AN: Some of you may have heard of my sorting's for Hetalia, well I just haven't felt like doing any more lately. But I found myself yesterday really wanting to sort some princess (and eventually other Disney peeps). So since I felt up to it, I decided why not and went with it.

For those of you not familiar with my previous sortings, I'll fill you in on a little insight of how I do it. I use J.K. Rowling's official Pottermore cite to test each character anywhere from 1-10 times. After I so a little research on said character, for Disney I'll be using the official Disney Wikia as well as my own knowledge of all the characters movies. Trust me I take this really seriously. XD So this is likely as official of a Hogwarts sorting as you'll get for all of our childhood friends. For I assure you if I find a princess in Slytherin or a villain in Gryffindor I shall post it. I also well like to fill you in I may post Jack Frost or Hiccup eventually or other Non/Disney characters, in the future for fun.

Now on to Snow White, I chose her first for multiple reasons. The main being she's the first Disney Princess and movie ever created, so I felt obligated to place her first. Also I wanted to do a princess. ^^ She unsurprisingly wasn't that hard even her wand questions (which I will not post unless asked). Random fact about her it is listed under her dislikes she fears the dark. Anyways I'll post Cindy next following the princess order as always comment please.

Snow White

Questions the Hat asked:

1. How do you want to be known throughout history?

A. The Wise B. The Good C. The Great D. The Bold

2. If you were in an enchanted garden what would draw your attention to examine first?

A. A sliver leafed tree with golden apples. B. Fat red toadstools that appear to be talking to each other. C. A bubbling pool, with something luminous lurking at the bottom. D. A statue of an old wizard with a twinkling eye.

3. Which would you rather be?

A. Liked B. Feared C. Envied D. Imitated E. PraisedF. Trusted

4. If you could have any power, which would you chose?

A. To speak to animals B. To change appearance at will. C. Super strength. D. To be able to read minds E. Invisibility F. The ability to change the past

5. Which road tempts you most?

A. Cobbled street lined with ancient buildings. B. Wide, sunny, grassy lane. C. A narrow, dark lantern lite ally. D. A twisting leaf strewn path, through the woods.

6. Moon or Stars


7. Left or Right


The Results ^^

Actual Age: 14

House Chosen by the Hat: Hufflepuff (No Surprise XD I believe everyone saw that coming.)