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A young girl, couldn't have been more than 16 years old, sat on a Cliffside, watching the tide rise and fall. Her grey eyes were red and puffy, from not enough rest the night before. She sat hugging her knees to her chest, her wavy rich blonde hair free to hang by her shoulders and back, for once.

"14 years, dad… You've been gone for 14 years… Exactly 14 years today…"

In her mind flashed the day that her mother sat her and her two brothers down and told them that her father was dead, two weeks after he died. Today was the anniversary of his death. The whole family would be morbid for days and weeks on end, until work would busy them and their humour would somehow resume back to normal.

Someone once said that maybe it was her father's ghost trying to return their good moods.

"Why did you leave in the first place?"

Even after all these years, neither she nor her brothers knew why they ended up without their father (or in Hiccup's case a godfather and uncle). No one gave a clear explanation, no one could come up with one. Though she had a feeling her mother and stepfather knew. They often told the four siblings about the mysterious and great Alvin II of Outcast Island but never said anything about his death, other than the date.

"I miss you, dad. I don't know why you left and I barely remember you, but I really miss you… Rumours are that you were a great man… a legend… but… I would rather have had an alive common dad then a dead legendary one…"

The promise she made him on the night before he left the living world rushed into her head. "I filled the promise you made me swear. I became a healer." She allowed a small chuckled. "I had to hide those books in the attic for years, until Hanrik gave me away… Mom almost had a heart attack."

Funny story that was, her twin told their mother about her father's books that she studied. To stop her mother from going ballistic, she had to promise not to follow her father's example of cutting up dead corpses until she was until 15.

"Though I think… no, I hope she's proud... Are you?"

"Very much…"

"Who said that?!" The girl jumped in surprise at the unexpected response to a rhetorical question. "Alright… Triple H's get out from wherever you're hiding." There was no movement. "Great, I'm hearing things and talking to myself… I'm going nuts."

"That you are." The form of her younger brother, her favourite, appeared, riding a currently green Changewing.

"What's with the creepy 'very much'?"

"I… didn't say that." He looked confused at his sister's comment. He sat beside her and let his feet hang off the cliff.

"It's the anniversary." She said, looking at the sea.

"I know." His pair of light storm grey eyes fixed their gaze on his palms. "Hiccup and Hanrik are at the tomb, so are mom and dad." To her youngest brother, their stepfather would be 'dad', except on formal occasions of course, and their biological father was 'father'. "…I wish I knew him." There was a moment of silence. A nostalgia. "Come on, we should be going." He got up and extended a hand, which she accepted.

"Hakon…" Ash said suddenly, making her brother's eyes look at her. "…You look a lot like him… seriously you almost take nothing from mom."

"Chin… and eyebrows… so they say." The 14 year old Outcast Chief said, permitting a laugh, whilst massaging his chin.

"Oh, so there they are. Mom and Uncle Hiccup were getting worried." The oh-so great and mighty Berserker Chief jumped over a fallen tree, with a Monstrous Nightmare following him, and the Berkian Chief in tow too. "This… place, of all places, really?"

"I always come here." The healer defended, with arms crossed over her chest.

"Doesn't… doesn't it give you the creeps? I always feel goose bumps when coming here. Like father is still here and haunts the woods."

"Is that why you've always been scared of the woods?" Hiccup Jr. asked, nudging his brother's elbow. As typical brothers they always challenged each other to who was the bravest and greatest.

"I don't know, it's like… father is still here. Like his ghost isn't peaceful."

"I am…"

"Was I the only one that heard that?" The Berserker jumped back.

"Nope. I heard it too." The Berkian agreed, chest rising and falling far too quickly than normal.

"Definitely." The Outcast didn't stand out.

"Again? This is freaky." The healer said.

"Come on, let's just get out of here. Mom and dad are waiting." The Outcast pushed all his siblings to the deep woods.

"Why did they have to build his tomb in the forest, why not somewhere else?" The Berserker complained.

"Just keep going you big wussy." The healer rolled her eyes.

"Where have you been?" Astrid scolded them, seeing her children coming towards the tomb.

"On the cliff." Ash explained.



"That place always creeps me out. Come on, are we doing this or what?"

The family entered the tomb. At the centre were three tall stone chambers. Two were empty, one was sealed. The one that was sealed, on the far left, belonged to the dead blind Chief. The centre was reserved for Astrid Haddock, and the right for Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, when their time would come.

"Good, let's light a candle and get out of here. This gives place always gives me shivers down my spine." Hanrik said, rubbing his hands on his arms.

"Alright. Let's go." Astrid said, leading the teenagers out of the depressing tomb. "Dear, you staying?"

"Just give me a moment." Hiccup kept his eyes on the tomb. He left the tomb last every year, and unknown to everyone, he came to this tomb much more frequently than once a year. "Buddy… I just want you to know that… I hope you're watching over your kids and mine… sometimes I don't know if I'm doing this thing fatherhood right… or husband thing either… I remember messing this up this badly, only when you weren't around… but luckily, no one lives forever… and we'll see each other sooner or later."

"Make it later… live long and happily... you have my children to care of… and our wife… but one day we shall meet and prolong our friendship for eternity… no matter if it's forbidden by war, love, life or death."


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