Bullets To Bottles chapter 7

They were out of the line of fire but there were a long way from New York. Because he was still recovering from the beating he took in Chicago, the long ride began to take its toll on Coyote. So they had to pull over in Philadelphia and spend the night at SAMPHIL's clubhouse.

Juice watched from the doorway of Coyote's room as Mercy redressed his bandages. "Rest easy, Coyote. I know that's tough for you but if you don't, you're not going to get better. I'll get some of the girls to bring you something." After getting a busty blonde sweet butt to bring Coyote some food to eat and a bustier brunette sweet butt to bring him a drink, knowing that the two women would put on a sex show to distract Coyote without having to lay him, Mercy walked over to the bar where she met up with Juice.

With a good shot of rum rushing down their throats, the adrenaline in their system after running like hell across the state line cooled down. Mercy looked at Juice and asked, "If you do get to New York, you'll be the one to tell Coyote's Old Lady why her man is recovering from injury, right?"

Juice nodded. "Are you going to tell her?" Mercy asked.

When Juice refused to answer, Mercy said, "Coyote's on the mend from a beating meant for you. I don't know much about MCs but I imagine that the Sons of Anarchy are not known for their ability to forgive and forget."

"No. We are not famous for that." Juice said as he drank his shot of rum before calling for a beer chaser. "Then you'd better hope Coyote can recover fast before he gets home. Angie will not be happy about seeing her man come home with a broken body."

The sound of the clubhouse doors opening caught their attention immediately. Mercy and Juice turned around and there at the doorway stood Sam 'Sharky' Voorhees and Vincent 'Iron Man' Valentine but it was the sight of Scarecrow and Demon that put Juice on the verge of panic. Scarecrow and Demon whispered something to Iron Man, who nodded silently before talking to Blaine, the SAMPHIL president, who pointed to Coyote's room.

While Iron Man went to talk with Coyote, Sam sat down at the bar next to Juice and Mercy. The former USMC Force Recon Captain and former Sergeant at Arms for the Tallahassee SoA crew looked at him with Scarecrow at his left and Demon sitting right next to Mercy.

A minute later, the two busty women came out from Coyote's room, fully clothed and adjusting their tops. Whatever was going on, it was important enough for Iron Man and Coyote to send them away.

"Scarecrow and Demon told me about Psycho throwing a beating on a Son in Chicago. Know anything about it?" Sam asked.

"I wasn't there when it happened. Only learned about it after getting back. Psycho really lives up to his name."

"If that were the case, Juice, Coyote would be dead and I'd have to pay a condolence call to Angie." Sam looked at Juice and said, "I've known Coyote since the day he was patched in at the age of 18. Why is it that he is the walking wounded and you're standing upright without so much as a limp?"

Juice could not get it up in him to answer. Instead, he just said, "How much do you know?"

"Coyote's a good kid. Got a bigger heart than most of us do. Sooner or later, he'll have to learn the tough lesson we all had to." Sam said as he got up from the bar with his beer. "Fellas, let me know when he gets here." Sharky said to both Scarecrow and Demon.

So while both Nomad Sons sat with Juice and Mercy, Sharky walked into Coyote's room where the New York Son had just finished talking with someone on the phone.

The look on Coyote's face told the whole story. He just discovered something that broke his heart. Iron Man had given him a double shot of Lime Surprise to take the edge off. "SAMCRO was read in on what happened by a witness who saw it happen. They relayed the intel to Rane and he told Coyote everything."

"What happened?" Sharky asked. "Juice killed Jax's mom and that police chief back in Charming." Iron Man said directly but not harshly.

Sharky looked Coyote in the eye and said, "You thought you were helping out a brother in need. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is that the guy you were helping was lying to you."

Sharky then asked the most important question of all. "What are you going to do now, Coyote?"

Out in the Rec Room, sat in between Scarecrow and Demon, Juice felt like a porterhouse steak thrown in between two hungry wolves. He was all alone after Mercy decided to go out on the town, having heard of the famous Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. That had been a long hour ago.

Then they both said something that made Juice almost drop a log right there in the bar.


Juice looked at the mirrored back of the bar wall and saw in the reflection Rane Quinn enter the clubhouse. Tommy Moran, Psycho, Swamp Man and Snake Doctor followed behind the Nomad President.

Juice watched as Rane walked up to Blaine, spoke to him for a few moments and then walked in the direction of Coyote's room. Snake Doctor, Swamp Man, Psycho and Tommy looked at Juice for a moment as they followed their President along with Scarecrow and Demon to Coyote's room.

An hour had passed. No one had left the room.

Before he could get up from his bar stool, Juice got a text message on his phone. The number was Mercy's.

The message was from Nero Padilla.

Juice felt panic shoot through him not just because Padilla wanted his head on a stick but because he got someone else in trouble without meaning to. Taking a long swallow of his beer, Juice walked to Coyote's room. Before his fist hit the door, it opened.

Juice saw every Nomad, save for one, surrounding Coyote, blocking the SAMYORK Secretary from sight. "What do you want, Juice?" Swamp Man asked.

"A while ago, Mercy, the girl I was with a minute ago, went out. She didn't come back. Then I got a message on my phone. Mercy got jumped by a former gangbanger that worked with SAMCRO a while back. He's called me out."

Swamp Man looked at the message. "Go out to your bike. Get your shit together. We're riding out tonight."

Without waiting for a response, Swamp Man closed the door on Juice's face.

Swamp Man joined the other Nomad Sons, handed Coyote the phone and asked, "What do you think?"

After reading the message on the cell phone, Coyote asked, "Who is most capable of tattoo removal?"

All of the Nomads raised their hands in the air.

"Who is capable of not accidentally killing someone right away?"

Everyone but Scarecrow and Demon lowered their hands immediately.

Coyote then told them what he had in mind while Quinn laid out the tactical layout for how it would all work out.

Outside the clubhouse, Juice was met by Scarecrow, Demon, Snake Doctor and Swamp Man. "If you're serious about saving Mercy, you'll need our help."

It took all his self control to not speed up or get left behind as Juice rode down the road with two Nomad Sons at his front right and left while two other Nomad Sons flanked his right and left from the rear.

At the factory, Swamp Man and Snake Doctor opted to go around the back while Scarecrow and Demon followed behind Juice.

Walking inside, they made their way through the catacombs of the building until they got to the production line where Mercy was at the mercy of Nero Padilla, who opted to bind her hands from behind.

The look on Nero's face told more than any number of words could. This was a man who had nothing left. He didn't even seem to complain that Juice had backup.

"How did you know where I was?"

"Homie, I always knew where you were since the minute you left New Orleans, I knew where you were. I just thought I'd do to you what you and your pinche club did to me."

"What did I..."

"Don't pull that shit on me, Juice! I know you killed Gemma! It's bad enough I lost most of my family just from working with the MC but then you go and kill her."

"Juice, is he talking about Teller's mama?" Scarecrow asked.

Demon gritted his teeth to try and reign in his desire to pop Juice's head with his bare hands.

"I was sick and tired of them using me to do all their shit. I didn't want to but it was the only way I could get back in with the club."

"Dominique? The one you killed in the cabin? Did that get you back in? Did the shit just stop there?" Nero was clearly asking rhetorical questions, meaning that he already knew the answers.

Scarecrow and Demon had their guns aimed at Nero. "We're here for the girl, Nero. She has nothing to do with whatever's between you and Juice." Scarecrow said while Demon moved towards Mercy and got her off the conveyer belt. When he got a look behind her, Demon was surprised at what he saw.

An open cell phone. Someone on the other end of the line was listening in and heard everything.

Just then, as if they just appeared out of thin air, the other Nomads appeared, having made their way in while Nero and Juice were talking. Sharky, Iron Man, Psycho, Tommy and Rane Quinn surrounded Nero and Juice.

Quinn looked at Nero and Juice before looking at his watch. "Padilla, if you have to squash your beef with Juice, you got 2 minutes. That's all we're giving you. After that, we pull ya off him."

With that, Nero charged at Juice, who tried to get away only to have Demon and Tommy throw him backwards right into a right hook that floored him. Nero picked Juice up and kneed him in the abdomen followed by an elbow to his upper back.

Juice hit the floor, reeling from the blows Nero was dealing. When Nero tried to pull him up, Juice landed a good punch to Nero's face, stunning him momentarily. This allowed Juice to throw right and left hooks at Nero's abdomen. One forearm to the lower back was enough to floor Juice long enough for Nero to pick him up off the ground, over his head and then slam him down on to the conveyer belt of the production line.

In a split second, Nero was pulled back and restrained by Swamp Man and Snake Doctor.

In an office high above the production line, Coyote looked at the desk somberly as he weighed his options. At his right was his Thompson submachine gun with a 50 round drum loaded with .45 ACP rounds. At his left was his 12 gauge Rossi Overland cut down shotgun. In between both weapons sat a cell phone that allowed him to hear everything that Juice was saying to the Nomads and Nero Padilla.

Gory looked at Coyote as he sat at the armchair, looking at his choices for delivering mayhem.

"Both can do the job, Coyote, but one is faster. How soon do you want Juice to check out?"

Coyote was about to answer when he heard Juice's screams. Taking a glance through the observation windows, he watched as Demon, Scarecrow and Iron Man were scraping every drop of ink off Juice's upper body.

Gory gave Coyote a shot of Lime Surprise that Sharky brought over from Tallahassee. "You'll need some of this."

"I'm probably going to need more later." Coyote said, drinking the shot of shine before saying, "I'll take the Rossi. Pack up the Thompson and put it in the bag on my bike."

Loading two shells into the double barrel shotgun, Coyote closed the gun with a click, said a prayer and walked downstairs while Gory put Coyote's Tommy Gun safely away on the Street Bob.

When he arrived at the production line with the shotgun in hand, Mercy was watching alongside Nero Padilla as Psycho had finished pummeling him. "Stand him up." Coyote ordered. Sharky and Iron Man pulled Juice up to his feet, holding him upright with their arms while Iron Man propped up Juice's head so he could look Coyote eye to eye. Despite what he had endured, Juice's cut was still on his back.

I guess they want me to break the news to him. Coyote thought to himself as he approached Juice until there was only 3 feet between them. "Today, there were two votes put up before SAMCRO and SAMYORK. Both votes were unanimous."

Despite how broken and blooded Juice was, Coyote knew what he had to do.

"Both charters were in favor of stripping your patch." Coyote said. This was all Psycho and the others needed to hear. With a ferocity unseen even from Happy, Psycho grabbed the leather cut and violently tore it straight from Juice's back.

Despite being pummeled to within an inch of his life by the Nomad Sons, having his cut ripped right off his back was the most painful thing Juice ever felt in his life.

"As for the second vote, I hoped that such a vote would not be needed. I thought I was helping a brother in need. Clearly, I was wrong. Both the Redwood Original and the New York Crew voted in favor of you, Juan Carlos Ortiz, meeting Mr. Mayhem."

Sharky and Iron Man found some cast away items to prop Juice up before they backed away with the rest of the Nomads.

Raising the shotgun and aiming it, Coyote took a deep breath, exhaled, took another and...


A/n: Big thanks to TellatrixForever for helping me write this as my beta reader as well as to the few who reviewed and sent me messages. New York still waits beyond the horizon and there are a few other things that need to be tied up and squared away before this story reaches the end.