This story would about a few what ifs in Ultimate Enemy. Danny did not cheat but something happened to his family. Sam and Tucker were not there when it happened. Okay, that's all I going to tell for my note to you guys. ;)

I don't own Danny Phantom or anything else that may be mentioned in the story. This will be apply to the whole story, so I won't say it again.

-Danny's POV-

I sit in the waiting room in the hospital, Sam and Tucker are sitting next to me. Sam noticed my anxousness and takes hold of my hand, Tucker starts patting my back. I accept it but I remain motionless. Sam and I had gotten together and were going to tell my family, but then this happened. I close my eyes as I think back on the recent event.


We were in the park discussing of how tell them, and I suggested doing that this evening at six. Doubtlessly, we were discussing this for some time. Then we heard an explosion over at the Nasty Burger.

The explosion caused a dark- brown mushroom cloud to appear and the building looked like someone took a bite of it and made a fire in it. I went ghost, carried Sam with me, and headed over the site.

We arrived at the Nasty Burger and we looked for anyone who may have gotten stuck in the rubble.

"Danny, look."

I came over and saw my family buried in the rubble. They were bloody and some of their bones were sticking out. Oh, no. I told Sam to call 911 and I started getting them out. There were a few workers that were under some rubble but they were in better condition at least. The ambulances showed up and I helped get them on the stretchers. When the vehicles drove away, I picked up Sam and headed to the hospital. I set her down on the ground and found an ally to go back to Fenton. They got here before us, thank goodness for that.

We asked which rooms they were in but they couldn't be seen at the moment and the doctors were currently busy with them. We called Tucker and he headed over quickly. He knew that Sam and I were discussing how to tell our families and had left us alone to think without his overuse of comedy.

-End Flashback-

So here I am with Sam and Tucker waiting and hoping they will make it. I can only hope. I'm trying not to cry, it wouldn't help it anyone.

-Sam's POV-

I can tell Danny was ready to cry when he saw them in the rubble. Just looking at their condition made me want to cry and throw-up. At the moment he's trying to suppress it until the shock gets to him, and when it does, someone's going to have to help calm him down. But that will not be easy. Tucker and I have been trying to comfort him, but I know it's not working. I hope they will be alright, for Danny's sake.

We were just talking about how to tell our families of our get-together status and now, any joy is silenced. I'm not much of joy most of the time but it was a relief knowing how we feel about each other, but not relevant right now because of this.

The doctor approaches and says, "Daniel Fenton?"

I nudge him and we get up with him and go over to the doctor.


"Ah, here we go. They're alive but unconscious. The wounds they received will keep them out of commission for some time but they'll make it."

"How long?"

"We're not sure yet. Care to tell me what happened? I know Danny Phantom was there, I heard the diver say so."

I feel Danny tense up and I gave him a light squeeze and decided to take over.

"Danny and I were walking nearby when it blew up. We didn't see what caused it but we did see Danny Phantom get Danny's family out of there, along with some other people. I was the one who called 911. We headed over here and called Tucker over here as well." There a good lie, easy to cover up the real thing.

"I see... Anyway, all three are suffering from broken bones and it's best if I didn't tell you all of the damage because of how horrible it was. I'm going to need you to fill this out as much as you can please. Here's a pen. Just give it to the lady behind the deck when you're done."

He gave Danny a clipboard with a pen and walked off.

-Tucker's POV-

I don't know what to say, I was sitting at home when they called me about this. I know well enough that Danny is trying to keep his sanity but I don't think the shock has gotten to him just yet.

Anyways, Danny fills out the paper and gave it to the lady. I suggested that we leave and we decided to go to Danny's house.

-At Danny's house-

-Danny's POV-

"How are you holding up, man?" Tucker asked me.

I shook my head, not trusting myself to keep my voice down. Why did this have to happen?

We were on the living room couch and they were trying to get me to open up, but I am fearful of what may happen to them. My family... of all things that we went through, just to end.

"Listen Danny, I know you are upset and I don't know how you feel. But you need to talk to us." Sam says and comes over to hug me. "You can talk to us." She warps her arms around me and I hug her back.

I let a few tears fall, "I worried about them," I whisper in a low voice, "Why did this happen?"

"I don't know, but the doctor said that they will recover, you might be able to see them soon. They just need time. Okay?" Sam lifts my chin to make me look at her.

"O-okay Sam," I stutter out.

Knock, knock.

I wipe away the tears and head over to the door. I open it, only to stiffen at who decided to stop by. Out of people to she in the world, why did it have to be this person?