she reciprocated, not breaking their stare. It took a curious step towards her, watching her cautiously.

"It's alright," she cooed gently, "I'm just here to meet you." As if in response the squirrel crept closer, still looking skeptical.
Lucy tore the crust in half, placing one directly in front of the squirrel on the grass. She held the other in her hand, watching the squirrel carefully take the peace offering.
Slowly, she moved her hand back in front of the squirrel, revealing the piece of bread once more. The squirrel ventured towards her, more trusting this time, and reached for the bread. Lucy focused on keeping her hand steady, biting her lip in excitement. She was so close.

"Lucy!" The shrill shout pierced the calm morning air, startling the squirrel off. Lucy sighed irritably, watching it scamper back into the depths of the grey-brown bushes. With an audible 'hmph' she turned back towards her family's cottage to see Molly standing on the porch, with her hands on her hips. "Come inside. We're leaving for Diagon Alley soon and you're not even dressed yet."It was true. She had left for the garden so early that morning that she hadn't bothered to change out of her pajamas and slippers, which were now soaked with dew from the grass where she sat.

"Coming!" She called back, placing the bread on the grass before standing and jogging back towards the house where Molly fixed her with a stern look.

"What were you doing out there?" She asked, eyeing her twin suspiciously. Lucy shrugged as she pressed past her.


"What do you mean 'nothing'?"

"I mean nothing. I was just thinking if you must know." Molly pursed her lips, obviously unsatisfied with Lucy's answer, but said nothing and walked back into the house, her curls bouncing perfectly behind her. Lucy hurried after her, pushing a tangled strand of hair out of her face and climbing the stairs to her room.
It was smaller than Molly's, but not by much, with a small window seat looking out from the space beside her bed.
She quickly peeled off her damp clothes and moved to her closet, quickly pulling out an old jumper and a pair of jeans. She changed quickly and brushed her hair with a similar speed. After making it look somewhat decent she tugged on her boots and clomped back down the stairs. When she reached the kitchen where Molly was already seated at the counter, eating a piece of toast and eyeballing an envelope that sat on the other side. Lucy grabbed a box of cereal from one of the shelves and sat down beside her, fixing herself a bowl. She glanced at the envelope.

"What's that?"

"Money for Diagon Alley, I guess." She replied quietly, reaching over to it. the parcel jingled in response, cofirming her suspicions.

"Has Dad left already?" Molly nodded, taking another bite of toast.

"He left first thing this morning. Something about preparing for a conference on the new thickness of caldron bottoms." Lucy groaned in response. Molly chuckled softly.

"That sounds like hell."

"I guess it comes with the territory of being head of the department, doesn't it?" Molly said as Lucy shoveled cereal into her mouth, trying to eat as quickly as she could manage.

"Mum would've hated that." Lucy grumbled quietly. Molly froze and Lucy could feel the now familiar bitter, numbness welling in her chest. Three months prior, Audrey Weasley had left to get groceries. It had rained the night before and a thick fog blanketed everything, so visibility was low. She was hit by a car that morning, probably a scared teenager who couldn't brake in time on the slick asphalt and kept driving after hitting her, leaving her to die. A few minutes later another car arrived and called for help, but by that time she was already gone. They got the call around noon that day from a muggle police officer, recounting every aching detail, emphasizing the fact that there was nothing they could do. Percy had hung up quickly, turning to his twin daughters who were sitting on the old settee, excitedly babbling about their approaching first year at Hogwarts. Molly realized that something was wrong first, being the more perceptive of the two, but Lucy quieted down at her sister's worried expression. Percy had heaved himself into the chair beside them and wept for the rest of the day. Neither of the girls moved. They were both too confused and afraid. After the funeral he threw himself into his work, leaving early every morning and coming home absurdly late. He didn't speak much, rarely talking to the girls for more than a few minutes at a time, and he no longer joked or laughed with them like he used to. Their father had been hollowed out the day that they lost their mother.

"Please, Lucy. Can we not talk about this?" Molly whispered, wiping the crumbs of her toast off her hands. Lucy turned back to her, annoyed.

"I want to though." She snapped. "I feel like I should be able to talk to my sister about this kind of thing."

"Not now." Molly shouted in return. Lucy studied her sister. Her small hands were shaking.

"Fine." She replied bitterly. Molly straightened up, composing herself.

"It's about time to leave.' She said, her voice still shaking slightly, but mostly calmed. She quickly got up and walked to the den, her polished black shoes tapping on the hardwood. Lucy paused before following her, staring down at her unfinished bowl of cereal. She hadn't been that hungry anyways. She pulled herself to her feet and joined her sister. Molly studied her from where she stood beside the fireplace, scrunching her nose."What're you wearing?" She asked, rather disgusted as her eyes landed on the boots that she hated so much.

"What're you wearing?" She asked, rather disgusted as her eyes landed on the boots that she hated so much.

"Clothes." She answered shortly. "Same as you."

"Well, are you ready to go? Did you grab the money Dad gave us for school supplies?" She asked, a little exasperated.

"Yes." Lucy nodded, grabbing her coat from the chair it was tossed over. Molly grabbed a generous handful of floo powder from the small box on the mantle, tossing it into the fireplace, causing the flames to roar an outrageous green.

"The burrow!" Molly called, leaping into the fire. Lucy followed suit, listening the fire crackle. She glanced quickly up at the mantle, spotting the old family photo there. They were all there: Percy, Molly, Lucy, and Audrey. Audrey. She and Molly were almost identical nowadays. Lucy's eyes stung and she blinked away the thought, quickly throwing her fistful of powder into the fire.

"The burrow." She called, leaping in after it.

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