Author's notes: Whether you follow this or not, whether or not you think this story is on point, it's my take on the events that occurred in Season 6 or my response. Maybe it's a bit of both. If this story has entertained, great. If it made you think about where you stand regarding Juice's actions, fine. I make no apologies about my story. I worked hard to keep it true to the story while trying to shine a ray of light through the darkness cast on the show by Kurt Sutter. I do thank TellatrixForever for helping me write this story and giving me support along the way as well as the reviewers and readers who take the time to read my work. This is the final chapter. It all ends here. Thanks for reading.

While Nero Padilla and Mercy Blanca took a ship out to the Caribbean, Coyote went straight home to his family in New York.

His 9 year old daughter, Angelica, hugged him first. Then came his 7 year old daughter, Angelina. Last but not least, his 6 year old son, Angelo, who was happy to see his dad again. Coyote hugged them all in spite of his body still recovering. He pushed through the pain to be able to hold his daughters and son.

He had not been home longer than 10 minutes before the house phone rang. Angie answered it. "Hello?"

"Angie, it's Sam. How are you?"

"I'm happy that my husband made it back to New York, Sharky. Would you mind telling me why someone opted to beat him senseless and who did it?"

"Psycho can be a loose cannon at times." Sharky said, aware of how weak that understatement was even as he said it aloud.

"All the same, I don't appreciate Quinn's attack dog going off on Emilio especially since he has been nothing but honorable to the club for 14 years." Angie fought to keep her voice calm since her children could possibly be around the corner from her at any moment.

"I did not like it either, Angie. In spite of what is told about him and how true all of them are, Psycho would not attack a Son on a whim. Anyway, Albino wants to know why the Secretary of SAMYORK chose not to report in when he crossed into Manhattan."

"He wanted to see his Old Lady and his kids, Sharky."

Sharky sighed in resignation. Angie would not let him out of the house until she had a chance to tend to him. "I'll talk with Albino and see if he'll allow a 48 hiour pass for Coyote. I'll talk to you again in a few minutes."

Hanging up the phone, Angie walked out to the living room where Coyote was listening to all the things that have been going on at home from Angelica while Angelina and Angelo sat on their father's lap.

"Angelica, Angelina, Angelo, it's time to get ready for bed. Mommy and Daddy need to catch up."

Angelica took her younger sister Angelina by the hand while Angelina took her younger brother, Angelo by the hand. Together, they went to their room while Angie sat next to Coyote. "What happened out in California, Emilio?"

"Juice reached out to me as a brother in need. He told me he was in trouble. I still considered him a friend and brother even though he ran away from New York. He used his friendship with me to escape punishment from SAMCRO."

"You are not at fault, Emilio. To me, you are still as honorable as you were before." Leaning in, she kissed him tenderly. "Take this as a lesson painfully learned. Be more cautious about which brother in the club calls out to you for help." Kissing Coyote's cheek, Angie said, "Go tuck our kids in then join me in our bed." With a smile on his face, Coyote went to the kid's room and saw that they brushed their teeth and got into their pajamas before going to bed.

Coyote was almost at the door of the master bedroom when his cell phone rang. "Hello."

"Coyote, it's Sharky. Figured I'd tell you this myself. I talked with Albino and he's agreed to give you a two day pass for you to get your bearings. After that, he wants you at the table so we can get the shine deal squared away."

"Thanks, brother. Gotta go now. My Old Lady is waiting for me and she's waited long enough."

"See you in two days." Sharky said before they both hung up.

Entering the bedroom, Coyote saw Angie standing in front of him wearing a robe and nothing else underneath.

"I missed you, Angie." Coyote said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close to him. It had been too long since he had felt her warm body pressed against his.

"I missed you too, Emilio." Angie said as she shed her robe, revealing her entire body to him. Her breasts were as big and inviting as they always were.

They made love that night and it was such a relief for Coyote to sleep in his bed with his wife in his arms. Over the next two days, Coyote reveled in being back home in New York and being so far away from SAMCRO and the West Coast.

On the day of Coyote's return, Sharky and Iron Man watched as Coyote was embraced and welcomed back to the Big Apple by every member of the New York Crew. Frank 'Albino' Nerta called everyone into church. Sam swept the chapel to make sure the room was secure.

"We're good." Sharky said, taking his seat next to Iron Man as the Sons of New York sat at the table with Albino at the helm. He did not bother with small talk.

"Coyote, what happened out in Trenton?" Albino asked.

"Juice used my friendship to escape SAMCRO's hold on him. I thought I was helping a brother. I called for the vote from both New York and Charming before doing anything. At least I remembered our code of Brains Before Bullets."

"You carried it out?" SAMYORK VP Hep Cat asked.

Coyote nodded. "There's something else I have to bring to the table." Reaching into his cut, Coyote took out an envelope. "The last testament of Juan Carlos Ortiz formerly known in the club as Juice. Quinn found it in the cut before Psycho torched it and Juice. He gave it to me before we parted ways."

Taking the testament out from the envelope, Coyote read the last words of Juan Carlos Ortiz.

"I am going to die. SAMCRO has only kept me alive to do terrible things. It's probably their way of torturing me; to make me do all everything that they would have no problem asking of from Happy. I have killed at Jax's order and carried out acts that put Clay in prison for a crime he was innocent of. The whole reason I betrayed the club was because Eli Roosevelt, the now dead and former Lieutenant, blackmailed me into aiding him in building a case against the club. He played on my fears just like Jax did. I am sick of living in fear and each day makes me wish that the wait would be over and they'd get it over with. But they don't."

Coyote paused for a moment. What he saw next surprised him.

"Gemma killed Tara. She thought Tara had sold Jax to the feds in exchange for the charges against her to be squashed. Roosevelt was about to call it in when I shot him dead right then and there. I had not forgotten what he did to me. If not for him, I would still be alive and in good standing with the club. I killed Gemma and Unser because they would have had something over me and they would have done the same thing Roosevelt and Jax have done to me. Chances are that by the time anyone reads this, my patch is stripped and I was dealt the mayhem card. It's about damn time. I don't expect anyone to shed a tear for me. No one in the club has. If Coyote reads this, I want him to know that I regret not having Prospected for SAMYORK back in 2003. Maybe with him as my Sponsor, Coyote would have made me a better Son but I'll never know that. If I can redeem myself, maybe I'll see him up above one day."

Every Son sat around the table was silent. What could be said after hearing such a damning confession? Sharky then said, "Coyote, this ain't your fault but this should be a lesson for you."

Iron Man then spoke up. "Does this change the big deal with the Redwood Original?"

Albino sighed for a moment before delegating orders to his right and left hand men. Dylan, the SAMYORK Sergeant at Arms, called up Chicago while Hep Cat, the SAMYORK VP, called up New Orleans. An hour later, when the arrangments were set with SAMNOLA and SAMCAGO, Albino put the call out to Bobby.

Though it took a while to get everyone together, the entire Redwood Original gathered in chapel.

Tig, Chibs and Happy were all wondering what had happened in New York that got them called on at a moment's notice.

After the room was secured, they called the New York Crew.

"Bobby, thanks for getting your guys together."

"Albino, what's up?"

"We just found out something you guys ought to know about." Albino said, his tone of voice even so it would not betray what he really was thinking about SAMCRO.

Hep Cat spoke next, "Jax Teller forced Juice to do a lot of things behind the club's back just as the late Eli Roosevelt chose to do the same in his play to crush the club. It is not easy to put much credit in the last words of a rat. On the other hand, we're left wondering what the hell is going on in Charming."

"There were things gong on down here that none of you had to deal with yourself." Chibs said in defense of Jax's stance as National President.

"When he gets out of prison, we'll talk more about it then. For now, if you are still interested in the booze deal, listen up. There have been some changes made." Hep Cat said.

"What kind of changes?" Happy asked.

"The payment of a quarter million is null and void. If it's on the way, it'll go to your next shipment. While we will not go further than Chicago in the North and New Orleans in the South, we reached an agreement with Harris and Barco."

Coyote spoke up. "SAMCAGO and SAMNOLA are more than ready and willing to truck the rest of the way to Vegas. That ought to save you the long trip. As a show of brotherhood, all you would have to pay extra for is just enough money to pay for SAMCAGO and SAMNOLA's crews to get back home. How does that sound?"

Bobby looked to everyone and said, "All in favor?" Everyone raised their hands.

"We're in. Is Sharky up there with you?"

"Yeah, Bobby. I'm here." Sharky said.

"Could you put in an extra case or two of your Lime Surprise to be shipped from New York to NorCal? We'll cover those extra cases."

Sharky looked to Iron Man. They seemed to communicate without having to say anything.

After a minute, Sharky said, "Sure. We can swing that down in Tally. Since we're selling up in New York, they can put yours with the shipments from Ireland to Vegas." Sharky laid down how much SAMCRO would have to put up for the two crates and the payment setup.

"Oh, there's one other thing we ought to mention while we have you on the line." Bobby said.

"What is it, Bobby?" Albino asked.

"The Hell Cats MC is thinking about moving a charter up to New York. They want to get your blessings before they start packing for the long trip. They want to help SAMYORK in controlling the five boroughs and to help consolidate power. Between the two clubs, you all ought to do good together."

Albino did not know much about the Hell Cats but they knew one of them was familiar with them. "Coyote, what do you know about them?"

"Low key, low profile yet they are double tough. Militia supply stores, gyms, auto repairs and various other enterprises help put out a legitimate source of income while hiding their other sources of income. I have worked with them before. I don't see a reason not to trust them." Coyote said though he remembered one particular Hell Cat more so than the others. "How many are coming up and who's at the helm?" Coyote asked.

"15 patched members, including the high command. Their Pres is Croak, Grouch is their VP. Their Sergeant at Arms is Cricket."

That was surprising. Coyote knew she was tough but was she such that she could be the Sergeant at Arms? A lot has changed. "Cricket is the SAA?"

"Yeah. She's also a widow." Bobby said to everyone's surprise in New York.

"Who did it?" Coyote asked, surprised not only that such a tragedy fell on her but also that she got married.

"An MC that is no longer able to ride above ground." Happy said, recalling how they hunted down the Vipers MC and torched their hideout but not before he and Sonora took their time dismembering, disfiguring and executing every patched member. She took both the scalp of the Viper Pres and the snakeskin cut off his back. "When she gets up there, keep an eye on Cricket. She's trying to be strong for her three kids. Coyote, could you hold her up in your house for a while? If anything, it'll give her kids someone their age to play with and take some of the weight off her shoulders."

"Sure, Happy. I'll talk to my Old Lady and the kids." Coyote said, already setting up a place for Cricket and her family in his mind. "How long before they arrive?"

"As soon as the New York Crew gives their OK on the charter." Chibs said.

Albino looked to all the members of SAMYORK and put up the vote. "All in favor of welcoming the Hell Cats to join with the Sons in New York?"

The vote was not immediate but when it came to making the decision, every hand rose.

A week later...

Coyote, Angie and their children gathered in the Rec Room of the SAMYORK clubhouse with the rest of the New York Sons as an enclave of 15 patched Hell Cats arrived alongside Croak and Grouch. Among the motorcycles came a Plymouth convertible with a Harley Davidson Fat Boy in tow.

In the back seat were two boys. In the front, sat next to her, was a little girl.

Antonio, the eldest, was 7 years old. Armando, the middle child, was 5 years old. Nora, the youngest, was 4 years old.

In the driver's seat was their mother and newly christened Sergeant at Arms, Lorena Perez-Vazquez a.k.a. Cricket. It had taken considerable effort from her to keep from falling apart but somehow she managed to get from Bakersfield to Queens without breaking down in front of her kids.

With a calming breath, Cricket took Nora into her arms while Antonio and Armando followed her dutifully along with the other Hell Cats into the clubhouse.

When she saw Coyote, it was as though not a day had passed since they last saw each other. Pleasantries were exchanged between the clubs and condolences were offered to Cricket in the form of several large sums of money going to the well being of her children and herself.

Upon finally coming face to face with Coyote, Cricket said, "I thought you would make a great father and husband. I was right."

Coyote made the introductions of his family to Cricket. "My Old Lady, Angie, this is Cricket, a friend of the club I met while on the other side of the country." Angie gently embraced Cricket, aware of the child in the SAA's arms before she introduced her children. "My daughters, Angelica and Angelina. They are 9 and 7. My son, Angelo, he's 6."

"They are beautiful." Cricket said before she introduced her kids. "My two sons, Antonio and Armando. They are 7 and 5. This little bundle in my arms is Nora, my baby girl. She is 4."

"You have a beautiful family, Lorena." Angela said, having been told Cricket's real name by Coyote. "So do you, Angela. I was told I'm crashing with you and your Old Man."

"There's a place in town that we had thought to fix up for you and the kid but we thought you ought to be with friends. We also thought that our children might become friends with one another." Cricket nodded in silent gratitude. Angie leaned in and kissed Cricket's cheek before kissing Nora gently on the head. "Let me take the children to the side. I'm sure you and your MC have lots to discuss."

"Thank you, Angie." Cricket replied.

Discussion between the Hell Cats and the Sons was to the point and small talk was not even a consideration. After hearing what the West Coast-based MC was offering, the New York Crew shook hands with them. Albino had a good place for the Hell Cats to fix up and make into their clubhouse: an abandoned warehouse near the Brooklyn Naval Yard.

Staten Island and The Bronx would go to the Hell Cats while Queens and Brooklyn went to the Sons. The island of Manhattan was divided equally between the two.

When it was all done, everyone went home.

Coyote and Angela took their kids along with Cricket and her children back to their home in Brooklyn. The kids seemed to take an immediate liking to each other. Angelica and Angelina played basketball with Antonio and Armando while Angelo was sitting on the sides with Nora, watching over her protectively while Coyote watched them as they played.

In the master bedroom, Angie held Cricket as she finally broke down. All the pent up grief and tears shot out of her like a volcanic eruption. Cricket was able to open up to Angie since Coyote's Old Lady would not judge her or think less of her.

Over the years that would come, Cricket would bond more and more with Coyote and Angie while their clubs grew in number and expanded their power.

Ever since introducing Juice to Mr. Mayhem, Coyote was never the same. He became more suspicious of his own club and anyone he considered outsiders.

Yet his family, his wife and the club were all there to keep him grounded.

The End.