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The moon slowly glided across the sky, the stars twinkling in the velvet background. Beams of moonlight shone through the
trees, leaving spots of light on the stretch of grass. A figure sat in the window nearby, watching the shifts in the
leaves from the wind. His excessively large sleeves hung out the window, and also moved with the wind. His dark gaze was
watching the lawn intently, as if searching for answers in its green depths, when a knock sounded from his door. Quick as
a flash, the door slid open and he stood there, his eyes waiting expectantly.

"Well, what information do you have?!" he demanded.

"Sir," the man at the door said. "The trail was lost. She is an expert at evasive maneuvering, and the trail had run cold
before we found her. She is still in this town, though, searching for something."

"What is she looking for?" The first man straightened up, eyes wary now.

"That is unknown, but as long as she remain withing close quarters, she can be found." the second man replied.

"If you find what she is looking for, bring it to me, immediately." the first man tossed the words over his shoulder as he
turned back into his room.

"But, Akito, what are we going to do should she run into Kyo-?" The second man was slapped almost instantly.

"Never speak that name in this room." Akito muttered furiously. "The name of such a monster should never be announced in a
place such as this, understand."

"Yes, sir." the second man placed a hand over his wounded cheek. "But, if she does run into this-." he paused as Akito
shot him a dark look. "Monster? If the two were to meet, the defiance of those living under Shigure's roof could deepen

"This is true." Akito began to pace slowly, pondering all decisions. "The same would happen if she ran into Hatsuharu, or
Rin. It is entirely dangerous to leave her to her own devices, which is why she should've been captured the moment she was
spotted." His dark eyes turned on the man. "I'll give you a week."

"Please, Akito, that is an insufficient amount of time." the second man was bowing. "I must ask for at least a month."

"Too much time; too dangerous." Akito argued, stomping forward to the man. He lifted him up by his collar, and the man
was forced to look straight into Akito's eyes. "Listen here, you have two weeks to find her. If she isn't returned by
then, she won't be the only person being hunted down."

"Yes sir." the man sputtered. Akito set him down.

"This is too serious a situation for you to do alone. You need to gather up a few more people. We can't let that-, that
THING run loose. She's as bad as the other monster, and it's already bad that we have HIM loose too. But I shouldn't
need to wait much longer on that." Akito had begun mumbling to himself, and he looked up. "Two weeks, and if she should
find Shigure's house, Rin, Hatsuharu, or the other thing, I will find you."

"I understand, sir." the second man bowed.

"Now get out of my sight!" Akito pointed to the door, and the man backed out, shutting it. "Useless fool!" Akito hissed
under his breath. "Now she's gone entirely, and should she find the wrong people, this could go very wrong for all the
Zodiac members."

Rin sat in silence, Haru's sleeping form next to her on the bed. Her eyes were staring out the window and into the night.
A strange disturbance had woken her, something that she felt not seen or heard. She wasn't sure what it was or why she was
feeling this now, but she was awake and she would not rest until she knew why she was awake. It must be important.

She stood up, walking over to the windowsill and peering out into the dark. She couldn't make out any movement, and the
moon provided just enough light to make out the distinct shapes on the grass.

"Hey, are you okay?" the voice from behind and the hand on her shoulder made her jump into the air. Rin whipped around and
was face to face with Haru. His eyes held concern for her, and she turned back to the window.

"I've slept better." Rin mumbled, and Haru wrapped his arms around her.

"What are you doing looking out the window then?" he whispered into her ear.

"Something woke me up."


"Yeah, a disturbance in the area. A being that's here that shouldn't be. I don't know who or what it is but I can't-." Rin
broke off as a long, eerie howl from a wolf echoed through the forest. Rin stiffened, and Haru followed suit. They both
listened to the sad song of the wolf before it slowly died away, and Rin's eyes met Haru's in surprise.

"There's no way." Haru shook his head after a brief moment of silence.

"Are you sure?" Rin demanded, looking back out the window.

"They locked her away in the infirmary somewhere outside of town. The location was unknown, still is, but I doubt that
is her." Haru replied, but his voice was as sad as Rin felt.

"Maybe it is." Rin suggested anyway. Haru smiled, lifting his head to look at the ceiling.

"I'd like that. No sense in fussing over it now. We can look after school tomorrow." He led Rin back to the bed and laid
her down, covering her up with blankets before following and rolling over himself. "Sleep, we'll need energy if we do find

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