My eyes wandered around Yuki's small room. What on earth could I use to escape this hell- hole? No doubt they had someone on the other side of the door watching, probably Haru. I could understand that Haru and Rin didn't want me near Yuki because he was soft and couldn't protect me or whatever, it could possibly be because they knew that he had feelings for me in which case they weren't ready to let me go just yet. I just wanted to go and get Yuki back, is that too much to ask? Yet, and yet, I knew that they were right in a way. Akito was intent on finding me, and keeping me in solitary confinement for the rest of my life. I just couldn't grasp why someone wasn't going to get Yuki, or why no one was on my side. Why wasn't anyone listening to me?
Suddenly, the window that faced the front yard opened, and I saw the orange hair before the always-pissed-off face. Kyo's red eyes met mine, a finger to his lips before motioning me to follow him outside. I slunk over, tiptoeing over to him and slipping out after him. He jumped down from the roof, landing ever so lightly and gracefully on his feet which pissed me off seeing as how I always landed on my backside. Only this time, when I jumped, Kyo caught me and set me down gently. He led the way into the woods, silence being the only conversation that we had as we snuck through the woods until we were facing the backside of the house. We then took off in the direction the Yuki went.
"Why'd you come save me?" I asked once we were out of earshot to anyone in the house.
"I knew that they were being a little too unfair, so I figured since everyone was intent on keeping you in, I'd play along with charade, offering to watch the front so that you wouldn't escape through the woods and used my position to break you out instead." Kyo explained. "Now, we're not going to find Yuki without a scent trail or tracks to follow, so get into your wolf form and lead the way, I'll carry your clothes." I gave him a sideways glance, a small smile itching at my lips.
"You thought this through, huh?"
"When I try to make a plan its not the best. When I'm thinking off of what resources I have in a small amount of time, it usually fits together a lot better than most things." he admitted, and I shook my head.
"I like it, let's do this." I crouched down, shifting into my wolf form with a puff of black smoke. Kyo fathered my clothes as I sniffed the ground my nose looking for any trace of Yuki's wonderful smell. Wonderful? Where did that come from? Shaking mt head to clear the cobwebs of thought, I honed my sense into finding this one scent. Once I located the smell, I let out a small noise to Kyo between a yip and a bark. He lifted his head, eyes sparkling, and nodded as if to say 'you got it? Then go!' I padded through the bushes, knowing that Kyo wouldn't take kindly to me sprinting off to the point he couldn't locate me by sight. I followed the trail for a long while, my sense sharpening as worry began to cloud most of my judgment. Kyo set a hand on my back and I froze, glancing up at him. I wasn't as angry as I probably should've been for us stopping, but my nose hurt with the long period I was using it, and I soon began sneezing repeatedly. Kyo patiently waited with a large grin until I was finished and then crouched next to me.
"I know where he's headed, you can shift back now." he set my bundle of clothes next to me and turned around. I shifted back, pulling my clothes on quickly as to assure myself that no one would see me. Even if Kyo was turned around, who knew how many weirdos were in these woods.
"Alright, where's he headed?" I asked in a way that key Kyo know that I was dressed and he would turn around.
"His secret base." Kyo grinned again before taking off at a jog, leaving me behind to catch up. We went swiftly, the sky slowly beginning to light up with the presence of dawn. Birds began chirping, singing, flying above us as we neared a small clearing. Kyo and I ran right up to the edge, stopping and peering in as Yuki looked up. His hands were covered in dirt, plants and different vegetables laying around him. "Yuck, leeks!" Kyo exclaimed, making his distaste for the green food obvious. I smiled at Yuki as he brushed himself off,
"What are you doing here?" he asked, staring st us as though we had grown rabbit ears.
"Taking you home." Kyo responded before I got the chance. "You've got to pick a better hiding spot. We definitely found you here."
"Oh yeah," I said sarcastically. "It only took us half the night to realize you were here and another half to get here." Kyo hit me playfully and we all laughed. Yuki put whatever produce was ready to eat in a small, makeshift basket and followed us as we took the main road back home. Kyo asked why Yuki had chosen that spot as I couldn't for I went on yet another sneezing frenzy. My head was beginning to hurt.
As we approached the house, Hatori and and Shigure came out to meet us. I stopped Yuki and Kyo about 15 feet from them, and we stared at one another for a long 60 seconds.
"Kyo, you are never getting guard duty again." Shigure said sarcastically through a smile. Kyo rolled his eyes, returning the smile.
"New rule." I said, taking a couple steps forward. "We are to consult with everyone before making rash decisions that lead to broken windows. We can't have this happening again." Everyone around me nodded in agreement. "Also, I'm going to need Hatori to bring everyone over from his house tomorrow at some point, preferably midday or so."
"Why?" Hatori and Kyo questioned in unison. I examined my hand before replying.
"If Akito is going to train guards to fight us, then we're going to train ourselves to fight back. You can't tell me that people like Ayame know how to fight." I gave Hatori a knowing look, and he sighed before nodding. I clenched my fist as the orange rays if the rising sun hit the ground below me, lighting my figure up in a rather majestic way. "We'll give him a surprise he wont be expecting."
"But for now-.." Kyo said, his eyes closing and he collapsed onto the ground with a soft snore. We all laughed as Hatori picked him from the ground and carried the sleeping boy indoors.