Bullets To Bottles

By: El Chacal

Summary: Set after the end of S6. In the wake of tragedy, deals are struck and a Son runs for his life and salvation.

Disclaimer: Apart from the OCs and the story idea, everything else that belongs to Kurt Sutter belongs to Kurt Sutter. No infringement is being made nor am I making money off of this. OK? Are we clear? Good.

A/n: This is an alternate universe story. There will be some parallels between this story and the show. If you don't like it, go read something else. Don't shoot down my story in the reviews please. BTW, there will be a vague connection between this story and my other one called Bereavement, which is a BwE/SoA crossover.

"How long before they get here, Lino?" Coyote asked. It had been a long ride from New York and Chicago for the SAMYORK Secretary and the SAMCAGO Sgt. at Arms so both were wondering why Bobby from SAMCRO was calling them down to Indian Hills, Nevada. Jury welcomed them and helped them settle in as they waited. "Relax, Coyote. If they were understanding enough to meet here instead of California, SAMCRO is not going to start anything."

Coyote nodded in acknowledgment to his Chicagoan brother in arms.

"Looks like they're here." Lino said, pointing over to the bearded Bobby who walked into the clubhouse with Rane Quinn, Montez, Hopper and West.

Bobby, along with the Nomad President and the three recent transfers to SAMCRO, greeted the New Yorker and the Chicagoan with brotherly embraces before they sat down. Before they started talking, Coyote waved over one of the sweet butts. "Kaitlin, bring us over a bottle of Bacardi Gold and 7 shot glasses please." The woman had dark hair, fair skin and a pair of perky double G breasts stuffed into a tight tank shirt and a pair of shorts that emphasized her round ass and toned thighs.

"Sure thing, Coyote." Kaitlin said with a wink as she sauntered to the bar. Bobby smirked. "You sure know how to make yourself at home, don't you, Coyote?"

"Naw. She hasn't tried her luck. She has been respectful and hospitable since Lino and I got here. Kaitlin knows that Lino and I got Old Ladies back home."

"Besides, Kaitlin's got nothing over Gloria and Angie." Lino said, getting a laugh from Coyote, Quinn, Bobby and the others.

After bringing over the rum and shot glasses, Kaitlin kissed Coyote on the cheek and whispered something into his ear before walking away.

"Do you know what happened?" Quinn asked.

Coyote and Lino shook their heads. "Jax's Old Lady died a few days ago." The Nomad President replied grimly. "The doctor?" Lino asked. Montez nodded. "Yeah. Teller's still grieving about it."

"Do you guys have any suspicions?" Coyote asked. He once saw her in Chicago but not so well that they spoke together. So having done the math in his head, she was still young.

Hopper shook his head. "We got nothing."

"Where is he now?" Coyote asked, imagining that things could not get any worse.

"He's in federal prison, serving out a sentence that might end in 7 years if he's lucky or will end only after 25 years. Jax made the big sacrifice play for us and his kids." Coyote winced. He could not recall a time in either Chicago or New York where the president went to jail to save the club.

"New York and Chicago sends their deepest condolences to Jax and his kids." Coyote said before diving right into business. "Why ask us to come all the way out here to Vegas?"

"With everything going on in California, we thought to get away from NorCal for a while." Bobby said. "We hear that Chicago and New York are making serious bank with importing from Canada, Europe and Cuba along with your blind pigs around town for distribution. SAMCRO is thinking about getting in on it."

"Do you have any stable business and residential fronts that you can use for the speaks?"

"There are some places in Lodi and Stockton we got that can be useful."

Just as Coyote was about to ask what they were planning to order, his prepaid cell phone rang. Excusing himself from the conversation, Coyote walked outside and answered the phone.

"Hello? Hey. It's been a long time. Yeah. Angie's good. The girls are growing up to be as beautiful as their mother. What's up with you?" Coyote listened for a few minutes and said, "Do not make me regret this." Hanging up, Coyote cursed under his breath before going back inside. Rejoining the conversation, Lino brought Coyote up to speed. SAMCRO wanted 5 cases of Irish whiskey from Dublin and 5 cases of rum from Havana to be brought from New York to Charming. Chicago was ready to bring down the same number of crates in rye and scotch from Canada and Scotland to Charming.

"SAMYORK will be more than ready to deliver. All the same, if SAMCRO wants in on this business, I have some conditions that are crucial to its success or failure."

"What are they?" Bobby asked.

"A SAMCRO member of my choosing will transfer from the Redwood Original to the New York Crew."

"You sound like you already have one in mind." Quinn said, knowing not to inquire right away.

"Yes, Quinn, I do." Coyote said to the Nomad President before turning back to Bobby. "With Jax in the hoosegow, who holds rank in Charming?"

"Bobby holds the gavel in NorCal." Hopper said, answering the question for Quinn, who nodded in confirmation. Coyote looked at him and said, "The member I choose for the transfer is not to be harmed in any way."

Coyote wrote down the name of the member on a napkin and slid it over to the interim President of SAMCRO, who looked at it and then at him. "You sure about this?"

"If he's alive and well, we are in business. If not, you can always take a chance trucking tequila and mezcal from Mexico."

Bobby chuckled. "I was read up on you, kid. You've done good by the club but don't forget who you're talking to."

"I got all the respect in the world for you, Bobby. It's SAMCRO that I do not have much faith or confidence in."

Seeing how things were going south, Quinn interjected. "Coyote, Lino, there is something I want to discuss with you. Members from the Nomad charter heard about the things going on up North and in the Midwest. They're looking to sell their American-made Moonshine in Chicago, Philly and New York."

"Who's looking to sell and to where?" Coyote asked.

"Swamp Man wants to sell in Chicago. Snake Doctor wants to reach out from Laurel County to Philly. Sharky & Iron Man want to expand from Tallahassee to New York. Legit shine is their business and they're all thinking of getting into it. I talked with Harris in Chicago and Albino in New York. They say the two of you are their best at dealing with importation and setting up distribution. What do you say?"

Coyote and Lino looked at each other silently before they shook hands with Bobby and Quinn. "It's a deal."

"We'll get your guys squared away once we got Lodi and Stockton wrapped up in a pretty bow." Coyote said as he poured 7 half shots of rum and handed them out to SAMCRO, Quinn, Lino and himself. With their glasses raised, they toasted their new business arrangement.

"Coyote, if you are serious about who you want running point between SAMCRO and SAMYORK, you and Lino should bet in church when we put it to a vote."

"Since we're going to be working in Lodi and Stockton, it makes sense." Coyote said. "We'll talk more about it at church. Keep us up to speed with the place and time."

Once Bobby, Quinn, Hopper, Montez and West had left, Lino looked to Coyote and asked, "What was with recruiting from the Redwood Original, Coyote?"

"I got my reasons for doing this, Lino. I just hope it doesn't end up costing me more than I think it will." Coyote said grimly.

While Chucky and Brooke were closing up the shop, Juice was smoking a joint in the corner booth. Considering the mess he had to clean up with Gemma, he really needed to unwind. Brooke walked up to Juice and put a bowl of jelly beans in front of him. The kind glance in her eyes was non-judgmental and a welcome change to the looks of disdain and suspicion he seemed to see looking at him from the other Sons. "Thanks, Brooke."

In his haze, Juice did not notice Chibs and Bobby walk into to the candy shop until they walked right up to his booth and sat down across from him.

"What's going on, guys?" He was so mellowed from the weed that fear was almost non-existent as the two officers sat down in front of him.

Chibs said nothing while he lit his own cigarette, his eyes burning a hole right through Juice. Bobby decided to start the conversation off. "Just got back from a meeting at Indian Hills with Coyote from New York and Lino from Chicago."

Juice put up a surprised expression, praying it would be believable. "Coyote? How's he been?"

"Pretty good. He and Lino agreed to set up importation from New York and Chicago to Charming. They're coming to Charming to help us get started with speaks in Stockton and Lodi." Bobby said objectively.

"Coyote had some conditions." Chibs said while, in his mind at least, trying to figure out what Coyote's end game was.

"What kind of conditions?" Juice asked timidly.

"He wants you to transfer up to the New York Crew." Chibs said directly.

Of all the things it could have been, that was the one Juice never saw coming. His jaw dropped when he heard that and the joint slipped out of his mouth. Bobby picked it up, closed Juice's mouth and put it back in.

"Aye, Juicy. He wants you to run point for every shipment from SAMYORK to SAMCRO." Chibs said.

"Why me? What do I know about liquor?"

"I wondered the same thing. Why you? Not only did he want you to transfer, he wants you healthy and alive." Chibs said, mystified at how many times Juice was slipping the noose. "We're having church on Friday night to vote on your transfer along with our expansion into booze. Coyote and Lino will be there in person. Get yourself cleaned up by then, Juice."

With that, Chibs and Bobby left Juice with his thoughts.

Within the time they had, Coyote and Lino helped set up the Stockton and Lodi speaks without much trouble. Since her retirement from active service, Collette Jane had no reservations of having a speak underneath her escort service and massage parlor. The one in Lodi required some work but after running out the dope fiends and peddlers, they were able to set one up behind a billiards hall. Coyote was insistent on operating times and when the lights could be kept on since they would have to siphon power from the city's main source without drawing unwanted attention from the authorities. With Barosky's help, they were able to find club-friendly health inspectors who would help keep them up to code.

For the whole time Coyote and Lino were in town, Juice never spoke to them directly or even saw them. It was only on Friday night when they arrived at Scoops 'n Sweets when he came face to face with them. The Sergeant at Arms from Chicago looked at Juice indifferently. It was different though with the Secretary from New York, who embraced him as a brother. "Coyote." Juice said solemnly.

"Hello, Juice." Coyote spoke to him warmly and looked at him with kindness.

Juice nodded silently before Tig interrupted. "It's time. Let's go."

Upstairs, Coyote and Lino were met by Brooke and Chucky who each held a box. "Cell phones and other electronic items in here. You'll get them back after church." Tig instructed.

After leaving their cell phones and iPods outside with Brooke and Chucky, Lino and Coyote joined Quinn and Tig inside with the rest of SAMCRO. While Juice sat in his usual chair, the visiting members (Quinn, Coyote, Lino) sat in chairs at the foot end of the table with Coyote at Quinn's left and Lino at Quinn's right.

Bobby and the rest of SAMCRO, though they did their best to stay on point, were rocked by the discovery of Gemma and Unser's bodies in the trailer on the TM lot. Since then, business at Teller-Morrow had slowed to a halt. If they didn't get it back up and running, they would have to start selling candy and ice cream at Scoops 'n Sweets to cover expenses. The only thing they knew about the crime was that it happened hours after Tara's murder. What they did not know, what was not disclosed by the Sheriffs Department, was that the murder weapons were found underneath the trailer.

"Tonight, we got members of the Chicago, New York and Nomad charters with us today. First order of business: After some deliberation and having reached out to Albino in New York and Harris in Chicago, SAMCRO is going into booze. Chicago and New York have both profited from speakeasies in their respective territories along with importing goods from up north, down south and across the pond." Bobby motioned to the end of the table to acknowledge the visiting Sons. "On that, I want to thank Lino from Chicago and Coyote from New York for helping us get set up in Lodi and Stockton. Today, we have one in each town. In the future, if things get better, we might have 10 or more in each town."

The rest of the Redwood Original pounded the table in applause and thanks to the Chicagoan and the New Yorker.

"The next order of business tonight concerns a member of SAMCRO. In hopes of pushing through with the importing business, SAMYORK is calling for a member of the mother charter to transfer to the New York Crew. Reached out to Albino yesterday and he signed off on it."

Happy was more than surprised. "Who are you sending up, Bobby?"

"That's what I'm going to bring up to a vote now, Hap." Bobby said, looking to each member as if he were about to pick one out from the table on the spot. The moment his eyes locked on Juice's, Bobby then looked to the others and said, "All in favor of Juice transferring out of SAMCRO and becoming a member of SAMYORK?"

Tig and Happy hesitated for a moment but they said Yay. Hopper, Montez and West did not really know Juice well enough to hesitate about it so they said Yay. Chibs simply said Yes and walked out of church. Rat Boy looked at Juice and said, "Looks like you're going home to the Big Apple, Juice. Yay." Bobby then sealed the majority vote with a slam of the gavel. "Coyote, you got your Son."

Coyote walked up to Juice, extracted a sharp stiletto knife from his cut and handed it to Juice. "Say Adios to the RO and California patches, Juice."

Juice seemed to stall for a moment before he took the blade and cut the California bottom rocker and the Redwood Original patches from his cut.

After church, Coyote and Lino did not stick around to have a drink or a bite. They quickly took Juice to his house, where he quickly packed his clothes and other personal effects. The rest was left behind.

Lieutenant James Ramsey, the interim successor to the late Eli Roosevelt, arrived and immediately went to work on looking at the crime scene photos and getting the lay of the land when the results came in from forensics and ballistics.

The bullet pulled from the body of Wayne Unser matched the Smith & Wesson Triple Lock revolver and the bullet taken from the body of Gemma Teller Morrow came from the Webley Mk VI revolver. They now had murder weapons. The fingerprints they found on the grips and triggers gave them their culprit.

Juan Carlos Ortiz.

Jax's mind was already turbulent with the last thing he saw before being taken away by the feds as well as everything going on outside the walls of the prison he was now confined to for the next 7 to 25 years, including the well being of his sons.

It was times that these that he could not imagine things getting any worse and then finding out that things could get worse. The news about his mother's murder as well as Unser's murder struck him hard because there was no one left to stand as legal guardian for Abel and Thomas.

That was until Wendy showed up to visit him with some paperwork. When he asked why she planned what she did, the only response from her was, "This is probably the only right thing I have ever done. It's not for me or you. It's for Abel and Thomas. Make sure those fellas are here to sign off on it."

That would be the last time he would speak to Wendy Case. Two days later, she would be found somewhere in Tacoma. The autopsy would read accidental drowning when she fell asleep in the bathtub after taking two sleeping pills with a two finger shot of Captain Morgan rum.

At the same time her autopsy was performed, Chibs and Happy visited Jax. Condolences were given before Jax was brought up to speed on what happened on the outside.

"Bobby is getting into liquor?" Jax asked. "What brought that up?"

"He looked at Chicago and New York. Between them, he thought we could do just as well as they could." Chibs said. "With everything that's going on, if that doesn't pan out, we might have to actually work in the candy store to earn legit money." Jax chuckled a bit at the idea of Tig looking like some deranged ice cream man behind the counter.

"They helped set up a blind pig or two here and there. We had to make a move to earn something until we can reopen Teller Morrow Auto Repair." Happy said.

Though it was not said out loud, Jax sensed that there was something else they were not saying. "I heard there was a fire. A brother's house burned down. Is he alright?" Despite what he was saying, there was not much concern for the Son in question and Chibs felt the same way.

"No one got harmed." Chibs said. "Who visited?" Jax asked.

"Family from New York and Chicago." Chibs said.

Jax said nothing in response to it as he passed to Chibs and Happy the paperwork left behind by Wendy Case. Looking through them, Chibs and Happy were surprised to find that they each were named godfathers to Abel and Thomas. "I trust the both of you with my life. Now I'm trusting you with the lives of my boys. Can you bear that weight, brothers?"

"With our lives, Jackie." Chibs said while Happy nodded silently.

"Good. Now that we have that out of the way, was it Frank and Al that stopped by?" Jax asked, referring to SAMCAGO President Albert 'Al' Harris and Frank 'Albino' Nerta, the newly appointed SAMYORK President.

"Harris sent his right hand and Albino sent his bookworm." That was code for the Sgt. at Arms and the Secretary. Jax instantly knew who it was that got Juice out from under his thumb.

"They are not up to speed with what happens in California." Chibs said as he and Happy waited for Jax's response.

"My mom once tried to move a plant from a nursery to natural soil once. It went into shock and died because it could not adapt to being back out in the open. It probably had something to do with it's roots being put into unfamiliar soil." Chibs and Happy knew exactly what was being told to them.

A/n: In case anyone is wondering, SAMCAGO is the abbreviated title for Chicago SoA. It's the best I could come up with and it's better than SAMCHI.