Born of the Sea, Adopted by the Night

Summary: The Olympians decide to kill Percy and then throw his soul in Tartarus, Poseidon protects Percy by convincing Nyx to mark him as vampire. How will a powerful demi-god...who just so happens to be the oldest third former EVER fit in at the House of Night?

Timing: Begins after the Heroes of Olympus series and before Marked

Rating: T


Poseidon couldn't believe this was happening, he knew that Zeus was paranoid but still. Zeus had convened a last minute session of the god council solely to complain about Percy. Zeus was enraged that Percy had refused immortality AGAIN and had demanded, that's right a mortal had dared to DEMAND something of the gods, that they honor their promise to free the non-violent titans like Calypso who had done nothing but be born as Atlas' daughter. After ranting about Percy for a good half hour at least, Zeus had put Percy's fate up to a vote of the council. Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes, Hades and Hestia had voted nay but the others had voted to kill him and since they had the majority, Percy had been sentenced to death and afterward Tartarus.

Some of them Poseidon had to admit honestly did not surprise him, he knew that Ares had hated Percy ever since he defeated him back when he was twelve, or Athena, who hated Percy because he was Poseidon's son, one had to the think that the goddess of WISDOM of all people would be smart enough to not judge people based on who their parents were but apparently not. Artemis' vote had surprised him, Percy had saved her when she had been captured by Atlas but apparently not even that was good enough for Artemis...she was such a hypocrite, she constantly complained that men mistreated and looked down on women while ignoring the fact that she did the exact same thing to men.

Poseidon was desperate to protect his favorite son, he could take him under the sea and protect him in the heart of his realm but if he did that it would almost certainly lead to war and although Poseidon would risk it if he had absolutely had to; he would prefer not to have to do that. The Ancient laws provided him with a way to save Percy's life WITHOUT risking war but only if Nyx agreed to do it.

However Nyx was a primordial, she did not live on Olympus, getting in contact with her was difficult at best, Iris messages didn't work, even Iris couldn't find Nyx. Poseidon had decided that his best chance was to have her find him and so he had gone to Nyx's temple on San Clemente and stood before the altar. There was no law that said gods could not enter the temples of other immortals, it just was not something they did. Poseidon knew that Nyx would sense his presence and hoped that she would come to investigate.

For a moment nothing happened but then Poseidon felt a powerful presence materialize behind him. He turned and to his relief saw Nyx standing there

"Poseidon, what brings you to my temple?" she asked. There was no anger or malice in her tone, only curiosity.

"I need your help" Poseidon began

Nyx raised an eyebrow but said nothing, she simply waited for Poseidon to continue.

"It's my son Percy, the others have sentenced him to death and eternal punishment"

"Why?" Nyx asked

Poseidon's face grew stormy "Officially for disrespect, mockery and treason against the gods. All he actually did was tell them that it was wrong for them to imprison titans like Calyspo simply because of who their parents were."

"And to Zeus' mind that was no doubt a cardinal sin. After all he is king of the gods and therefore can NEVER be wrong" Nyx responded

Poseidon nodded

"So you want your son safe...I sympathize but I do not see where I come in" Nyx said

"The ancient laws say that vampires belong to you and no god can do or even say anything to them without your permission. They also state that you cannot mark any demi-god without permission from their immortal parent. As Percy's father, I am ASKING you to mark him as your's the only way to save him without throwing the world into other war between the gods." Poseidon explained

"You realize that even if I do mark him, his body may reject the change and he could die anyway?" Nyx questioned

Poseidon nodded "I know, I also know if that happens the ancient laws state that when he dies he will go to your otherworld and not Hades' underworld, either way it is better than suffering for eternity in Tartarus...particularly when there are dozens of monsters there who would LOVE the chance to make his existence there even more painful."

"Very well, Percy is old to be newly marked but in this case I will make an exemption. He is a very good person, few would have denied the chance for immortality and instead used that wish to request that things get better for others."

Poseidon looked at her surprised

Nyx smiled a sly smile "Just because I am not an Olympian does not mean that I do not know what goes on at your councils. I know that Percy refused immortality twice and each time asked instead for the Olympians to be kinder to other people, first by claiming all of their children and secondly for mercy for the peaceful titans. Percy does not deserve the cruel fate that he has been sentenced too. Poseidon, I will grant your request and mark Percy as one of my vampires. I will also allow you to remain in touch with him...I know what it is like not to be able to interact with your children. I consider myself very lucky if I am able to manage a few minutes with my Hemera, usually all we can do is a quick hi and bye at dawn and dusk. I won't do that to you."

"Thank you, Nyx! Thank you so much!" Poseidon said feeling as though the sky had been taken off his shoulders.

Then both immortals vanished...none of the vampires living on the island knew that either of them had ever been there or that history was about to made.

AN: Yes, I know that the Nyx we met in the Heroes of Olympus is VERY different from the Nyx we see in the House of Night series and here in this chapter, I do have a way of explaining that and it will be revealed later.