Author's Note: Just a tiny little drabble on Drusilla's relationship with Angelus and Spike. Less than 200 words, so it really doesn't have any depth. I just felt like writing something, and this was what I came up with in the five minutes I had. Hopefully it's not utter garbage. Even if you think it is, I'd love to hear your thoughts; please review. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the brilliant Joss Whedon and co. I only borrow them.

She used to think that Angelus was the most beautiful man in the world. Strong features, soft dark hair, a charming Irish brogue. The ability to make a killing into song, torture into art. He was her creator, her Sire, her "Daddy." He was her everything.

And he would always be the most important man in her life. After all, he had made her into the stunning, powerful, mad woman she was. But he would not always be the most beautiful. No, that honor would fall to young William.

She Saw him before she met him. Saw him with the blurred visions her Sight often gave her. Even in the wavering image in her mind she could tell that he was beautiful. Pale skin, blue eyes, auburn hair. The light to Angelus' dark. Yet physically, while gorgeous, he was not more attractive than her Sire. It was what was underneath that counted. She knew that he would take care of her, love her in a way Angelus could not. And it was this that made him so beautiful.