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Chapter 31

November 11 sat in the back of Huang's car as they drove to the MI-6 headquarters. They would have recognised November 11's car a mile away (along with his crazy driving speeds) but they wouldn't have recognised Huang's car, seeing as they've never worked with him nor he worked with them…until now. November 11 was still part of MI-6 but his loyalties now started to lie elsewhere…similar with Hei but Huang knew that the contractor was only working for them because he didn't have anywhere else to go. If anyone tried to leave the syndicate, then they'd be hunted down and slaughtered like pigs. Huang glanced back at the contractor behind him before he mentally sighed. How the hell did the situation turn like this? Willingly to help a contractor who meant nothing to him? Sounded crazy…then again, working with contractors, that's crazy too.

November 11 looked out the window, his mind was far from where he was currently. BK-201 was going to be slipping into Hell's Gate and then willingly sacrificing himself to save the gate…meeting him before, he never would have thought that a situation like this was ever going to rise. After all, no one really knew what happened during Heaven's War when that gate vanished…Febr-Amber knew something like that was going to happen…and now she wanted to recreate it. From a contractor stand point, it made sense to sacrifice something to prevent yourself from being eradicated…but at the same time, she wasn't a typical contractor. Li wasn't a typical contractor either. November 11 had stepped into what Li's mind was like, it was a constant battle with himself…Two sides of the same coin fighting each other, trying to be the side that's faced up at the end. "Has Li always been fighting himself?" November 11 Huang, turning his attention to Li's teammate.

"Hmm? That damn contractor always gives me headaches," Huang's gruff voice answered. November 11 couldn't help but smile.

"He's quite a handful, isn't he? Never looking after himself unless he needs food."

"Emptied your fridge, did he?" Huang smirked. He could easily see Hei consuming everything in November 11's fridge.

"I believe he's been thinking about that when he was trapped in my apartment."

"Damn kid, he's so lucky."


"Being able to eat that much and looking as thin as a beanpole…"

"There's probably a medical reason for that…" April joined in the conversation. Originally, she wasn't going to, but she hated to feel left out of things.

"He doesn't go to doctors, he says he's scared of them." Huang mentioned. "Damn kid sure can be stubborn."

"There's probably another reason why he doesn't like the doctors." November 11 muttered under his breath. November 11 himself wasn't afraid of doctors but they did put him on edge.

"Where are we going now?" Huang asked November 11.

"Just take a left here." Huang nodded and turned left.

"Will things go well without the dolls to help?" Huang asked November 11.

"If Amber's plan is well thought out, then they're going to need all the dolls they can get."

Under the Mask – Chapter 31

"I'd knew you'd come," Amber smiled when she saw Li lowly walking towards her. Yin, July and Mao were following him. Amber's smile increased slightly as she saw the four of them getting closer. Hei stopped walking, making sure he was just out of Amber's reach. Evening Primrose members were all waiting for him by the look of things. Amber gently patted her pocket where the meteor shard was located. She could feel it humming softly in her pocket as Hei drew near. "You just standing that far away is making the meteor shard happy."

"The meteor shard? What do you mean?" Mao asked. Amber frowned hearing Mao's question.

"You don't know?" She simple asked. Mao hissed slightly. Seeing his reaction, Amber nodded. "Guess Li wouldn't have told you, he's not that type of person." She looked down at her pocket before she reached into it and pulled out the meteor shard. Turning to her team, she nodded. "Hei, you won't need this just yet, but you will when inside the gate. I already have a doll network ready to guide us to the centre…or as close as we can get anyway."

"What do you want me to do?" Hei asked Amber, ignoring Mao's question. He just wanted to know what he needed to do. Amber frowned slightly but shook it off.

"I mentioned what you need to do. Well, guess I better order you to do this then." She looked at Yin and July. "Yin, July, I need you to help guide us to the centre of the gate…or as close as you can get. I know it hurts to send your spectre into the gate itself, but you can both hear what the spectres are saying and that's just as important. Hei, we're getting as close as we can get and then you're going to be activating Bai's power and doing exactly what she did when we did this the last time. Evening Primrose will be fighting the Syndicate and the police to destroy the Satan Ring or at least slow it down."

"Before we do anything, you said that the meteor shard was happy…What do you mean?" Mao demanded from Amber.

"To put it simply, when the original BK-201 moved Heaven's Gate, she ended up fusing herself with Hei here, and part of her fused into the meteor shard. That's why when Hei and the meteor shard were close, they reacted with each other. It was simply Bai trying to be complete once again."

"Are you telling me that it might happen with Hei too?" Mao asked, Amber noticed the concern in Mao's eyes.

"I dunno, Hei's wishes or secret desires may come true at the gate when the event happens…or nothing unusual happens," Amber simply shrugged. "I may be able to see the future, but the future I saw changed when November 11 was taking care of Hei. It can easily change again."

"The future isn't set in stone, you of all people should know that, Amber," Hei said simply.

"Shall we get started?" Amber asked as she looked at her group. Everyone was looking ready. Taking a hammer off one of the members, she placed the meteor shard down and smashed it. Giving a piece to everyone, she left out Hei and herself as they wouldn't need it just yet. In Hei's case, he needed the complete meteor shard if Amber's plans were going to go effectively. "Hei, you'll go the underground route to the gate, it's easier and safer that way. Misaki won't catch you~"

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