John was fuming! After 2 years of mourning Sherlock had suddenly sprung his suicidal survival on him like he had just returned from a day at work. But of course because John had prayed for Sherlock's survival and because Sherlock remained his best friend he found himself in a cab travelling for his old flat.

John got out and stood in front of 221B, his hands were shaking (not from his PTSD) as he pushed the door into his flat. His eyes instantly fixed on the tall figure sitting in the chair. 2 years of anger came flooding back and John suddenly had the urge to punch the man in front of him. Unfortunately, for Sherlock, John's body took matters into its own hands and John found his fist connecting with Sherlock's nose before he had fully had time to recognise his return.

"You fucking bastard" John screamed

"J john please, I didn't know it would cause you so much grief" Sherlock stammered as he tried to clean the blood up that was dripping down his face.

"You didn't think, there's a first Sherlock. Why did you do it? Actually how did you do it"

"John I had no choice. Moriarty threatened you, Mrs Hudson and Lestrade. He said if I didn't jump and finish his game then he would kill you all. I was talking to you while a sniper was aiming at your head. How do you think that felt? As for how, I had a bit of help. Members of my homeless network stole doctor and nurse outfits. I jumped into the van and rolled out with a fake blood sash which spilt onto the floor. I ensured you couldn't reach me before it was time"

John just stared at the man in front for a minute. "But but you had no pulse I checked".

"Rubber ball"


"I shoved a rubber ball up my sleeve to prevent my pulse. The homeless network ran me inside the hospital before anyone could realise"

"You bastard Sherlock, how could you do that to me"

"I'm sorry John, please forgive me"

"As angry as I am, I have to forgive you because I've got what I asked for"

"Thank you"

"Cup of tea?"

Sherlock nodded and smiled at how easily they had fallen into an old routine. While the kettle boiled Sherlock headed to the bathroom to find some tissue to stem the bleeding. It had slowed but his shirt was now ruined. Given his relief at having John back he'd take that. Sherlock wasn't naïve enough to believe everything would be alright, it had been 2 years of hell for them both and that would take some getting over but for now Sherlock just loved having John back.