Dani and Jealous Tucker – 1

Created: Sunday June 16, 2013

Edited: Saturday August 9, 2014

The thing about mistakes is that they never truly go away.

Invisibly, he watched the human boy laugh and play with his friends. On a building's roof, far enough from the half human creature also walking around below that he couldn't be sensed, the ghost's hands clenched. It wasn't fair. Nothing was. That boy had everything. Friends, family, a home… Squeezing his eyes shut he turned away, forcing himself not to be overcome by the jealousy once again flaring up inside. It wasn't his life, it never was. It had always been his. The wretched boy's. Letting out a breath that sounded suspiciously like a sob, he tried to rein in his emotions. 'I don't even have a name, an identity!' he mentally shouted as his face turned to the heavens, unaware that he had an observer.

"You know," Came a small voice to his left, "It isn't really normal to stalk human boys." Startled, the invisible ghost almost fell off his perch.

"Who's there?" He demanded, becoming visible and lighting his hands with ecto-energy, "How did you know I was here?"

"I sensed you." A small feminine voice came from behind. "It's a nice ability."

"I'm sure it is," He snarled, eyes darting from side to side, "Now go away." The voice, finally coming from right in front of him, hummed for a moment before replying.

"And if I don't want to?" Before he could let out a scathing retort, he felt the air grow cooler as the other spirit came closer, "Are you alone?" She asked unexpectedly.


He staggered, falling backwards, a pained sort of panic in his eyes.

"No!" His voice was hoarse, "I, I'm not alone!" He took a shuddering breath, "Just leave!"

"I'm alone too, you know." She continued, ignoring his order, "That boy, the one you were watching, he's the cause, isn't he? The reason you have nowhere to go." Something flickered in the corner of his eye and he spun, finally seeing who he was talking to. Immediately a growl escaped his mouth and he crouched,

"You!" He snarled, "You're just like him! The one who ruined me!" Despite his fearsome appearance, the white haired girl only tilted her head and gave him a sad smile.

"I should be. I am his failed clone after all."

"Failed clone?" He asked thickly, the words tasting awful in his mouth, "There's nothing failed about you." Came the bitter reply as he stared down at his green, vaguely scaly hands.

Her smile became strained.

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