AN: I chose to do Peter Pan this time and honestly I'm not one bit surprised by his results. He got 3/3 sortings for the house listed below and I'm sure you can guess which one. I will say I chose Secrets of the Castle over Flying because of his adventurous spirit and the fact I feel in-verse he'd already know how to fly. Though I will say even if you feel he'd have picked flying over Secrets, then the good news is he would still not be in a different house because flying is usually a Gryffindor answer. On his wand questions I couldn't decide his fear, so I listed both cores depending on the two answers I felt he'd likely pick. You decide which one seems right, feel free to comment and if enough people do I might make the wand wood chosen official.

Peter Pan

Questions the Hat asked:

1. What would you most hate people to say about you?

A. Cowardly B. Ignorant C. Selfish D. Ordinary

2. What instrument pleases your ear?

A. Trumpet B. Violin C. Drums D. Piano

3. Which would you rather be?

A. Liked B. Feared C. Envied D. Imitated E. Praised F. Trusted

4. What at Hogwarts are you most looking forward to learning?

A. Apparition and Disappartion B. Transfigureation C. Flying D. Hexes and Jinxes E. Care of Magical Creatures F. Secrets about the Castle G. Everything

5. Which road tempts you most?

A. Cobbled street lined with ancient buildings. B. Wide, sunny, grassy lane. C. A narrow, dark lantern lite ally. D. A twisting leaf strewn path, through the woods.

6. Moon or Stars


7. Heads or Tails


Questions Olivander asked:

What is you height for your age? - Average height

Eye color-Brown

What do you most value in yourself? - Determination

Which path would you take, one to the ocean, the forest, or the castle? - Castle

What do you most fear?- Isolation or Small Spaces (You pick which result fits, below.)

If you could only take one object from the chest which would you take? –Dagger (Note options where, dagger, shining jewel, one black glove, empty bottle, key, mirror, and scroll)

The Results ^^

Actual Age: 13

House Chosen by the Hat: Gryffindor

Wand: Sycamore with a Phoenix Core at 12 1/2 inches, reasonably supple


If you feel he'd pick small spaces then he'd have a dragon core.