"Time doesn't take away from friendship, nor does separation." Tennessee Williams, Memoirs

Btw, flashbacks and stuff will be written in italics.

Also, in this story Tony and Erskine's work is stationed at the army base Steve is training at. Even though he will have the perfect soldier's body, Steve still obviously still has to train and learn army stuffs. Bucky has already been deployed somewhere in Germany, hence why no one's really heard from him since he met Tony. By that, I mean you people; of course he and his bff were still talking (writing letters) and stuff.

Timeline: Tony landed around April 1940 where he met Steve. He stayed for a month before leaving for Rochester. Around August 1941, Steve finds Tony at the camp. March 1943 is about when this chapter begins, Steve's transformation taking place in April 1943 which is about halfway through the chapter.

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- . . - - .

"You look different," Steve commented.

"It's been a while."

"No, it's- you look-" Steve faltered, unable to find the words.

"Younger, healthier, stronger, sexier?" Tony joked.

Steve blushed, ignoring the last comment. "How? I mean, since I last saw you, you've been directly involved with all of this war stuff. Shouldn't you be, I don't know, basically the opposite of how you are now?"

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't work for the military. I'm working on a project to help with the military, but I haven't actually seen any action. The Colonel thought it'd bee a good idea to give me titles to teach me how to behave and also so that more people would listen to me. Not that that's ever an issue anyways, new cadets are always scared shitles-"

Steve gave Tony a sharp glance. "Right, rambling. Anyways, you seriously have nothing to worry about the serum. I actually injected myself with a bit of the unfinished product a while back so that the Colonel would stop interfering in our work, and since I'm not dead, I'd take that as a good sign."

"So what did it do exactly?"

"Well, skipping the more gory details-"

"Wait, what?"

Tony sighed. "Now don't freak out because this will not happen to you. The serum brings your body to the peak of human perfection. Seeing as I was in my forties, I collapsed, seized, and was in a coma for multiple days while the serum basically made me about twenty years younger. I'm technically twenty-six now, and seeing as you're already twenty-two and will be receiving a full dose of the completed stuff, it will only take a few minutes for your transformation."

Steve nodded, his face relaxing a bit as he realized the serum wasn't going to possibly kill him or anything. He looked towards the opening of the tent at some of the recruits as they did jumping jacks in the field. Tony stood up and clapped his hand on Steve's shoulder, careful not to use any of his now slightly-beyond-human strength on the smaller man.

"Come on," he said. "You still have a month before I get to stab you with needles and it's time for our run."

- . . - - .

Tony laughed out loud as Steve retrieved the flag. He himself had already know how to get to it, besides climbing the pole like he now could, that is. Seeing as he was leading the group today, though, it wasn't like he could just leave the new kids behind while he left with Steve. Which, admittedly, sounded more appealing.

Steve carefully handed the flag to a smirking Tony, his lips twitching into a smile as he climbed into the back of the awaiting jeep. He turned around as the vehicle began speeding off.

"Alright, show's over. Move it!" Tony shouted at the remaining men. He turned towards Steve just before the vehicle went around the tree line and Steve could have sworn that Tony had winked at him.

Tony chuckled, knowing that Steve was blushing as the jeep continued on towards the base. He pushed the group back to the base as quickly as he could get them to go, but as they became exhausted from the run, Tony decided they were close enough to the base and continued on without them, glad for his previous training since his arrival on the base so many months ago.

- . . - - .

"Hey, you're back," Steve noted.

"Yup," Tony popped the 'p.'

Steve looked behind Tony. "But where's everyone else?"

"Oh, yeah. I left them; the run got a lot less interesting once you outsmarted those dumbasses."

"Yes, because I'm the only reason you signed up to lead the group I happen to train with," Steve joked.

Tony shrugged. "Yep." Steve blushed at the admission and the underlying message that Tony signed up for work he didn't have to do in order to spend more time with him, him of all people. "Now come on, it's lunchtime and I'm hungry." Tony dropped his gear gracelessly on the ground before throwing his arm around Steve's shoulders and dragging the smaller man to the mess hall tent.

- . . - - .

"You know when I said I wasn't nervous about the procedure?" Steve asked, the machine around him making him seem smaller than normal.

"Yep," Tony said, pushing buttons and moving dials.

"Well, I lied."

"Kinda figured that with the way your eyes bugged out this morning when I reminded you what today was. I had thought it might have been something else, but…" Tony trailed off.

- . . - - .

Tony set the glasses and bottle down on the wooden table in front of Steve. "One month."


"Exactly one month from now, your life will be changed forever."

"Only one month? I don't know if I'm ready-"

"You will be, don't worry. Even if you're not now, you will be then."

Steve nodded. "Alright… But what's with the alcohol?"

"Well, after you become Mr. Big and Strong, 'm pretty sure I'm going to be super busy making more of you while you're off fighting the bad guys. So I thought, instead of celebrating a month after our success, or any other significant amount of time, I thought we could celebrate it befor-"

"You just want to get drunk," Steve interjected.

"Pretty much, yeah."

- . . - - .

Neither of them knew how it happened exactly, honestly. They could have both blamed it on the drinking, though they both knew it was just an excuse. One minute they had been debating something that had had both of them getting excited, moving closer and closer, and then it just happened.

Tony had been living up his playboy status for many years, but since landing back in time, he both couldn't remember almost any of his conquests, nor had he so much as kissed anyone. He hadn't known why, either. It just hadn't seemed right. This? This was so right it fucking hurt. Not just because most of the world at this point in time would happily beat the two of them to death if they saw what the pair was doing, but also because Tony couldn't remember ever have being so happy.

Steve never exaggerated to Bucky about the dames; none had ever taken a particular interest in him. In fact, no one had taken any interest in him for anything. Until Tony, that is. The man had run headfirst into Steve's life, and even though he hadn't stayed for more than a month the first time, he had made quite the lasting impression. After seeing the man again that first day at the base, Steve's crush had not only come back, but it had grown greatly. He and Tony had bonded over the past almost year of training and science tests they had been through together. Not to mention they almost always ate together, even if that meant bringing two trays of food to whatever area Tony was working in.

A lot had changed since Steve had met Tony about two years ago, and Steve could absolutely say that everything had changed for the better.

- . . - - .

"No, I'm- I'm happy. I really am," Steve said in reference to what had started between them that night about a month ago. Tony stepped closer to where the other man was strapped into the machine and the two of them shared a look.

"Do you regret it?" Tony whispered.

"No, not at all."

"Then we're going to get through this."

"And what about after?"

"What about it?"

"You said that we'd both probably be busy. What if the base gets attacked and you're not near a gun, or if something happens on one of my missions and you're still here, waiting for a man whose never going to come back?"

"Steve, nothing is going to happen."

"But what if something does happen, if something goes wron-"

"What if your hair falls out and the dinosaurs come back to life?" Tony interrupted.

Steve gave the man a playful glare. "Do you trust me?" Tony asked. Steve nodded. "Good. Just relax, everything will be okay, Steve."

- . . - - .

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