I don't know if you guys figured out who were the people in the last chapter. But yay to anyone who figured it. For those who haven't, It'll be shown later in the story.

The beakers were broken and scattered on the floor. The walls had burn marks from some sort of blast. There were a few cracks in the tile floor. And the drawers were on the floor, overflowing with wires, random machines, computer chips, and pieces of metal. The bookcases were overturned with the books ripped out.

-Danny's POV-

First thing we did to clean up was: get rid of the chemicals and broken breakers.

Sure, it's a high chance that most of the goop on the floor was ecto-plasm but I wasn't taking any chances. I told Tucker to carefully put them into the toxic waste disposal but I swear that I heard small explosions and Tucker innocently whistling.

I put the bookcases upright so Sam could organize the books while I cleaned up the floors and walls. Because I knew that Tucker would the best at it, I let him tack care of the electronics.

It took two hours.

By the time we got it all done, we had plopped on the couch eating cereal (or in Sam's case salad) and watching T.V. Of course, because I wasn't sure if Skulker was going to stay out of the lab, I locked up the Ghost Portal and turned it off. Try getting in now jerk.

"Should we order pizza?" Tucker pipes up.

"Sam?" I glance at her.

"If you boys want meat then make half what you want and I'll take the other half."

"Meat lovers?"

"Pepperoni with stuffed crust."

"...Fine." Tucker says with a pout.

Sam gets out her phone, "I'll order plain for mine," she says as she dials the number.


The pizza arrived and we were getting it open in the kitchen. I couldn't wait to get some cheesy goodness.

But then we had an unwanted visitor.

"Beware! For I am the Box Ghost! And once I have control of your cardboard greatness, the world will be mine. Ha ha ha!" Great HIM.

Luckily Tucker had a Fenton Thermos with him and promptly sucked the "boxed menance" inside.

"That's it. He's staying in there for a week." What? I was annoyed that the Box Ghost had to show up.

"At least the pizza seems fine," Tucker says as he looked at it.

"But to be sure," I got a knife and poked it.


"Shall we?"

"I'll get the plates."

Back with the mysterious figure...

Sparks flew upward as the figure worked on his project, he had took the workings of the device he was given and was putting it into a more... useful form. He made sure to keep the original in case the prototype failed.

Another flash of sparks and the software was finished, now, time to work on the hardware and get it ready for use.

Smiling evilly, the figure cackled, his laughs echoing within the lab.

Back with Danny and co.

Danny was suddenly unnerved and shivered.

"You okay man?"

"Yeah, I just got unnerved for whatever reason."

Sam looks up, "Ghost?"

"No, it was more like reacting to a phobia."


"Let's at least finish eating".

No one talked for the rest of the hour.